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Episode 20  - The truth ABOUT WOMEN And their dirty minds
Melany Krangle & Suzie Sheckter

Speaker A: Welcome to sharing my truth with Mel and Suzie, the uncensored version where we bear it all.

Speaker B: We do 1234.

Speaker A: Hello. Hello. Welcome back. I'm so happy to be here with you guys and my little friend Mel over here. And I'm Susie. And this is Sharing my truth Pod. Don't forget to rate and review this podcast. It really helps us out. And follow us on social media at Sharing My Truth Pod.

Speaker B: Hello, darling babes. How are you, darling? I am fabulous.

Speaker A: I'm sorry, that's a new word for you.

Speaker B: Yeah, it's a bit Mary Poppins s, isn't it? Just came to me.

Speaker A: You're like the Mary Poppins who is on crack.

Speaker B: On crack? Yeah.

Speaker A: You're Mary Poppins on crack. But mostly like rose wine.

Speaker B: Mostly rose wine.

Speaker A: But that's like crack in England.

Speaker B: Yes.

Speaker A: Do you guys have crack in England?

Speaker B: Sadly, we do. Possibly not relevant to this, but we drink a horrendous amount. We are over the top.

Speaker A: Yeah, but I mean, to come up with Mary Poppins you had to be on crack.

Speaker B: Exactly.

Speaker A: Well, I just want to say it's been a good week. We've had some amazing progress with our viewership.

Speaker B: We have.

Speaker A: And we just want to thank you guys so much for being with us in this journey. And it's really been a fabulous thing and we're just keep on keeping on here.

Speaker B: I know. And the comments and everything. I personally live.

Speaker A: You live.

Speaker B: It's fabulous. And Elle's, our TikTok queen. I like to see what people are talking about. I want to see what's really happening from my little Gen X viewpoint.

Speaker A: I know you want people to share their truths.

Speaker B: I do.

Speaker A: And it's good because they are.

Speaker B: They are. I do. I love it.

Speaker A: So funny.

Speaker B: I love it.

Speaker A: No, it's fabulous. We're talking today about women's dirty minds.

Speaker B: We are.

Speaker A: And are they as dirty as men's minds?

Speaker B: Yeah, we are. And it is.

Speaker A: You know, that's firsthand what, as a.

Speaker B: Woman or having a dirty mind or both? Yeah. I mean, I I think it's a constant source of conversation. And I think from my perspective, from a Gen X perspective, I think women were so, like, held back in the sense we were supposed to be a certain thing, which is sort of lovely, nice, feminine, nice smelling, lovely lady who doesn't think about she and these all the time darling. Who doesn't possibly think about whatever.

Speaker A: ********.

Speaker B: ******** is. Yes, ******** and wet penises. Wet penises. Well, I think it's a bit more than that. It's a bit more than it's like just having the sense that men can be more kind of out there in their thoughts or more erotic or whatever than women, which is just completely mad. I mean, why would that be the case? And the thing that I find really interesting was going back to our comment about why I like looking at TikTok and people's comments and instagram whatever, because obviously I come from I'm Gen X I'm 50. So you're innately going to have a viewpoint on life, and you grew up in a certain era, and obviously I'm British and I have my silly, posh accent, so I come from a certain such a silly, posh accent. I come from a certain kind of way of thinking or whatever you want to call it. So you have a certain viewpoint that is very, very hard or perspective to detach yourself from because it's kind of ingrained in you. And I find it really interesting that we're still having this conversation all these years later with particularly gen z and younger millennials like yourself who are much more sexually liberated in the sense that you're much more open minded about sex, but we're still having this conversation that we actually think there's a difference. And of course there are differences and there are differences between different men and different women. But to actually assume that men are the sort of naughty ones in the equation and the women are not, which is what we're sort of saying is completely mad.

Speaker A: Yeah, absolutely. I have a lot of male and female friends, and I talk about.

Speaker B: So.

Speaker A: Much more dirty **** with my girlfriends than I do with my guy friends, and I'm close enough with my guy friends that I could talk about whatever. And it's just like, we want to.

Speaker B: Talk about sex, we want to talk.

Speaker A: About BDSM, we want to talk about all these dirty things that happen to us and the play by play of every sexual encounter as well and our fantasies and exactly what we want. Maybe it's because men just don't talk.

Speaker B: Oh, yeah, I think that's a huge thing. I think women do get together and talk about sex, whereas men only talk about it in a sort of competitive way, sort of that girl and blah, blah, blah. We don't want to not in the sort of Donald Trump esque whatever he said in the locker room kind of talk. But I mean, men are more competitive about it, whereas women, I don't think in this really are I mean, I don't think you sort of compete with also, is your sex life better than my sex life? I could be wrong. Somebody's going to come for me if I said that. But I just think women talk about it differently, and I definitely think the generations talk about it differently, and I also think certain cultures talk about it differently. I mean, I would say in England, surprisingly, people think that we're super reserved, which we are in certain things, but then you get a few glasses of rose in us.

