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Episode 72  -  The Truth: I Caught My Father-In-Law With The Babysitter!
Melany Krangle & Suzie Sheckter

Suzie : Welcome to sharing my truth with Mel and Suzie, the uncensored version.

Mel: One, two, three.

Suzie : Barren.

Mel: We did.

Suzie : And welcome back to sharing my truth pot. It's Mel and Suzie. We're here to stay. We're here to have fun and we're here to play. It changes every time.

Mel: It does. And I love you for that. Yeah, yeah.

Suzie : You're welcome. Hey, guys, welcome to sharing my truth. This is the podcast, but sharing truths. Truths and spreading love and kindness and sexual desires. And if you guys don't subscribe to this podcast yet, please do. We love ya. And we want to build this lovely community that we are building with you guys. Our favorite people in the world are listeners. You guys can follow us at sharingmytruthpod on the socials and you can go to sharingmytruth if you have your own truth to share.

Mel: Yep, we wanna hear it.

Suzie : Hey, babes.

Mel: Hello, darling.

Suzie : Oh, how are you?

Mel: I'm pretty fabulous. I mean, I'm having a glass of wine. Cause I've had.

Suzie : I know. Can we? Cheers.

Mel: Cheers.

Suzie : If you guys are also having a glass of wine.

Mel: We've burnt a very long day.

Suzie : We've had a very long day. It was just my birthday. I'm really old now. I'm officially all 105. Like at least 105, maybe 110.

Mel: We've had cake, we've had champagne.

Suzie : Mel is. Mel's husband is currently bringing us more wine because obviously we need it. It's getting a little exhausting, but we'll deal with it.

Mel: Yeah, we'll be fine. We'll truck on through.

Suzie : We will. And you know, I do actually want to share that we are going to London soon, and if you guys want to keep up with us while we're in London, it's going to be so fun. Mel, who is obviously, obviously the London local, can I say that even though you don't live there full time, the London local, she's going to show me around, who obviously has only been there once, and everyone else on social. And we're going to have so much fun and we're going to pod from.

Mel: There and we're going to show you.

Suzie : I'm so excited. I'm going to show you everything. So if you guys have any questions about London, email us, message us on socials and we will get back to you when we're over there. It's excited.

Mel: I know. Oh, I know.

Suzie : Okay, so we have a funny little episode today, Mel.

Mel: We do. We do. I mean, it's somewhat concerning.

Suzie : Yeah. So Mel, Mel and I, how we text, we don't even really text. We pretty much just send each other ridiculous articles that we find and funny posts on social media. So that's how we communicate.

Mel: It is typically we do, isn't it? There's like, no text anymore. I just send the article.

Suzie : Yeah. So we found. Mel came across this one.

Mel: I did.

Suzie : And it's, I don't know if you guys saw this. You start into it. Mel, you get it.

Mel: Yeah. So it's an article on slate that has a lot of these kind of, they have seen, I don't know, actually a lot about slate. I don't care. And it sort of has a lot about relationships or kind of like, weird things. And they sometimes have. They have a lot of sort of sexual stuff. So the title of this is we left our child with his grandpa and a teenage babysitter. I wish I'd. She didn't have to say the rest. Oh, my God. You read that? And I normally read articles. Excuse me. Very early in the morning, and I'm looking at, like, scrolling through my phone.

Suzie : Yes.

Mel: Before I do anything. And I thought, well, I don't really need to. I know exactly what's happened here. I mean, you know, I mean, you know, from the time, you know, if.

Suzie : You don't, if you don't know, you're dumb.

Mel: So I'm obviously not going to read the whole thing.

Suzie : Okay.

Mel: But I think what we're interested in here is obviously this is somebody who's shared something's happened that's, you know, not really brilliant. Oh. But taboo, if you will, a little bit. And kind of. Where does your mind go? Do you go, like, judgment? Do you go? Huh? Do you know, like, what do you think?

Suzie : I need to hear more about what happened, because then I can see if I want a punch or not.

Mel: So I think the first thing is this woman. So the style of the article is that they're sort of writing in. Yes. To get an opinion, just like. So she never, she didn't like her father in law. She doesn't like her father in law that much. But he was visiting recently, and he's sort of kind of an old man and somewhat frail, which is where it starts to be a little bit disturbing.

Suzie : There is no way I would ever want to be with a frail man. That is never what I want to describe someone who I've slept with. I'm sorry.

