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 Navigating STIs in a New Episode


This "Sharing My Truth" podcast episode takes an unfiltered plunge into the realm of STIs in its latest episode. Join hosts Mel and Suzie as they deliver a candid conversation filled with laughter, relatable tales, and heartfelt empathy – all while shedding light on the truths surrounding STIs. They share a story from one of their listener's who went on date and caught something unwanted!


Unraveling STI Realities

In this latest podcast episode, Mel and Suzie, the dynamic duo behind "Sharing My Truth," bring their signature humor and genuine understanding to the forefront as they unravel the complexities of discussing STIs. Together, they explore the realities, both known and lesser-known, with a blend of wit and wisdom. From the inevitable Google searches to the humorous revelation of unexpected surprises from a date, the listener's story is shared in all its cringe-worthy yet remarkably relatable detail.

A listener's story

Listeners are in for a treat as Mel and Suzie candidly share their own awkward encounters with the STI conversation. Recognizing that navigating this topic can be universally uncomfortable, they fearlessly tackle misconceptions about transmission and the often bumpy road of disclosure. "Sharing My Truth" aims to break down barriers by removing shame and stigma, proving that humor is a potent remedy for those awkward and "itchy" situations.

Promoting Open Conversations

In a society where conversations about STIs are often laden with shame and stigma, Mel and Suzie use "Sharing My Truth" to challenge these norms. By openly discussing personal stories and shedding light on the realities of dealing with STIs, they empower listeners to engage in honest conversations, fostering a culture of understanding and support.

Humor as a Healing Force

Throughout the episode, Mel and Suzie showcase the power of humor as a healing force when navigating the challenges of discussing STIs. By infusing laughter into the conversation, they create a safe and welcoming space for listeners to reflect on their own experiences and find solace in the shared awkwardness of it all.

Listen to the new episode

The latest episode of "Sharing My Truth" continues to break down societal barriers, boldly addressing the often-taboo subject of STIs. Mel and Suzie, with their unique blend of humor and empathy, not only entertain but also educate, proving that honest conversations can lead to destigmatization and a more supportive community. Join the enlightening journey with Mel and Suzie as they navigate the rollercoaster of STIs in this candid and eye-opening podcast episode.

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