Speaker A: You guys generated some of the best comedians. Ricky Gervais, who is just an absolute ******* tyrant in his own right of just the dirtiest **** you could say on TV. But I love that stuff. But it's like there's so many people who also love that stuff but won't admit it as well. 100% they'll be like, oh no, I've never thought that, or like, that's disgusting. Why would you and it's like, this is reality, and there's no way that you actually it blows my mind if that's true, that they never think about it or they've never thought it, that it blows my mind that it's never crossed their mind.

Speaker B: Yeah, but it's but it's that old saying, isn't it? That what people say and what they do are totally two different things. And I think that particularly for women, for some bizarre reason well, I suppose it's not bizarre. It's society has told us, has ingrained in us that we're meant to be feminine and we don't possibly do these naughty things or have these naughty naughty but what's strange is that we're still thinking that, and I think I've said this to you before, that you're somebody who's very connected to who you are. I think that's pretty unusual. And I've certainly met other younger millennials like you or Gen Z's, who are still pretty brutish. And I find it really strange, almost kind of weird that we've had so much progress and you're still prudish, I think something deeper.

Speaker A: That's how a lot of people are brought up 100% and like religion, which also plays a huge part of it, huge.

Speaker B: But I just think for some reason, women are still sort of they have this thought process that they're meant to be a certain way. And it goes to this thing that drives me mad. And we did this in a previous episode about **** shaming. And as you know, I hate the word slutty word. I like it. We know you like it, but it goes back to the same thing. Like, if you even have that word, you're saying that women who sleep with a lot of men are innately in some the connotation is bad or something like that, whereas men, we don't even have a word come a player. Exactly. Player hate. It goes back to another thing I was saying to you earlier, is because we did this episode, our last episode was about milks. Like, you try and put the word MILF in a lot of things, and although obviously it stands for something, but it's just letters daddy, which essentially, okay, has slightly different conversation, but it's still sexual. And it's about ******* very sexual men, right, that is perfectly fine to put all over TikTok and all over everything because we have some kind of weird thing that if it's like sugar daddy and all this, like it's women going out with older some nouns, that's wrong, but it's okay. It's all these things that we have these weird ideas about and it holds us back. Yeah. And I think my generation, of course we were held back. And I would say personally, for me personally, like I said, I'm 50, I'm British, I'm a little bit posh. So I was brought up in a slightly restrictive mindset. My parents never ever talked about sex. Although my father had sex with absolutely everything that moved. Nobody talked about sex in the home. Nobody had the never had the conversation. Never ever. I went to a girls school. Of course, there's no Internet. So it's not like you can't look up ****. Look up what is whatever, anything.

Speaker A: Yeah, you can't look up go to the library.

Speaker B: Exactly. Which is not very helpful, as you can imagine. And **** in those days was magazines on the top shelf in what we call news agents, where you go, like, the store and you ask the clerk.

Speaker A: To get it for you.

Speaker B: A five cigarette woman is not going to go in and go, can you just get me a fat ladder? Oh, my God, that'd be so whereas obviously, men just went so the whole thing kind of perpetuates itself. And so women didn't or you developed this idea, which is just not true.

Speaker A: Well, here's like, there's just the small things, right, where men's nipples are totally fine.

Speaker B: Yes.

Speaker A: On social media anywhere in reality, in life, they walk around without a shirt off. You can't have a kid out just.

Speaker B: To even feed your baby. You can in Europe.

Speaker A: We're moving. I'm moving there. I know you've lived there. I'm moving there. I ******* love Europe. The fact that you can just it's so sexually open in Europe. But, like, here in Canada, in a very progressive way, and I think it is legal, you can actually a woman can have their shirt off, but it's societally not okay to do that. Unless you're, like, on a nude beach on Toronto Island. It's not okay to have your ******* out. Which ****** me off because I find it to tan naked.

Speaker B: I actually find it infuriating. And this has got nothing really to do anything. But one thing that drives me mad is even when hot men are, like, on a hot day, hot men on a hot day are hot running or whatever, sweating profusely with their shirt off and sort of going like a peacock. It drives me oh, I love it. But it drives me mad because if you're a woman, you couldn't go out with, like, your ***** swinging.

Speaker A: Your hands are going to be ******* flying everywhere.

Speaker B: Anyway. I can't run anyway because I've got a sort of engineering problem with the fact my ***** are too big. But anyway and keeping them in one.

Speaker A: Place keeping them in one place is difficult.

Speaker B: Big discussion.

Speaker A: It'd be very uncomfortable to run with no sports bra.

Speaker B: That would be another oh, no, I need, like several. Right? Awful. Just pick them up. Yeah, it's like a bridge. But it just annoys me that and what I mean by what annoys me is that men are a lot, and they're sort of look at me and you're like, but women can't do that. It's annoying. But it goes back to this whole thing that we somehow think but it makes no sense because if women are and we're talking about heterosexual relationships, if women are the ones having the dirty sex with the dirty men, then clearly they're dirty. I mean, it's just like, yeah, but.