Mel: Yeah, no, it's not a good idea unless you're frail. But. And I've been in the situation, so they're obviously, they wanted to, the couple, this woman who's written in want to go out with her husband?

Suzie : Yes.

Mel: Her father in law's over. She doesn't like him that much and he's a little bit, it seems a bit old and doddery and so she doesn't trust him completely with the child.

Suzie : Makes sense.

Mel: So they have a reliable babysitter, which when you have young children, is kind of crucial to your existence. Otherwise you're never leaving the house. And they went out. Sounds like they just kind of, you know, just went out for dinner or something like that. They got back around eleven. And so Todd is the dad, which I think is hilarious that she put the names in here.

Suzie : So Todd, is it a fake name, though?

Mel: It must be, I don't know, a pseudonym, so. Oh, no. ****. David is the DA. Who the ****'* Todd?

Suzie : We have to get the characters straight first, Mel.

Mel: So I'm really not doing well. So David is Grandpa and he's the guy visiting.

Suzie : Yes. And Todd is the dad.

Mel: No, Todd's.

Suzie : Do you need me to read it?

Mel: Do you want me to read it?

Suzie : Who's Todd? There's Todd the child. Todd's the child. Shut up.

Mel: Anyway, I'm gonna get this together, okay?

Suzie : So sorry.

Mel: And Claire is the babysitter.

Suzie : Can you just do that thing again? Just go. Todd is the child. So David.

Mel: David's grandpa?

Suzie : No, Todd's grandpa.

Mel: No, I just said David's grandpa. Todd's the kid and Claire's the babysitter.

Suzie : Got it.

Mel: Are you following me?

Suzie : Got it.

Mel: I mean, come on, keep up.

Suzie : Got it.

Mel: And so this woman who doesn't have a name, which is ******* hilarious, she doesn't have a name. She comes back with a husband at around eleven. Todd is asleep. So Todd's the baby.

Suzie : Okay, good.

Mel: They paid Claire, who's the babysitter. Yeah. And they're about to sort of get ready for bed, you know, whatever they do. And they notice that Claire, that is the babysitter's car, was still in the driveway. Now my question at this point, when I read this, is, what do you mean you paid Claire? And then I thought to myself, well, you obviously, you paid her electronically.

Suzie : You e transfer.

Mel: Yeah. Venmo.

Suzie : I don't know what you use.

Mel: You know, I'm with, with all of that.

Suzie : Yeah.

Mel: But what's a bit weird is if you come in for the evening, why wouldn't you check, see, talk to your baby. So that's a normal state of affairs. Even if you've left David in charge, I hear grandpa not in charge, but sort of. There if you came in for the evening, it's only eleven, you would talk to Claire and then she'd go, yeah, maybe you paid her afterwards.

Suzie : So this is where even I know that. And I don't have babies.

Mel: I thought that was a little dubious. Anyway, so maybe it's a normal thing.

Suzie : Though, for them to just like, they're gonna be like, we're gonna be home at eleven. The grandpa's there.

Mel: Well, maybe they thought grandpa's there. So Todd's. The baby's asleep. Should she go?

Suzie : But the car is in the driveway.

Mel: I'm overthinking this. Anyway, they think the car is still in the driveway. Well, that's odd. So they went looking for. For her. Sorry for her.

Suzie : Too much wine, too much salt to.

Mel: Make sure that everything's all right. And they found her in bed with David. Now that is grandpa. So the only thing to add to this, really, I think that adds a little je ne sais quoi to the story, is the babysitter's 19 and raspberry is 73.

Suzie : So I'm impressed you can get it up still.

Mel: Well, I mean, I am too, to be fair. She said it was very awkward because obviously they found them very awkward. Obviously inflagrante in the bedroom.

Suzie : Oh my God. Did they not hear them come in? Is the babysitter not trying to hide this?

Mel: I mean, please. And so they're like the couple. So the parents of Todd, who, we don't know their names. They are. We can find a new babysitter, but a father in law is harder to replace. That's true. That's impossible, I'm afraid. David is completely unapologetic. That is grandpa and has said directly to me, I. E. The person who's written in, he's 73 year old widower, and he doesn't think he'll get this sort of chance again. Jesus Christ. And he's adamant that he did nothing. And, you know, I mean, obviously it was all consensual. Yeah. And what? And that Todd, the baby, was asleep when he got home. The child was asleep and the child was fine. They kind of got together. What's the problem? Um, and the husband, this is the other thing, as the husband is also less supportive. He thinks it's a bit weird, but not as. What's this word? Not a skeevy. What does that mean?

