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Episode 60  -  The Truth About Swingers
Melany Krangle & Suzie Sheckter

Mel: Thing you're just going to become.

Suzie: I can't ******* wait.

Mel: Yeah.

Suzie: I'm actually just moving there.

Mel: Are you? It'll be very popular. The only thing is, you are a bit of a.

Suzie: What the **** is a ginger? Always a ginger.

Mel: A ginger. But we say ginger. Just reminds me, you're not really ginger. You're actually, for most british men, the perfect woman. Because they love auburn hair. Because your hair is Auburn.

Suzie: Yeah, I'm Auburn. Hello, british men.

Mel: And you have green eyes, which you know is the most unusual eye color.

Suzie: I do know that. Well, I read that. Know a lot of people with green eyes, so how do I believe that?

Mel: But it's very unusual.

Suzie: All right.

Mel: And you're freckly, which is very celtic, so people can connect to you.

Suzie: So people are going to. I'm going to go to England and they're going to be like, where are you from?

Mel: They'll probably think you have some.

Suzie: Where are they going to think I'm from?

Mel: Hail from some old scottish family. Because you could like the look. Like the auburn hair and the green eyes and the freckles.

Suzie: Yeah, you like that.

Mel: You were once in the 16 hundreds, susie. You were in this castle wearing a tartan that with your rugged, scottish, hairy man.

Suzie: It's too bad. I'm, like, actually, like, eastern european.

Mel: Hey.

Suzie: Yeah, but don't tell anyone.

Mel: We'll just leave that.

Suzie: Yeah, you're right.

Mel: 1234.

Suzie: Welcome to sharing my truth with Mel and Susie. The uncensored version where we bear it all.

Mel: We do.

Suzie: Hello and hello, and welcome back to Sharing My Truth Pod. And you're here with Mel, little Milf and sexy suze. And we're here to take you on a journey of love, swinger edition. Meet us in the hot tub. Here's a cute, friendly reminder to give this pod a little thumbs up. Little five stars. Shoot us a review. If you love us, then say something.

Mel: Okay. Yes.

Suzie: Don't be a little pussycat.

Mel: Hey, babes. Hello, darling.

Suzie: How are you?

Mel: I'm fine. Oh, no, sorry. I'm fabulous.

Suzie: I'm fine.

Mel: I know. Doesn't sound good when it comes to me. Fine. Yeah, no, fabulously. Amazingly so good.

Suzie: That was nice. I mean, we can't all be fabulous all the time, but somehow you do it so well.

Mel: This is true.

Suzie: One of my key skills. We have a funny little episode today, and it's about something that Mel. I mean, you never wanted it. You never wanted it, did you?

Mel: Never wanted it.

Suzie: Never wanted the swingies.

Mel: Definitely not.

Suzie: You've never even thought about the swinging.

Mel: No.

Suzie: What about swings on swings? What about sex swings?

Mel: Well, I mean, that is a big ******* thing, a sex swing. And let's be practical, how do you actually have sex on a sex. It's too much. I mean, it all sounds sort of interesting, but really, what's the point? Can you explain the point?

Suzie: Well, yeah, you're on this swing you're having.

Mel: You have to be a gymnast, a.

Suzie: Right laugh, and you're getting on. It's supposed to swing you into each other and apart.

Mel: But then you need two swings, don't you?

Suzie: No, because you're on one swing, together.

Mel: On top of each other. In a way, yes.

Suzie: The woman's on top.

Mel: I really can't see how that's very comfortable.

Suzie: No, I got to gift you a swing for you.

Mel: And then you need some ******* major iron. You do.

Suzie: You definitely need some kind of a red room, a dungeon sex room to have a little fun sex swing.

Mel: I think it's problematic if you've got children.

Suzie: I mean, it's not necessarily something you want in the playroom.

Mel: No, in the dungeon. But I think. Yeah. No, I've never thought of it.

Suzie: All right, well, maybe not sex swings, but what about swingers?

Mel: Again, I've never thought of that. I mean, I do come from. I was born in the 70s.

Suzie: So you were really right in there.

Mel: Sort of, yeah.

Suzie: With the key parties.