Speaker A: We'Re dirty, but they're not dirty.

Speaker B: Exactly. Yeah, we're just there to what?

Speaker A: It's just so funny. I've always found that I feel great that I am a dirty person. Not like dirty as in, like filthy. No, not like dirty as in dirty. Not like dirty is in not showering, but dirty as in sexual erotic. Super hot erotic. I like the name, have very dirty thoughts. I've always had, like, you don't shy away. I do not shy away from anything sexual. And I take so much pride in that because there's so many people that just can't talk about even so many of the things that I find so normal to talk about. I have so many friends who are just not interested in speaking or you can tell that a lot of things make them uncomfortable when you bring up something. And if we're in a group of us, and it's like you'll see, some of us want to talk about it, some of us are like some of them are like just they don't chime into the conversation. And I'm like, you are 27, 28, sometimes like 24, 25. Like you don't want to talk about sex. This is something that we've been fighting for as so called feminists and just women in general. We want to talk about hot, dirty sex, just like men, just like we you can admit that you want to have a ****.

Speaker B: Admit that you want to admit that.

Speaker A: You want to have a **** and maybe a *****. Admit it all. Just admit that there's a part of you that wants to be a little dirty and sexual. And I love the word erotic.

Speaker B: It's the only way I can think of describing it because I think that women there is definitely I personally think that women are just as if you want to use the word dirty, women are like sexy, like erotically, more creative, and men are sort of more filthy dirty.

Speaker A: Okay, well, you know what's so funny about that, too? There's so many types of ****, right? So obviously you have video, which is the most popular, especially because all men are very visual people. But as women, we love audio ****, and there's so much amazing audio **** out there. There's so much written erotica, and so much of this is written and produced.

Speaker B: By women for women.

Speaker A: For women. But it's produced for women because we're the only ones who are going to listen to ****. We're mostly the only ones who are going to read **** now that men can watch it anytime they're not going to watch. But that's what's so funny. It's like no, we have literally just the dirty mind. But as you said, we're just more creative about it. We need all of the stimulation instead of just one thing. Men are able to just come in their pants, and we usually can't do that.

Speaker B: I think it's just more talent. Imagine I think it's more sensual or women are more interested in a connection. And I don't mean I'm not talking about love, I'm not talking because I think that would be foolish, foolish, foolish to think that every kind of interaction that women have and I think men do think this, that they need to be in love with you. Which is just not true. No, but I think it is like a misunderstanding that men have about women. But women do want a connection. The connection doesn't mean love, it just means a bit more than WAM bam. Thank you, ma'am.

Speaker A: Wambam. Thank you, ma'am. I don't know so many women who are like me who are just very open about it.

Speaker B: But you do know lots of no.

Speaker A: I don't know lots of women.

Speaker B: That doesn't surprise me at all. Yeah.

Speaker A: That are very open. And I'm one of the only women, I think, that are very or were very comfortable because obviously I have a boyfriend now. But I was so comfortable, I was only wanting to hook up and literally not date that person after be friends with them because I wanted to be civil. But literally no relationship. Maybe didn't talk to them. I have many notches on my belt that just literally don't remember their name. And I am so okay with that. I'm honestly like that was a great experience.

Speaker B: Thank you.

Speaker A: Wham bam. Thank you, ma'am.

Speaker B: And that was just the way I.

Speaker A: Wanted to live my life for so long. And I honestly believe, as women, that we have to take so much more ownership of these experiences for ourselves because it actually does teach you a lot. Someone, I think also men are getting better in bed, which is amazing. And someone, a man, whoever you're going to have sex with is going to teach you something new about yourself. It's like any experience, obviously be safe. You can get something that may change your life. Pregnant, all these things everyone knows is having sex, whatever. But yeah, be able to enjoy those experiences. Don't let someone **** shame you for having a one night stand. I think that's literally where you learn so much about yourself is when you're in these experiences.

Speaker B: I think it's completely individual and some people want to do that and some people don't. But that should be fine, right?

Speaker A: Yeah, of course.

Speaker B: But I don't understand personally this concept of **** shaming. I don't understand why it's a thing, because if you imagine you met a guy and you told him, oh no, I've only slept with four people, or whatever, and he's like, oh, great, great, that makes me feel so much better. But you actually slept with 550, you just didn't tell him. Well, he just doesn't know I mean, it's just, like, stupid.

Speaker A: I'm really not down with the lying about how many people you know.

Speaker B: No, I'm not saying you should lie, but what I'm saying is what difference does it make? No, he wasn't there. What difference does it make? But, I mean, you can see it is an issue because you look at social media, particularly TikTok, where there's a lot of this sort of there's a lot of men on TikTok who are saying a lot of valid things. And then there's a slightly kind of the sort of what's that guy who got arrested? Andrew Tatum? But there's some people who are sort of nowhere near him, but just a little kind of old fashioned kind of thing. But a lot of it is about this thing that they don't and they're young men. They're men in their late 20s, early 30s, or even younger because they don't have women who've had lots of partners. Yeah.

