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My Boyfriend's BFF Is A Girl!

In this episode of "Sharing My Truth" with Mel and Suzie, the hosts explore the topic of my boyfriend's BFF is a girl! Specifically, they delve into the question of whether or not men in relationships can have female best friends. The hosts provide their own opinions on the matter and discuss the various dynamics that come into play when navigating these types of friendships.

Throughout the episode, Mel and Susie offer humorous anecdotes and personal banter, making for an engaging and lighthearted conversation. They also touch on the "Pick Me Girl" phenomenon and the importance of setting boundaries in cross-gender friendships.

Mel and Suzie

Podcast Routine

In the podcast "Sharing My Truth" with Mel and Suzie, the hosts encourage their listeners to write reviews and subscribe to their podcast. They release a new episode every week and invite their audience to share their own truth with them on their website or social media.

In this latest episode, Mel and Suzie whether a man in a relationship can have a female best friend. They agreed that having a female friend is acceptable, but having a best friend who is a girl may raise some eyebrows!

They also suggested that the key factor is how the man interacts with his female friend. If they are genuinely friendly and get along well with each other's partners, it is not a problem. However, if the female friend is excessively tactile or always around, it can be uncomfortable for the man's partner.

They discussed the concept of a "pick-me" girl, someone who seeks male attention and prefers to hang out with guys rather than girls. They cautioned that such women may have underlying issues and that women who cannot have female friends are a red flag.

Engaging the Audience

In this episode of Sharing My Truth, Mel adds that there are certain women who crave male attention and want to be picked by all the boys. These women are known as "Pick me girls," and they are not girls' girls. She warns that if a man's female friend is one of these types, it's a red flag.

Suzie chimes in and says that women who can't have female friends or don't have any are a huge red flag. If a man's female friend is always around the house and is overly intimate with him, then it's time for the girlfriend or wife to put her foot down. She suggests getting another male friend to talk to the man about the situation.

Topic of the Day: My Boyfriend's BFF Is A Girl?

Mel and Suzie encourage partners to communicate openly about their feelings and set boundaries if necessary. They suggest that if a partner has concerns about their significant other's female best friend, they should express their concerns and work together to find a solution. Ultimately,having a female best friend is possible, but it requires mutual respect, trust, and open communication between all parties involved.

Navigating Jealousy and Boundaries in Relationships

Mel and Suzie, acknowledge that having friends of the opposite sex is not uncommon and that it is possible to maintain a platonic friendship. However, they also highlight the importance of setting boundaries and being aware of potential red flags.

Mel and Suzie say its about how the person interacts with their friend of the opposite sex than the friendship itself. If the friendship is genuine and the friend gets along well with the partner, there is no issue. However, if the friend is overly tactile or constantly around, it can be a red flag.

Red Flags in Cross-Gender Friendships

While Mel and Suzie agree that having friends of the opposite sex is perfectly normal, they also pointed out some red flags that could indicate a problem.

One red flag is when a woman only has male friends and no female friends. This could be a sign of insecurity or a desire for male attention. Similarly, if a man's female friend only hangs out with him and not with his partner or other friends, it could suggest that she has romantic feelings for him.

Another red flag is when physical boundaries are crossed. If a man and woman are overly touchy-feely with each other or frequently sleep in the same bed, it could indicate that there is more than just a platonic friendship.

However, if the friendship is based on mutual interests and respect, and both parties are open and transparent with their partners, then there should be no cause for concern.


Concluding Thoughts

Mel and Suzie agree that having a friend who is a woman is acceptable, but having a best friend who is a woman is unusual and may raise some concerns.

They discuss the issue of "pick-me" girls who seek male attention and do not have other women friends. They duiscuss work wives and husbands. Is it acceptable?

Overall, Mel and Suzie emphasized that the key to having a female friend as a man in a relationship is to ensure that the interaction is genuine and respectful. If the friend is respectful of the man's partner and does not exhibit any behavior that may be interpreted as intimate, then there should be no issue. However, if the behavior is questionable, it is important for the partner to put their foot down and address the issue.

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