Mel: Yeah. That's when it was all happening. I was. Obviously.

Suzie: You were a child.

Mel: A child, to be honest. No idea whether my parents were into that. I doubt my mother was questionable. My father could have been definitely questionable whether some of their friends were into it. But it was a big thing. I don't know why. I mean, there's been some movies, haven't there? Sort of like, of that era. I'm trying to think of one. And it always seems to sort of center around suburban America where everyone was really bored and then they all ****. Yeah.

Suzie: I mean, I think that's a thing where it's like repressed. Repressed men and women are in their suburban homes with their white picking fences, and a lot of them have never had actual sexual experiences and they needed to get on and the only other people they're seeing is their neighbors.

Mel: Yeah. And that's your social. I think it's also a thing like, you know, I sent you today that article. Suzie and I are constantly. Well, I'm constantly sending her articles. And it was, I think, was it in the New Yorker, I think. And the title of it, and it is sort of relevant to swinging, was.

Suzie: Just going to get it is polyamory.

Mel: How did polyamory become so popular?

Suzie: Yeah.

Mel: And one of the things it talks about is how people are not into conventional marriages anymore. Rather than getting divorced, especially if there's a lot of money involved, why not? To quote Susie Schecter, what? Open up your marriage. And I suppose today people are doing it, maybe in the polyamorous environment, maybe they're doing it that way. And so maybe in the know, people are still into swinging. It was more in the swinging thing. I don't know. Let me just start my. So the definition of swinging. Yes, darling. Okay, so this is important to get this.

Suzie: Mel loves her definition. This is a serious matter.

Mel: Everyone, let's be correct. Right. A swinger is a person who is lively and fashionable.

Suzie: Done.

Mel: Number two, swingers are people who are married or in a long term relationship, and who like to have sex with other people's partners. Yes. So that's the key. It's other people's partners. Whereas if you're polyamorous, you're not necessarily partnered up. And I remember recently having a conversation with somebody, and this was kind of weird because it was in a business meeting, and she was telling me, this woman, how she'd gone to these parties in LA, not sex like friends parties, and she'd noticed that. And she wasn't married, or she doesn't. Not in a relationship. She noticed that lots of married people were, like, either approaching her to be like the other in like a threesome or a polyamorous situation. She's like, no, that's very nice, but no, thanks. Yeah, but she noticed that lots of couples were doing that were wanting to stay in their couple and bring somebody in, either in the threesome sense, I. E. In one, they don't want a.

Suzie: Relationship, they just want a one off.

Mel: I think there's two. Like, once there is a scenario in today's world. That's why I'm comparing, like, the swinging of the polyamory of the. What are we in the, do we call it the. Don't know what you call it?

Suzie: 2020S.

Mel: Yeah. Anyway, whatever you call it, the 20s, whatever is that today, it's about you stay in your couple and you bring somebody into the couple either for a one off experience or who is kind of in your love triangle thing, but they're an additional person. They're not kind of in a relationship with somebody else. Right. They're coming in and maybe staying in and having relationship with all of you or whatever they're doing. There's all machinations of yes. Whereas swinging is both of you are going out there and completely swapping with somebody else and then coming back and going back to your ordinary life of going to the supermarket and whatever you're doing.

Suzie: Well, it's all a part of the ethical non monogamy, which we've talked about before on this pod of actually being able to tell your partner. The great thing about swinging in a partnership, obviously, is that you're doing it together. You're not, maybe not sleeping together with the other people. You're not having like, an orgy, but you know each other is going off with another couple, experiencing something else.

Mel: Right.

Suzie: And then you're coming back, and then you're either talking about it or you're not talking about it, but you know each other has done that and you know each other has had a good.

Mel: Experience and you're doing it. I think the theory is, at the same time, so unlike an open marriage where one person may have experiences, blah, blah, blah, that finishes, and the other person, it's sort of happening at the same event at the same time.

Suzie: Exactly.

Mel: I think that's the idea.

Suzie: I think it's also a good thing. It really helps relationships kind of like break free of this normalized. Just like we're sleeping together and only together, and you can't even look at another woman. It really helps when you have other couples who you're friends with who also are very like minded in a sexual way, too. And then you're having fun conversations. Sometimes you make out, sometimes you suck a ****, and then that's great.