Speaker A: You know, it's so ******* funny. Also, I saw this comment I think it was on my other Instagram video, and it was just this guy, and I remember reading it, and I was like, oh, my God, this is so funny. So he was like, this is why I've been celibate for three years, just trying to find my one. And I was like, Honey, there is a difference. I didn't comment this back, but I was like, Honey, there's, like, a difference between being celibate and no one wanted to have sex with you.

Speaker B: It is a big difference.

Speaker A: There is no way if women wanted to have sex with you, you're going to be celibate.

Speaker B: Yeah. Absolutely.

Speaker A: No one wants to have sex with you because you have this weird attitude about sex. And women are just it's just so beautiful to see. Women are finally finding themselves in their sexuality in a lot of different ways and having this dirty your minds and being so much open with their thoughts. But there's these men who just don't know how to kind of match that, and they don't know what to do with us because we know what we want, finally.

Speaker B: Yeah. I think there's still this idea that men kind of want to play around with certain women yeah. Marry other women. Yeah, that is very good point, but I think it's totally there. I remember because I when I was in high school, I lived in Rome. I lived in Italy, and I think it's a very flirtatious society in Italy. Like, men come up. Yeah. And for me in particular, and honestly, you could look like the back end of a bus. But I've got blue eyes. And in Italy, that's a big thing. My hair is quite fair, or fairer than Italian. I look different. So I'm clearly probably not Italian. So men would just come up to you. And I lived there from, like, sort of 16 1718, and men nonstop come up to you. Come up to you. Come up to you and talk to you. But they would say, after a while, you'd sort of and I had a couple of relationships with Italian guys who were lovely and really great guys, but, I mean, you got this sense. And one of my friends told me that there was a sort of culture that almost their mothers sort of said to them, go out and find yourself a woman. Yeah, but non Italian woman like, go out and an English woman. They're easy Swedish women and then come back, marry a nice Italian. And I'm very sorry if I'm insulting anyone, but that is my experience at the time. And I do think there's this idea of as a man and that was obviously many, many years ago. I was 18, so that's god, I don't want to say it, but many, many decades ago. But this idea that you kind of sow your seed as a man, but you marry the nice girl and then you're like, who the hell do you think he's been having sex with? It's not like there's these group of women. So these are the women who only do the sowing of the seed. I e. The English and the Dutch and the whatever girls. And then these are the other good girls. And I think this idea of good and bad girl, which is still very much in.

Speaker A: I love being called both.

Speaker B: Yeah, well, yeah, but it's still we talk about it. What does that actually mean? That this idea that if you're good, you don't have dirty thoughts, which is completely ridiculous.

Speaker A: No, I'm a good girl in other ways.

Speaker B: In other ways.

Speaker A: No, I mean, I don't know why a good girl can't suck good ****. That doesn't make any sense to me.

Speaker B: But what does it even mean, a good girl and a bad girl? It doesn't mean anything. I know what it means. But if you think about it, what does it even mean?

Speaker A: It doesn't mean anything.

Speaker B: Every woman has in her that's what you want.

Speaker A: Like a nice Christian girl who is literally just going to submit to you and do whatever the **** you want. That's also just not a relationship. Like, if that's what you're looking for, right? If you're looking for a nice girl to marry in quotations and you find a religious girl or whatever who has been taught all her life that you need to do things for your man and you need to be a housewife and whatever, how is that a partnership if that's actually not what she wants? That's just what she's been taught, you.

Speaker B: Know what I mean? I mean, if she's marrying somebody of the same values, then that's a whole different thing and that's a huge kind of topic. But I just think that if we got ourselves into this place of understanding that every woman is in fact a good and a bad girl, I like to be both, you're made up of all the parts as a man is, like, what you do in your private life. You don't necessarily want everyone in the world to know about it. Right. So you're made up of these parts. Right. You don't share every single thing that you do in your private life, in your intimate life with your partner or partners generally with everyone else all the time, at every point in time, because you're different facets of who you are, if you see what I mean. Yeah, of course. But why is it that that's okay for men and it's still not? We're not really there for women. I mean, I suppose the thing with women is we're really not there with anything because we're in this very I think this very confused thing, which we've talked about in our previous episodes about feminism. We're in this time where I think everyone's quite confused about where we are and what we are as women.

Speaker A: I mean, I would never think about a guy as good or bad. I would think of them as a nice guy or a **** boy. I think that's the modern version of a girl and bad girl or something. But they can be both, you know what I mean?

Speaker B: Why can a **** boy not be nice? He just wants to have sex.

Speaker A: Yeah, but they can be nice. I think it's just like it's just.

Speaker B: That'S what he like you said at the beginning.

Speaker A: It's like he's a boy ****.

