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Episode 3 - The Truth About BEING A BAD BITCH
Hosted by Mel & Suzie

Melany Krangle & Suzie Sheckter

Speaker A: Welcome to Sharing My Truth with Mel and Suzie, the uncensored version where we bear it all.

Speaker B: We do.

Speaker B: Okay, we've got it.

Speaker A: Okay, we got it. How are you? Hello, my little babes.

Speaker B: Darling. I'm good. I'm good today. I think I say I'm good a lot. Not always good.

Speaker A: I'm okay.

Speaker B: But you're feeling a little under the weather. Yeah.

Speaker A: You seem very good today. You're actually glowing.

Speaker B: Well, I think that's because we're sitting in a very hot room and I transpired and we're now on fire. Literally.

Speaker A: You're glowing.

Speaker B: And you shouldn't have a menopausal woman next to a fire. We didn't think about it. Yeah, but the glass because you look so good.

Speaker A: How could you do menopausal?

Speaker B: It's ridiculous. Stunning.

Speaker A: Not that menopausal women aren't stunning. I may all just cut this part out. This is ridiculous. I am so sorry.

Speaker B: So what are we talking about today, Suzie? It's an important subject.

Speaker A: It absolutely is an important subject. We are talking about what are we talking about? I know what we know what we're talking about. I'm going to tell you what we're talking about. We're talking about good.

Speaker B: Having a lot of sexual partners, aka. Thank you, being called a slug.

Speaker A: I didn't want to be like and.

Speaker B: I say that word because I do not use or like that word. Okay.

Speaker A: This is why I have found it hard to say what we're talking about today, because I'm like, do I say.

Speaker B: The word I hate LUT?

Speaker A: Because I know you hate it so much. So I was like, if I say it now, I know you've said it. So you feel better or do you feel worse?

Speaker B: No, I hate the word. Oh, I'm so sorry.

Speaker A: I think it's awful, because personally, I don't mind it. I actually kind of it's kind of a sexy word to me.

Speaker B: Is it?

Speaker A: It is.

Speaker B: Okay.

Speaker A: So it's so interesting. I mean, obviously I get it. It wasn't obviously when you were starting to maybe have more sexual partners or whatever was happening, the feminist movement was coming along very nicely, and so people didn't use that word as nicely as they do now.

Speaker B: I mean, novd said **** or ***** in the sort of endearing way they say now, which I find quite hard to get my head around.

Speaker A: Really?

Speaker B: Yeah. I mean, nobody said that that was like a bad word. That's the point of the word. It's like the other word. I hate that. I definitely won't mention the C word.

Speaker A: Yeah, we're not going to say it here.

Speaker B: I really don't like that because I feel they're all very derogatory towards women. And I don't like the s word. S-L-U-T word. No, because I feel it's nobody's business what you do in your private life. So I think you're making a comment based on this hideous concept of body count, and I just don't I don't get it. You're saying, well, you've had 50 partners makes you an Sul. Hang on. I can't spell that.

Speaker A: You're so cute, Lug.

Speaker B: But if you've had five, it doesn't.

Speaker A: But here's the thing and my thing, because I am open about how many partners I've had. I don't care. I've had a lot of partners. And I am proud of that statement for myself because it's brought me to where I am today, in a sense. But I'm also just proud to be an ****. I can't even sell it anymore. But I'm proud to be a little ****, honestly, because using the B word I know you hate the B word and the S word. I know you hate the S word, like bringing that back to a powerful word for women instead of because if we just let men or whoever have this word and let you have this power over you, then it becomes this thing that you can't really get around. It's like, if gay were to be a bad word, then how do you come about it that way? It's obviously no one's business how many ******* people you slept with. That should be obvious, right? At the end of the day.

Speaker B: But I think it does become people. So, for example, if you record, let's say, the S word, so I don't have to spell it every time by a man or a woman, irrespective of whether you're having a relationship with a man or a woman. Is it worse coming from a man or a woman? Does it have a different meaning?

Speaker A: How they say it? It's how they say it.

Speaker B: It's like context.

Speaker A: It's absolutely context.

Speaker B: Okay?

Speaker A: It's absolutely context. Like, if Jeff is like, you might do it a little ****, I'm like, OOH, I am doing a little ****. I love that. But if a girl is like, oh, my God, she's such a ****, I hate her.

Speaker B: Like, right?

Speaker A: That's rude. And you shouldn't obviously say that about anybody. But also, if a man is like, oh, you're such a ****, like you slept with him, or whatever that is. But if a girl is like, Yo, girl, you're a ****, and I'll be like, I am. It's just all about the context, man.

