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The Truth About Toy Boys

Updated: Oct 5, 2023

What is the truth about toy boys? What is your definition? Do you think of a toy boy, as a man in his 20s with a woman in her 40 or 50s or older? Why are we so judgemental of older women with younger men?

toy boys

Why do younger men want to date older women?

Men are interested in dating older women because they are more knowledgeable and ultimately want less from them. Older women are emotionaly mature, they know what they want, they are financially independent, and they know how their bodies work.

Why do older woman want younger men?

Well to state the obvious they want good sex and lots of it with a younger man with a great body. They probably also are probably not looking for a relationship. You have probably had your children and a marriage or longterm, relationship. You are looking for some fun.

older woman

Why is society so judgemenatal?

Older woman can often be very sexual and have a highten libido. They can be at their sexual peak and a much younger man can satisfy that without the complication of a relationship with an older man. Society wants to see young men with women of their age getting coupled up married and having babies and its very judgemental. Somehow we judge a younger woman with an older man far less harshly, because they can still have a family.

A toy boy after a sexless marriage

A woman may want a toy boy because she has had a marriage. In many cases, she's financially independent, so she doesn't need him for anything other than sex and companionship. And it's worked out. If you're a woman in her 40s who wants to have lots of sex, well a 20+ year old guy obviously is going to be able to keep up with you. But if either of you are not on the same page, you're not there for the same thing, that's when disaster can strike. Right? And obviously, if the man starts to fall in love with you and then starts to actually think you can have a future, which of course is possible, but you kind of have to have that discussion because it could get very complicated.

Are toy boys more common in some countries?

Yes North Americans can be quite puritanical about it. Brits and I know this will shock people, but we're on the surface very reserved, but we're actually more liberated. People talk about sex more. In Europe, Italy, Spain, France they are much more relaxed about sex. It's a totally normal, a natural part of life.

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Mel's facts

The research has shown that women reach the peak of their sexual life when they hit their thirties and forties, and men do so when they hit their twenties. There's a big difference in age. This means that obviously sexual compatibility between younger men and older women is usually fantastic. Here are some facts from

1. There is a great deal of sexual compatibility

2. There is a financial ease in an older woman younger man relationship

3. Older women dating younger men means no drama

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