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Unraveling the Enigma: Questions Men Have For Women

In this week's episode of "Sharing My Truth," we delve into the fascinating world of questions that men have for women. Following the success of our previous episode, the outpouring of inquiries from our male audience has been both enlightening and entertaining. From the perennial question of "Do I look fat in this?" to unraveling the mystery of why women often venture to the bathroom together, we aim to bridge the gap in understanding between the sexes.

questions that men have for women

Understanding the Female Perspective

Men and women often view the world through different lenses, and this podcast episode aims to shed light on the intricacies of the female perspective. Hosted by Mel and Suzie, the discussion provides a multi-generational viewpoint, offering valuable insights that could prove to be a game-changer for our male audience. Whether you're looking to better understand your wife, mother, sister, or simply gain a broader perspective on the female experience, this episode promises to be both enlightening and entertaining.

The timeless question, "Do I look fat in this?"is always a tricky one! Mel and Suzie tell it like it is, don't ever,"YES!". Women never want to hear that, just say you look "hot", that is what we want to hear!

Navigating the Dating Maze

Another intriguing question posed by our male audience revolves around dealing with a serial date canceler. Mel and Suzie offer practical advice on how to approach this issue, emphasizing communication and setting clear expectations. The episode aims to empower men with strategies to navigate the complex world of dating, offering a glimpse into the female mindset and the reasons behind certain behaviors.

Bathroom Bonding

The age-old mystery of why women frequently go to the bathroom together is also tackled in this episode. Why do women do this? Well listen into the episode to find out!


"The Truth: Questions Men Have For Women, Part 2" is a must-listen for anyone seeking a deeper understanding of the female perspective. Mel and Suzie's multi-generational offer different points of view, which might allow you to understand your wife, girlfriend, mother or sister better! Whether you're grappling with timeless queries or contemporary dating dilemmas, this episode promises to be a source of enlightenment, bringing men one step closer to unraveling the enigma of the female experience. Tune in for a journey into the complexities of gender dynamics, and perhaps you'll emerge with a newfound appreciation for the women in your life.

Listen to the Episode Questions Men Have For Women Part 2

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