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Episode 58  -  The Truth About sugaring
Melany Krangle & Suzie Sheckter

Mel: That bloke there doesn't have a ******.

Suzie: A ******. Isn't that like something on Kombucha?

Mel: No. So ******'* got to rhyme. So I'll give you a clue. That bloke doesn't have a ****** Doo. So ****** Doo's got a match with the word.

Suzie: Is that a snack?

Mel: No, that bloke doesn't have a boobie. Doesn't have a clue. But you don't have to say ****** Doo. You just have to say ******.

Suzie: So he means that Bloke doesn't have a clue.

Mel: But he doesn't say that Bloke doesn't have a clue. He says that bloke doesn't have a ****** because ****** Doo matches with clue.

Suzie: You don't have country, but you don't.

Mel: Have to say ****** Doo. You just have to say ******.

Suzie: It's like that blog doesn't have a ******.

Mel: Here comes trouble.

Suzie: What's that?

Mel: So trouble and strife means wife. So if you say here comes trouble, it means here comes the wife.

Suzie: God help me.

Mel: There you go. Three, four. Welcome.

Suzie: Is sharing my truth with Mel and Susie the uncensored version where we bear it all?

Mel: We do.

Suzie: And hello. And hello.

Mel: And welcome back to shirk my truth with Mel and Suzie.

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Mel: But yeah.

Suzie: Hi, babes.

Mel: Hello, darling.

Suzie: He hi.

Mel: Hello. How are you?

Suzie: Oh, I'm excellent. And yourself, darling?

Mel: I'm fabulous. Just fabulous, darling. With the old accent.

Suzie: I know. I've been working on my british accent and I actually think it's getting worse.

Mel: It might be.

Suzie: Is that what happens?

Mel: It could be. Yeah.

Suzie: I'm no Margot Robbie, but.

Mel: Margot Robbie, she's australian.

Suzie: I know, but just because she can go through accents like nobody's ******* ******* business.

Mel: Has she ever done an english accent?

Suzie: Yeah, she played like some queen of something.

Mel: Did she? Yeah.

Suzie: She's incredibly.

Mel: She is very good. Yeah. I will give her that. I haven't seen Barbie yet in the full thing.

Suzie: I'm not kidding.

Mel: Sure. I just feel I might get a bit bored with it. Yeah.

Suzie: I'm not saying it's the best movie I've ever seen. Like, I think it's a bit overrated, but I do believe that it's a good movie. And I think you would like it just because it's kind of funny and it's not for kids.

Mel: Yeah.

Suzie: You know what I mean?

Mel: I know because I watched the beginning because I have it on my crazy tv system at home, and I was like, okay, you lost me. When they've got all the barbies in the sort of deserty thing. Yeah. I was like, okay, that's it. That's all I get. I know.

Suzie: That was not okay.

Mel: That was enough. That was enough. Like I said, I don't meditate. I haven't got type.

Suzie: That's it.

Mel: Stop. Go.

Suzie: Well, at least she knows what she wants, people.

Mel: That's true. And a very important thing happened to me this week.

Suzie: Oh, my God. Please tell me a mel story.

Mel: I found out I haven't watched Saltburn. Saltburn? Yes. But I have found out why. In all these TikTok and Instagram things, like, people are sitting around. It's like a thing. They get their family to watch Saltburn.

Suzie: We do still need to watch it, though.

Mel: We should watch it in entirety because.

Suzie: I've heard really ****** up things. But I want to watch it.

Mel: Yeah. But I was informed by one of my daughters what the scene is that they're all watching.

Suzie: It's not just the one scene.

Mel: No. I think it's several.

Suzie: Multiple scenes of a lot ****** up.

Mel: **** involving penises and sort of inanimate.

Suzie: And blood, I'm sure. Other things.

Mel: Extremely peculiar. Yeah. And this the one with the bathtub. Now I know what it is, and I'm not going to ruin it for everyone.

Suzie: Yeah, there's a bathtub scene, but I.

Mel: Understand why people's face just goes, yeah.

Suzie: I think we should watch it together. And I think we should watch it with your husband. And then maybe we should just invite your neighbors over just for a nice movie.

Mel: Yeah. And a spare granny walking down the street. Come and watch Saltburn.