Suzie : Skeevy?

Mel: Oh, is that a word?

Suzie : It's just like I've never heard of, like, slippery.

Mel: Like, does that sound kind of american?

Suzie : I guess so.

Mel: And gross as it clearly is, so.

Suzie : Okay, skeevy, like creepy, like kind of like gives you the.

Mel: Yeah, so the. Gives you the ick. I mean, I got the gist of her. So obviously mum is completely gross.

Suzie : I would be. I would be as the mum.

Mel: You would be pretty, like, what the hell?

Suzie : As the mum, but as the 19 year old.

Mel: I mean, look, it takes all sorts to make a world. I don't know what to say.

Suzie : I mean, I just can't believe that this. I mean, 19 year old woman is going to. I mean, obviously it's not unheard of, but you.

Mel: I'm not that.

Suzie : Are babysitting. You're an employed person at not your house taking care of literal baby. The grandpa is there, he's in his seventies. And you think this is a good idea. And I'm not. Well, **** shaming girl. Get it? But I'm not at work, not at someone else's house. I don't know.

Mel: Oh, well, I think that when you're taking care of a baby. Yeah, I think that is very odd. I mean, I think she. So there are multiple components to this.

Suzie : Yes, go ahead.

Mel: So there's. The fact that you're working would be my number one.

Suzie : Yeah.

Mel: Thing. The number two thing is the fact that you are in charge or looking after a child. So if you're there and that man is older, like, he's, like, they can't leave him in charge because he's frail, which is. He's clearly not that ******* frail, is he? Frail? ****** hell.

Suzie : I mean, she obviously did all the work, didn't she?

Mel: Well, I mean, you never know, do you? I mean, it's the whole, the whole thing is fascinating to me. I don't think it's that unusual.

Suzie : Do you think we're gonna get sexy grandpas now in our DM's being like, you know, justice for sexy grandpas? We can still get it up.

Mel: Yeah, well, 73 is not that old, to be fair.

Suzie : But it's not old.

Mel: It is old in, in the number. But I know a lot of like people in their seventies and their eighties and they can look really great, like really fit.

Suzie : Yeah, you're not frail, I would say.

Mel: But that's the thing. The pet, the children say he's frail. So it's a bit like your perception of your parents as a child is one thing. The rest of the world views you in a different way. It's a bit like, you know, let's say, you know, I've got teenage children and let's say I was divorced or whatever, and I was dating, they'd be like, ugh, that's my mum. But the way. They view me as mum. But the way. But it's not.

Suzie : It's not her father, right? Like, it's the woman who wrote in. It's her father in law.

Mel: It's her father in law.

Suzie : So it's like, if I had a hot father in law, you'd be able to admit that. Do you know what I mean?

Mel: I mean, I just. The problem that I have is the lines that have been crossed.

Suzie : That's a lot of lines that have been ******* crossed. Like, you could x's no's up in here. What's that X's and o's happening up in there?

Mel: Like, you could kind of. I mean, obviously things happen in life. And that's the thing, is that it never happens in a particularly sensible.

Suzie : Yeah.

Mel: Sensible place. Sensible place. Yeah. But it's. I mean, you know, you think, God, he's 70. The thing is, okay, I'm gonna. Just. Because I'm overwhelmed by this is. She's 19 now. I have a 19 year old daughter. I know a lot of 19 year olds.

Suzie : Yeah.

Mel: And some 19 year olds are sophisticated, but on the whole, they're not. They still look very childlike.

Suzie : Yeah.

Mel: That's the bit that this girl's working.

Suzie : As a babysitter still, and she's 19.

Mel: That's the bit that creeps me out, is like, really, in all honesty, at 19. Yeah. You do not look. You look 19.

Suzie : Well, yeah.

Mel: I mean, like, you could look 16. Yeah. Or some 19 year olds kind of look 22, some look older, and that's. But he's 73.

Suzie : Yeah. I mean, as a former 19 year.

Mel: Old, a foreman, I was a full. I'm gonna do. You know, I'm gonna say that the next time I go to a party as a former 19 year old, you.

