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Episode 35  -  The Wave, Avalanche and Volcano Orgasms
Melany Krangle & Suzie Sheckter

Speaker A: Welcome to sharing my truth with Mel and Suzie. The uncensored version where we bear it.

Speaker B: All we do 1234.

Speaker A: Welcome back, welcome back. Welcome back. Sharing my truth pod. You're here with Susie and Mel Mel and Sue's. And this is sharing my truth pod.

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Speaker A: Thank you. For some ******* reason. Hey, babes.

Speaker B: Hello, my darling.

Speaker A: How are you?

Speaker B: I'm fine. I'm fabulous. I think I say that every time. Yeah, my standard thing it was a.

Speaker A: Bit stressful coming in this morning. I mean you've completely switched around the studio on me. It looks fabulous.

Speaker B: I have. We had a little technical ish blip. Ish blip.

Speaker A: But we figured it out because we're strong, independent.

Speaker B: We are, we are. And we did figure it out and I'm very proud of us.

Speaker A: Me too.

Speaker B: I mean, we clicked a lot of.

Speaker A: Buttons and just who knows what the **** they did.

Speaker B: Yeah. So if you're hearing this, it'll be a ****** miracle.

Speaker A: But anyway oh my goodness. Well, we're talking I mean this episode is kind of about clicking buttons, pushing buttons.

Speaker B: It definitely is.

Speaker A: Pushing the right clicking, flicking a good one.

Speaker B: The ultimate female button.

Speaker A: The only button, if you will.

Speaker B: The only important one.

Speaker A: The only important one, that's for ******* sure. And I was going to say badota. But the little ******** which also could be a button in some ways.

Speaker B: Yes, that's true. But it needs the other button. But that's I mean we'll get into.

Speaker A: That because we are talking about what.

Speaker B: Are we talking about?

Speaker A: The female orgasm.

Speaker B: But we are. But we already did an episode right. On the female orgasm. But we had so many questions that we're diving deeper deeper into the *****. Pretty much. I mean, to be fair, that's exactly what we're doing. And we are diving into yes. You want to hear the truth about the wave, avalanche and volcano orgasm?

Speaker A: These names were created by a man. I'm feeling probably I just don't know if any woman scientists would call like I don't know, an orgasm, a volcano. You know what I mean?

Speaker B: It's a little bit negative.

Speaker A: It just seems like a little bit like like I don't know if it's that crazy but it sounds like it.

Speaker B: Yes. I mean, it was research. So research conducted from Charles University in Prague. Prague is doing these prague, as in the Czech Republic? I don't know.

Speaker A: Prague is doing these studies. I'm obsessed with that.

Speaker B: So we don't know. It could have been men and women but that's what they decided to call it. And we are actually looking at an article here from the Independent, which is a British newspaper and they are talking about the fact that the female orgasm which as we know is a very complex thing. And this person who wrote this article called it a complex beast. Actually, it was a woman who said that. I'm not sure I'd call it a complex beast. But they the orgasm, the female orgasm. Yes.

Speaker A: I mean, we don't even figure out our own orgasms. There's very rare cases of when a woman just orgasms the first time she has sex.

Speaker B: Well, particularly the first time she has penetrative sex. So much misunderstanding about this, which, as we've discussed before, just I am flabbergasted by that people don't understand. And to be fair, as a 50 year old woman, it's taken me a very long time to really get to grips with it.

Speaker A: Oh, yeah.

Speaker B: So I think that most women go through a whole kind of journey and they think it's one thing and they sort of get to another bit in their life. So I do think it's something that evolves. Whereas for men, the engineering, the dynamics behind what actually happens, I think is pretty clear cut.

Speaker A: Well, yeah, I mean, when you're looking at a man's genitalia, ding dong, ding dong, a bing bong, ding dong, you can really see it all, you know where to push his button.

Speaker B: Absolutely. It's all pretty clear cut. And that is men, isn't it? They're much more straight up. This is what's happening. There's no kind of another meaning behind what they're doing. And I think that's pretty like says it all, doesn't it? Whereas women, there's always another meaning under everything that we do and say. I think that's fair.

Speaker A: And it's not just about the ********, it's not just about the *****, it's not just about the little ******* or the little nipple that you need to press these buttons. It's got to do it all simultaneously. It's like you're at a jazz concert. Are you just going to go listen to the saxophone? No, you're going to go listen to the whole band.