Speaker B: When you were younger, you were only interested in wham, bam, thank you, ma'am. You weren't interested in hanging around for the small talk. No, but that's the same thing. It doesn't make him a bad person. It also means that he is in a period of of life that maybe that's what he wants to do. It is a different thing if he's not telling the girls.

Speaker A: I don't think it's a bad thing.

Speaker B: No, I don't mean that. He's, like, kind of luring them into your situation. I want to run the ship. Yeah, that's a whole different **** boy episode. Exactly. But I mean yeah, I just think I don't understand why it's okay.

Speaker A: I just think we've just stopped labeling people. I think that's what that whole thing is.

Speaker B: I'm completely for this non labeling. I think we've gone label mad. Oh, my God. We have.

Speaker A: Be a person.

Speaker B: Be a person. Do whatever the hell it is.

Speaker A: And it's like you want them different if you're labeling yourself, but if other people are labeling you as something that you're just like, wait, that's not what I thought of.

Speaker B: I think the best explanation I thought about labels is I read this thing once which she's a professor of gender studies somewhere in the States, and she said all the labels that we use today, whatever, whether that's describing gender, sexuality, whatever it is they were used or are used to communicate, to help people communicate better where they're in a situation or in a feeling or whatever it is in their life, where they previously found it hard to communicate. And people wanted them to communicate, and they couldn't because there was no word. And that actually makes total sense to me. But it's the other side of it, where we're continually judging people, criticizing people, saying, well, if you're this, you can't be this, or if you do that, it means you're not that. That's bullshit. Because we're people, and people change, and people evolve. And I've said this.

Speaker A: I think that people don't change.

Speaker B: Mel that's true. I have said that. So I'm talking bullshit.

Speaker A: I'm calling you.

Speaker B: What I mean what I'm saying is people evolve, though.

Speaker A: They don't change.

Speaker B: I suppose what I mean, I will clarify for everyone is that I think essentially who you are as a human being, you don't really radically change.

Speaker A: Yeah.

Speaker B: Yes, you're right. You evolve. You do change in some of the things that you want, like what I wanted or the way I want to live or what I want to do on a Friday night now versus when I was 25 clubbing. And I don't want to do that anymore. So I've changed in that respect.

Speaker A: We could change your beliefs, obviously.

Speaker B: Yeah. I mean, I don't think you just don't personally change my beliefs, but I.

Speaker A: Know, but a lot of people do.

Speaker B: And yeah, and I think you should allow people to change their beliefs because they can look internally and do some thinking and change. But yeah, I think generally people evolve is a better word. Yeah, you're absolutely right. You said both of those slap on the wrist. You said both, and I blocked the microphone.

Speaker A: I think if you feel like I'm only coming back to religion because a lot of this has stemmed from religion. It's like the way of good and bad and evil versus heaven and hell and all this ******* bullshit. It's for why I think is bullshit.

Speaker B: But we think about Adam and Eve. Adam and Eve.

Speaker A: Adam and Eve.

Speaker B: And like, how apple and whatnot evil and all that, and how Eve is.

Speaker A: Obviously the bad girl.

Speaker B: She's the norm. That dirty apple with that dirty, dirty snake. Absolutely.

Speaker A: And Adam becomes that, and he's such a good boy. He's like, Why are you not a virgin anymore? Or however the ******* story goes. And then you ******* that was your history lesson for today rendition of You're welcome. That was a sermon. But yeah. So you just kind of get back to that whole once people get out of religion, they kind of find them themselves again. They're not looking for someone else to bring themselves to.

Speaker B: I mean, look, I know a lot of people who are not religious people. Yeah. Who are still incredible prudes and masses.

Speaker A: Who are not religious.

Speaker B: Yeah. And I think shocking is the right word. I just find it I don't really understand it, but I. Know plenty of people who are sort of prudish and they're not religious but yet again, I think it's often not because they actually are. If you closed the door and saw them behind closed doors, which of course you don't, they would are completely different.

Speaker A: They have like a red room in their basement.

Speaker B: Exactly. It's what they are saying. And what they are doing for most people of all ages is a completely different thing. If you talk even about virtue signaling what people want to think the world you are and what you actually are are two different things. And I think it's problematic and I wish that people were more authentic and more honest and more but I don't think society really lets us be that. Obviously I'm a different generation to you, but if I was in a dinner party and somebody started, which is a very Gen X thing to do, a.

Speaker A: Dinner party, I want to come to a dinner party.

Speaker B: And way too much wine being drunk, especially if I'm one in England and they're great fun and everyone talks a lot, and in England I think we do talk a lot about I don't think anybody gives a **** about talking about.

Speaker A: So you get a ***** out and everyone chats about it.

Speaker B: I'm not sure we get a *****.

Speaker A: If I haven't had me at a.

Speaker B: Dinner party then but I think there is exactly. Well, I'm sure you'd be very popular at the dinner party. But I think that there's like a line that people seem to have these lines and the thing that I always think is interesting is it's never the people like the line that somebody has is never connected to the person that you think would have that line. Does that make sense? You're like you think that right? Totally.