Suzie : Know, I'm 29 now. That was my birthday that just passed. So that was literally a decade ago, which seems ******* crazy. Yeah. So at 19, I have to think what I was doing. I was working in a sexy little restaurant bar as a bartender, living my life. I don't know if I would **** a 70 year old at that point. Would I have ****** a 40 year old? Yes.

Mel: Yeah. That's a bit different.

Suzie : It's way different because frail men don't turn me on. But maybe this young woman who is of age and she can make her own decisions, she is allowed to be attracted to whoever the **** she wants.

Mel: Well, yeah, I mean, we're all into different things.

Suzie : I want to know how he seduced her. This is what I am so curious about.

Mel: Seduces him. This is a very good question. Do you think she just suit his them? I think probably no, this is like.

Suzie : The reverse misses Robinson.

Mel: Yes. I mean look at the end of the day it is legal. She's 19. I find it creepy because I have, I have teenage daughters, but I.

Suzie : One of them is 19 and one.

Mel: Of them is 19. Yeah, I do remember, I know it seems strange that I can remember that, but I can remember when I was, you know, 1450 as a, exactly as a former 19 year old or former sort of 1620, having much, much much older men obviously look at you because you're a woman, you're like fair game and you're just like. Like what? Like. I mean that's the thing that's a bit strange is you can understand actually why a 70 or three year old man. She's attractive, I assume. We don't know, I mean we can only hope she is, she's alive. She's alive. He's frail. I mean, he's looking at her.

Suzie : This could have been his last **** ever.

Mel: At 73. That's a bit extreme.

Suzie : You have no idea. People die at like 55.

Mel: Oh christ, I got four years.

Suzie : Not you babes, but people, they do.

Mel: You never know that.

Suzie : He could have had a heart attack while they were having sex.

Mel: Well, the thing that says to me is that if they didn't leave him in charge of the child, however, having said that, my father and my father in law, who are both perfectly capable, my father, not really, but my father in law, perfectly capable. I wouldn't leave him in charge without my mother in law because my mother in law is very capable. So we're not clear on that. But if they, if them as a mother, you don't want to leave your child with your father in law who's only 73, he's not 93, there's 20 years between 73 and 93.

Suzie : That's crazy.

Mel: He's 73. So most 73 year olds, I mean my father in law's 82. He's very fit and healthy and like dapper and I don't think I would.

Suzie : Leave if I had a child with, I don't my, I have an older father. My parents had me when they were a little older. So I have older parents. I don't think I'd leave my child with my father who's in the seventies.

Mel: But also cuz they're generally clueless.

Suzie : Well, yeah, like I would definitely obviously leave my mom.

Mel: Yeah, because she would know what to do?

Suzie : No, but I don't think I would. Yeah. It's just men in general.

Mel: There could be an element of that. Yeah. I mean, I would never have left in. This is like 20 years ago, my children with my father, or really my father in law without a woman there.

Suzie : Exactly.

Mel: Because they don't know what to do. And I'm not sure that's changed. But this seems that they thought he was frail, so maybe it was a situation where they kind of put the baby to bed. They went out. But if you're still, like, the baby's in bed and you're still worried that the father in law can't look, art can't, like, be there, you're kind of worried, right?

Suzie : Yeah.

Mel: And then he ends up ******** the 19 year old. 19. One nine, everyone.

Suzie : Yes.

Mel: Babysitter.

Suzie : Okay. How sad is this for all parents out there who think they have found good ******* help for once and they are happy with their babysitter. And then your babysitter does this, and you're like, I thought I trusted this person. Such a horrible, like, what is that?

Mel: So I know. Break up trust recently, and I won't release any names because I'll stop. And it's somebody I know. It's not a friend of mine. It's just somebody I know through somebody.

Suzie : It's a friend of my friend who.

Mel: Is a bit younger than me, but sort of my sort of age, has three kids, has a husband, and the babysitter basically was somebody she knew was kind of going through hard times, but younger than her. And she sort of went out one day and didn't think anything, like, trusted her, but younger, but not sort of 19. And then she was ******* her husband in her bed.

Suzie : Oh, my.

Mel: I mean, it's very, very common. Very common. I mean, my father screwed all my baby sitters and nannies. Excuse me. I'm, like, knocking everything over. I mean, it's very, very common. It really is. But this is grandpa. Let's get back to.

