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Help I Am Married With Children But I Am In Love With A Woman!

Listen to this week's episode of Sharing My Truth. Mel and Suzie discuss a "write in". A listener shares their story of being happily married to a man and they have children together, but she has fallen for a woman. Should she follow her head or her heart?

These are big questions and big decisions. Do you say something, do something, do nothing? All have consequences. We know these are big questions and decisions and that our listener is facing.

Big Questions

There are lots of big questions here. Mel and Suzie as always see things differently but in the end they do come up with some ideas. How do you tell your husband of many years that you may be bisexual, without completely destroying him?

Are women more sexually fluid that men? Why would you be heterosexual all your life and then fall for women? Are you bisexual, bi-curious, maybe you never had the opportunity to experiment? Is it that you are going through something in your life and this women you have strong feelings for is more able to empathize?

No absolute answer

There is no "absolute" answer to this. Everyone is different. Their feelings, desires are unique so we are all searching for something different. We all need something different.

Mel's Facts

1) Do more women identify as sexually fluid more than men?

Yes new data shows that in various countries women embrace sexual fluidity now at much higher rates versus the past and significantly more than men are overall.

2) We seem to want a clear definition of our sexulality. The truth is it is a little more complicated than than that.

3) A study Boise State University conduted in 2011 found that 60% straight women had admitted to being attracted to another woman at some point in their life.

Listen here

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