Speaker B: Yeah, okay.

Speaker A: I would never call you that because I also know you do not like that word.

Speaker B: No, you're not just going to say.

Speaker A: That word to someone you don't know. That's also the kind of it right.

Speaker B: I got it. Yeah. I mean, I do get it. I'm not that much of a dinosaur. My daughter, whatever is horrendous funny. Whatever my older daughter said the other day, I think she said it to you. ***** slay.

Speaker A: Oh, my God. ***** slay. I don't know what that means. If anybody could send ***** slay, I don't know what that is. I don't know what that is, but I love it.

Speaker B: It sort of sounds good. Like, our ***** slaying is that the.

Speaker A: Other ******* are slaying. My favorite thing is mirror you say ***** slay.

Speaker B: It's like some kind of robot going, that's *****. It's like some character out of a crown thing.

Speaker A: And today, Prince Charles.

Speaker B: What do we talk? Queen Charles terminology being used?

Speaker A: Oh, my God. So funny.

Speaker B: That's actually quite funny.

Speaker A: Okay, so you're okay with *****? Kate? Wait, so do we like dirty talk in the bedroom now? Is this something we can talk about? That's not your thing. It's not everyone's thing. Okay.

Speaker B: If it's not your thing, I mean, we've got to be real that I am who I am, which is I am a product of my background.

Speaker A: You're much more Carrie Bradshaw and less Samantha. Yes.

Speaker B: Well, that's funny.

Speaker A: Obviously, you're a little smarter than Harry Bradshaw. Obviously. But in that way of like kind.

Speaker B: Of I mean, I would never ask my husband like she did in that episode, oh, we don't have to talk.

Speaker A: About how ******* stupid she is in the new season.

Speaker B: Have you ever masturbated? Is that what he said? Yes.

Speaker A: She's like, you ********** and it's like you're married. This is man, like, oh, my God.

Speaker B: Do you live in whatever? I mean, that was just like, what? But this is the same man that died on a peloton. I think definitely it comes more naturally to some people than others. And given the way I speak, certain things just sound completely ridiculous if I say them. And if you say them, they don't sound ridiculous. So if I said ***** slay, it's hard to take that seriously. Where have you said it? ***** slay.

Speaker A: Oh, my God.

Speaker B: Funnier. But I don't know. I just don't like this whole concept of people judging people sleep with one person. But that's why people that's why you.

Speaker A: Got to take back the word.

Speaker B: Because in my opinion, because there are a lot of words out there.

Speaker A: Well, what's hard about it is that everyone is always going to use words how they want to ******* use them, right? And that's like, we don't have to obviously say it. But when black people want to bring back the N word, which obviously I do not say, I do not like that word, and I understand that they want to use that. Black people want to empower themselves by using that word. They want to take that word back, rightfully so, because it's a word that has been, you know, brought them down for generations upon generations in a horrible negative way. So they want to bring that word back in whatever way that they want to do that. Absolutely. And I believe it's also the same for women with ***** and ****. And I hate those words. I personally also hate the C word. I do not think it's necessary. But I do know also that people use it in Britain.

Speaker B: Oh, yeah, a lot. In the UK, a lot. They love it.

Speaker A: And in Australia, I mean, love nothing.

Speaker B: That'S free from no, definitely not from Australia. They do use it a lot, but Brit and I do this. We swear just moving my microphone. Excuse me, don't want to miss anything. I say Brits swear a lot. Like, I use the F word a lot. Whereas I find in Canada, people are much more proper when they speak, and I just can't help it because which.

Speaker A: Is weird because you were very nice accent.

Speaker B: Yeah, but you say ******* ****** and **** and bollocks all the time. Whereas people don't say that stuff here. But there are certain words I don't say, which are the words we've just the aforementioned words. We do not say this. We do not. Oh, and we've come to that time in the episode.

Speaker A: Oh, I love it.

Speaker B: I've forgotten my fact checking because Mel's got a fact. I'm dropping my pens. I'm dropping my books.

Speaker A: I love what Mel fact checks, because I'm it's always a surprise to me and I love a fact.

Speaker B: So I'm going to tell you some statistics from the Bible, ie. Cosmopolitan magazine.

Speaker A: Oh, I was like the Bible, *****. You know the podcast about oh, you don't like the Bible?

