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Episode 7 - The Truth About Toys Boys
Hosted by Mel & S
Melany Krangle & Suzie Sheckter

Speaker A: Welcome to sharing my truth with Mel and Suzie. The uncensored version where we bear it.

Speaker B: All we do 1234.

Speaker A: Hello, babes.

Speaker B: Hello, darling. How are you?

Speaker A: I'm so good, actually. How are you?

Speaker B: I'm good. I'm very good. Like, I always say that, don't I never say anything else? Yes. I'm trying to think of I mean, **** does happen in my life. Yeah, sure. But, you know, I feel like mums.

Speaker A: Have to be like, yeah, no, I'm.

Speaker B: Fine, I'm good, I'm good, I'm good. I swear I'm good.

Speaker A: And then you kind of like, see it in your eyes. I'm like, Are you okay?

Speaker B: Keep calm and carry on. You know, like the royal family. You don't say anything right? You just keep going.

Speaker A: So that's just a British thing?

Speaker B: Well, nothing yeah, a little bit.

Speaker A: You're not like an oversharer like most Canadians?

Speaker B: No, because we talk about it in therapy and she like, that I'm not really an overshare. And I was brought up to remain very calm on the outside, even though you could be internally crumbling, like so.

Speaker A: No crying in public, you mean?

Speaker B: Oh, no.

Speaker A: What if your boyfriend breaks up with you at your favorite bar in front of everyone?

Speaker B: Unfortunately, that's never happened.

Speaker A: I'm just saying, like, what if these things happen?

Speaker B: You're just supposed to sit there? Yeah. You just don't react.

Speaker A: That's incredible.

Speaker B: Yeah, I'm not saying I'm totally brilliant at it, I'm just saying that's the thing. But anyway yeah, that's amazing. Anyway, I think there's good and bad things about it. Yeah.

Speaker A: You want to keep it tight. Anyways. Wow. What are we talking about today? Give it to me.

Speaker B: So it is toy boys or in your language, boy toys. Exactly.

Speaker A: Got it.

Speaker B: This is great debate.

Speaker A: Yeah. Is it a toy boy or is it a boy toy?

Speaker B: I don't know.

Speaker A: And what is the definition?

Speaker B: A toy boy is what I call it. I don't know. That's a very good question. Technically, it's a man who's younger than the woman or is it just a.

Speaker A: Boy that you're playing with as a toy? Well, the term boy is pretty small.

Speaker B: Yeah.

Speaker A: It's not like a man toy.

Speaker B: A man toy, yeah. That's a good one. It should be. You're an adult and he's an adult.

Speaker A: You're just of a different you're obviously all adults. But yes, absolutely. He is maybe 18, she's maybe 45.

Speaker B: And it's really sexy, but yeah, sort of maybe.

Speaker A: But legal age.

Speaker B: Obviously that is legal. So maybe the most common would be the man's in his twenty s and someone's in her forty s or fifty s or older. I'd say that would be my definition. So my husband's younger than me, but only a year, so that doesn't really count at all. Really? I mean, it did when we met, because he was 23 and I was 24. 24. And I thought, oh, my God, he's so young.

Speaker A: Yeah, 23 and 24 is just very young.

Speaker B: It is very young, but it obviously doesn't make any difference now. But I would say a toy boy is really you're a mature woman and I you've seen a bit.

Speaker A: Yeah.

Speaker B: So you're probably in your you're having.

Speaker A: Maybe you had a divorce.

Speaker B: Yeah.

Speaker A: Maybe you just want some good ****.

Speaker B: I think that is pretty much what it's all about. That's fair enough. Because there is the issue of women when men's sexual peak is when they're much younger to compare to women and the reality of the fact that men well, a woman who has experience, a young older woman knows what she's doing.

Speaker A: Yeah.

Speaker B: Dummy.

Speaker A: Darling.

Speaker B: And she also I think there's another element to it. An older woman knows what she's doing.

Speaker A: And what she wants.

Speaker B: What she wants, where it all is happening, where you have to go to to locate the doing if you get adrift. And also, she doesn't really give a **** when anybody else thinks. Yeah.

Speaker A: She's at that age where she's just like, **** it, I'm going to get what I want.

