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Episode 46  -  The Questions Men Have For Women Part 2
Melany Krangle & Suzie Sheckter

Suzie: Welcome to Sharing my truth with Mel and Suzie, the uncensored version where we bear it all.

Mel: We do 1234.

Suzie: And welcome back to Share my truth pod. You're here with Mel and Susie. It's the Mel and Suz show, and we're coming to you live on this sharing my Truth podcast. No, we're not live, but we could be.

Mel: We could be.

Suzie: We're from wherever you're listening to. This is pretty live. This is as live as it gets nowadays.

Mel: It is. That's true.

Suzie: And here's a cute little reminder to just give this podcast a sweet little five star review. Say something nice about it, because you know what?

Mel: We appreciate you guys so much, and.

Suzie: We thank you for being here with us today.

Mel: Hey, babes. Hello, darling.

Suzie: How are you?

Mel: I'm fine. Just fine. Yeah. I mean, what would you like me to say? Fabulous.

Suzie: Fantabulous, actually, what you usually say.

Mel: Marvelous. Yeah.

Suzie: Like the absolute best of the best.

Mel: The absolute best of the best. Yeah. And we'll go with that, then. I'm all right.

Suzie: I know it's been a bit. The changing seasons are a little bit tough for everyone. It's getting colder, which I ******* hate, so that's that.

Mel: I'm not a fan. I don't mind the fall. No, not a fan of the winter.

Suzie: I love the smell of the leaves.

Mel: Do you? Ooh, the smell of.

Suzie: Oh, my God, the smell of the leaves. When you're like, walking through the nice paths.

Mel: Wow. It's very romantic. And the leaves are falling and it kind of smells a bit damp. I'm from England. I don't want ****** damp. It smells like damp. Like little cherries that are just pruning.

Suzie: Just slightly, you know.

Mel: No, at all.

Suzie: Because then it also smells like bird ****.

Mel: And then you're like, he's lost it.

Suzie: I have. You know who else has lost it? These boys.

Mel: Yes.

Suzie: Maybe they haven't lost it. Maybe they're trying to find it.

Mel: I think that's a good way of putting it. They're asking us questions. Yeah. Our audience.

Suzie: Our audience.

Mel: Men in our audience.

Suzie: And this is part two.

Mel: This is part two because we did a part one. So go back if you haven't and listen to part one because there's some.

Suzie: Very interesting questions on there. And if yoU're a guy or a girl, these guys are asking us what we think as women. Obviously, we do not represent all women. These are our opinions, though.

Mel: No, but one, we're a good spectrum. 28 50. And rather than going to Reddit, listen to us. That would be my.

Suzie: That's really funny. That would be my, I mean, if you're trying to get information on Reddit, just beware. We've spent a little time on there because we're trying to figure out know, would you guys want us to start a page on how to share things on Reddit and sharing stuff on Reddit and having you guys be part of our community on there. But Reddit is just cesspool.

Mel: It's quite unbelievable. What is on Reddit.

Suzie: The stories on Reddit. I spend so much time just like, you just get stuck in these things you do, and then you're reading everyone's comments and you're like, oh, that is horrible Advice.

Mel: Well, yeah, that's exactly it. Yeah. Often People Post stuff which I find hilarious in these groups. Right? And then the moderator comes up and says, no, you can't post that. You've got this problem. You've gone to all this trouble to type it out. And then, no, you can't type that. I mean, there's some like, they're like, the group's called sex or the group's called Ask Men or whatever, so it's generally sexual. And then the moderator will say, no, you can't ask that. And you're like, really? I think we know why we're all here. Yes, very often.

Suzie: Exactly.

Mel: Anyway, it's weird. It is weird.

Suzie: But that's why we asked our audience and obviously the males who listen to us and what questions generally did they have for women? And we're going to read those questions and we're going to answer them truthfully, honestly.

Mel: Yeah.

Suzie: And we're going to share them with you guys.

Mel: Our viewpoint. Exactly.

Suzie: And if you guys have a different viewpoint or you agree with us, you disagree, please let us know. You can go to our Instagram Sharemytruth at SharingMytruthPod, or you can go to our, and here we go. What's the first, Mel?

Mel: So the first question is, and this is an age old one, what is the proper answer to, does this dress make me look fat? It's toughie.

Suzie: Yeah. So what is the proper answer?