Speaker A: And you're like, I don't even know you.

Speaker B: It's like, what?

Speaker A: Yes.

Speaker B: And you're like, that is very interesting and it's so peculiar. And I think the whole thing about dirtiness and women's dirty minds and then you talk about **** and stuff like that and there are plenty of people who would like, oh no, don't do that. Don't look at that. But of course they do because then why is it like a multi bajillion billion trillion kajillion dollar industry? Well, of course people are looking at it kills. People are watching it. But then people don't want to. I think they're afraid in some ways of what the world sees them as and what they actually are. It's very strange and I think it goes back into this thing about women.

Speaker A: Well it's like very vulnerable. It's like why would you want to? Why would you be vulnerable if you don't have to be?

Speaker B: Good word. Love it. Love it, love it. Psycho. Whatever deep.

Speaker A: Well, because I feel like that's a lot of the time I remember as a younger version of me, which is terrifying, but I did not want to be vulnerable at all. And I think a lot of people, when they're just finding themselves out, also don't want to be vulnerable. And people may never come to that point of wanting to actually want people to actually get to know them or wanting to even get to know people. They want to stay in their little bubble and if they're in their bubble, they're safe and nothing will ever happen. And they can have these dirty thoughts and it'll hurt their self esteem if they keep being like, don't have those thoughts, it's bad, but you have to have them. This is the way we are as human beings.

Speaker B: Absolutely.

Speaker A: It doesn't matter who the **** you are. We're horny all the time. You're lying to yourself if you're not. Or you may have a condition and.

Speaker B: You may have to see your doctor. Right. So Suzie has spoken. You're welcome. You may need to go and see a doctor. What about all the people who are Asexual, Susie?

Speaker A: Asexual people are normal people, but they've seen a doctor.

Speaker B: Have they?

Speaker A: I'm assuming because then they know they're asexual.

Speaker B: I'm not so sure they've seen a doctor. I think they just feel it. They feel that they're not interested in sex.

Speaker A: I think it's a hormonal thing. Plus, maybe being asexual I don't know, asexual I've met you've known as people.

Speaker B: Yeah.

Speaker A: And they just not interested.

Speaker B: They know because it's and we are way off topic here, but it is incredible.

Speaker A: We're not really because do they have a dirty mind then?

Speaker B: They don't think about what do they think about it? Well, it's a bit like they just have no connection in their brain to that, for whatever reason. It's not interesting, but it's a bit like you're very connected to it and you're very honest about it. Yes, there are lots of people who aren't honest about it, but there are differing levels of people's interest in sex. I don't think everyone is like, no.

Speaker A: One'S super dirty like me. That's so weird, that's crazy.

Speaker B: But there is within that category the people who are not prepared to connect themselves to it, who are very terrified. And I think that's a huge thing. But asexuality is like anything. I mean, if you think about it in the world, there are so many different types of people, so many different variations of feeling, being, doing. Of course there are asexual people. I mean, it makes complete sense to me. I mean, I've said this to you before that I personally have always felt very connected to my femininity. I've always felt I'm very female. I've never really questioned my sexuality, even though I'm not somebody who's lived in environment where I wasn't exposed to that with friends or family members or whatever. I was just always knew who I was. So I think to myself, if I know my sexuality quite clearly and I know my femininity, then there must be an enormous range of what people feel.

Speaker A: Well isn't this weird, right? Because we were just talking about this before we started and you were like to have more of a libido. You have more testosterone.

Speaker B: Yeah.

Speaker A: And you were like, that's weird for you to have such a big libido, Susie, because you have you're very I'm very feminine as well.

Speaker B: Yeah.

Speaker A: But then I was also thinking about it and I'm like, well I'm also bi. So does testosterone have something to do with being bisexual? And why are bisexual people all hotter than this?

Speaker B: Is regular people?

Speaker A: I love the Straits and the gays because bisexual just you're in the best. But yeah, I don't know.

Speaker B: I mean that's a fascinating question and somebody should answer that. There probably is. Well, there isn't enough research done on any of this because it's incredibly difficult.

Speaker A: To do research because they didn't take women into medicine.

Speaker B: Yeah.

Speaker A: Isn't it funny that when as me, a bisexual, feel quite a bit of power in that? Just of the sexual being a sexual being. And even if you are bisexual, obviously you may not be as sexual as your next bisexual. I'm saying sexual quite a bit. But yeah, there's obviously different levels to it, like you're saying. And isn't it funny that a lot of the time society and other women obviously also, and men can shame that person from feeling and not even just about **** shaming, not if they're sleeping with a bunch of people, but just like being more open or wearing a mini skirt. It's not crazy.

Speaker B: I mean, if you think about, like, you just said that about clothing and you think you've heard stories about women working in sort of I can think of one story I heard probably about a year ago as a woman was working in a car dealership, very glamorous. And she was wearing, like, a tight top, and you could see her, I don't know, ***** or whatever, nippley. I don't know what you could see. And they told her that you can't wear that, it's not appropriate. And she got fired.