Speaker B: So in 2022, what did Cosmopolitan say in 2022? This is recent march. Yes. Goodness. We're not that good at fact checking, but I'm not Donald Trump, so this has got nothing to do with the words. But so 71% of singles say they're more interested in long term relationships now than they were before the pandemic. Right, okay.

Speaker A: They want more long term relationships.

Speaker B: Yeah.

Speaker A: 71%.

Speaker B: 71% of singles say they're more interested in long term relationships. Right.

Speaker A: Because you want that person there, like.

Speaker B: You don't want to lose.

Speaker A: Right? Yeah. That's hard.

Speaker B: 20%.

Speaker A: And that's men and women. Sorry to keep it in front of you. That's men and women. I'm assuming because it's singles. You would think that would be both.

Speaker B: They're a bit broad. 22% of you aren't sure about monogamy. Well, that doesn't make sense.

Speaker A: They want little polyamory.

Speaker B: Yeah, polyamory. That contradicts. 18% of you have been in love with more than one person at once. Have you been in love with one person at once?

Speaker A: I thought I had a lot of work, but yeah. You think you are? In my opinion, because I've dealt with something like this, it's not usually love for the second person. It's usually lust or, like, something along those lines. They're usually doing something for you in the way of like, that you're missing something from the other person.

Speaker B: Got it.

Speaker A: And then you're like, oh, my God, I think I'm a loved person. They give me everything I want, which they obviously do.

Speaker B: They just fill that bit.

Speaker A: Exactly.

Speaker B: That makes sense.

Speaker A: Yeah.

Speaker B: I'm only going to pick a female, but it's still interesting. 93% of gen z singles suffer from dating related social anxiety.

Speaker A: That makes sense.

Speaker B: Mentions of the word awkward in Tinder buyers are up by 8% since the end of 2020.

Speaker A: You're putting awkward in your tinder bio.

Speaker B: I have no idea what that means.

Speaker A: Oh my God, you're so cute male. So you obviously have like a bio on Instagram and I don't have a tinder bio. No, you obviously don't. But it's like about yourself, right?

Speaker B: Yeah. You're just saying something.

Speaker A: So someone's being like, I'm awkward. Is that what people are saying?

Speaker B: Well, I guess they must be.

Speaker A: Maybe you're just like giving people a pause. I don't know. Because you're on your phone so much you don't know how to talk to a real person.

Speaker B: Is that it? Yeah. Maybe some more interesting facts. Okay. 30% of people are having more sex than before the pandemic.

Speaker A: More sex than before the a pandemic. People are having more sex now because they feel like they cannot get it.

Speaker B: Or they've been let out because they're not in locked out.

Speaker A: They've been let out.

Speaker B: 6% are masturbating more frequently. Oh, and when I would have thought they would have been doing it more in lockdown. Exactly.

Speaker A: That's what I'm saying.

Speaker B: 20%. We need the fact 5% are using sex toys more often. That's because they got busy in lockdown.

Speaker A: That's what's because they bought all these sex toys. Yeah.

Speaker B: 52% of singles are less interested in casual sex. I'm not sure I believe that when it comes to marriage and divorce. I don't know. This is a lot of facts here.

Speaker A: A lot of facts. Are they correct?

Speaker B: Who knows?

Speaker A: We hope so. Cosmo you have done a sturdy a couple of times and I've done this.

Speaker B: Is an amazing source. It isn't at all. It's the and I can't even open it. This is the sun newspaper in England, which I don't know if you saw anything which is like tabloid.

Speaker A: Oh, you got like a sunshine girl.

Speaker B: No.

Speaker A: Oh no.

Speaker B: Page three. Is that what you think about? Yeah, when we just have the **** the **** out, yeah, we don't have those anymore, but yeah, that used to.

Speaker A: Be completely not I mean but she was an ****.

Speaker B: Well, she has a I think that's fine. Get your ***** out. Make lots.

Speaker A: Get your ***** out.

Speaker B: But in England we thought it was completely normal. The rest of us I thought it was horrendous. Anyway, I think the joke was on the men because she made lots of money.

Speaker A: I would hope so.

Speaker B: Sex work is work off, not everything else. It's only *****. Who cares? What's the average number of sexual partners this is why I'm looking at this.

Speaker A: Okay, got it.

Speaker B: What's the average number of sexual partners for each generation? From baby boomers to millennials. This is interesting fact.

Speaker A: Wow.

Speaker B: I mean it's from the sun.

Speaker A: Why don't they ever put Gen? Are you Gen X?

Speaker B: I am.

Speaker A: Why don't they ever put Gen X?