Mel: Don't say yes. That's a terrible answer. That would be my first piece of advice. Don't say yes. If you genuinely think perhaps you're going to an event or something, and I understand your girlfriend's asked you, your wife's asked you whatever, and you want to be helpful because you know how important it is to them to look good. And let's say maybe there's another dress that you think she looks better in. I think there are ways of saying it. You could say, that looks nice, but I really like this dress or something like that. Don't criticize her and the way she looks, because at the end of the day, you could be a very sort of good looking person. And just certain things don't fit your body. And sometimes women, I mean, we're all guilty of this. You buy things because it's fashionable, but it actually doesn't suit you. It doesn't suit your body type, whatever that body type is. But if you really think it isn't doing her any justice, like, in a really negative way, you could say, yeah, I like it. But, you know, that other dress, do you look so hot in that? Or something like that? Just deflect it. Do not, under any circumstances, I repeat, any circumstances, say your female partner looks fat in something or your life is just not worth living after you say that.

Suzie: Oh, my God.

Mel: Yeah. Unless maybe it's a kink you guys.

Suzie: Have and I'm not aware of it.

Mel: But that could be a kink.

Suzie: I think anything could be a kink, but, yeah, I would not say that it is a good thing to be like, yeah, you know what? Your *** does look fat in that. That's not a great ******* thing to say because usually it's a rhetorical question. Yes, we want you to answer it, but we want you to answer it as in, like, we want you to be like, no, of course not. Oh, my God, you're so skinny. Oh, my God. You're like the hottest babe ever. You're going to be the hottest person at the party. That's what we want you to say.

Mel: Well, yeah, and I know that the problem with women is we ask these questions, and then the man goes or says something because he thinks that probably it isn't the best, and he doesn't know what to say. And then the woman goes, well, what do you mean? What do you mean by that? What do you say? Are you saying I'm fat? And that's the way it generally goes. So you have to find a way of stopping that from happening and deflecting. So I never, ever be mean about people's weight or tell them that you do look fat or stop eating that or whatever. As far as I'm concerned, that is not a cool thing to say to anybody. And I know people who do do that, so whatever. But anyway, you can't say it. You just have to find another way, a positive way of answering that. Question?

Suzie: Yeah. And we ask these things because we live for the drama.

Mel: Okay.

Suzie: We want to keep you on your ******* toes.

Mel: It's a bit that we want to.

Suzie: Hear if you actually love us or you are not attracted to us. We make these things up in our head and we just need positive information. It's a bit of a test. I think women are just **** like that.

Mel: They are.

Suzie: And you just have to live with us. So you just pass the test.

Mel: Exactly. Pass the test. Don't say you look fat and just deflect it by saying something else. But always say you look amazing.

Suzie: That's always a great answer.

Mel: And you could always pick something like, oh, have you done something amazing with your hair? Even if you have as a man? No idea. Yes, just pick something.

Suzie: You know what's funny though, is that if I was like. And I was like, babe, is this like dressing my ***?

Mel: Look fat?

Suzie: And then he'd be like, babe, you look amazing. And then I'd be like, wait, so does it make my *** look fat or do I look amazing? And I look amazing. That's where my mind goes. Exactly. That's how ****** we are.

Mel: So ridiculous. So you're damned if you do and damned if you don't.

Suzie: Exactly. Anyways, sorry, guys. You're luck. You're screwed. Okay, so we're going to move on to number two. Okay, this gentleman is asking, do I pursue a girl who's canceled on me twice? I think it dependS. She's still talking to you after she's canceled? Some women are busy. Like some women are doctors and they have to call and there's things like that where they don't expect things to pop up. But I think the thing is, is she still texting you constantly? She hasn't actually ghosted you, she's just canceled you? Or has she stood you up at the table and she has?

Mel: It does depend on the circumstance. I think it also depends how much you like her. Yeah. If you really like her. Well, if it's worth fighting for and all that. And it really depends what the circumstances. If she's like, you arranged a date and like five minutes before and she canceled, or she's a bit flaky or she forgets. Look, even if you really like it, you maybe want to think about, is that the kind of thing that you want in a relationship or in whatever you want to call it at that stage? But I think it really depends on the circumstances. I don't think it's cool to cancel on people, but things do happen. But I always think to myself, nobody's really that busy. I mean, everyone's busy. Everyone has lots of things going on. I understand if maybe you're a doctor on call. There aren't many people in that situation. Most people can find the time. Yeah.

Suzie: I think especially, like, women. If women want to do something, we do it and we go after it. And we want to see that guy who's inviting us to something. We usually do want to make the time. And it's the same for guys. If a man wants to do something, he's going to do it. It's the same advice I'd give to any girl. I think it is hard if you think you're being strung along. I think that's when you're like, you have to do some reflecting and being like, is this worth my time? But, yeah, I think it's very situational.