Mel: Sometimes you suck a ****. Why not? I love the way you put that because, I mean, I guess you have to have the parties because otherwise, how are you going to meet the people that want to do it? I think the only my issue, I don't actually don't have any issues. You have an issue, swing away, do whatever the hell you want. It's not my cup of tea, and I do have a cup of tea by myself. It's not my taste of tea. However, what I do think about swinging and the stories I have heard in my life from people I know or like sort of urban myth or whatever. I remember a lady who used to have facials with her. She would tell me about the people in the salon, like, that one's having an affair, that one's a swinger.

Suzie: Oh, my God.

Mel: It was absolutely hilarious. And in very upscale neighborhood, and I just. It was funny. So then when you'd see the people, you'd be like, oh, my God, that woman's a swinger.

Suzie: That woman likes bond.

Mel: Yeah. And that woman's husband is ******* that woman. And they don't know. And I know stuff. I don't know why this woman blabbed me.

Suzie: And she was a very blabbable person.

Mel: I think it was the whole English. Yeah, blabby blab. Anyway, I don't know. And I think it was because I was nicer and didn't treat her like something on the bottom of her shoe. Exactly. Anyway, the thing that she was telling me about swinging. Oh, and the other thing is that her sister was a swinger. So this was added to the whole thing, which is just fascinating, is that she said, the problem is that often both people don't actually want it. And like, in her sister's relationship, she didn't want it and she went along with it because the husband wanted it. And then he ended up going off with one of his swingies, which does obviously happen. So, I mean, if you are genuinely both interested in purely having other sexual experiences outside of your married sexual experience, and you both want to do it on the same sort of equal level, or you're in that same space, then of course it can work.

Suzie: Yeah. And like, exactly what you're saying, you have to be honest about the situation, as in, like, this can happen and your man or your woman could fall in love with someone else because they're ******* each other better and maybe they have a better ****.

Mel: Well, that's what this petition said to me.

Suzie: Oh, my God.

Mel: That's what happens is essentially you are opening the Pandora's box. Yes. And you have to be aware that if you open any Pandora's box in your life, oh, my God, it can open all sorts of things.

Suzie: Other things.

Mel: And generally when you open these sort of avenues to things, things happen that you don't think were going to happen. Yeah. So either the experience for you is totally not what you thought it would be, or for your partner, whatever, which leads on to something.

Suzie: We have a cute, sweet, little supple write in. Someone just wanted to talk to us about her predicament of wanting to be a swinger. And it's pretty crazy because you don't really hear about it that often as well. People might say it to each other and they might say it to their friends, like, maybe we could hook up, but they're not really serious about it.

Mel: Right?

Suzie: Yeah, you just never know. So this person wants to be a swinger, but their husband doesn't. And so obviously not a great thing to be in because if you have these feelings of wanting to experience other things, especially sexually, and your partner doesn't feel the same, that's a really hard thing to get over because you're never as that sexual person who has these fantasies about these things and wants to experience it. You're not just going to get over that.

Mel: No, you're not.

Suzie: You're really not just going to get over that. So, I mean, she wrote us quite a bit, but I'm going to just read a little bit of a blurb from her. And so she says that she would like to explore this ethical, non monogamous community, but he doesn't want to. And she thinks he feels threatened by the whole thing.

Mel: Yeah, sure he does.

Suzie: And she'd rather go to these parties, the events with him and as a couple, and then she doesn't want to have an affair, so she's having these feelings and thoughts. She wants to go along with someone. She doesn't actually say whether it's a woman or a man. I'm assuming it's a man. And she says that she actually thinks it would be good for them as a couple. But he doesn't feel the same way.

Mel: Yeah. Which I think is very common.

Suzie: Yeah.

Mel: I mean, to be honest, whether it's swinging threesomes, it's very common that one person feels like this and the other person is not really there and they genuinely do it to keep the other person happy. And I understand, particularly if the woman wants to swing and the man is not on board, that is very threat. Threatening, because she is basically saying to him, I don't want just you. And in his mind that's like, you're not good enough. I want to have sex with somebody else. And maybe he genuinely doesn't. There's a twist usually problematic.