Speaker B: That's very good, Susie. I like that. It's the whole band. And that's the other thing, is that we all like different kinds of music and different combinations. So women all have different combinations of those instruments, and some are necessary in all places, pieces that are played and some are not. And that's kind of the thing, isn't it?

Speaker A: What a metaphor.

Speaker B: Yeah. And it's different for everyone. And I think this is just a piece of research. And we do seem to get continuously asked about the female orgasm.

Speaker A: Absolutely.

Speaker B: Which we're still trying to figure it out, just everyone. So I don't think anyone's particularly figured it out other than well, yeah. What have we figured out?

Speaker A: Well, we're going to find out with the wave, the avalanche and the volcano.

Speaker B: So this study was conducted by James Faust, I hope I'm saying that right, who is a professor of neuroscience at Charles University in Prague. I'm assuming that's Prague as in the city, in the country, I don't know. And he found that the pelvic floor muscles that cause an orgasm tend to move in three different waves ways an avalanche, a volcano or a wave. An avalanche orgasm is when your pelvic floor has higher tension, the study found, which then lowers during an orgasm. A volcano orgasm sees the pelvic floor stay at a steady lower tension before exploding at the end.

Speaker A: Wow.

Speaker B: And a wave orgasm is more waves of tension and release through the pelvic floor muscles.

Speaker A: Right.

Speaker B: So essentially it is just describing that women do and again we don't know, we only know ourselves. You do. I think this may be a generalization feel different things at different times. It's not always exactly the same. No and I don't know do men always feel the same sort of thing?

Speaker A: The men listening will have to tell us because we have no real idea of what they feel, honestly. And I feel like because edging is a very great tool in sex and in masturbation whatever you're trying to do, however you're trying to come you want to kind of build up right, right. Which is kind of what a volcano does. Right. There's a lot of build up there's a lot of bubbling and everything's kind of building up to this one explosion if you will. So that does kind of make sense in that I think when you're not edging it is more like waves. Like, if I'm just ******* masturbating and it just happens and I'm just like, oh, **** it, let's just get it over with. It takes, like, five minutes. If I'm just doing it myself, then, yeah, it kind of just goes in, like, waves and then you can kind of go again. Because you don't have to. Like you haven't been doing it for, like, 20 minutes.

Speaker B: Right. Yes. Well I think for women it also just depends on your mood oh yeah. How you are. Whereas men I don't know is it about their mood? I mean I think we're so like sometimes you're like yeah, I just want to kind of get it over and done with sometimes we can prolong this. Yes. I think it really depends which does lead on to another piece of information and as I said we are asked about this a lot and I think people are starting to talk about the orgasm, the female orgasm because we know so much about the male orgasm but we've talked about it a lot is the point.

Speaker A: God, we talk about a lot and we see it know.

Speaker B: Well yeah. And obviously in **** it has been very the you skip to the ending.

Speaker A: Because you want to see a guy they have come on some tips.

Speaker B: Too much information. Exactly. Thank you very much Susie, that's delightful thought that I have in my head there. So this is an article from that says there are and this article is from 2023 it says there are ten types of female orgasm. Okay so maybe the original one is that there are essentially three the research I was talking about, there are sort of essentially three groupings. So I think what he was talking about, the professor, is that there are three different ways maybe you feel it. And I think that might be sort of true. Like you said, it could be a wave or it could be like then a crescendo or whatever.

Speaker A: Crescendo.

Speaker B: Crescendo. Do you like?

Speaker A: You know what I want to be? I want to be one of these women in these studies that you're just.

Speaker B: You'Ve missed your calling 100%. Well, if you'd like to contact Mr I will. You can say, I'm going to go to Prague. Happy. Well, nice holiday in Prague.

Speaker A: Lovely. And watch me come and study it, because it is excellent.

Speaker B: Well, sounds fabulous. I'll stay here, but that sounds all right. So then if you think there are three kind of groupings to, I guess, the way you can feel yeah, this article is more about there are ten different ways you can feel an orgasm. I'm not sure I entirely agree.

Speaker A: The ten different ways that you can get there. Yeah, exactly.

Speaker B: And I'm not sure I entirely agree with there are different ways you can get there, but ultimately, often the different ways you can get there always require a mix of all of the different things. They're not always just the thing, as it were. And you will understand what the hell I'm talking about when I read this out. So the first is obviously the clitoral orgasm.