Suzie : I know it's not daddy we're sharing. Sexy daddy.

Mel: 70, 23 year old.

Suzie : This is a Zaddy.

Mel: Exactly. Frail three year old grandpa. I mean, you know, obviously, it's all functioning. As I said, he's not that frail. And I think the question here is, are we completely gross? What are we grossed out by? I mean, all of it, really. I think it's.

Suzie : All of it. It's the fact. May I make a list?

Mel: Yeah, please.

Suzie : It's the fact that one. He's old. Okay. He's in 73. I'm sorry.

Mel: He's old.

Suzie : I mean, he's in a seven. She's 19. That combination. That's the combination. That's a little icky.

Mel: I mean, I can.

Suzie : The babysitting part, where there was a child that needed to be baby sat. Imagine if the child had woken up. Exactly.

Mel: And you're like getting your stuff on and going and then.

Suzie : Okay. And there's more, Mel. Okay, ready?

Mel: Okay, go on.

Suzie : Then the fact that also they were still doing it when the parents came home at 11:00 p.m. That that's how they found out. They could have got away with it.

Mel: Maybe they were spooning.

Suzie : If it weren't for these meddling kids.

Mel: They were just spooning.

Suzie : Why are you staying in bed spooning when you know that the literal parents of the child you're supposed to be babysitting is coming home in a minute?

Mel: I mean, let's.

Suzie : You crazy.

Mel: 50 years between this young woman and this man. I think it's very disturbing, the age thing. And we're all very judgmental about age, to be fair, because I think when it's like 20 years, 15 years, ten years, even 30, we're all sort of okay about it. And we've done pods about age gappers, and it's very common. And obviously, it's much more common for older men and younger women.

Suzie : Yeah. I love an older man. What can I say?

Mel: We know you do. And. But you're talking like forties or maybe fifties.

Suzie : Forties. Fifties. Absolutely. The guys who still can get it up are happy to get it up and appreciate a young woman. A man in their seventies is a little too old for me, I think.

Mel: Yeah. Because, well, a man in their seventies is looking at a woman like me in their fifties. I'm 20 years younger than him. I'm a young whippersnapper for him. Yes, you are.

Suzie : I do.

Mel: And so, 19. I think the trouble you have with this is just like you're talking, let's say you're 29, 30, that kind of age, and you're going out with somebody who's 40, 45, 50. So obviously older than you. But you're an adult, you've lived, you've had other partners. Absolutely. You're not like some, you know, inexperienced, naive person. Although obviously, I know at 19, most girls in this day and age have always slept with, like, 15 people, but they haven't had in depth relationships with 19 people. They've had a lot of sex, which is very different. Different to understanding how people work. Right. But I think it's more that I think 19, she could be. I mean, let's face it. She could have been a seductress.

Suzie : And I know what I was like at 19. I was a little *****.

Mel: I can only imagine.

Suzie : Hundred percent.

Mel: I prefer.

Suzie : She is not innocent in this.

Mel: No, it's just him. He's like. I mean, come on. I mean, if you're not an adult at 73, there is no hope. So you would think you would know what was appropriate.

Suzie : Yeah.

Mel: And I. I do pride myself on being open minded, but I think to myself, this is not an appropriate situation for a shaggathon.

Suzie : That's the thing.

Mel: This is like, you know, you're looking after a child. That should be the number one thing. You're 73. Get a grip. You should be knowing this is perhaps.

Suzie : No. Cause at 73, I think I'm thinking about dying. Mostly I think it's the 19 year old who's like, I'm an employed person. If I do want to **** this guy, maybe we'll do it at another time. And maybe in my mom's caravan, like, I don't know.

Mel: And what's going through your head? I mean, you know, you think to yourself, I mean, I know what older men look like naked. And I think to myself, if you're 19, and I assume she hadn't, maybe she's been with lots of older men.

Suzie : You never know.

Mel: I mean, I would be like, he'd sort of take his clothes off. I was 19. I'd be like, holy ****. What's going on? The whole thing's dropped because it does. It's all wrinkly. It's like. I mean, it's not a brilliant situation.

Suzie : This is the thing.

Mel: I would like to caveat before anybody comes for me, I'm fully aware that women in their fifties, everything's dropped. I mean, I have to scoop my own ***** up, and you gotta scoop them sometimes. I get it. I'm not criticizing that. I'm saying that she's very, very young.