Speaker B: And I like it. Absolutely. I certainly feel that not about the toy boy.

Speaker A: I'm like, you have a toy boy that you're not telling me now?

Speaker B: Other than my husband.

Speaker A: Other than Max.

Speaker B: Yeah, but no, I don't have time for that. And mostly, yes, the dog. But I really don't care what people think. Yeah. Whereas you care a lot more when you're in your couldn't care less. I really if you don't like me, you don't like me. Whatever. Yeah. I mean, you just care or you care less about your physical appearance. No, 100%. That's the other thing that's very attractive is that if you go out with an older woman, she's just you ooze, more sexuality.

Speaker A: There's an aura.

Speaker B: Exactly. So I think that's part of it. Yeah. That would be what I have to say about it. Yeah.

Speaker A: No, I mean, if I was of the age to have a toy boy of the age. If I was of the age who had a toy to have a toy boy and I was single and I was horny and I was maybe a little bit of a cougar going to the bars, having a ******* cosmopolitan like Miss Samantha or something, I would absolutely.

Speaker B: **** a toy boy.

Speaker A: A toy boy if he was or a boy toy if he was, like, 21. He had a great **** and he.

Speaker B: You know, I mean, that's obviously key. It's not the fact that it's great. It's the fact that it stays up.

Speaker A: The thing is well, that's also the thing, right?

Speaker B: Like the key problem.

Speaker A: And obviously all these relationships are different with these younger and older ways. But if I was in that position, I don't think I'd want to have conversations with this person. It would be just for sex.

Speaker B: Just for sex.

Speaker A: I don't think I would want a relationship with a man like half my age. Obviously, I'm not that at that point, I don't know but that's how I.

Speaker B: Think of it and I think that's probably the way I think of it. I've never had a toy boy, so somebody well, because I've been with my husband for so long, I've never been with a man that's considerably younger than me but not yet exactly. But I did grow up and I think we talked about this in an earlier so my mother had a whole string of them and one of her first toy white that I know of actually he was probably her second toy now I remember because she had a thing for Italian guys.

Speaker A: Honestly. But yeah, that's a lot for the.

Speaker B: First toy boy, I want to say he was in his late twenty s and of course at the time I was very young and I didn't realize it was a sexual Roche on trip. I just thought he was a friend. Well you all you know, is innocent.

Speaker A: You don't know worse.

Speaker B: But now years later I'm like oh yes, that's what was happening. That is very weird. And my mum was a little bit weird about it. Like in this first toy boy that I know of, I knew his family and I visit his family in Italy. This is before I lived in Italy and then I think about it years later. Can't speak today, sorry. It's actually quite weird but they kept everything under wrap so I never saw anything. It's the second toy boy that I know about. That my mom. When I moved to Italy when I was 16, my mother had the relationship, so I guess she would have been in her fifty s or early fifty s and she was having a relationship with this guy who I'd say at most was 22 more my generation. He was at university sorry, how old were you? You were I was 16.

Speaker A: Oh, my Jesus Christ.

Speaker B: He was at university and she was teaching English. I think that's the supposed whatever how they met, which was bullshit. But anyway, my mum did eventually change English but I'm not quite sure that was what she was teaching in this particular instance. But anyway, that was a tricky one because I walked in on them once inadvertently because I lived in a small space and I wasn't meant to be there. And I came home and they just had sex and I walked in the door. My mom, rather than going being calm or whatever, she just screamed at me. And then after that, this particular guy was a bit creepy because then he hit on me and the whole story.

Speaker A: No.

Speaker B: And my mum would organize events his family would have like once we went around there for the holidays, for Christmas, I think it was Christmas lunch. Yeah. And that's super weird when you're in a situation, you're 16, you're trying to make nice conversation around the table. It's a bit like some weird kind of movie or something. And then there's my mother and then there's this guy who, you know, they're having sex. The parents have no idea what's going on because he's told his parents that my mom's teaching them English. And then you knew that his older brother was at the table and you knew he knew what was going on and he's kind of slight. It was very, very weird. It was like being in an alternate universe. And of course you're not going to say anything. And then my mother had a series of toy boys after that.

Speaker A: Yeah. And I just want to say, for the listeners who maybe have not heard the mother episode, go back and listen to it. But also, Mel's mother was definitely she's still alive.