Speaker A: Oh, God, we love a ****.

Speaker B: Which obviously a lot of women, even women as young women, do not know or understand enough about the ********. They don't actually understand. They just think the ***** goes in. Or if they're having penetrative sex with the *****, if the ***** goes in, that's it way woe hum la la is going to happen. You don't actually think because you don't know and nobody talks about it, nobody tells you until you really find out, is that you need more stimulation and different women need different amounts. And as we've discussed before, some I think the percentages are very low of women that can actually orgasm from just penetrative sex.

Speaker A: Oh, yeah. Very low, because you rarely and obviously you're going to speak about it, I'm assuming is like the G sport orgasm, where it's like the **** is not hitting anything that it needs to when you're just having penetration.

Speaker B: Right. And it's a bit of a lottery.

Speaker A: It is.

Speaker B: Sometimes it might and sometimes it might not. Yes. And you're never quite sure. And so that's why often we need stimulation, I think. Extra clitoral stimulation. And anyway, so clitoral, obviously, we know all about that. We know Freud's thoughts about that, which I personally disagree with. But anyway, so we know about the ********, then the G spot. So stimulating the G spot is another way to achieve an orgasm through penetrative sex? Yes.

Speaker A: But I also obviously and I just noted you're rarely getting there with just a ****. Like, G spots are for your fingers to get in there, like the come here movement.

Speaker B: And many women have not felt because it is a particular part of the located in the front wall of your ******, about halfway between the vaginal opening and the cervix. It's very specific, and some researchers argue it's a sex organ, while others say it's just part of the ******** network of nerve endings.

Speaker A: So people actually don't even ******* know.

Speaker B: No. And we'll go a whole lifetime not knowing. I mean, honestly. And how do you find the G spot? I'll just read this because obviously that.

Speaker A: Yeah, because I don't think I've ever found it.

Speaker B: No. Well, yeah. Insert a finger into your ****** and press forward, making a come hither motion. That's what it just said you should detect. You did a slightly bumpy or ridged area. Yes, said Dr. Ross. And who's Dr. Ross?

Speaker A: Dr. Ross is I don't know, but.

Speaker B: He'S a doctor in this article.

Speaker A: Or she dr. Ross. That's a last name.

Speaker B: Yeah, it could be. Anyway, so touching this spot with fingers, a ***** or a sex toy can lead to the G spot orgasm. While you're sexually aroused, the G spot will fill with blood and swell up, said Dr. Ross. Some yeah.

Speaker A: So it's like erecting, kind of yes. Just like your ******** does.

Speaker B: Yes. Then there's the vaginal. She says, we've had a whole conversation. We did. Vaginal. Vaginal.

Speaker A: That vaginal.

Speaker B: Vaginal. Now you're confusing me. I don't know what I say.

Speaker A: Now it's vaginal.

Speaker B: Will you say the ******?

Speaker A: But also, I don't even believe in this orgasm. So is it even a ******* thing.

Speaker B: An orgasm from pentative?

Speaker A: Sex doesn't happen.

Speaker B: It does, but just not always. And the other thing is, it doesn't happen for everyone. And I think that young men don't understand this. And to be fair, why would they understand? Because we don't talk about it. So they start having relationships with young women and they think there's something wrong with them. Because also, the narrative is that their wonder **** should do it all. And it's nothing about them. It's just that different women need different combinations of things. It's got nothing to do with that man or his skill level, which is generally what they're concerned about and can make them feel very insecure, which we talked about in a previous episode, insecurities. And I think it can. And it's really unfair because it's nothing to do with that man. It's just that man or that male needs to understand how the woman he's having sex with, whether it's a one off or a relationship, how she ticks, how she works. And that's what it's all about. Yeah.

Speaker A: How to push her button.

Speaker B: Exactly. Understanding how she works, what gets her to where she needs to get to. Not that it's all about you and to be very fair to men. Society makes us think that it is. It's not fair, right? No. And every woman is very different.

Speaker A: It is a fact that 70% to 90% of women are unable to achieve orgasm with penetrative alone.

Speaker B: Yeah.

Speaker A: With penetration alone. We just can't do it. We need more stimulation. And we're not very like we are visual people, we much more are feel people.

Speaker B: We need to really feel it out.

Speaker A: We need the whole experience 100%.

