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Has Sex Changed for Women?

Updated: Oct 5, 2023

The world around us changes and evolves all the time. Has sex changed for women in the last 60+ years? "Generation Z" are digitally the most connected generation that has ever graced the earth. They have been exposed to a new kind of sexual freedom and fluidity that did not exist before. The access to information and the influence of social and mass media is powerful and different to anything that came before. Attitudes to sex and, sexuality are very different to those of 100 years ago.


When did it all start to change?

In the 20th century the 1960's was the start of the serious change. Equality of the sexes was a new discussion and the younger generation wanted to live in a world with a less puritanical outlook.

The introduction of the contraceptive pill known as "the Pill" is another factor for this break-away frame of mind, enabling women access to trusted birth control. Women could have sex on their own terms without fear of unwanted pregnancies. It was a game changer. Then major change came in the 1980s when woman could have more sexual partners compared to previous generations.

Women chatting

How has sex changed for women?

The pill empowered women and gave them level of equality with regards to men that they had never eperienced before. It also brought sexual freedom. Generation "Z" is probably or will probabaly be the most sexually liberated generation compared to the generations that came before. It is partly to do with the freedom to think, feel and fanatize as they wish. The the social hang ups and restrictions that came before are very different. Sex is also easy to find through apps at the swipe of a screen. They are free in terms of whom they have sex with and how they have sex and that it does not have to be in the confines of a marriage or for procreation or in secret.

Sexual transformation of women

The big question is how far have we actually come and has sex changed for women? How far do we have to do go to be truly free? Is everyone having sex with whomever they want, regardless of gender or sexuality whether that is theirs or their partner's. Is casual sex more prolific? The answer is that there can always be progess. We still live in a world where women find it hard to discover their own pleasure and focus for a long time on their partner's pleasure. As women we still struggle with discovering and understanding our own pleasure. We can access sex toys more easily in female friendly environments but that does not mean we are all rushing to buy toys or even prioritizing our own pleasure. The guarantee of sexual transformation is maturity, joy and satisfaction through sexual freedom.


Where we are now

The modern way of life promotes individualism and being non-traditional. We should be practising more safe sex. The rates of STis in 2022. According to the WHO, countries like Canada and the US , "have reported an increase in at least 3 STIs: syphilis, gonorrhea and chlamydia. " In this respect it does not feel we have progressed very much at all.

Where are we going?

There is still quite some way to go. You would think Gen Z are very liberated and have no hangs up, but that is not the case. We are human after all so we are always trying to figure things out, to find our path, to question it and to try and stay on it!

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