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A break up and the toys I left behind

Welcome back to another exciting episode of "Sharing My Truth!" This week, we delve into a relatable and intriguing situation faced by one of our listeners. It's a conundrum that many of us may have encountered at some point: breaking up with someone and accidentally leaving behind personal belongings. Specifically, in this case, we're talking about those intimate items that can be quite expensive, namely sex toys. What do you do? Do you even want them back? Join us as we explore the etiquette and potential solutions surrounding this intriguing dilemma.

I left my toys behind

The Listener's Dilemma

Our listener, reached out to us seeking guidance on how to handle the aftermath of her breakup. She found herself in a bit of a pickle - she had left behind her very expensive adult toys. Questions flooded her mind. Were they hers or her ex-partner's? Is it even possible to retrieve them? What is the appropriate way to handle this situation? Our listener was in need of some much-needed advice.

Leaving your toys behind

Naturally, discussing adult toys opens up an array of related topics, such as hygiene. Suzie and Mel, our insightful hosts, took the time to address this aspect of the dilemma. After all, when it comes to intimate items, it's crucial to consider cleanliness and safety. The hosts engaged in a lively conversation surrounding the importance of maintaining good hygiene practices with adult toys and the potential risks associated with sharing them.

Suzie's Solution

Thankfully, Suzie, ever the problem-solver, had a fantastic solution for our listener. Without giving away too many details, she offered a practical and diplomatic approach to retrieving the forgotten toys. Listeners will have to tune in to the episode to find out the exact advice Suzie has in store!

Thought-Provoking Conversations

As with every episode of "Sharing My Truth," this dilemma sparked an engaging conversation between Suzie and Mel. From the humorous aspects of the situation to the deeper contemplation of ownership and boundaries, the hosts explored the multifaceted nature of this predicament. They delved into the emotional aspects of parting ways with a partner and the often overlooked practicalities that follow a breakup.

Connect with "Sharing My Truth"

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Tune Into the Episode


The dilemma of forgotten toys left behind after a breakup is not only relatable but also thought-provoking. "Sharing My Truth" delves into this intriguing scenario, offering guidance and insight to their listeners. With Suzie's solution at the forefront, this episode promises to entertain, educate, and spark conversations surrounding intimacy, hygiene, and the complexities of parting ways with a former partner. Tune in to this week's episode to discover how Suzie and Mel navigate the dilemmas of forgotten toys and offer their unique perspectives.

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