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Challenging Norms and Embracing Sexuality: An Enlightening Interview with Dr. Carolin Klein

In this week's episode, we had the pleasure of engaging in a fascinating conversation with the esteemed Dr. Carolin Klein, a registered psychologist, sex therapist, and Director at West Coast Therapy in Vancouver, Canada.

Dr Carolin Klein

Dr. Klein's down-to-earth and common-sense approach left us inspired and enlightened, providing valuable guidance and inspiration for individuals seeking a fulfilling and enriching sex life, whether in a committed partnership or not. Genuinely captivated by her insights and profound understanding of the complexities surrounding sex, we're excited to share our enlighted conversation with all of you.

Breaking Down Barriers

Throughout the interview, Dr. Klein's passion for her work was evident. She emphasized that individuals of all ages seek out sex therapy because they can be grappling with feelings of shame, anxiety, guilt, or disgust associated with sex and/or their sexuality. Our society often struggles to discuss sex openly, which can contribute to these negative emotions. Dr. Klein commended open conversations like the one we had during the interview, as they help normalize discussions about sex and reduce the stigma surrounding it.

An interview delving into human sexuality

The Role of a Sex Therapist

One of the first topics we delved into was the role of a sex therapist. Dr. Klein shed light on how sex therapists work with individuals and couples to address and resolve issues related to sex and intimacy. We asked the ages of her clients/patients. She told us that she works with adults aged form 19 to 89! She explained there are of course key moments in your life when you might want to see a sex therapist. For example a couple who has children and they have lost their intancy and their way with regards to sex and are feeling somewhat lost. Dr. Klein's demonstrated how common-sense approaches, devoid of judgment, can pave the way for healthier, happier individuals.

Sexuality without Shame

During the interview, Dr. Klein emphasized the significance of tackling shame associated with sexuality. By addressing this issue head-on, individuals can find acceptance within themselves, understanding that their feelings and desires are normal and valid.

Demystifying a Healthy Sex Life

Throughout our conversation, Dr. Klein dismantled common misconceptions surrounding what constitutes a healthy sex life. It is not about adhering to societal norms or unrealistic expectations that can come especially for young men from little sex education and a lot of porn watching! A healthy sex life involves being attuned to each other's needs, exploring boundaries together, and embracing the uniqueness of one's own desires and preferences. If the emotions and connections are healthy and positive, you have a healthy sex life. There is not one size fits all.

Enlightening and Mind-Expanding Perspectives

The conversation with Dr. Klein was indeed enlightening. She spoke eloquently about the importance of broadening our understanding of human sexuality beyond the rigid confines set by societal norms. Her insights challenged conventional thinking and provided fresh perspectives on sexual expression and identity.

The Spontaneity Myth

One intriguing topic we explored was the belief that sex needs to be spontaneous to be satisfying. Dr. Klein explained that what we often think of as spontaenity, for example when we first meet and date our partners, is anything but spontaneous! We prepare and primp for first dates and even for one off encouters. We have often prepared to go out with the intention of trying to meet someone and have sex. That is not spontaneous by its very nature. Instead, she emphasized the significance of intentional communication and planning, which can lead to deeper emotional connections and heightened pleasure during intimate moments. By removing the pressure to be spontaneous, couples can find comfort in exploring and understanding each other's needs and desires at their own pace.


Our interview with Dr. Carolin Klein left us deeply inspired and grateful for the opportunity to engage in such an enlightening conversation. As a sex therapist and psychologist, she advocates for a more compassionate and accepting approach to sexuality, breaking down barriers and encouraging open dialogue. By challenging normative ideas and embracing diverse perspectives, Dr. Klein is empowering individuals to embrace their true selves without shame or fear. We hope that our listeners and readers are equally as captivated by her words as we were and enjoy this episode as much as we enjoyed recording it!

Listen here to the episode

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