Mel: Yeah. I mean, I would say you can't go on forever doing that. No, you kind of have to. There's a sort of cut off. Yeah, there's a cut off. All right, babes, what's number three? Look at me. So into number three. This is a good one, actually. Why do women go to the bathroom together?

Suzie: Yeah, why do we generally.

Mel: Talk? Generally, women. Or you can have, like, a situation where you need some help, something's happened, you need to tamp on that sort of situation. Obviously you're fixing yourself up, but generally it's to chat. And it's generally to chat about you. Yeah, it's generally to gossip.

Suzie: Yeah, exactly.

Mel: That would be really why that happens. And women love to talk. We love to talk. Men don't like talking, and we can't talk.

Suzie: The same if a man is in front of us.

Mel: Exactly. Or you may be. Especially if you first got together. Or it's a situation where you've gone out somewhere and your girlfriend's not met this guy before, and then you go to the toilet. Obviously you've gone to say, what do you think about him? Very obviously, it's generally to chat and generally probably about you or something that's happening.

Suzie: Yeah. We don't go to the bathroom to just all make out with each other. I think that's a man's fantasy. Sorry. Give us five minutes and then we go to the bathroom. And then we like, ****.

Mel: It's generally not happening.

Suzie: Unfortunately, that doesn't happen too often.

Mel: No, I'm pretty sure. Sometimes. Yeah. Probably does. Sometimes. Yeah.

Suzie: Keep your hopes up, guys.

Mel: Yeah.

Suzie: Okay, so number four. This is so funny. Does creepy just mean ugly?

Mel: That's a good one. I think that women are guilty often of a man if he's really attractive, but he actually could be really a bit creepy. He seems less creepy because he's attractive. It's really not very fair. Whereas if you're not as attractive in that person, in that woman's eyes, then they seem creepier. Definitely. I think unattractive men get into more trouble, and that is not fair in that sense. I mean, it isn't the definition of creepy. No.

Suzie: And that's the thing. I don't think so because I know a lot of good looking guys who I'm like, you're giving me creep vibes.

Mel: Yeah.

Suzie: And I know a lot of. Not really that I wouldn't call handsome men who are nice guys and they're not creepy. I don't think one equals the other.

Mel: No, I don't. And I think it's a thing that men. I talk to My husband about this all the time. As a woman, you can get a sense. I think we're much more intuitive than men, and you can get a sense of what somebody's like. Many situations I've been in, and I'm not just talking about a dating kind of thing, you're like, there's something off about that man. And you're generally right, but it isn't connected to how attractive they are. It's just that initially, maybe attractive men, if they're creepy, can get away with a bit more.

Suzie: Exactly. They can cover it up a little bit more because they're hot. And you're like, I still want to talk to this guy. I still kind of want to sleep with him because he's so hot.

Mel: Yeah, but it'll wear off.

Suzie: I know.

Mel: Eventually.

Suzie: Unfortunately, we have another question that's actually pretty much the same. Apparently, people just want to know about creepy guys. What kind of behavior makes a guy seem creepy or unattractive? And that's a good question.

Mel: It is a good question. It's actually very difficult to quantify. It's just a vibe. I mean, for me, it's just a feeling like I can tell if you are in my aura. And it's not just that somebody's being. Coming onto you, it's just the nature of who you are. You can just tell instantly.

Suzie: Yeah, no, I agree. There's a vibe.

Mel: Yeah.

Suzie: And not all people have the kind of creep. Dar creep.

Mel: Dar creep.

Suzie: You know what I mean? Some girls are like, oh, my God, isn't it cute? And I'm like, do you know how creepy this guy is?

Mel: No.

Suzie: Or like, even guys, I'm like, this guy's so ******* creepy. And they're like one of his best friends. Right?

Mel: Yeah.

Suzie: It's just like sometimes you can pick up on things of a person. Sometimes that'll just kind of be like, their body language is kind of creepy. Like they maybe are touching you without your real consent in kind of a more creepy way.

Mel: Yes.

Suzie: Or they're saying weird things and you're like, what did you mean by that? There's these little things that we can kind of pick up on.

Mel: Yeah, I completely agree. But you're right, it's hard to actually say. This is it. It's just a feeling you get about somebOdy.

Suzie: But you could be unattractive or. Unattractive, exactly.

Mel: They could be anybody. And I've many situations I can think of, and you just meet a man or a woman and you instantly get a vibe about them. And it doesn't actually. It's not a mathematical, scientific thing. You just get a feeling and that's it.

Suzie: It's that gut feeling.

