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What causes my low libido?

Updated: Oct 5, 2023

Married life can be a lot harder without a fulfilling and happy sexual relationship. A key element to a happy home life is an active and fulfilled sex life. What happens when you are in a relationship and your partner is sexually frustrated and you suffer from low libido?

low lobido

One of the most frequently encountered female sexual health problem is sexual arousal disorder. It is a condition where there is decreased, insufficient, or no lubrication in women during sex or with sexual contact. It typically causes a loss of interest in sex or low libido, more commonly in women as they age and when they approach the menopause.

The symptoms of arousal disorder may vary from woman to woman, but what triggers it?

Research studies show that there are a lot of different elements that create a lack of sexual arousal and problems with orgasming.

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The primarily elements:

Sexual arousal disorders can be rooted in distressing events that have taken place throughout a female's youth and teen years. Women who feel guilty about sexual satisfaction, have an extreme fear of intimacy may have problems taking pleasure in the sexual act and can for that reason produce no lubrication in the process.

Prescription medications like oral contraceptives, tranquilizers, antidepressants, and anti-hypertensives can have side effects that affect sexual stimulation. Alcohol addiction and drug addiction can also lead to a woman losing sexual desire and drive.

low libido

There are a lot of ways to treat the female sexual arousal disorder. If there is a hidden medical condition that triggers the disorder, treating it may resolve the stimulation problem. Sometimes, hormone treatments using estrogen and low doses of testosterone may raise a woman's libido and remedy her body's response to sexual stimulation. Dealing with the psychological causes will also have a positive affect. Counseling and psychotherapy can help fix underlying psychological issues. Relaxation workouts might also ease the tension that is triggering the stimulation issue. If medications are triggering vaginal dryness, consult your physician and tell them what you're experiencing so that they can adjust your medications or alter it so that it doesn't interfere with your sex life. For women who do not have issues with sexual stimulation but only with a lack of lubrication, using lubes and similar products may really help. Longer foreplay might likewise also have great and pleasurable benefits.

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