Speaker B: Generation nobody cares about us. It seems that baby boomers, aged 54 to 72 have had the least amount of sexual partners, averaging 10.7 throughout their lifetimes. Boom and women have had an average of 7.4 partners actually sounds like quite a lot. While the males have enjoyed 12.9. Yeah, but if you think a baby boomer so that's somebody who's in their.

Speaker A: Late well, 50 now they're late, older maybe.

Speaker B: Most people in their sixty s. A.

Speaker A: Lot of those people got married pretty.

Speaker B: Young, got married quite young, possibly. Especially if their women didn't have sex. I would think that would be quite a lot of partners. Generation X. This is me. Interestingly. Generation X aged between 38 and 53. So I'm right in there.

Speaker A: You're like 38.

Speaker B: Exactly. Seem to be more liberated than those younger and older than them. Racking up an average of 13.1 lovers.

Speaker A: 13.1. What's the .1 mean?

Speaker B: I don't know. Point one.

Speaker A: It's just the tip just the chip just peaked in.

Speaker B: Yeah. Well, yeah. Men have had 16.1 partners and women of of this age average 10.1. But on the whole, it looks as though it could be the youngest generation who end up with the highest numbers. So millennials average is 11.6. That sounds very low.

Speaker A: Shut the **** up.

Speaker B: And that means.

Speaker A: I'm way above average.

Speaker B: Gen Z I know you're gen Z You gen. Z.

Speaker A: No. Your daughters are gen. Z.

Speaker B: That's right. Sorry. Just having a senior member, gen Z's, who bought up to 1995 have already amassed an average of 5.6 sexual partners. I think that sounds incredibly low. Gen z?

Speaker A: I don't know. They're really young. Are they? I don't know. Maybe not anymore.

Speaker B: Men have had an average of 7.6 partners, although women are trending behind with 2.6. I mean, yeah, they're like babies. 15 or 16 maybe. Anyway, so there you go. Just 2% of the respondents to this amazing survey had had 91 sexual partners.

Speaker A: 91?

Speaker B: Yeah.

Speaker A: Good for them.

Speaker B: Yeah. I don't know. I mean, the other thing is this whole issue of counting 100%. Can one even remember? Honestly, no.

Speaker A: I lost count.

Speaker B: I don't remember. I mean, I actually haven't had a lot of parts because I got married fairly young, had a couple of longish term boyfriends.

Speaker A: Right.

Speaker B: But then all those sort of foggy bits in between. I'm not sure what I remember. Yeah, I remember. I don't have to know them. I don't really want to. For the most part, they weren't memorable.

Speaker A: Oh, my God.

Speaker B: Quite happy for them to go into.

Speaker A: The what's it also what is a sexual partner?

Speaker B: Is that a makeup?

Speaker A: Good *******, federal sex. Is it the four penetration with the tip and everything?

Speaker B: Is it ****?

Speaker A: Because we got to talk about that for the Christian people.

Speaker B: Yeah, **** is the whole subject in itself. We're going to freak a lot. I mean, people still have massive problems with this.

Speaker A: No, they don't, do they?

Speaker B: Yes, they do.

Speaker A: Just your bore.

Speaker B: I'm aware. I'm aware of that. But lots of people have problems with it. Right. I mean, lots of people don't, but lots of people do. I know.

Speaker A: No, you're right.

Speaker B: Obviously.

Speaker A: I think most of my friends have not prizing to that. Erin yeah.

Speaker B: And they're, what, 27? Yeah. Well, at least that's weird.

Speaker A: Yeah, I mean, it's not weird, but it is.

Speaker B: No, it's not weird. It's just as an older person, they'd.

Speaker A: Be they'd be totally experimenting. Absolutely. I think it's a whole people are just not actually as comfortable with their bodies as they should be.

Speaker B: The ********, the back door magic, otherwise known as the chocolate starfish.

Speaker A: Oh my God, I absolutely hate that term. You hate **** and *****. I hate chocolate starfish. It's actually funny.

Speaker B: I mean, it is pretty disgusting is the whole point that the chocolate isn't there if you get Madrid, but the messy bits meant to have been cleaned up before. I would hope the back door magic is occurring.

Speaker A: Unless you're into that sort of thing.

Speaker B: And there are people into that. Of course there are, but that's big topic. Anyway, whatever. But that's what I'm saying.

Speaker A: What counts as a sexual partner?

Speaker B: Oh, yeah, completely. Good point.