Mel: Exactly.

Suzie: Listen to your gut, ladies.

Mel: You do. You got to listen to that gut. You do.

Suzie: Okay, Mel, get us into number six.

Mel: Okay, so number six is, and this is an interesting, potentially controversial 01:00 a.m.. I. Gay. If I like watching all male ****, look at Susie's face. I don't think so. I don't think.

Suzie: Yeah, because I think men just like to watch things go into holes.

Mel: Yeah, I think that's definitely it. I think what you like watching or what kind of titillates you, like doesn't mean anything about you. It's a bit like if you go a few episodes back, we interviewed Dr. Carolyn Klein from Vancouver, and she said one of the things that people forget about **** is its entertainment. And if you were thinking about entertainment generically, like, if you like watching crime shows or you like watching cooking shows or whatever the hell it is, if you like watching crime shows, it doesn't mean you're a psychopath. And if you like watching cooking shows, it doesn't mean you're going to be a great chef. It doesn't mean anything. It just means you're quite like that. It doesn't have a correlation to what you're going to go out and do in the world or what you do in real life. But I know that the rise of straight men watching all male ****, gay ****, has actually increased. I don't think it actually has. I just think that it's become more acceptable. Not that men didn't want to watch it and some men obviously don't want to watch it, and some men do, and some men don't know why they like it, and they get very troubled by it. I just think it's just whatever you find erotic.

Suzie: Yeah, I mean, we've talked about this before. It's like, obviously women, a lot of women likes to watch lesbian ****. Like all women ****. Super common for women to just to watch. No men in their ****. But it's also like, and we've spoken about this, where it's like men are dirtier and they like to get more rough, and other men like to watch that. It's like, why do you guys watch boxing or wrestling and you find this exciting and thrilling and like.

Mel: Yeah, I think there's an element, actually entertainment. Exactly. Yeah. In that kind of modern ****, it's very different to the way it was years ago. And I think it's exactly that. That men are more aggressive and grosser with each other than they would ever be with a woman. So you can find that if you're into that or not necessarily into it, want to watch it. And that's why you watch it. But not to go on about this, because we seem to be going on about it. It doesn't say anything about you. It just says, that's some of the entertainment you like watching.

Suzie: I was just thinking, if you wanted to, we had a new definition that we learned today.

Mel: We did.

Suzie: Did you want to share it with the class?

Mel: I can.

Suzie: I just think it kind of goes perfectly with this, with this because it's like men are kind of gross. And I know this is like, women probably do this, too, but I think it's much more prominent in the gay male community, but also just like men in general, because they like to do dirty things.

Mel: Yes.

Suzie: And that's nothing wrong with that. Sex is sex, and sex is fun. And you want to have fun with it.

Mel: Well, we've talked before about this, that women kind of like being clean. Yes. And then being well presented before they have sex with a man. And a man, literally, you could come home from a run from the gym. They don't care. It's fascinating to me, but it's, well, for me anyway, very different. And I know for a lot of women I know very different, whereas men just don't care. So this is a term I learned that I had no idea. I didn't actually know a. That people did it.

Suzie: I didn't know it either, though, which is more surprising.

Mel: It is. And I did ask you and consult you, and you didn't know. So I thought, well, it's actually not that bad that I don't know. So the term is snowballing. Yes.

Suzie: And for those who don't know what it is, like us, it's when you pretty much are swapping spit with ***** in the spit.

Mel: With each other.

Suzie: With each other. Two people, three people. It's a lot.

Mel: It's a lot. It's not my get into it fully because there's another episode.

Suzie: Another episode about this, but about our sex terms and funny ones and things. But yeah, I just think it is interesting. This is what the **** that people come up with.

Mel: Well, exactly. The point is, talking about gay **** is that there are so many different things out there. Everyone has their own boundaries. Everyone has their thing that for you, you really find erotic, somebody else finds completely gross.

Suzie: Yes.

Mel: And at the end of the day, if it's legal, that's it. And if you have a partner or multiple or whatever it is, you're doing that, like doing that, then that's up to you. That doesn't mean the next person should do it. And that doesn't mean you should judge the next person. That's right. But it's like male. If you watch gay **** or some of the other stuff, if you are straight, believe you're straight, living that life, that doesn't mean you're gay. Don't get traumatized by it, because I think a lot of men do find it very traumatizing if they think about another man's bumhole or being done in the bumhole.

Suzie: I don't even want to think about a guy's bumhole, though.

Mel: You could do an entire episode on that.

Suzie: Shall we move on?

Mel: Yeah.