Speaker A: Oh my God.

Speaker B: Because you couldn't actually fire somebody in Europe. So that'd be pretty hard. But I think there is a certain like dress code you think about. I mean, I work in, I suppose, the business world and have to go into sort of meetings and stuff. And there's just certain things you just wouldn't wear. I mean, you just can't wear you can't go with your what's it the nipples falling out, as you put it. But unfortunately, I mean, obviously men are suited and booted.

Speaker A: Well they have one thing to wear, they **** it up like you're an idiot. But there's too many rules for us.

Speaker B: A woman who has a little bit of cleavage showing or whatever, that's not cool. I mean, in fact, I think I told you today I was somewhere and I'm wearing a little bit of a tighter top today. And I have an ample bosom, quite big boobies. And this person who was a woman is fine and is very funny, said, oh, I didn't realize your ***** were that big. And I just thought, Isn't that funny that I'm not wearing you can see I'm not wearing low cart, it's just.

Speaker A: Bit tight, got some tats on you.

Speaker B: And it's just immediately that's the thing. And that's the thing, actually, with a woman with big *****, the amount of times, even in my advanced years, Susie, you talk to men and they are not looking at your eyes. They talk to your *****, talk to your *******. And it happens all the time.

Speaker A: My nipples down here, sir, why don't.

Speaker B: You look at them? My eyes are here and they're looking at my eyes.

Speaker A: I'm like, what is wrong with you?

Speaker B: Well, in my ****, my ***** are further south. But anyway, that's another whole story. But the shaming, I don't know. And it's so complicated because I think men and women also, we still use our sex in negative ways in the sense that as power against each other, we both do it power against men.

Speaker A: Which, honestly, power to you.

Speaker B: Yeah, but I think that's such a complicated thing. It's so complicated. But I still don't understand why we're still having the conversation we're actually having now, which is true, why we still think in some capacity that women are less sexual, less interested in sex, less somehow, I don't know, less dirty. I suppose the opposite is cleaner. Where are we getting this idea from?

Speaker A: We have cleaner minds, which is like.

Speaker B: Who are the men having true, this dirty sex with? Obviously some women, but a lot of women. So they're clearly into it. I mean, it just makes zero sense. But we still live in that. And somehow I think I think my last point, Susie, I go off on another tangent, is that I think that women still feel bound by some societal kind of norm that you have to be good, you can't say this stuff.

Speaker A: And I'll just say this last thing as well, until we go on another tangent. But I remember it starts when you're so young, because when I was in elementary school, right, we weren't allowed to wear spaghetti straps. Yes, and that's where it comes from. It's like you tell these girls that if you wear spaghetti straps at eight years old, you're going to be sexualized.

Speaker B: No. Yeah.

Speaker A: And like, how ****** up is that?

Speaker B: It's very messed up.

Speaker A: I'm not even thinking about sex right now. When I was that age, obviously. And you don't even understand why you can't do it. You're just like, Why is this inappropriate?

Speaker B: That's very weird. Isn't that fast? But actually on the same story, like, my younger daughter is still in high school, and she wears uniforms. She has a private school, like a uniform. And when they have days where they can wear their own clothes, they used to be very saying things about what they would wear and stuff, specifically her. And she would sort of say, look, why are you telling me that I have to come? And it was mostly cover your shoulders, which is just hilarious.

Speaker A: Shoulders is the most hilarious thing.

Speaker B: Why can a man come in like a sort of whatever he could come dressed in anything, a boy. And I can't. And I remember once being called by a teacher and I was just like, this is a ridiculous conversation. Look, if you would like to go and see what's in the stores, maybe you should take yourself down to the Eaton Center or Yorkdale and see what the fashion is. And it is not to be covered from the top of your head to the tip. I just can't believe a ******* and.

Speaker A: It is a teacher is bothering you.

Speaker B: About that in this day and age. And yeah, it's not fair. She's not walking around in a bikini. No, and it's strange, but it definitely like boys are doing nobody's saying anything about boys because nobody's interested or I don't know. But apparently if you're 15 and have your shoulders out, that's sexy. And you're like, well, get a grip.

Speaker A: Get a ******* grip. Yeah, I got in trouble my entire I'm sure you that shocks me so much, Susie.

Speaker B: How does that possibly be?

Speaker A: I couldn't help myself. I was like, ****. **** the rules. I don't ******* care. Like, this is ridiculous. I'm going to wear what I want, I'm going to look sexy. I'm going to do it for me. And I don't ******* care who is sexualizing me. Like, it's not my problem if you're sexualizing me. That's the bottom line. If I want to wear something, I want to wear it. I'm going to wear it. That's it, baby.

Speaker B: That's it. That's it. Do we want any facts?

Speaker A: Tell me what you can hear, Mel.

Speaker B: I don't have to be fair. This is not the easiest thing to fact find.

Speaker A: No.