Speaker A: Because if we're just talking about sexual intercourse, I've counted that number in a way, a couple of guys have fallen off. But like, if we're talking about the whole shebang, I have absolutely no idea.

Speaker B: I'd say probably most people think in a similar way. Well, yeah. Do you have like a snogging category?

Speaker A: Snogging, which is in making out, we say snogging.

Speaker B: Snogging, having a snog.

Speaker A: I don't have a snog category because I'll snog anyone.

Speaker B: You snog everyone.

Speaker A: It's like very bad. But also like, love is love, baby.

Speaker B: Yeah, but the water doesn't matter that you'll snog it. But you still can have a snog category. But snogging isn't sex.

Speaker A: I just don't keep it up. I don't keep up well. Right.

Speaker B: I just don't like the count. Yeah, no, right.

Speaker A: The count is not there snogging heavy petting.

Speaker B: That's what they used to call it in the old days.

Speaker A: The **** is heavy petting? It meant like hand job heavy petting.

Speaker B: So like your hands wandering, like going into other places.

Speaker A: Yeah, it's in your butt. There's no way that that counts.

Speaker B: Sexual partner.

Speaker A: Or like they were talking about the the ******.

Speaker B: The ******, otherwise known in to old fashioned people in England as the front bottom stop.

Speaker A: Oh my God. No, this is hilarious. *******. But me front bottom and juggle starfish, obviously.

Speaker B: Remember, we don't have *****. We had this whole discussion the other day, Susie, and she's blown away, which I use. That pun intended. That ***** in England means your front bottom means your ******. And I mean, if you say ***** and you mean *** in England, we're going to be like, what are you talking about? Really? So this whole thing your ***** pack. That's why English people when or Brits, when an American says on my ***** pack, and they're like, your what pack, you're basically saying your ****** pack.

Speaker A: It's a bumbag, but it sits above your ******. Is that why?

Speaker B: I don't know what you call it. A *** bag. A *** bag which means it's on your ***. So we don't have a ****** bag.

Speaker A: No, you definitely do. And it's called a ***** pack.

Speaker B: But the whole thing that ***** means *** is just like why?

Speaker A: Hilarious.

Speaker B: It's wise.

Speaker A: I will not call it my front ***.

Speaker B: And we have other things that we won't mention because they're not great. But we say in England that you couldn't say in North America. Well if you wanted to get a cigarette off somebody like you wanted a bag, you'd say, can I *** a *** off?

Speaker A: But people know that.

Speaker B: Tell them a ***.

Speaker A: You want to *** a ***. I would do great in England, obviously.

Speaker B: You'd laugh every 5 seconds.

Speaker A: Yeah, exactly. They'd be like, who is a stupid *** drunk American woman?

Speaker B: Exactly. Just tell everyone you're Canadian, you'll be fine.

Speaker A: Okay.

Speaker B: Fannie's. I mean, I don't know, I've got lost in the ***** talk.

Speaker A: No, it's fine. We're talking about what counts as a sexual partner.

Speaker B: Yeah. I think some kind of intimate relations.

Speaker A: Like is oral sex. Is that what counts? Is that right?

Speaker B: I don't think has to be penetrative.

Speaker A: Right. That's a whole other topic. Right. What do you think of like what does sex count as? Obviously, yeah.

Speaker B: It doesn't have to be penetrative. Whether you're heterosexual or not. I don't think it has penetration. It's not just penetration.

Speaker A: Obviously lesbians are scissoring or oral sex or whatever they want to do or exactly the devices.

Speaker B: I think sex is kind of intimate connection. So that means it doesn't necessarily mean like missionary position in it goes kind of thing. It can be a lot of other things.

Speaker A: Of course it can, because actually some.

Speaker B: People can't do or some people want to do different. They can't or it doesn't work or whatever it is. So as far as I'm concerned, Snog is not a category.

Speaker A: No, I don't believe so.

Speaker B: So we're going to leave snow Snog out of it. Although Snogging can be part of it, obviously, but it has to have the other stuff in it.

Speaker A: Exactly.

Speaker B: So we're talking about Snogging and intimacy is sexual. I'd say yeah, but I'd say probably going into the oral category.

Speaker A: Yeah.

Speaker B: A lot of people when they have casual relationships, I still find well, I don't know, because I haven't had a casual relationship for 25 years, they're very weirded out by the whole oral sex thing. Which I think possibly is fair if you just meet somebody, possibly not something you want to be doing.

Speaker A: Well what's weird is that maybe when I was younger, I would have rather given them a blow job than had sex. Now I'd rather have sex than give a blow job. I don't want that thing in my mouth all the time. Willy's so much more work.