Speaker B: But yeah, lots of issues.

Speaker A: Yeah, she has lots of issues. It's not a regular relationship.

Speaker B: Obviously not regular. She has lots of issues, mental illness issues, and she's bipolar and she has actually all sorts of hang ups about sex, which is kind of very weird considering she had toyboard, if you think about it doesn't make any sense. Yeah, but I think then years later, it made me have sort of not hang ups, but like, be a little bit judgmental about people that I knew. And obviously when I was younger, people weren't having affairs or Toyota, but now, in the last sort of, I'd say ten years, I've known friends of mine who've had relationships with very young men because maybe they got divorced or whatever, and then you're like, actually, why am I being judged if they're happy? And in most situations where that happened, the woman I know has been in a very bad marriage.

Speaker A: She's just trying to kind of treat herself.

Speaker B: Yeah. She's either been in a sexless marriage or whatever. In many cases, she's financially independent, so she doesn't need him for anything other than sex and companionship. And it's worked out. I think the problem that I've seen often happens is you start this great sort of it's exciting and you know, if if you're a woman in her 40 to want to have lots of sex, well, 20 year old guy obviously is going to be able to keep up with you. Yeah. But if either of you are not on the same page, you're not there for the same thing, that's when disaster can strike. Right? And obviously, if the man starts to fall in love with you and then starts to actually think you can have a future, which of course is possible, but you kind of have to have had at some point that discussion because it could get very complicated. But I do see in myself, because of my own experience, not having lived it, but having close to it, being a little bit judgmental. And I recognize now, yeah, that's not very fair.

Speaker A: I don't think it's nice to judge yourself for being judgmental. I think we're all judgmental in our own weird different ways of being judgmental, if that makes sense. In a weird way. Right. You have to kind of give yourself a little bit of a break. And the fact that you're even looking back at yourself and being like, why am I being judgmental and even looking inside of yourself and being like, I don't want to be this kind of a person. That's judgmental. Yeah, but not everyone's like you, Mel. Not everyone's perfect, like you said.

Speaker B: I just think it's important because I thought I knew sort of in the last couple of years, somebody I know I wouldn't say she's a friend, but somebody I know was having a relationship with a man that was much younger. And I was just thinking, and she'd introduce him to the kids and stuff like that. And I was thinking, God, they're really wrong. And they clearly enjoy each other's company a lot.

Speaker A: What's the age difference?

Speaker B: She's 48 and he's 22.

Speaker A: Got it.

Speaker B: And I can understand I do understand that just because somebody's older or younger, of course you can get along. When we get along. Well, you're two of me. I'm like no, I'm two of you. And am I saying I'm you plus another one? And then that makes me in age.

Speaker A: Imagine if I had a twin.

Speaker B: Exactly. And then that makes my age. And of course I understand that because it's about who you are as a person. But there are certain realities that if you're 22, you want certain things out of life, and you want to experience different things. You're going to be in your maybe in your maybe you'll want children, or maybe you won't, or maybe you want to settle down and buy a house or whatever, or maybe you don't. But the point is, it makes it very complicated if you're with somebody who's already done that, and then you throw children into the mix, and it's like, this could go very wrong. But however, there's really absolutely none of my business. And I realized that why am I thinking that? And I thought and it made me think I'm thinking that because I was kind of that child older, but I was that child seeing my mother with this very young man, and I guess that's why I kind of sort of relive incredible that you can recognize that a little bit. Yes. And it's complicated. I mean, life is complicated. Life is messy. We don't always meet. I think maybe who you think you're going to meet or the vision you're going to meet. The other thing I would say, and this will lead me onto my facts.

Speaker A: Oh, my God, I love a fact.

Speaker B: Is that when you when you as you get older, men don't of the same age, don't desire you. They don't want you. They want younger women. And I think I've said this before, and I've seen this as friends of mine who got divorced. If you're 50 or 45, or 40. It's men of 50, 60, 50 who are looking at you not the same.

Speaker A: As yeah, I'm definitely getting that already. Obviously. I've always gotten that. But I've always also been attracted to older men. Always.

Speaker B: Right.