Speaker B: And it can also, just for whatever reason, depend on different points in your life. It can change, not necessarily because of the partner, and it can be something happening to your body. It can be so many things. And to the men out there, do not get wound up and in your head about that. I mean, the head on top of your body, not the other head, is that if the woman is telling you this is what she needs, then listen to her. Don't be insecure that you're doing something wrong. That's not the case. Anyway. So where was I? Vaginal. All wound up in the whole vaginal, vaginal, vaginal, whatever. Anyway, so we know all about that now, **** orgasms, which some women like very much and some women are not into at all. But this would be my one thing, is that a lot of women who have experience, whatever, do it on a regular basis. **** sex, they also need clitoral stimulation. It's not necessary. It's just a different feeling. So that's what I mean by all of the things need to be involved sometimes, or sometimes they don't. And often it depends on the woman. It can also just depend on literally the day, the circumstance.

Speaker A: So true.

Speaker B: And I think men are different in that way and it is very hard for them to understand. Like, hang on, you like this last time, or you like looking at this last time, or you like, what's happened? That was Monday. It's Wednesday. Yeah. And we often I'm saying to the men out there have no explanation for this. No, there's no have to explain.

Speaker A: They don't have to explain.

Speaker B: Well, I think the problem is that it's so changing, it's so subtle that it's very difficult, if you're not a woman, to understand. How can it be different?

Speaker A: Yeah.

Speaker B: We were like, in the same bed or the same room or I'm the same person on Monday and it's Friday. What happened? And I'm telling you, we don't know. How the **** are we?

Speaker A: It's hormones.

Speaker B: If we don't know our hormones are.

Speaker A: Changing every ******* day.

Speaker B: If we don't know, you're deaf.

Speaker A: Now, whenever I do have **** sex, which isn't very often because you get self conscious about your little butt and it can be a lot, you have to literally plan for it all day that you're going to do this. I'm just going to say that.

Speaker B: But what? You're eating everything.

Speaker A: Exactly. Make sure you have a shower. It's all the whole thing. But I do come make sure you yeah, exactly. Very good. I do come so fast from **** sex.

Speaker B: Well, yeah, because it's very sensitive.

Speaker A: It's so quick and I don't come fast from, obviously vaginal penetrative sex, you know what I mean? But because I'm pretty sure there's something called the A spot and that it's like a part of your whole vaginal zone, but getting in there, getting in your butt with **** or with something can hit that a spot and then it's like a G spot, but just more towards your ********.

Speaker B: Well, apparently your **** is connected to your pelvic floor muscles which also support your ******.

Speaker A: That makes sense.

Speaker B: It's all very complicated.

Speaker A: And this is also why you should have to do your kegels. Yes, it's very important.

Speaker B: They are very important. And I think also, again, women generally I mean, I know you do them, but generally women start thinking about them. They're told when they have a child to start doing them and making sure it's stronger. Particularly if you've had natural birth. I can't really remember for myself ever actually being told or thought about it or read about it or anything. I think younger women are maybe more now.

Speaker A: Yeah, I think a lot of younger women are thinking about it. But I also think sometimes it's because we're told that we have to stay tight, which I ******* hate. But it's for your own orgasm. Literally. It's going to make your orgasm stronger if you're doing your kegels. And you know what, Mel? I think we should do 5 seconds of kegels right now. Are you ready?

Speaker B: Yeah, I think I do them all the time.

Speaker A: Not even thinking, okay, wait, I'm going to do mine right now. Everyone do your kegels with us right now.

Speaker B: Could be doing it and they don't actually know that they're doing no, you can't really realize what it is if you get my dress. Yes. Unless you think about it, there's a.

Speaker A: Special way you have to do them. You have to breathe out when you're sucking in your ****** and then you breathe in.

Speaker B: She's a natural. I'm an expert natural.

Speaker A: She's a natural.

Speaker B: It's no issue for me whatsoever, is really knowing far too much about my kegels. But anyway, the next one, which I find a little questionable not questionable because okay, I'm just going to say it, please. Nipple orgasm.

Speaker A: Yes.

Speaker B: Women's nipples are very sensitive and some women it can be cringe makingly sensitive and some women not, and some women but to actually have an orgasm and that's one of the things I have heard. Sorry, I'm not making any sense. I'm going round in all the directions now. But when women breastfeed, they can get this feeling that's a little bit close to it. And it's obviously probably very disconcerting because they're like, this is weird, but there's a sort of intense feeling. I didn't have that personally because my children nibbled my nipples off, and it was very painful. Breastfeeding can be incredibly painful, but to have an actual orgasm from somebody touching your nipple, I can understand you thinking getting into the mood, but to go the full no.

