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Sharing My Truth Podcast, hosted by Mel & Suzie. An open and honest conversation between a gen X and a millennial. Tune in every Wednesday wherever you get your podcasts. We talk about it all,nothing is off the table! 

The latest episode

In this episode of "Sharing My Truth," Mel and Suzie delve into a storyrecently featured in Slate Magazine titled "We Left Our Child With His Grandpa and a Teenage Babysitter. I Wish I Didn’t Have to Say the Rest." A they begin discussing the article, shock and disbelief ripple through their conversation.

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Our Latest Episodes

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"Our mission is to break the taboo and empower people by removing the stigma surrounding sex, and helping you reclaim agency in your own life."


Tune in to Sharing My Truth every week to join Mel and Suzie on a candid journey of self-discovery. These unlikely best friends, hailing from different generations, share their raw, unfiltered perspectives on life, love, relationships, sex, and everything in between. Join our community of open and honest voices by sharing your own stories and truths.

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