Speaker A: And it's funny, like, when we see an older man and a younger woman together yes. We do judge a little bit. At least myself. Okay, maybe not everyone. I definitely judge a little bit. But at least you know what's most likely going on there.

Speaker B: Yes.

Speaker A: Where it's like, we get it, it's fine. You want a pretty girl, she wants a little money, little taken care of aspect, and that's totally fine. I'm not saying that's every single one of these relationships, but I'm assuming it's a lot of it, and that's fine. But why do we look at older women and younger men in the way of, like, they can't do that. They're not as desirable, maybe.

Speaker B: Yeah. I think it's just judgmental. Society is highly judgmental. But I also think it's actually just sort of biology in the sense that if a young woman is with a man, they could still have a family. So in our head, we kind of make we say, okay, well, then that's okay sort of thing.

Speaker A: Interesting.

Speaker B: So they could still procreate together. Why? That makes it fine. I've got ideas as a society, and often men in second marriages, and I've seen this again and again. I've seen this several times where they have children. They don't necessarily want more children, but if they're with somebody who hasn't had a child and then they have a child together I mean, look at Alec Baldwin. How many kids has he got? We probably shouldn't talk about him.

Speaker A: Jesus Christ.

Speaker B: Seven children.

Speaker A: Not Nick Cage, but that other ******* guy. That guy who was married to Mariah Carey.

Speaker B: Oh, Nick Cannon.

Speaker A: Nick Cannon.

Speaker B: Thank you.

Speaker A: He has, like, twelve kids from different women. That's a different story. That's like a polyamory story.

Speaker B: Is it? Yes.

Speaker A: Where all the women know and they're fine with it. Really? That's going to be for another episode.

Speaker B: We'll talk about that. No, Mariah, she didn't know what it is.

Speaker A: No, this is after Mariah.

Speaker B: I believe Mariah would stand for that. She wouldn't.

Speaker A: She's like taking her kids out of that situation.

Speaker B: Right. Fascinating.

Speaker A: I love Mariah. Anyways, yeah, diva. Go on.

Speaker B: Anyways, Eddie Murphy's got ten kids.

Speaker A: There's just these people with so many children and these men who want to just spread their feet around.

Speaker B: But fair enough. He's got like, a bajillion dollars. Fine. There is a reality of ten children. It's very expensive.

Speaker A: Yeah.

Speaker B: But anyway, we go off track and we go do you want to know some facts as to why would you actually love Mica? Yes.

Speaker A: But I would also love to know you've been all over the world.

Speaker B: I have. Not all of that.

Speaker A: I mean, pretty much little bits.

Speaker B: Most of lots of bits.

Speaker A: But have you seen. Is there places around the world that are more women dating younger men or things like that? Or is it like because in Toronto I've seen so many older men dating younger women. I don't usually see older women dating younger men, but maybe I'm just not in that crowd. But that's what I see.

Speaker B: What I'm out and about, I'm not sure specifically that. But I do think is in Europe.

Speaker A: Is it more like mine or like Europe?

Speaker B: And even Brits and I know this will shock people, but we're more on the surface, maybe we're very reserved, but we're actually more liberated. I mean, like, even in the UK, we talk about sex way more than people I know here. Do they just talk about sex in England? You can't sort of like it's in every magazine. People talk about it. They're a lot more easy going about it. And I'd say definitely in Europe, italy, Spain, france much more relaxed about sex. It's a totally normal, natural part of life.

Speaker A: Yeah.

Speaker B: I don't know. It's a good question. Do you see toy boys and I.

Speaker A: Don'T know, toy boys and MILFs and cougars and sugar daddies and Mummies sugar daddies?

Speaker B: Well, that you see everywhere.

Speaker A: That's good for them.

Speaker B: Largely because well, women can always attract younger women can attract older men. Like, I mean, you said about yourself and older men, I find I'm 50. If I go to some kind of party or gathering, it's always like 70, 80 year old men who hit on me. It's like a sort of funny it's without fail.

Speaker A: They know who's 20 years younger than them and they search it.

Speaker B: If I was 25, it's the same thing. It always happens.

Speaker A: So funny.

Speaker B: And it's quite amusing. My husband Max thinks is absolutely hilarious, but it's like when I say to him, well, I got another husband, he'll be 80, but Anna billionaire.