Speaker B: Well, and also it's just like where's that Willy bean really well, yeah.

Speaker A: I mean, if you're doing it with a new partner, for sure, if it's covered up and then if you're ******** a new person, then you're using a condom, hopefully. And you're not putting it naked.

Speaker B: Yeah. No, exactly. Without its little covering.

Speaker A: Exactly.

Speaker B: A little rain jacket. Yeah. I mean, you do think if you're kind of doing that, then you could be doing I don't know. I mean, it's like a difficult question and probably something I know zero about because I've been married for so long. Yeah.

Speaker A: I mean, well, because I swear to God, people are not using contraception anymore, and they don't even know that you should be using a condom while giving oral sex. I can't even and that's why there's flavored condoms.

Speaker B: I am completely astounded, but I'm not I know that obviously it's almost upsetting.

Speaker A: Yeah.

Speaker B: The people don't know they should be doing that.

Speaker A: You can opt to people. You can get chlamydia in your mouth. Is that something you want? I don't think so. And obviously just, you know, if you feel like you are going around yeah.

Speaker B: Of course you should be wearing those what do they call them? Dams? You kind of yeah.

Speaker A: Dental dam.

Speaker B: Yeah. They say it's like do you know what crisps are?

Speaker A: Like chips.

Speaker B: Yeah. So they say it's like putting a crisp packet in you're sort of like, oh, interesting.

Speaker A: Like a bag. Right. You mean okay.

Speaker B: Got it.

Speaker A: I've actually never used a dental dam.

Speaker B: In my entire yeah.

Speaker A: But I think men just haven't been eating me out as many as much as they should be, though.

Speaker B: Maybe that's the case. But I think it's also because the whole concept of having oral sex with something in between you and your skin defeats are all fine to doing it. So of course, most people in the passion in the heat of the moment, they're obviously why would they be doing it? So that's the problem. That's the issue.

Speaker A: Yeah.

Speaker B: I think, to be honest with you, contraception, we talked about this before, people aren't using it at all anyway. I mean, it's very 100% and I don't know, it's kind of worrying. I mean, all these diseases, I don't understand it. I don't understand why people aren't more concerned.

Speaker A: Well, and just getting tested regularly, right. That's a huge thing to stop reproducing this infection or disease or whatever. Just get tested regularly. Every time you have a new partner, you're getting tested. That is so important. Obviously, using contraception every single time. But if it's not available, you're getting tested after. Or for people who people because women and men are using this. But being on prep, I don't know.

Speaker B: If you know much about that. Prep.

Speaker A: So prep is actually a medication that you can take for men and women mostly men use it because it stops you from getting HIV. You should take it. I don't want to say anything because I'm going to be wrong about it. I obviously don't take it, but obviously because I have a partner and I.

Speaker B: Don'T need to take it.

Speaker A: But you take it maybe every month or something like that, but it's for the rest of your life. You take this. But that means you don't get HIV, right? If you're sleeping around, which is totally.

Speaker B: Fine, obviously without protection. Is that the idea?

Speaker A: No, obviously you're going to use protection. You're going to do all these things. It's just an extra layer of precaution.

Speaker B: Which that means total.

Speaker A: Obviously, AIDS is not a death sentence anymore, but it's just that extra layer. Why wouldn't you use that? And for her, not that there's anything wrong with having herpes, but to prevent getting herpes, you don't want to have it, right? There's all these bad diseases and infections that you don't want.

Speaker B: And I can say that because I.

Speaker A: Have a ******* UTI right now.

Speaker B: And you keep moving in. A check is really uncomfortable.

Speaker A: And a UTI is obviously not an STI, but it's the same thing. Yeah, UTI is not an STI. Maybe I should say that more briefly, but obviously I'm on antibiotics right now. I'm dealing with common women, get them all the time.

Speaker B: All the time.

Speaker A: Because even I did everything right. I peed after sex. I'm very good in the shower. We talked about this. We have a special wash. You're not supposed to use soap in your Volvo ****** or anything like that.

Speaker B: You're supposed to use things very delicate.

Speaker A: With the PH balances. I do all of that stuff.

Speaker B: You still get these things. But it can be like when you're kind of low, not low as in your mood, like your defenses are low. You can get these kind of things, like you're not feeling particularly well or stressed or whatever it is. But yeah, I don't think people even know that right now.

Speaker A: We've kind of fallen off the topic.