Suzie: Okay. Number seven is, do you think honesty is the best policy? I know, Mel, you probably have so many opinions about this.

Mel: Yeah. Are we talking about the man being honest?

Suzie: I think it's just in general, in a relationship or with. I think it just depends.

Mel: It depends. I mean, I obviously would say don't do the **** in the first place that you need to lie about would be my.

Suzie: But here's the other thing. It's like if you're just meeting someone, do you have to tell them about your entire history and past and what you've done up until that point? Or do you just go like. Well, but that would be like to be fully honest. Do you know what I mean?

Mel: I don't think you have to unless you're having a conversation. I mean, I would think in this day and age, really, do people get hung up about. I guess some people do.

Suzie: People get crazy about stuff.

Mel: Well, then they're not the right person. I mean, if you're meeting somebody, male or female, and somebody tells you about their history and that, let's say they've had multiple partners or they slept with the opposite sex to their sex or whatever it is that they did, they experimented, whatever, they had many partners. And you have an issue with that, the other partner, then you're probably not right for each other because that's ridiculous to apologize for your past. If you enjoyed it and that was your journey and that's what you wanted to do, then that's your business. Do you have to share it with your new partner? My answer to that would be, why would you hide it? But if you're with a partner who doesn't like it, they're probably not the right partner.

Suzie: That's true. I mean, I think people symbolize are just obviously this is like their own trauma that they put on other people. This isn't the case, obviously. But if I were to go out with a male colleague and then my boyfriend was not okay with me hanging out with other guys without him there or something crazy like that, it's not the case that I have, but I feel like I know people where that's Elvis thing.

Mel: I know people like that.

Suzie: Right. And so it's like, do you tell them about that to upset them or do you just kind of keep it secret and be like, well, I know that I have this weird thing. I can't hang out with male colleagues or other guys without them, so I'll just keep it to myself.

Mel: Well, look, it depends where you are in your relationship. My thing would be, why are you dating somebody who is like that? I have friends who that is the case. They get like the men don't like it when they go out and do their own things to their girlfriends or stuff like that. Now, it's very easy for Me to say, I think that's ridiculous when you've been married for 30 years. But it wouldn't be my choice. I wouldn't be with a man who would say, oh, you can't go out with your gut. I mean, what I've had of a grown woman, that's ridiculous and that's difficult. If you've been in that relationship for a long time, I guess you have to figure out yourself what you're prepared to put up with. I wouldn't put up with that, but that is entirely personal. I always say in everything that we say, and we always say this because I'd like to cover that again. Everything we're saying is from our point of view, and I wouldn't want to be in that situation. I think if you're early on in a relationship, please read the flag. Red flags, male or female. If these flags come up early on, listen to yourself. They are there for a reason. It's not getting better. It really isn't. That's also the thing.

Suzie: It's like, unless you're down to do couples therapy since, like, day one of this relationship, which, like, oh, my God.

Mel: It'S not getting better. If you're with a woman who says, I don't want to do this or I don't like this, or this isn't happening or whatever, it probably isn't and the same for a man. And don't try and change it. We're not talking about going along, experiencing new things, but you have to read those flags. You really do. You're right, Mel.

Suzie: You're right again.

Mel: Yeah, there you go.

Suzie: Okay, we're on to number eight.

Mel: And that's you, babe, number eight. So what makes you lose interest in someone? So this is male to female. Male to female. Yeah.

Suzie: So, yeah, what makes us lose interest in the guy?

Mel: Yeah. Tricky for me to answer, really.

Suzie: Yeah, because you've been with your man for so long. But I don't know. I think it's like if we have different opinions that are very to our core opinions that aren't some things that are like, I like red grapes, but I like green grapes. It's like, no, it's like, do you believe in abortion?

Mel: Serious things.

Suzie: Once you start getting to those questions in a relationship or once you start first dating and then you find out that they are kind of person who are like, I love being the ******* devil's advocate, which I hate those people. I'm like, this is so annoying to have a conversation that's just me, though. Some people like the challenge of that. I personally don't. But there's always things like that that happen. Once you start dating someone, you actually see who they are, and there are things you won't be able to change about someone.

Mel: Oh, yeah, 100%. I also think if things happen in your life and like, major things, whatever, those are generally, they're probably going to be bad and that man is not there, doesn't have your back, then that would be like, yeah, you'd lose interest pretty fast.

Suzie: Yeah.

Mel: I think also if the man isn't what you want from a relationship, if you're honest with yourself, and I wish more women were honest with what they really want. Then they can lose interest.