Suzie: You're ready for it. So they have kids, no problem.

Mel: Okay.

Suzie: But he's a stay at home dad and she doesn't think that's really a turn on. So she's trying to find escapes from this and really trying to rekindle a spark that I think she found before they had children.

Mel: Oh, no.

Suzie: But obviously it's just like, how do you see your partner in a different way? And it's the same thing with. When women are constantly with their children. Right. You can't really see them in a different way sexually because you see them so often at home, doing their duties, doing whatever they have to do. I don't know.

Mel: I'm not sure I completely agree with that. I think it does happen.

Suzie: Yeah.

Mel: I think I actually saw an interesting thing, a psychologist talking about it today, and he was talking about women because obviously, generically, at home, more often than not, it's women, right? And that what happens is that when they have children, they have to get care and transfer this love. And there's only so much love, you only have so much time, blah, blah, blah. And men start to feel their nose gets out of joint because they're not getting all that love, it's going somewhere else. Right. And then the woman basically has to make a choice. I've got to give more love to the kids because they need me. The man gets more and more annoyed, blah, blah, blah. So this is almost like it's happening the other way around. But I think it's almost like. I mean, I don't know, the circumstances. It's kind of really unfair, isn't it? In the sense that she's out in the world like a man every day, seeing good man, normally situation. I mean, obviously there are stay at home dads and all power to you. And if that works, your family have made that decision. Great. Yeah. But it's not as common, obviously, and probably never will be, for obviously, many obvious reasons that she's going out into the world every day and seeing the world. Yeah, there is, I guess, more excitement. You see a different thing. And he's doing well. He's doing but very important stuff. Right.

Suzie: Well, it's hard, too, because she doesn't.

Mel: Find that sexy, I find.

Suzie: Well, that's hard. Right.

Mel: Poor guy. Yes.

Suzie: But it's also like. And I would probably feel like this too. I'm obviously not a mother, but if my man was like a stay at home dad, it's a bit demasculating.

Mel: Yeah, emasculating. Well, I agree.

Suzie: Do I want to see?

Mel: But that's the irony. I think we talked about this in our last episode, or one of our last episodes, is that as women, the double standard, like you've agreed for him to stay at home, and I assume it's often financial, like, who's making more money, right? And now you find it, it's not very manly. You're like, I know that is not very fair, is it? I mean, I personally, I'll be very honest, would never, ever have chosen a man that would stay at home. Yeah. I mean, it's just not the way I operate and it's not the relationship I have with my husband, and it just wouldn't work. And I'm being brutally honest. I'm not in any way crushing anybody else and saying I'm saying that's the way I live, what I wanted. I wouldn't want a man who was staying. I just wouldn't. But she's in this situation and now she doesn't find it manly. I know. Like, come on.

Suzie: But here. Okay, let's get back to the swinger thing. Right? So she wants to go off at these parties. She said that they've been to one together. He's not really into it. So what does she do? You can't go to a swinger party alone, can you?

Mel: Well, no, because that's the point of swinging.

Suzie: Yeah, exactly. I mean, look, she obviously wants to have an affair.

Mel: Well, that's what I'm talking about, the manly thing. She's obviously not finding him sexy. Yeah, she's not getting her rocks off. So she needs to go and find somebody who turns her on more, which is obviously not him for a multitude of reasons. Probably not. Just the fact that he's not at home. That's just sort of the icing on the cake. And I think in some ways, swinging can often be an excuse to have an agreed affair. Like you actually do want to have another experience. But this is a way of doing it that you both agree, and that sometimes the reason it goes wrong is that one person obviously really wants to do it. The other person doesn't want to have an affair, if you like, they just go along with it and then the **** hits the fan. I mean, there is no choice here. Either she just gets over it, she has an affair, which will destroy her life.

Suzie: She's going to do it, though.

Mel: Or he backs down and lets her go off and have an experience.

Suzie: But she wants to have the experience with him. And that's the hardest part. Right? I mean, that's what she says. That's what she says. Do you think she wants to have this experience with him? I think it's just because she doesn't. It's hard when you've been in a relationship for so long, and obviously it sounds like they have. Because they have kids, right? Yeah, they've been in this for a really long time. She wants to have this new sexual experience with him. Someone who she's still innately attracted to, who's still with her, but she doesn't want to.