Speaker A: I've never been a person who will come from my nipples. That's wild to me. But I did have a friend a while ago. She was amazing, but she told me she's like, no, my nipples are so sensitive that if you literally she could come from just her nipples being stimulated. So it's a real ******* thing. If you have a woman who is like this, it's like another ****.

Speaker B: Is that why women pierce their nipples? Which I still don't understand.

Speaker A: I don't understand that either. I mean, the lick is just kind of cute, but like, how paint.

Speaker B: I mean, it must be painful. I was talking to somebody about this in the summer teenager that I know, and I was just like, I don't get it. Isn't that very uncomfortable on your clothes? Yeah, and how painful is that? But it must be connected. I mean, why would you do that?

Speaker A: But Mel, it's just like a clip piercing.

Speaker B: Yeah, why would you do that? Please don't tell me.

Speaker A: Here's the thing. No, I would have shown you already. Don't you?

Speaker B: Yeah, you probably would have. Let's be fair. Okay.

Speaker A: No, but in high school, I actually had a friend, she's a lesbian, and she's hilarious, and I still follow her on Instagram, but she had her clip pierced in high school, and she said walking up the stairs was like an orgasmic experience after she got it done.

Speaker B: Wow.

Speaker A: So it's like, obviously it hurts getting done. I have no ******* idea. But obviously when it heals and you take proper care of it, then maybe yeah. It just enhances your orgasm.

Speaker B: Something I would like to know is see, I'm quite fascinated by this. If you have it pierced yes. Then do you have to abstain? Because surely you can't really sort of.

Speaker A: Touch, I would assume, for like, three weeks. You have to let it heal properly. That's my assumption.

Speaker B: A big problem for a lot of people. Yeah.

Speaker A: I mean, women, I feel like, have self control. Men, on the other hand, who get their dicks pierced, what do they do.

Speaker B: And why do they do that? Have you not seen it? Yeah, well, in pictures. I haven't seen it in real life. I don't want to see it.

Speaker A: No, I don't know. Yeah, I haven't seen it in real life either. But yeah, you get the tip of.

Speaker B: It pierced, I assume you have to have a full skin.

Speaker A: That would make the most sense because.

Speaker B: Again, can somebody tell me?

Speaker A: No, because then the foreskin has to pull back. So how would you get your foreskin pierced?

Speaker B: But how do you get your ***** without a pulse?

Speaker A: No, with a *****, you pierce. Okay.

Speaker B: Anybody who can let us know, what do you pierce?

Speaker A: You pierce the *****. You can't really you must you can pierce anything nowadays.

Speaker B: But I'm feeling pain.

Speaker A: Just I'm just assuming it feels better because no one would do it. People are ****** up. Just kidding. But you would most likely do it so that it just feels better.

Speaker B: Well, I assume it's sexual, and I assume, like, if you had a man who had see, we really have gone off track. If a man has his ***** pierced yes. And a woman and it is actually they pierced the actual ********, to me, that's just or is it like the lip bit?

Speaker A: I don't know.

Speaker B: What are they piercing?

Speaker A: I mean, if someone says you're having your clip pierced, I'm assuming you're ******* **** pierced.

Speaker B: Yeah. Okay, so I want to know this. What are you piercing? And then if you have sex, a man with his ***** pierced and a woman with whatever bits she's had pierced, and then it jangles together, what happens then? Can you get stuck? Okay, wait.

Speaker A: Can I just look, I want to.

Speaker B: Know all this stuff. Okay.

Speaker A: Can you pierce the ********?

Speaker B: Yes.

Speaker A: Hold on. Okay, ready? So there's actually quite a few types of vaginal piercings that you can get. Okay. So the first one is the glands, and we're going off topic, but it's because we need to know this.

Speaker B: Okay?

Speaker A: A clitoral glands piercing is the only version that pierces the actual ********. Other pictures there are pictures. And I will send this to you, and we're going to put it on our ******* blog because it's so interesting.

Speaker B: It is.

Speaker A: Okay, so there you go.

Speaker B: Oh, my gosh. She's handing me this is deeply fascinating.

Speaker A: We're going to absolutely put this on our social media so you guys can.