Suzie: Yeah, that's true. And also, I mean, like, for the physical stuff, like, if you, you know, if you're a bikisser losing. Because I'm like, I'm not about. I'm not here to teach anyone anymore. You know what I mean?

Mel: Yeah.

Suzie: I feel like you'll get that with the younger girls who can kind of deal with it and they can teach away with that. But, man, in late 20s, early thirty s, you got to know how to use your ****. You got to know some of these things you do. You got to know how to make a girl come by this time. And if you don't, you got to learn, and you got to be open to learning. I think that's also the thing. If they're not open sexually than I'm open talking about stuff, I'm like, right. This isn't it for me. For me, though, everyone's different.

Mel: Yeah. I mean, if that isn't clicking very early on, then there's a difference between. It can become more amazing as time goes on versus this isn't happening. Yeah. And maybe it could be a myriad of different things. You're just not compatible for whatever reason. Now. The ***** doesn't lie. The ***** doesn't lie. Your favorite saying, which is actually very. I mean, it says what it does on the tin. The *****. If there was a tin. The ***** doesn't lie.

Suzie: If we came in a tin.

Mel: Yeah. You would know what that product was telling you. I mean, it's true. That's it.

Suzie: Literally.

Mel: It is. Yeah. It's a bit like the ***** doesn't lie.

Suzie: It doesn't.

Mel: Because if it's not up, it's not up.

Suzie: If it's not up.

Mel: Oh, well, the cabin medical.

Suzie: I don't know about that, but literally, there is a tingle for women. And I don't know if I'm just speaking for me, but you get butterflies in your vaginal area. If you are getting excited, it's not just like, about, oh, yeah, I'm Pessy's glad I want to do this. It's like, no, these are actual, like, these are, like, intense sexual feelings that you get from someone. If you're not getting that, then what is?

Mel: Yeah, I think that's good. Thanks, babe. I like it. Oh, yeah.

Suzie: Thanks, guys.

Mel: Right, where are we?

Suzie: I think we're on a number nine already.

Mel: Number nine. Who is it? Me.

Suzie: You?

Mel: Me. Okay. Sorry, everyone.

Suzie: You're doing great.

Mel: I'm doing very well. What's the best way to ask for a date? That's a good one.

Suzie: What's the best way to ask for date? I think it depends. A lot of people.

Mel: I mean, the last time I was asked on a date, which was my husband, he had to call me. And we've had this conversation that you don't do that anymore.

Suzie: You don't ******* call people.

Mel: You have to text.

Suzie: How do you ask someone on a date?

Mel: Okay.

Suzie: If you're asking for their number, you're like, in a cafe, you see a cute girl. She's like there sipping coffee.

Mel: I think it's like approach that.

Suzie: Do you know what I mean?

Mel: I don't know. That can be.

Suzie: It really depends if you're hot or not.

Mel: It can be very OD.

Suzie: It really depends. How do you ask someone? Let's say I'm coming up to you, Mel.

Mel: Yeah.

Suzie: You're really cute.

Mel: Yeah.

Suzie: You're available.

Mel: Okay.

Suzie: You're not.

Mel: Oh, I'm available.

Suzie: You're divorcee. You're looking really hot. Okay. Yeah, you're super hot, divorcee. And I'm like, I'm going to approach you and I'm going to ask you on a date.

Mel: Just a random person?

Suzie: Yeah, just a random person.

Mel: I'd say. Well, I have had people come up to me and say things to Me.

Suzie: Well, have any of them kind of worked? Obviously you weren't going to do it.

Mel: No.

Suzie: So what not to do then? Is there more of those?

Mel: Well, in this day and age, you can't really go out with a stranger, can you?

Suzie: Yeah, I think that's how most people do.

Mel: Yeah, but is there a difference? Well, actually that's a good point. Is there a difference between a stranger on Tinder and a stranger just in the street?

Suzie: I think it just depends if you get the creep vibe or not. That brings us back to the creepy vibe.

Mel: Yeah, that's true.

Suzie: Because it's like, I can't recall if I've ever been out with like a stranger stranger. Because usually it's like a mutual friend or someone you've met and then you're like, oh, yeah, we have a vibe.

Mel: It'd still be weird, but we just feel it. We just feel more comfortable with some kind of connection.

Suzie: I mean, I think if you. Okay, here's the thing, actually, I've got it, Mel.

Mel: Yes. Okay, great.

Suzie: I remember this when I was a single gal. And you make eyes at them.

Mel: Okay.

Suzie: You have to make eye contact with them before you approach.

Mel: Okay.

Suzie: Okay, this is it.