Mel: I mean, it's a very tricky situation and we've discussed this ourselves. I have never wanted. For me, my relationship with my husband is about me and my husband. I don't want anybody else in that because it's too intimate, too personal.

Suzie: But you're such a monogamous person, Mel.

Mel: Yeah, I think I am. Maybe I find it easy.

Suzie: You do find it easy, because there's a lot of people like myself who are monog.

Mel: Do you think it's a thing?

Suzie: Yeah. And I've said this before, it's a genetic, it is in your genetics, do you think?

Mel: Yeah.

Suzie: What's in your dna? Do you know what it can be?

Mel: Because I've had these conversations often with Max and talk about the way men are and women are, and I think honestly, most men are not innately monogamous if they love their wife, of course. I mean, I'm a realist. Of course men look at women. You're just being, women look at men, though. Yeah, but you're being naive of that. And I think a lot of the time, obviously, you're choosing not to do something, but it is. How easy is that choice? And for me, that choice is very easy. Now, it is also easy by the fact that I very rarely, very rarely meet anyone that I think, wow.

Suzie: Yeah. Mel, I've never heard you be like, except for Idris Alba, I've never heard you say another man is attractive.

Mel: If there were like some. Yeah, exactly. But even then, I'm clearly not going to have an affair with Idris Alba.

Suzie: You could. What if you had the choice?

Mel: Michael B. Jordan's very attractive.

Suzie: Oh, there she goes.

Mel: I mean, there's lots know men who are, but there's difference. Obviously they're very attractive men, but I mean, yeah, that's it.

Suzie: It's not doing you so much. See, like, I find people who I would **** all the time, right. Every day, in and out really goes in, the brain goes out, goes in, the brain goes out. Right. I don't know why this happens to. Some people are more sexual, some people aren't more. Some people want to **** all the time. People don't care about it that much. It's just such a weird thing. But sometimes, and you just can't help it, right? Like, it's the way your brain is wired and whether you want to. Obviously a lot of people are in relationships who are more sexual than their other partner.

Mel: Or sometimes I think that's very common. It's almost impossible to match completely. Yeah. I think what's also very common is because men and women are innately different, is that through the cycles of your life, you might at one point be more sexual and then your partner, and that's the irony, actually. Often, like women, they hit their peak. The man is way past his peak and then even later when a woman's hormone is like she's sort of getting her forty s, fifty s and a man's really getting over it, which is why it's the milk thing and why a lot of older women can have younger boyfriends because they really can just keep on going and older men can't. I don't know. I don't know about. Are you genetically predisposed? I do think there is something in people who cheat or who. I mean, that's not fair. I suppose people who, their minds wonder a lot. I think it's very hard for people like that to be chained to one person.

Suzie: Yeah, I know. It's just funny the way, because we are so obviously different, but the same. And so it's just like I cannot imagine only thinking about one person all the time.

Mel: Yeah.

Suzie: And it's just so crazy because also, I mean, if you watch **** and you have all these fantasies about things, are you always having that fantasy with the same person? And definitely I'm not.

Mel: Interesting. Yeah. And I get a lot of people who are monogamous watch ****. That's perfectly normal.

Suzie: Oh my God. Of course.

Mel: I don't know. I don't really know enough about the psychology of swinging.

Suzie: Yeah.

Mel: Because I know obviously it was like a real fashion and it still must be. I mean, you have to go to parties, right?

Suzie: I've always wanted to go to a.

Mel: Key party, but now people who don't.

Suzie: Know what key parties because we're old.

Mel: Well, I'm old.

Suzie: It was a thing. And so it's where you put your house keys or your car keys.

Mel: Yeah. In the bowl. In the bowl. It was meant to be suburban american. You put car keys.

Suzie: Car keys in the bowl. And then at the beginning of the night and then whoever's car keys you pick out at the end of the night, that's who you're going at home with. And so it's a very obviously.

