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The Truth About the Female Orgasm

The truth about the female orgasm. There is still so much mystery around the "big o". Why are we still so confused by it? Mel thinks its because it is more complicated that the male orgasm. What do you think? It is not finite, it does not work in the same way for every woman and every woman needs something different. Most importantly it does not always happen!

The Female Climax

For some women "climax" is simple for others it is a lifetime of discovery. It is not a given that it will happen for you. Many women think it has happened but then the real thing happens and everything changes! At different points in your life one thing works and other times it changes. The reality though is that it is a big stress reliever and can have many health benefits including helping with menstrual pain and menopausal symptoms. Why do we still find it so hard to talk about?

The Big "O" Shrouded in Mystery

If we don't talk about it, it will remain a little shrouded in mystery and not understood. It is an all body experience and women should feel comfortable and happy to chat about it and ask questions.

Join Mel & Suzie this week for their as always hilarious and honest conversation. We are talking more about the female big "o", it is much more normalized, but we still have a long way to go!

Mel's Facts

Check out this article by

1. Orgasms can help with pain.

2. Women in same sex relationships are more likely to orgasm.

3. You can orgasm in your sleep.

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