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The Truth About Temptation

Updated: Nov 28, 2023

In this week's episode we answer a listener's voicemail. His question is how do you avoid temptation even when you are in a relationship and you know it's right and it is what you want, but you are tempted every day? We answer with our thoughts, stories, and suggestions.



Temptation is all around us, food, sex, spending too much money! How do you control it? Do you control it? Do you just do it and hope for forgiveness later? Is that a good idea?

Listen to our answers. Do we differ in our opinions? Temptation is as old as time and temptation will never go away. You cannot stop your feelings but you can control how you react and behave. Everyone has struggled with temptation at some level, it's human. Being tempted is not cheating if you did not act upon it. What do you think?

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