Speaker B: And one is called the Princess Diana. I love it.

Speaker A: Oh, hello, darling. That's what you should get.

Speaker B: Clearly.

Speaker A: You obviously put a little sapphire in.

Speaker B: There as a ring, not to mention that, oh, my God. You got to go and get somebody to do you have a very trusty I mean, I suppose you have a very special relationship with the lady who does your bits anyway, but okay, well, here's the thing.

Speaker A: So now that I'm looking at these pictures of the ******** being pierced, it makes a little sense that because usually the ******** is covered by what's called a hood.

Speaker B: Yeah, the hood. I know this.

Speaker A: Yes, I know you know this. So the glands piercing pierces through the ******** so that you don't actually have the hood anymore. So you're actually stimulating it more.

Speaker B: Oh, I see.

Speaker A: Do you have to worry about the hood anymore?

Speaker B: The hood doesn't need to be there. Look, I mean, my last word on this is I just feel this is going to be the potential of infection and problems, and I've seen, like, belly buttons and all other sort of things being pierced, because when you have teenage girls, you see all these things and the potential of all that going wrong. It's just like and that's just your belly button or your ear or your nose or whatever.

Speaker A: Can you imagine your clip getting affected?

Speaker B: No, I just don't even want to, like, no, thank you.

Speaker A: No, thank you from us. But if you do have a clip or a **** piercing not that we want to see these pictures.

Speaker B: No, we don't want to. Please don't get us, please don't send them.

Speaker A: We do just want your opinions on why you got it, how you got it.

Speaker B: Yeah. We're really interested and how does it feel? And a segue to that. We do get some interesting messages sent to us and we don't really always need the graphic pictures sent, so thank you for anybody who sent those. But really that's not necessary anyway. And then the last one no, there are two. The blended orgasm. Yeah. So that is when there is a climax that happens when more than one erogenous zone is being stimulated at the same time. Yeah, fair enough.

Speaker A: I feel like that's every orgasm I.

Speaker B: Have to have well, exactly. **** and clitoral, vaginal and critter, whatever. It could be the whole nipple and.

Speaker A: Then I need, like, a little one.

Speaker B: Clitoral that's like it's a whole thing. Or some nipple and glitteral. I'd like a nipple and glitter, please.

Speaker A: I'd like with a shot of oat milk and a vodka, apparently.

Speaker B: Yeah, exactly. Vodka would be great at this point. Multiple orgasms. Unlike people with penises, people with a ****** can experience multiple orgasms because they don't require as much downtime between an orgasm and arousal. Yeah. Some women can and some women can't. Some women really I think the one thing, and that's it. And some women have a whole combination of lots of things.

Speaker A: I feel like most women can have a multiple orgasm. You just have to have different multiple orgasms. Like, some women need more downtime, but it still can rise up to be a multiple orgasm.

Speaker B: Yeah, I think it can just depend on the time in your life and all sorts of things. And I really don't know enough about the science. And this will be for an interview with one of a lovely doctor who would know about this. Is that how related is this to hormone changes? And it must be when you have your period, when you have children, you're going through the menopause perimeter, whatever. What is it? I don't know. I would think it is from personal experience and changes in my life that it must be related to. Yeah.

Speaker A: I don't know, because it's like when I try to have a multiple orgasm, I'm very aroused, and then when I come, I'm like, I need a break, and then you know what I mean? Some women can just go right back into it and it's so sensitive after. Right. I need at least five minutes to calm down.

Speaker B: Right. And. Then you can go back into it, because I just yeah, that's pretty normal. What did we say? Multiple. So the last is this the last one? Oh, my God. It isn't the last one. Squirting orgasms. And I do feel that in the last, I want to say, like five years or so, people have been talking about squirting. It was a bit like there was a period where all of a sudden everyone started talking about Pegging. Nobody had ever heard of Pegging before. I mean, they had, but they hadn't. It was sort of brought into the central narrative. And you'd see articles I remember the first time I saw an article in a mainstream newspaper in the UK. It was probably about maybe it was more than five years, probably seven or eight years ago. It was about Pegging. And then lots of people are like, what the hell was Pegging? And then people then sort of started to find out. And then I think there must have been a massive spike in strap ons for heterosexual couples. And I think squirting is a little bit like the same thing. It's something nobody's ever talked about, really. And then I'd say in the last maybe five years or less, suddenly people are talking about it. I don't think it was something and I think it's a lot to do with it's not something that was really that represented in ****. Maybe that's because men I mean, it is obviously about women. Men aren't really that interested in it's messy.