Suzie : Yeah. She's in a beautiful little 1930s.

Mel: And he was 70. I'd be a little bit less shocked.

Suzie : Absolutely.

Mel: I still think then that's ******* weird that you're a babysitter.

Suzie : But I was always a part to judge for us.

Mel: I mean, I really do understand this. Mum has gone out.

Suzie : Yes.

Mel: Let's face it. You're a young mother. You've got a night off, which, when you have young children, really is a very rare occurrence. And you're, like, so looking forward to going out, and you've gone out. And you've had a few glasses of wine. You've had a nice time, as Suzy has in the glass. Wine. And, you know, you're relaxed and you think, God, this was so nice. And you come home and it's 11:00 it's not very late. So you've had a nice time, but it's not too late. And you won't have a hangover, that kind of thing. And then you're like, holy ****. What is going on? Because you trust this young woman.

Suzie : Yeah.

Mel: And you have no issue. I wouldn't have any issue. You have whoever, boyfriend. It's none of my. It's none of my business what you do in your personal life. It ****** is in my house.

Suzie : Well, it's like you don't already trust the grandpa, right? Cause you didn't trust him with the child, so you had to hire this babysitter. So now you also feel a little guilty. You're like, oh, my God. Did I like. Cause you're like, is she okay? She's only 19, right? Like, oh, my God. Like, I make this. Exactly.

Mel: God, can you imagine if her mother called?

Suzie : Oh, my God. I mean, so the age isn't the problem. That's not the problem at all, because I love older men. I understand the appeal. It's kind of exciting, but there's kind.

Mel: Of naughty and there's older.

Suzie : The age is not the problem for me. It is the fact that she is an employed person in someone else's home and they were supposed to be taking care of her child. That's literally the problem for me. So I just hope they can get over this.

Mel: I mean, it would take me a while.

Suzie : Yeah.

Mel: Because. And the other thing, and I do understand, and she mentioned in the article, is that she's like, oh, my God, I've got this babysitter. And she's really great.

Suzie : Exactly.

Mel: I was really happy. And it's not very easy to actually find babysitters. No, it really isn't. And it's like, oh, my God. I mean. And what will go through your mind is, if she's gonna **** my father in law, what's she gonna do next.

Suzie : Time with my husband?

Mel: I mean, crying.

Suzie : Oh, my God. Yeah, we surely did. And she was doing it maybe as *******. Like if you.

Mel: Revenge.

Suzie : Exactly. Now we're just making up stories. But it could be true.

Mel: That is ******.

Suzie : All right, well, I don't know if you guys have an opinion on this.

Mel: Nothing to say?

Suzie : Has this happened to you? Maybe you were the babysitter or maybe you're the grandpa. Um, maybe you were a father and you ****** your babysitter. I want to know everything about it.

Mel: Do you?

Suzie : I kind of do. It's juicy.

Mel: I mean, okay. I mean, it's very, very commonly old babysitter thing.

Suzie : It is.

Mel: But normally they sort of bring, they sort of bring their own boyfriend.

Suzie : Then they **** the parents.

Mel: They don't generally have a grandpa.

Suzie : If my babysitter, if I ever have kids, which I don't think it's gonna happen, if I were ever to have kids, and my babysitter was like, hey, do you mind if I bring my boyfriend over? I'd be like, no.

Mel: Would that be ridiculous? You know what's going on.

Suzie : Of course you know.

Mel: That's why.

Suzie : No, you're working. I'm literally paying you. It's not about ******* right now. You can ******* later.

Mel: Exactly. Yeah. Anyway, we're confused by this. All right, we're gonna link the article so you can.

Suzie : Yeah, please read it.

Mel: Please get much more than what I said. But it's just like, read it for yourself. I mean, it's obviously shocking, otherwise slate wouldn't have written about it. But it's just like, yeah, it's unbelievable.

Suzie : It is a little bit like shocking, but yeah. If you guys have a similar story or have an opinion about this story, you guys can always email You guys can leave us a cute little voicemail. We love to hear from you. Or just go to our social and dm us because we love those DM's.

Mel: We do.

Suzie : And we love you.

Mel: We do.

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Mel: Thanks so much for listening. Please rate and review this podcast and follow us on social at sharingmytruthpod and leave us a voicemail on our website, dot to share your stories and experiences with us. We'll see you next time. Bye.

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