Mel: And you sort of make eyes yeah.

Suzie: You make eyes. And if they make eyes with you and they keep their gaze.

Mel: Okay, it's the green light.

Suzie: It's a green light.

Mel: Okay.

Suzie: But if they kind of look away and they're like, give you a weird look, do not approach them.

Mel: I think that's good. I think that's good. I think that's it.

Suzie: I think there has to be some kind of an electricity that goes across the room, because that happens.

Mel: Yeah, of course.

Suzie: And I've met men that way where I look at them, I find them hot. They look at me.

Mel: Yes.

Suzie: They somehow find me attractive to. And then we kind of.

Mel: Somehow.

Suzie: Somehow. And then we get together.

Mel: Yes.

Suzie: And then we speak. And then if he's not creepy, then I go forward with the number of giving. Number giving the phone number giving.

Mel: Give his mind your number to him. But then what happens? Then he's got your number and he texts you. And what does he say? What's the date?

Suzie: I think it's more like, can we go for dinner? I think a drink. No, I would Never do dinner. Way too much on a first date. Dinner is like a.

Mel: No, no for me, a drink or a coffee. Is a drink weird?

Suzie: Because a coffee is weird. Coffee is like, corporate is what it's like. Corporate. It's like you go out with your boss for a coffee or like a client.

Mel: It's not very sexy.

Suzie: No, it's not. I think you go out for a drink at a restaurant that you know.

Mel: Yeah.

Suzie: Where you feel safe. It's close to your house. You can maybe see a friend who can save you. You tell your friend, I'm going on this date. I'm going to text you to call me if there's no.

Mel: I think that's very good advice. I mean, I think you should do that. I think more people should do that. Obviously, everyone's. You're right. Most of us are strangers at first, but you create a situation where you feel safe and that somebody knows where you are.

Suzie: Yeah, exactly.

Mel: Because then if a drink's going well, then you have a drink, and then you go for dinner, and then on you go. Exactly. Then it's good.

Suzie: But if the drink isn't good, then you just cut the drink, and then nothing's lost.

Mel: Nobody's unhappy. Yeah.

Suzie: And then if you don't get that initial eye gaze, if you don't get that, maybe they just haven't looked up from their computer or whatever they're doing. I think you can still go over there and give them your number, but don't expect a conversation in that moment because they are busy.

Mel: Yes. Okay.

Suzie: I think you can just write down your number with your name.

Mel: Be like, if you're a man.

Suzie: Yeah.

Mel: Wow. I feel like.

Suzie: And you're like, hey, just thought you were really cute over here. Not sure if you're single. Here's my number. Feel free to text me if you wanted to go for a drink or something. I think that's safe. And then it's like, you don't have to expect this conversation at that moment because usually that ******* ****** me off. I'm like, I'm literally doing something. I'm reading or whatever you're doing in public where you don't want to be bothered. You're just going to enjoy yourself.

Mel: Yeah. But I think that's good. I like that. It's not easy, I grant you.

Suzie: I don't think it's easy. I don't think anything's easy.

Mel: And you think still, in this day and age, it's still for the man to ask. But most of the time, I think.

Suzie: It'S just like, Tinder is not easy. But people do that.

Mel: Tinder.

Suzie: Tinder is easier because you just don't have to ******* talk to them in person. But that's a red flag to me. I'd way rather guy come up to me in person, try to talk to me than want to talk to me over Tinder.

Mel: Because Tinder you're, well, seem. A lot of people seem to meet their mates on.

Suzie: They do.

Mel: And you're like, is the intention of Tinder. I'm going into a different kind of episode. Was it originally like more like hookups, but it's now moved into anywhere, I think. So it could be anything from hookups to relationships. Yeah, but it's actually just a representation of real life. Like, sometimes you just hook up and that's it. Sometimes you like each other so much, it carries on type of thing. Exactly. But how do you meet people? And that's the point of Tinder. But it must be. I have no idea because I've never used it. But how od it must be to see somebody here and then go into a bar and then see them and how awkward. I don't know, but I guess you have to do it. Yeah.

Suzie: I mean, you're in a completely different era now.

Mel: Yeah. I mean, if you want to meet somebody, that's what you do. You have no choice to put yourself, whether you're the male or the female or whatever the situation is. You have to put yourself outside of your comfort zone. You do. Exactly. And that's also the thing.

Suzie: Whenever a guy were to come up to me, like even now, and I usually tell them right away, if they stay long enough and they give me their number or whatever it is, I'm usually like, oh, I have a boyfriend. But I try to say I'm like, I really appreciate you coming up to me. Don't stop trying to do that. Because I think it's huge for a guy to show that much confidence and be brave.