Speaker A: Well, they are now.

Speaker B: Well, they are now because it's another thing that gets women off, so they want to get involved.

Speaker A: Yeah, but I think men just like messy things.

Speaker B: Oh, yeah.

Speaker A: I think they like the idea of woman squirting because it's like a lot of fluids, and I think they like that.

Speaker B: Oh, yeah. Men are messy. They're much more comfortable with a higher level of sort of mess.

Speaker A: Yeah.

Speaker B: And women are a lot more precious about it. I don't say all women, but of course not. It's harder, I think, because once I've never had yeah.

Speaker A: I've never been able to, like, ********* squirt. But, you know, it is kind of exciting if you can do that and to know that you can do that and get yourself there, that is very exciting. If I could do that, I would.

Speaker B: And it's a very different feeling. So it's a release, a gush of clear fluid. And I know there's a lot of debate as to what that fluid is. Squirting is also it's called also the female ***********. Yeah.

Speaker A: It's come from the skins gland.

Speaker B: Right.

Speaker A: Or however the hell you say it.

Speaker B: Something like that.

Speaker A: Some kind of a glands. But I don't know if all women can no, I don't stimulate this to happen. I think it's a special type of woman.

Speaker B: Yeah. But it also takes some work on the man's part. You kind of got to know no.

Speaker A: But women can do this themselves.

Speaker B: Yeah, no, I know they can. But I do feel it's something relatively recent that we've been talking about. Obviously, it's not just come about people have been doing we've just been seeing it more.

Speaker A: And ****.

Speaker B: Exactly. And I think that women are talking about it for themselves.

Speaker A: Yeah.

Speaker B: And so I've certainly seen articles in lots of mainstream stuff about it. Anyway, so squirting and squirting gushing and whatever you want gushing anyway.

Speaker A: I mean, I think most women can gush. I don't think most women can squirt.

Speaker B: Well, yeah. Depends what your definition of gush is. Lizzy but anyway, this one I don't know what to say. An exercise orgasm, a corgasm. I mean, what? Reaching climax during an intense workout may sound unlikely. I mean, excuse me, that sounds like utter bollocks. Yeah, but workout induced orgasms or corgasms are real. Again, somebody please let me know. I really think this is not possible. Most of us absolutely detest exercise. We only do it because we have to.

Speaker A: I mean, I know many women who love orgasms. Obviously we all love orgasms, but who love exercise. And for the women, if I could come while I was doing a core exercise because obviously your core is attached to your ****** and your pelvic things and your genitals, and it's all kind of there in the same area. So if you're squeezing and you're releasing squeezing and releasing, like an orgasm, like you're having sex or you're masturbating, then it's very possible Mel is not having.

Speaker B: It says also an intense I mean, I like the feeling when you've had exercise, like you've done your exercise and it makes you feel good. I wouldn't say it's like, oh, yeah, let's do that instead of going out for dinner. I mean, it's like or going for oh, yeah, forget that glass of champagne, I'm going to get on the peloton. I mean, no.

Speaker A: Well, no, it just is from mostly just core based exercises.

Speaker B: Okay. I'm not really on I don't know.

Speaker A: I think if you attached a ***** to a peloton and you were riding.

Speaker B: It, that probably would work. Cindy yes. And I'm sure you would. And I'm sure there are people who've done that. That's how I would exercise, and they've customized their peloton. Personally, I haven't, but whatever you float, you do you quite literally anyway. So then there is oh, this is the last one. A sleep orgasm, which yeah, I think 100% lots of women have experienced that. Yeah.

Speaker A: I always feel like when I have an orgasm while I'm sleeping, I wake up and I'm upset because I'm like, did I actually come or was it just a fake come? You know what I mean?

Speaker B: I think that's a very Susie esque sentiment.

Speaker A: You kind of just wake up and you're a little disappointed that the man of your dreams wasn't actually on top of you.

Speaker B: Okay. I mean, fair enough. Yeah. Similar to wet dreams people with penises may experience. It is possible for folks with a ****** to orgasm during their sleep. Sleep, orgasms or nocturnal orgasms likely start with an erotic dream. Yeah, of course. Oh, this is interesting. A 2012 study found people who slept on their stomachs were more likely to have erotic dreams and sexual sensations.

