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Being a bad bitch!

Updated: Oct 5, 2023

In this episode of Sharing My Truth we talk about being a bad bitch. How reclaiming negative words can be an extremely powerful way to take back the power from words that have been used in a very negative way. It is important to remember that reclaiming negative words can be a difficult and uncomfortable process, but it can be very rewarding. It can help to take away the power of those words from those who have used them to hurt us. We can do this by re-contextualizing the words you want to reclaim and reframe them in a positive light. The reclaiming of negative words can empower us and create a safe space for ourselves and others.

Being a bad bitch

You are a bad bitch and own the words

Using words can be a powerful way to express yourself and make an impact. Words have the ability to makes us feel something, to communicate and to create connections between people. Whether you are writing an article or having a conversation, words can make all the difference as to how your message is received and perceived. Generation X's were taught to choose the right words, consider the tone you want to convey, and be mindful of how your words might be interpreted. This is in direct contradiction with reclaim bad words. So is a rewiring of communcation needed?

Being a bad bitch

The truth about being a bad bitch

As women if we reclaim the negative words that were used to shame us such "slut" do we actually become a bad bitch! So is it ok for a woman to call herself a bad bitch or a slut? If a woman chooses to reclaim these hyper sexualized words is that her choice?What do we mean by that? We are talking about reclaiming words with a negative conetations and making them positive and in a sense taking power from the negativity.

How do go about reclaiming negative words?

Maybe its a generational thing. Generation Xs and older are uncomfortable with these words. They tend, perhaps as a generation to use words for what they mean and to take them at face value. Millenials and generation Zs are more often choosing to reclaim words. If you are a woman can you use words with an otherwise negative conetation to empower ourselves?

The answer is it is your choice if you are using those words to describe yourself. If it empowers you then you should do what works for you. However tread very careful when describing others who many not feel the same way.

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Mel's facts

  1. In an article called," Women discuss reclaiming female slurs" by the Pitt News, the University of Pittsburgh newspaper, the article tackles how if you reclaim negative words it can undermine the ,"the historical, social and cultural power".

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