Mel: Exactly. Because if he doesn't do, he's never going to meet anyone. No, exactly.

Suzie: And **** Tinder. Like, **** you, someone dating things. Be brave in Person. I think it means a lot to women. That's just me. Anyways.

Mel: There we go. There we go.

Suzie: Are we into the last question now?

Mel: The last question. Yes. Will I say that loud? Yeah. Okay.

Suzie: What is a girl's favorite sex position?

Mel: Well, it depends on the girl, doesn't it?

Suzie: I know, but I think the biggest ones are where you have access to.

Mel: The clutter S. Yes.

Suzie: And to the G spot.

Mel: That's correct. That's correct.

Suzie: But it does depend, I think, for most girls, it's different for every girl. For most girls, the ones that are the best are. Cowgirl if you can handle it. Because most men can't. Yeah, because it's just too much. Cowgirl if you can handle it because you got full access to that ****.

Mel: Yes.

Suzie: Right. Honestly, I'm a girl of missionary, but.

Mel: You'Re a girl of missionary.

Suzie: Because then I have control over what's happening a little bit. And they don't feel pressure to be like, oh, my God, I have to stop because they are going to come.

Mel: Do you know what I mean? Yes, I do.

Suzie: Because they can kind of have more control in that sense.

Mel: Yeah, I think, look, it really depends on the person. Depends on. It does. Actually, it's physics. Like how big you are, how big your partner is, like physically tall, and how your body is meshed together. And that makes a huge difference when, you know, when you sort of watch all these movies and people are. And I don't mean **** movies. I mean like real movies. A movie. And as a sexy scene, let's say it's in a shower or something. Now, if they are a short person, I have a tall boyfriend. It's very difficult. Whereas some people, if they're the same height, it's very like, you see these things in, like I said, like romantic movies or just like movies where there's a sexy scene and you think, well, people in real life can't do that because of X, Y and Z. But some people can because it depends on the people, doesn't it?

Suzie: It really does.

Mel: And it depends on how you're made up inside. It really does.

Suzie: It's not special.

Mel: And how big the ***** man is, as you like to say. Yes. I mean, that is. And it depends how short her inside bit. Yes. ******. I mean, it depends on so many things.

Suzie: So many things. But I think the safe ones. Or cowgirl.

Mel: Yeah.

Suzie: Missionary. You can have a little more fun with that. You could do reverse cowgirl sometimes. That's know, you got a little access to all the buttons in that sense.

Mel: Yeah. That does take.

Suzie: Mean you gotta be practicing these.

Mel: That's. That's an excellent thing to say, Susie, because I think a lot of people. And that is a thing, and we've talked about it in a kind of light hearted way. We've also talked to a bunch of different doctors who've said that people, men and women, particularly young men and women, watch a lot of **** because it's very accessible. And they look at it and they think, oh, yeah, that's what everyone's doing. And you're like, no, these are professionals. They've gone to the gym and practiced. I mean, literally, the way some of these women and men are standing. No, real people can't do that. They don't do that. And if they do, they've practiced for a very long time. And anything you want to do that's kind of new. And that sort of brings me on to some of the things you read and read. It is the same kind of thing, like asking questions about stuff. Nothing new is actually that easy. And you have to practice and don't think you're weird if it doesn't work.

Suzie: Exactly. And you can laugh about it.

Mel: You can laugh and enjoy the kind of maybe that it didn't go so well and sort of do it again. But also, the other thing for men, big point here for men. Point is that every woman is not the same. She's not like a sort of machine. Yeah. Like every washing machine is the same. Every oven is the same.

Suzie: She's a woman and she's also an appliance.

Mel: Yeah. And she's built differently. And some women like this and some women don't. Some women like that. Why? I don't know. Does it matter? Just work out what's fun. Yeah. And together.

Suzie: Don't forget about foreplay.

Mel: Absolutely.

Suzie: Because that'll get her ready for whatever weird position you want to try.

Mel: There is always.

Suzie: It will make her more into whatever you want to try if her ***** sweat about it already.

Mel: Very good. So say welcome. Okay, so I mean, that's it, isn't it?

Suzie: I think that's all. And if you guys have more questions, guys, you have more questions about women or girls, you want to answer some questions or whatever it may be, you can go to our website, You can leave us a voicemail, you can send us an email, or you can also DM us at sharingmytruthpod on Instagram.

Mel: Perfecto.

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Suzie: Bye bye, you.

Mel: Three, two, one. Yeah.

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