Speaker B: Completely fallen off the top.

Speaker A: Having multiple partners means you have to be responsible about what you're doing. That's all where it comes into.

Speaker B: Yeah, I would say that for me, I would say you do whatever you want to do. And I also think that at different points in your life, let's say, for example, when you're younger, you might have more partners. Then you might be married for a long period. Maybe you get divorced, and then you have lots of I mean, it could go in any number of different ways. So I think that's why I hate this term slept, because I think it's hilarious that you could be, like, sort of in your 20s, have slept with lots and lots of people, and then be married to the same person for 40 years and slept with that person for 40 years. And then whatever happens to that person, then you start having a few more adventures later on in life. To me, that seems completely like a weird thing to say or weird thing. To put that person in a category. But I definitely, absolutely if you do have or you're in a stage in your life where you want you are you, whatever want to have lots of partners. You are having lots of partners. Yeah. You got to use some common sense because, I mean, let's get real, everyone. You are like sopping even if there's no actual kind of fluid technically passing, you are getting as close as you can get to another human being. Use your head, and I don't mean the one on the top of your *****. I mean the one in your brain, the brain in your head. Use some common sense that you may have a lot of fun with somebody. You may have had a great experience, whatever.

Speaker A: Yeah, I mean, I've had friends. You can get you can obviously get pregnant or you can get an FBI from your first sexual experience. And a lot of people actually don't realize that either or even just like the first time you don't wear a condom. Of course you can get absolutely, of course you can. Whoever needs to hear this, you ****.

Speaker B: That man or you **** that girl.

Speaker A: Woman and you put in that condom.

Speaker B: Okay, use you wear that. Some of them just get it on safely. Exactly. Toys as well.

Speaker A: Toys.

Speaker B: Keep them clean. We.

Speaker A: Oh, my God. Great idea.

Speaker B: Keep them covered, keep them whatever. Be really smart because there's a lot of weird I think a lot of people use these toys, and then I don't even want to kind of grossing out thinking about it. Right. They don't clean them. Then they stick them in some receptacle basket, whatever you keep your toys in. And then they have the next part all the same part, and they haven't cleaned.

Speaker A: Oh, my God. Noise.

Speaker B: People personally know this. I've just like, you sort of read it's obvious.

Speaker A: People just don't think about it. Yeah, I don't like about it.

Speaker B: Well, I did I clean everything?

Speaker A: No, I mean, I just don't think about cleaning. I just didn't think people did it. Oh, my God.

Speaker B: Or they use that with multiple partners.

Speaker A: Yeah. No, that's crazy to me. I'm like, holy ****, you do know where that's been. Oh, my God.

Speaker B: No, it they don't I mean, could you not just sniff it and tell.

Speaker A: No, I'm getting rare 100%.

Speaker B: I don't know.

Speaker A: You got to clean your toys. You got to clean yourselves. You got to clean your toys, and you got to get tested, and you got to work on them. We're going to have condoms of our face on them. That's what I want from us.

Speaker B: Yeah, I think that's a good idea actually.

Speaker A: We should give them to what color.

Speaker B: Would my condom be?

Speaker A: Pink, obviously.

Speaker B: Pink, obviously.

Speaker A: I don't know. Maybe like a nice teal.

Speaker B: A teal *****.

Speaker A: Little dolphin ***** coming out.

Speaker B: Definitely pink. Do I'm the pink person?

Speaker A: Definitely are the pink person for me.

Speaker B: Yeah, but I'm not wearing pink.

Speaker A: No, not today. But you usually are.

Speaker B: I do like pink. You know, girly. Why not?

Speaker A: No, exactly.

Speaker B: We digress.

Speaker A: Yeah, sorry, we're always getting off topic here.

Speaker B: We are. But that's fun.

Speaker A: I think it's all coming together, you know what I mean? Because if you want to be a cute little **** little cute little cute little ****. Or you want to be a bad ***** like Mel doesn't want to admit she is, but she is.

Speaker B: Am I a bad *****? You're a bad *****, and you know, that's the other bullshit. If I say that I'm a bad ***** yeah. It just sounds ridiculous. Come on. If I sort of like a bad *****, I mean, it sounds ridiculous.

Speaker A: I love things, but yeah, if you want to be doing those things with yourself, with your body, because you have that choice to do that stuff with.

Speaker B: Use some common sense.

Speaker A: Use some common sense. Be smart and own the words, in my opinion.

Speaker B: Own the words.

Speaker A: Own them.