Speaker A: Yeah, exactly. I'm like, if you're going to do it, get that bag.

Speaker B: Maybe I have a list. I don't know about that. Are there countries where you're just wondering.

Speaker A: If you saw it more anywhere else? No, I think since your mom was kind of in there well, my mom is in Italy.

Speaker B: It's a unique thing, but I do think it is about a certain age and sex and older women just to some younger men. To some younger men don't maybe in France. Maybe you do see it more. Maybe you do. I just don't think about it.

Speaker A: I think in France, isn't having toy boys just like, very regular there?

Speaker B: I think that's a huge generalization.

Speaker A: Maybe they're much more relaxed about having other partners.

Speaker B: Yeah, right. In Italy, they sort of pretend they're not, but they are actually really Catholic thing. Yeah, that complicates things.

Speaker A: There's a lot of going on. There's a lot of shame happening there.

Speaker B: But I'm not sure that I really saw it a lot more because I still think that most societies still fundamentally have a problem with an older woman and a younger man? I don't know, it's ridiculous. But if you went into a bar or a restaurant or something and you saw an older man and a younger woman and certain things would go through your head. Well, most of the time you think, oh my God, if they look really young, you think, God, I hope that's his daughter and not his girlfriend. Yeah, but it's less weird for some reason, and it shouldn't be, than an older woman and a young woman. And it's not fair because it's between those two people. It's got nothing to do with you. Yeah. If he's got a good ****, why don't I have a good ****? Absolutely. And if that's what you're there for, then that's great, then that's fine. I think complications can arise if that's what you started with and then it became something yeah.

Speaker A: You got to weigh the expectations.

Speaker B: You're not on the same page. And that's life that generally ladies, if.

Speaker A: You have a toy boy or a boy toy yes. Please tell us about it.

Speaker B: I'd love to hear it.

Speaker A: I want to hear about it.

Speaker B: I'd love to, I really would.

Speaker A: I want to hear your facts.

Speaker B: Okay, let's hear some facts. So this is about why it works. Why do young men want to look for older women? So this is from a site called Bonobology, and I'm probably saying that Bonobology. Bonobo.

Speaker A: They sound very bono banamuddino. No, I'm just kidding.

Speaker B: Anyway, I'll link it in the next blog post so you can look for it. But I'll just sort of read out the key things, which I think make a lot of sense. One is there's a great deal of sexual compatibility, which is probably why you're doing it the first place. The research has shown that women reach the peak of their sexual life when they hit their thirty s and forty s, and men do so when they hit their twenty s. I actually thought it was like men were 18 and women were 35, but that's sort of around that. There's a big difference in age. This means that obviously sexual compatibility between younger men and older women is usually impeccable. That makes a lot of sense. We'll just scroll quickly. The next one. There's financial ease in an older woman and a younger man relationship. So that makes a lot of sense, too, is the man doesn't feel any pressure just there for having a good time. He doesn't have to pay for the date or whatever else he does sex out of it. That's the amazing. And I think that's great. So that makes a lot of sense to me. Three health, wise and older woman, younger man relationships make more sense. Why is that? Life expectancy of women is five years more than men. And according to a BBC study BBC, this particular trend is not caused by lifestyle changes, not by biology alone. Okay. Whatever. Number four, let's just move on swiftly. Otherwise beer all night. Such relationships go beyond dominantly held social boundaries and take more work. Okay, that's interesting. So you kind of have to work at it because we're all disapproving. I think that's what they're saying.

Speaker A: It's like getting out of your comfort zone a little bit more. Yeah.

Speaker B: So they have to actually work at whatever they're doing together, whether that's the sexual bit or you think you do.

Speaker A: It for less complication, though.

Speaker B: I would think so, but I feel.

Speaker A: Like these are just making things I.

Speaker B: Think they might be making fine. The couple have to face many questions and criticism from society. Probably. I can't weed. Probably. But that is also, again, not if you're actually having a long term fine and a real relationship, which is not what we're really talking about.

Speaker A: I mean, younger men just really ******* love Mills.

Speaker B: They just do. It's interesting to me why younger men like older women, but men of your own age don't like you.