Speaker B: But I would like to say that lilo.

Speaker A: I was actually using our lilo. I was using a lilo last night.

Speaker B: Oh, thank you. Thanks for showing.

Speaker A: I'll tell you my recommendations.

Speaker B: Excellent. Well, very reputable company. Very and they actually have this ginormous. Ginormous, that's hilarious.

Speaker A: Ginormous blog.

Speaker B: And I'm looking at an article that they wrote which is, do men really have a higher sex drive than women? So it's a whole article, Susie, about it.

Speaker A: That's the whole thing.

Speaker B: The whole thing.

Speaker A: Do they really?

Speaker B: And I don't think they do it's about the same. But the first sentence oh, look, I've lost my I've been talking to it. The first sentence I think is really interesting. Women are morally superior prudes who barely think about sex, and men are never satisfies sexual beasts. Right. And of course the article is disagreeing that they're stereotypes and that she does talk about the fact that obviously men and women have different approaches to sex or different feelings, but it's just different. It doesn't mean it's less of one thing or the other. It just happens to be from a sort of different perspective. But that doesn't make it less erotic or less dirty or less sexual or less whatever. And of course it entirely depends on the person. Obviously there's not enough studies that have gone into this because it's very difficult to research this. So she does talk about the never ending conflict of libido and again, I will link this in the blog. The never ending conflict of libido in opposite sexes. So I'll just quickly like researchers have found a difference between sex driving women and men for many years. Most of that research claims that the difference in the sex drives between the two sexes comes down to the varying levels of testosterone.

Speaker A: Yes, which you've said.

Speaker B: Which I said. The newest research shows that but newest research sorry, shows that we're not so different. Sex driver women and men might not be so different after all. Recent research tells us. I mean, at the end of the day, we don't know. I mean, I don't think you just can't generalize because everyone's different and that means everyone who is a man is different and everyone who is a woman who's different and everyone who's anything is different because they all have different feelings and connections within themselves and to people.

Speaker A: Exactly. You all got different DNA babies and.

Speaker B: So you feel differently. But generically to just sort of say all women are like this, irrespective of who they're having relationships with or partnerships or intimacy or whatever, and men are all like this. It's just completely mad.

Speaker A: The only people that are doing that are like very prude people who don't want to open their minds to literally anyone or anything.

Speaker B: That's true. But there are a lot of those people and I think what I would say is that I probably thought that a lot of those people were older, but they're not. That's true. The thing that shocks me that younger people are broody.

Speaker A: I did know a girl recently who it was just so surprising and shocking as you're saying. She would talk to me about some transphobic things and I was like, what the **** are you even talking about? And you could just tell with this person that I would never agree with her, but to have an argument with her is like the time she wants to have an argument, you know what I mean? And I'm like, I'm just going to walk away from this conversation. This is just someone who does not care about anyone's opinions anyways. So it's like, **** it, just live your ******* life. Because you're never going to convince everyone about who you really are or what you need to do. You just have to do that for you.

Speaker B: No, 100%. I mean, that is basically it. You just need to have your dirty mind. Yeah, exactly. Maybe if you don't, you're a man or a woman and just live your life. And this is my little piece of advice here, is just advice. It is. Ignore the naysayers. There will always be people in the world telling you you're wrong or you're whatever, or you're this or you're that. Just ignore them.

Speaker A: Just go **** who you want to ****.

Speaker B: Exactly. And that really is that player haters. And I don't think I have any more to say.

Speaker A: No. We love our *****. I know you hate that word, Mel, but we love them. We love our *****.

Speaker B: I think I need to come up with a new word. What is that?

Speaker A: What is that going to be?

Speaker B: I don't know. I have to think. Shloots. I've got to think about it again.

Speaker A: I'll think about it and come back to it.

Speaker B: But in the meantime, if anybody would like to send me any suggestions, I would like to say this has been a fantabulous job.

Speaker A: Fantabulous? Oh, that's your new word?

Speaker B: No, this is a new fantabulous. I've been saying this for quite a while. Maybe you have never heard it. I have never, but I'm saying it. Susie.

Speaker A: Well, you're just fantabulous, aren't you, darling?

Speaker B: Pretty much.

Speaker A: And our listeners aren't fantabulous. And we just love you guys so much. And thank you guys so much for listening. Let us know what you think of this episode about ***** and whores and dirty minds and the whole bit. And you can talk to us on our Instagram or our TikTok or YouTube or on our website. You can just DM us or email us, or you can send us a voicemail, which is pretty cool, and we want to hear your voice.

Speaker B: Please do and rate and review because it really helps us growing our community. And that's it. Until next time.

Speaker A: I love you guys so much.

Speaker B: See you soon.

Speaker A: Wait to hear you guys again. For you guys to hear us.

Speaker B: Keep losing it. Bye. Thanks so much for listening. Please rate and review this podcast and follow us on social at sharingmytruthpod and leave us a voicemail on our to share your stories and experiences with us. We'll see you next time.


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