Speaker A: Well, that's it. I'm ******* sleeping on my stomach.

Speaker B: From now on, she'll be on her stomach. This may be because sleeping on your stomach can be more restricting, constricting, and physically stimulating. Think bedsheets, pajamas.

Speaker A: I guess if that's like rubbing against your **** the whole night, that makes sense.

Speaker B: Yeah. So, I mean, that's it. That is the sum total of the orgasm thing. I mean, I think that pretty much does cover a lot of things.

Speaker A: I think if you can have an orgasm for whatever you're doing or trying to find a new orgasm 100% just go for it.

Speaker B: And the body is very much like a journey.

Speaker A: Oh, it is.

Speaker B: That you will find things even when you get later in life and things change and you find new things and so on. And so the moral of the story, Susie, is that there are many different ways, you know, get to the get to the ding dong mount summit of Mount Orgasm.

Speaker A: Oh, beautiful.

Speaker B: And it's different for everyone and especially to men, to not to worry that every woman is different. They're built differently. And not only are they built differently, they experience it differently at different times for no apparent reason. And we don't even have the explanation. No, I don't have an explanation, so don't get too upset about it.

Speaker A: And for women yeah, don't get upset about it either.

Speaker B: It's not just the men.

Speaker A: It's like women get discouraged. And I know women who have never had an orgasm before. And there are ways to fix that. Whether it's a toy, whether it's the right stimulation for yourself, whether it's you have to just take more time, whether it's you have to meditate. There are these steps to take that you can take to help yourself orgasm if you've never experienced that yet.

Speaker B: 100%. And those women, you know, they generally like sort of in their 20s.

Speaker A: Yeah, I mean, I haven't spoken to anyone in their past their 30s that.

Speaker B: Have an ordinary but there exist considering I'd say women in their 20s these days probably statistically have had quite a lot of partners. It's kind of amazing. But I know, of course, even with.

Speaker A: An open relate, like not an open relationship, but like a relationship that both of the couple is open and they want to try and they're trying to make her come. Sometimes when you just don't think about it, it happens. You know what I mean?

Speaker B: I think it is like you're putting.

Speaker A: So much pressure on it.

Speaker B: Exactly. It is a real cliche to kind of relax about it, but it really is. And for the man, and if it is a heterosexual couple, for the man and the woman to both be patient and actually both kind of enjoy the process and think, okay, well, that doesn't work, so we'll try this rather than get very upset about it and try.

Speaker A: To I mean, **** helps. I don't know, a lot of women I feel like are scared of **** in a bit of a way.

Speaker B: 100%.

Speaker A: I'm not saying every single video out there is excellent and you're going to watch it and you're going to get turned on, but there are a lot of ways we've spoken about this. Audio ****, obviously, visual ****, erotica books. Absolutely. There's just a lot of ways to get turned on.

Speaker B: 100%. I think that if something isn't working, you can get incredibly tense and uptight about it and then it's a self fulfilling it just keeps snowballing into more tension.

Speaker A: Yeah.

Speaker B: So try to find ways to kind of move away from that. So, yeah, visual whatever, audio whatever. But I think we've covered it, haven't we?

Speaker A: I think so, too.

Speaker B: I think there's some explanation there could.

Speaker A: Be helpful if, you know, you haven't had an **** orgasm yet. Try it.

Speaker B: Yeah, but just prepare. This is not something you should just go, oh, yes, I've just had steak fruit.

Speaker A: Oh, my God, give that a go.

Speaker B: This is not for the faint of heart either.

Speaker A: Not just faint of ********.

Speaker B: Faint of ********. Just do some homework, do some preparing, and don't expect the summit from the first.

Speaker A: Don't expect it, but be delightedly. Surprised. Surprised and delighted.

Speaker B: There you go. She said it all. Well, I mean, that's all I've got. Really good.

Speaker A: I loved it. I love that subject. I honestly learned something.

Speaker B: Did you?

Speaker A: I'm ready to have a volcano.

Speaker B: Yeah, that would be good, wouldn't it? If every weekend started with a volcano.

Speaker A: I would be a much happier woman.

Speaker B: I think a lot of women would be. So anyway, that's your homework. Ladies.

Speaker A: Ladies. Exactly.

Speaker B: So that's it from us today. We do, and thanks very much for listening. Enjoy videos, enjoy them all. And we will be back next time.

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