Speaker A: Isn't that weird? Yeah, I don't know why that is. I think it's like if you go on a **** site right now and you look just you go on the home page. Ten Top Videos. Just Mils.

Speaker B: Really?

Speaker A: I swear to God. It's just Stepmom Mils.

Speaker B: Yeah, well, Stepmom is a whole weird genre. Yeah, it is.

Speaker A: But it's still like the older woman.

Speaker B: Yes.

Speaker A: You know, help me, I'm stuck in the washing machine.

Speaker B: It's a bad experience, though. Yeah. I think it's also a lot of young men, from what I see, think that younger women are very needy, emotionally needy. And an older woman probably won't be. Yeah.

Speaker A: I mean, she's done having kids. Most likely she wants to just ******* hang out. She wants to enjoy her money. She wants exactly.

Speaker B: If she's financially independent, she actually needs a man for well, she doesn't even need him for sex, technically, but maybe companionship sex. That's about it. So I guess it takes the edge off in that sense. Right. And also, it's like a good march. You're not thinking, like, a lot of good martini. A lot of young women, obviously, you're thinking about your life, possibly. Are you going to have children? Are you going to buy a house? And that's a lot of pressure when you just want to be maybe the young guy just wants to be having fun in the first couple of days.

Speaker A: I was a 22 year old stud, you ******* better believe I would be with some hot *** MILF.

Speaker B: Would you really? I would.

Speaker A: I would. 100% would.

Speaker B: I'm just scrolling through, see if anything interesting here. Older women dating younger men means no drama. What does that mean?

Speaker A: Older women dating younger men are dramatic.

Speaker B: Should a younger man date an old woman? Absolutely. Considering how drama free your life is going to be. That's what I just said. The Nike thing.

Speaker A: I think women I think it just.

Speaker B: Depends on the woman. Oh, of course it does. And that's like gross. Every bedroom, you know, life has some no, that's not very interesting. The two learn a lot from each other. Really? What do you learn from a younger man? I don't know. What did you learn?

Speaker A: Freedom.

Speaker B: But you were young once. What are you learning? You and your own TikTok. My growing love of TikTok.

Speaker A: You have a toy boy in no time.

Speaker B: Satisfaction. The relationship might decline after year six to ten. Blime. Me six to ten.

Speaker A: You're with a young man for six to ten years. I think that's me a ******* break. Honestly. Yeah. Jesus Christ.

Speaker B: And so, number twelve I think this is the last one I'm going to read. The couple usually faces the problem of starting a family, of course. So I think what we're talking about, there's two very different things here. If you are in it for a little Freeson and a little I'm sorry, what was that? Freeson.

Speaker A: What does that mean? Mel? Can you educate?

Speaker B: And a little bit of excitement and passion and basically sex.

Speaker A: Got it.

Speaker B: And that's what you're in it for. Like, you obviously like each other, but you're having a good time between each. That's what I think.

Speaker A: I think if you're going to have one of these obviously amazing relationships because you're doing it, it's not hurting anyone. Just be honest about it.

Speaker B: I think that's key. But the problem with human beings is that people start with one idea in their head.

Speaker A: So true.

Speaker B: And then it changes. So you think you're going into something because blah, blah, blah, blah, and then you start to like this person and then it changes. And not always the woman. Right. And that's my problem, is that you sort of have this idea that you're able to sort of just do it for sex. Yeah.

Speaker A: I mean, what if this young man falls in love with the older woman and the older woman's like, absolutely ******* not. I am a single lady.

Speaker B: I mean, I think that happens a lot.

Speaker A: And then the younger guy's like, But.

Speaker B: I ******* love you, baby. I'm 22 and I want to get married and I want to have a baby.

Speaker A: Babies.

Speaker B: And you don't want that.

Speaker A: And she's like, I have my Jeep side baby.

Speaker B: Sure. And I've done it. I love my children, but I do not want another baby.

Speaker A: Babies are not us.

Speaker B: They're not for now. No, not for when you're 50. I mean, maybe, but not for me.

Speaker A: And that's what you know about yourself.

Speaker B: I do. Personal mother, but I love your friend. So what have we learnt? Not physically. I've told you my fact about my stories in relation to toy boy ism I know boys, boy toys and boy toyism. And that how I think that shaped my thoughts in relation to other people. And I've changed that because I don't think that's fair. That's amazing. I'm.

