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TheTruth About Women And Their "Dirty Minds".

We talk about the truth about women and their "dirty minds". Do women think and fantasize about sex more, less, the same amount as men? Why do we think women don't have the same "sexy" thoughts as men? It seems that women are judged more for being overtly sexual than men. Women perhaps believe that they are meant to be demure so they hold back.

Women and their dirty minds

Mel and Suzie discuss why that is. Are women having the same thoughts as men, but there are different expectations of them? We talk about how women can often present one side of themselves but actually be another. We think most women are just half good girl, half bad girl. We are thinking one thing and doing another?

Listen to the generational differences between Mel and Suzie, are there any?

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Mel's Facts

1) According the the article , "Do men really have a higher sex drive than women?" from the 2 July 2021 in Volonte, The blog, the sex therapist Leigh Noren claims that,

"....up until the 18th century, we regarded both men and women equally sexual. "

2) The same article quotes recent research that says that men and women's sexual desire may not be so different after all!

Tune into this week's episode. New episode every Wednesday.

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