Mel: Yeah, very old school. But I think there were variations. Was it always like leaving the premises, like swinging parties? A lot of people, obviously, and I guess that's what happened.

Suzie: Were they orgy parties?

Mel: No.

Suzie: Is that a different thing?

Mel: Yeah, that is a different thing. But I think, yeah, obviously you would go off. But they're also parties where they just kind of do it there. Yeah, but not altogether. So I don't know today whether obviously there are still swinging parties. Where are these swing parties? I don't know. Are they in like a sort of club format? Somebody needs to tell.

Suzie: I know.

Mel: This is the thing. Are they like these parties where people sign up for stuff like sex party? I don't know. I've never been to sex party. You tell me. Have you been to sex party?

Suzie: No, and I've always wanted to go.

Mel: This is very shocking to me.

Suzie: It's shocking to me, Mel, I need to go to a sex party.

Mel: There's all this stuff goes on in this city. Well, in every city, but I've just.

Suzie: Never found the right. Some of these communities are like a little weird. You know what I think? And we've discussed this with some of our guests on, but you know, when it's like, you get that disgust factor.

Mel: Oh, my God. And then you can't get all the time.

Suzie: Well, I know you definitely, but if you're like, that's it. I can't get turned on more. So now I'm like, if I go to one of these parties, I'm going to have to do some drugs or something. And I think that's what mostly happened.

Mel: Because then you kind of have to.

Suzie: Just keep on being turned on. Because if your disgust factor takes over in your brain and one of these swinger parties, like, you don't want to. You know what I mean?

Mel: Does that make sense? Sort of. Obviously, anything fringe, and this is sort of, sort of fringe is going to attract different types of people. And some of those people may not.

Suzie: Be like, it would have to be so closed. It would have to be such a, like, I would have to know everyone who's going and approve them and be like, okay, yes, I would **** him. I would **** him. I would **** her. I would **** her. And that would be like, great.

Mel: But then you'd have to go with your partner. You can't go on your own.

Suzie: Well, that's what I would want.

Mel: Yeah, but I guess they, I don't know, maybe people still have them in their houses.

Suzie: I hope they do. And invite us. We'll come.

Mel: No, I'm not coming.

Suzie: Well, no, I'm going to go and I'm going to participate. You're going to go and you're going to take notes.

Mel: Okay, I'm taking notes. That's it. And I don't want to see anybody journalist. I don't really see anybody doing anything. And what do you do if you go with your very attractive partner? Yes. And then you meet a couple. Like where? Yeah, that's a good point. Where one person in the couple is really attractive and the other one's hideous.

Suzie: No, it would have to be hot. You don't **** any of them.

Mel: Wow. Okay.

Suzie: Or maybe we **** the girl because she's hot and the guy can jerk off in the corner.

Mel: Well, that's a whole different thing.

Suzie: But that's what I'm saying.

Mel: You're taking it into a different realm, susie. That's not singing. We're not helping this woman at all.

Suzie: Sorry.

Mel: I think that you either have to come to a place where you're going to have to talk to your partner about it, and you either are able to find some kind of middle ground where, I don't know, he gives you a hall pass.

Suzie: Yeah.

Mel: I mean, he would be a big mean. I don't mean down there a big man to let you do that, because that might open a whole pandora's box for you.

Suzie: Well, that's the problem also, right where it's like, do you really want that? Because then you're never going to look at your husband the same.

Mel: Yeah. So I think you should actually ask yourself, really, what is it that you want? Is it that you're actually having issues in your marriage and you're bored and you don't find your husband sexy and blah, blah, blah. And you obviously can't say that to him because that's really cruel. But you are going to have to find some way of bridging a conversation about your sex life. And maybe if he doesn't want to do this, which is perfectly understandable, is maybe find a way of doing something else that's fun and sexy, that takes you out of the home with the children. So, I don't know, you go away, you dress up as furries. I don't know what the hell. Mel loves a go. I don't know. Here's an idea. You go away for the weekend, obviously get yourself a babysitter. Yeah, I know that.

Suzie: Invite a.