Speaker A: Going to try to be less judgmental of people, are you?

Speaker B: Very good.

Speaker A: I didn't say it was going to happen. I just said I was going to try.

Speaker B: I think it's important to let everyone just get on with it.

Speaker A: Yeah, I actually I'm very not I'm not a very judgmental sort of person, actually. I'm not a very judgmental person. I'm just, you know, I think there's just there's things that happen that we see all the time, and you're like, just I think what ****** me off, and I'm like, you're just not being honest about it.

Speaker B: I think that's that's different. I think that's exactly it not being judged. You do what you want 100%.

Speaker A: I love it.

Speaker B: Often what happens is two people that's not what happens. They start to go down different roads and want different things, and that can be very and then when there are children involved, that's very complicated. I mean, I don't know what I would do. I mean, personally, I'm not in this position, but if I was to meet somebody else, I just think I'd wait a very long time before getting my children involved. But then that's me.

Speaker A: I mean, you don't want, like, a little you could have, like, a stepdaddy to be, like, a tutor for your kids.

Speaker B: A stepdaddy to be a tutor. Okay. We'll gloss over that.

Speaker A: I mean, I'm just saying there's other benefits. Look, making Mel very uncomfortable.

Speaker B: Attraction is attraction. Love is love.

Speaker A: Love is love.

Speaker B: And you can't always choose this stuff.

Speaker A: That's so true.

Speaker B: But you and and also, you want to be logical, but of course you know, it's you're not logical. It's all kind of gone to **** in a hand bucket, right? Yeah.

Speaker A: I want everyone to just have really good sex. If you're having good sex with that person and you're both honest with each other about it, that's all that really matters.

Speaker B: That is all that matters. But life is way more complicated.

Speaker A: No. Can we just have sex and love and not talk about it? We'd be out of business.

Speaker B: So much more complicated than that.

Speaker A: Anyway, it's been a great chat with you, Mel.

Speaker B: It has.

Speaker A: I cannot wait till one day. Max is like, honey, I'm gay, and I'm going with Mowgli to the Bahamas. And you're like, fine, I'm going to get myself a boy toy.

Speaker B: You can't be over it by then. I said to Max, like, I'd never get ride again. It's just fine.

Speaker A: It's exhausting, exhausting, exhausting. But you need someone to cook for you, Max.

Speaker B: That I'm going to live till I'm 100 at least. So what, I'm going to have a toy ball when I'm 100?

Speaker A: Yeah. And he better be cute.

Speaker B: So if I have a toy ball when I'm 100, he's got to be, like, 50 or 60. Yeah, but then it's no point because.

Speaker A: No, you need a guy with a good ****.

Speaker B: Yeah, but it might be tricky at 100. To five.

Speaker A: I don't want to think about that. ******. Then my headphones are okay. Wow, what a great ending. Thank you so much for having us.

Speaker B: I'm here. Yeah, it's been great. Anyway, so what we do have to remind remember what the hell? I don't know anymore. I've completely lost our mind. Is please send us your stories. Send us your truth. Send us. We want to hear. We want to hear from you. Go to our homepage.

Speaker A: Especially the boy toy story because I love that.

Speaker B: We want the boys.

Speaker A: I want the step daddy tutor story.

Speaker B: Oh, God, now she's never going to shut off about it anyway. Go to the home page. Leave us a voicemail. DM us. Send us an email. We want to hear about it.

Speaker A: I want to hear it all.

Speaker B: I definitely want to hear about it. No judgment. I just want to hear.

Speaker A: No judgment. We're actually just going to be here cheering you on.

Speaker B: And why like, how it started? Why everything? Is it in the same place? I mean, you have to like the whole but is it in the same place as when you started? Does it still work? Blah, blah, blah. Anyway, that's me.

Speaker A: Until next time. I Darling signing out, signed off and have you all.

Speaker B: Love you, love you, love you. Bye, darling. Bye bye. Thanks so much for listening. Please rate and review this podcast and follow us on social at Sharing MyTruth Pod and leave us a voicemail on our website to share your stories and experiences with us. We'll see you next time.

Speaker A: Bye bye.

Speaker B: Please. Two, one.

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