Speaker B: That's what Susie is saying. I'm still working on that. I don't think I'm yet there with the you don't need me now.

Speaker A: I respect your opinion, but in what.

Speaker B: You think, I do actually understand what you're saying. Yeah. Excuse me, I have an itchy nose.

Speaker A: Oh, no, you hate that, when you.

Speaker B: Have an itchy nose. Yeah, but owning the words no, I get what you're saying. Yeah, I get it. It makes some sense to me. I still will have problems until my dying.

Speaker A: I'm never going to call you the S word or the B word.

Speaker B: Seriously, I'd actually be quite upset.

Speaker A: Oh, my God, I would never.

Speaker B: My girls call me the queen. I like that. The queen. Yes, you are the queen. I think that's good. But I don't think I could be. You can call me an S-E-B-E queen, if you get my drift.

Speaker A: I just whisper that I'm just the queen. I love that so much. Yeah, well, you can call me the slightly bitchy queen you're like. Please. I don't want to. I don't want to.

Speaker B: No, you don't have to. I'll just call you Susie.

Speaker A: That's fine.

Speaker B: Sus? Does that sound a bit old? Does anybody call you sue?

Speaker A: Call me Susan. The slip.

Speaker B: No. Maybe they do.

Speaker A: I mean, I don't know. I don't care if they don't know. I actually bring it. I'm like call me Slit if I can. Dare you.

Speaker B: Really?

Speaker A: I love it.

Speaker B: There you go. Anyways, okay.

Speaker A: Dare me.

Speaker B: Yeah. What have we covered?

Speaker A: We've covered nothing. And I'm absolutely amazed.

Speaker B: I'm still never using the word.

Speaker A: I don't think you have to.

Speaker B: As another word. And I'm not going to use it either. Don't w. I don't it's along the lines. Starts with W.

Speaker A: I did not see that coming.

Speaker B: I'm not using that word either. You don't want me to say that? No.

Speaker A: Okay.

Speaker B: People say that, but don't they that's.

Speaker A: I don't mind that word either.

Speaker B: No, that's not nice, is it?

Speaker A: I don't know, it depends how you say it. In the same way.

Speaker B: Okay, we're going back to *****.

Speaker A: I'm just saying I'm ***** slay if Jeff's like, you're my little dirty horror. I'm like, yeah, I am.

Speaker B: That's a bit different, though, isn't it?

Speaker A: I'm just saying there's different ways you can say it.

Speaker B: Yeah, okay, point taken. And now I brought that word in.

Speaker A: You did.

Speaker B: That was me.

Speaker A: It wasn't even in my mind. And you love it now. You're like, this is my word of the day, Nell's. Word of the day. Everything just sounds so much better in a British accent.

Speaker B: Does it really? Yes, it does. It does to you. Yes, it does to you.

Speaker A: And I'm sure our audience may like it as well.

Speaker B: Yeah, well, I hear myself and it just sounds absurd, but people like the British accent. Yes, we do.

Speaker A: You are the queen, darling.

Speaker B: Yeah. And we've all been binge watching the ****.

Speaker A: I haven't started yet, so do not give anything away. Although I do know how it ends.

Speaker B: We do kind of know what happened.

Speaker A: Miss Diane, she rests in peace.

Speaker B: Yeah.

Speaker A: Jesus Christ. Well, we just got very off topic there.

Speaker B: We did. But, yeah, sexual partners.

Speaker A: Be a ****. Be who you want to be. Don't be a **** if you don't.

Speaker B: Want to be careful, be just common sense. I think you're a bad *****, but.

Speaker A: Don'T be a *****.

Speaker B: Exactly. That's it.

Speaker A: That's it.

Speaker B: Done. Dusted. We've covered the topic. Stunning. It's been fab.

Speaker A: I've always loved a chat with you, Mel.

Speaker B: So do I. We're going to let you all go away and think about those words and how you're going to put them into context. But don't say them to your mom.

Speaker A: Do not say them to Mel.

Speaker B: Don't make your mom or your granny or anything like that unless she's a bad *****. She might like it, you never know, but I wouldn't recommend it. Be careful, okay?

Speaker A: By all your bear ******* out there.

Speaker B: Yeah, I'm not saying that. Okay, see you next time.

Speaker A: We love you guys. Bye.

Speaker B: Thanks so much for listening. Please rate and review this podcast and follow us on social at Sharing MyTruth Pod and leave us a voicemail on our website to share your stories and experiences with us. We'll see you next time.

Speaker A: Bye. Bye. Three, two, one, you.

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