Mel: No, no. There's no prossies in this. So get yourself. Hopefully granny and Grandpa can take the kids because it's very expensive babysitting. Go to the nicest hotel you can afford. Get yourself some underwear. And you don't need to spend lots of money on that. No, you don't, let's say, meet in the bar. Pretend you don't know each other. Yes. Have your raincoat on with being naked underneath.

Suzie: Underneath.

Mel: And have a silly conversation and pretend you didn't know. And then go back and ravage each other.

Suzie: I mean, have you done this before, Mel? It's like she's an expert. But I'm just saying, think of things.

Mel: Think of things that take you outside of your life, that you are clearly finding very boring.

Suzie: And that's good advice.

Mel: And you could actually also do it in an evening. Like, you could go, let's say, go out for a drink. You don't even have to, if you can't afford to go for a meal and drink. And I know the kids and blah, blah. Go for it. Meet for lunch, I don't know, while they're at school.

Suzie: Sexy lunch.

Mel: And go for sexy lunch. Go for a sexy date.

Suzie: Go to a midday treat. Yeah.

Mel: And just think. Be creative, be imaginative. Do you like that?

Suzie: I do.

Mel: So talk about that instead. Why don't you try and make your own life sexier? Yeah.

Suzie: Have sex in the car.

Mel: Exactly. That's also very uncomfortable.

Suzie: I was like, just kidding.

Mel: Don't do that. Taking me back to the swing.

Suzie: I love. Has sex in the car.

Mel: Well, if you can manage it, it's just like.

Suzie: It's a nice thing to do once in a while.

Mel: Yeah. As long as you don't get arrested. Yeah.

Suzie: Is it getting arrested?

Mel: I think you get arrested in some countries, yeah.

Suzie: But that's the catchy bell.

Mel: Well, I told you this summer that Max was walking somewhere and I was like, were you guys having sex with the car? Yeah, we weren't having sex with the car. And he was walking and we were in super big car. Yeah. We weren't here, and it was like a car park and there weren't many cars. There was this car, and he was just walking by it. And in Europe, the cars are very small. There's tiny cars, like. And then he just saw sort of bums flailing around, then realized it was two men. Oh, my God.

Suzie: Two men.

Mel: Yeah. And that was for, like, wow, that's interesting. Bit of *** to my. A bit of ***. *** in the middle. But you see, they got it going.

Suzie: And afternoon delight. Nothing to do with the swinging. Anyway, maybe do.

Mel: So my advice is you're finding your life boring and you're getting very bogged down in the mundane.

Suzie: That is the real problem.

Mel: Blah.

Suzie: Yeah.

Mel: So try and find ways to take your couple outside of the blah and do some fun stuff. And I understand that money. I have no idea. They haven't said but. Or she hasn't said that money. But for most people who got kids, money today is a ****** issue. And going out for dinner and staying in hotels. So just be a bit creative.

Suzie: Do a once a month thing.

Mel: Yeah, once a month. Or write a story.

Suzie: Make it a priority.

Mel: Or maybe here's another idea. Write a scenario. So give each other a bit of homework and say you write your sort of sexy scenario and I'll write my, and then play the scene out.

Suzie: Or just like read a book of erotica together. Or listen to erotica together.

Mel: There are lots of things. And you can stay, like, if you find this, like, oh, my God, I can't do that. Start somewhere. Start slow.

Suzie: Watch **** together. It's the easiest way to get it.

Mel: Yeah, write your sexy whatever thing. Do your sexy rendezvous. Meet in the pub. Pretend you don't know each other. Meet all over again. Fall in love all over again.

Suzie: Smoke a joint and have some.

Mel: I mean, it's easy to do that in Canada.

Suzie: It's not where it's legal, obviously.

Mel: Yeah, those are my ideas.

Suzie: I think they're pretty, well, I think they're excellent. If you guys have any other ideas.

Mel: About spicing it up.

Suzie: Spicing it up. But also, maybe she should just become a swinger because she wants to, and maybe everyone should just live their lives.

Mel: Or she should just have an open relationship.

Suzie: Anyways, what do you guys think you guys could tell You guys can leave us a little voicemail if you want to tell us about it, send us an email. You guys can dm us at sharingmytruthpod on insta. And we love you.

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Suzie: Bye bye.

Mel: Three, two, one. Yeah.

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