Suzie: Absolutely.

Mel: And it's all set in England. It's all full of english people, which doesn't say much about us, of course, that we're all raging perverts. You are. Yeah.

Suzie: That's why I love you, babe.

Mel: Oh, thanks.

Suzie: Okay, well, today we're going to be talking about a little bit of a sugar and spice and everything.

Mel: Nice. We are. What are we talking about?

Suzie: Sugaring. Yes.

Mel: Which we found out what it means because I didn't know that there was a verb to sugar. I do obviously know what a sugar baby sugar daddy apparently sugar mummy is, but I didn't know there was a term called.

Suzie: Yeah, I honestly, when you said, hey, suze, let's do an episode on sugaring, I was like, why are we talking about waxing? And then I realized that it's actually about sugar babies.

Mel: It's the umbrella term for the sugaring spectrum. The sugaring community. Exactly.

Suzie: Love it.

Mel: If you're a sugar baby, a sugar daddy, a sugar mummy, or is there.

Suzie: Any sugar sugar brother? Is there a thing in between?

Mel: You're under the sugaring umbrella. So if you were to entertain this thought, or you'd be interested, you would go to a sugaring website, and that's what it's called. And you'd either be the person purchasing the sugaring or speaking arrangements. Yeah, I mean, I suppose that's how they get away with it legally, because they technically say there's no sex. You're like, yeah, right.

Suzie: Like, you've got to be ******* kidding me.

Mel: Well, supposedly. I guess there's some Od people that don't. They just want to talk or something. I don't know. I mean, that just sounds bizarre.

Suzie: That sounds boring as well.

Mel: Or they just want to get some young girl or young man and buy them stuff. I mean, why would you want to do that?

Suzie: Well, there are relationships where men, older men, usually just want to take care of a younger woman for whatever that reason is. And if this is you, call me. But there are older men out there that just want to take care of a woman that don't want anything back.

Mel: Yeah, I think that's extremely rare.

Suzie: I want to find this person. Do you want this platonic relationship with Lil Sue's? I'll be happy. I'll happily go to dinner with you if I get a $500 check at the end of it.

Mel: Yeah, and you're very $500.

Suzie: That's not enough for just dinner. I take that you do that once a day.

Mel: You'd have multiple sugar.

Suzie: Yeah, why not? No, I just have one. Do you have a sugary one? He wants to go for dinner every day. Sure.

Mel: So you're a sugary and they're a sugarer. I don't know, but I find the whole thing. Fascinating. And part of the reason I thought about it, two things happened, which is a little od.

Suzie: No, I love.

Mel: It is. I was watching a show, as I told you in our latest last episode, that I'm a content *****. And I love watching stuff. It's like how I relax.

Suzie: *****.

Mel: Yeah, I'm a *****. And it was in this completely random show. And I watch a lot of british shows, british dramas, obviously, and ofs. Yeah. And this, of all people, it was a police woman. But anyway, policewoman, she said, because it was like a crime thing. Okay. And she mentioned sugaring. I was like, what does that mean? And I found out. But then shortly after that, there was an event. Nothing to do with me. No, but my husband, every week, he likes my lottery tickets because he always.

Suzie: Says, I've been getting into those actually, lately.

Mel: I've never bought one in my entire life. But he buys everywhere he goes in the world, he buys a lottery ticket because he's like, if you don't buy them, you can't win. Which is a very good point.

Suzie: True. Very good point.

Mel: He never spends a lot of money and he always wins, like, little prizes and then.

Suzie: Yeah, who gets your money back kind of thing.

Mel: And then you just. All the time. And he loves it. He loves a flutter. Do you know what that means? No. That's the english word for gambling.

Suzie: So he loves the flutter.

Mel: Anyway, so he goes to our local corner store, which we would call a news agent, but you call a corner store.

Suzie: Corner store.

Mel: And the lady who runs it, who owns it, the husband, is very convenient store. Yeah, convenient store. That's very nice young woman, like in her thirty s. And she's like very chatty. And she's like really nice. And she knows what's going on in the neighborhood. And Max is very chatty. They always have a little chat about, let's say there's a new store, a new restaurant. Like, she always knows the golf happening, right? She knows what's going on. Love that. Like when it's opening and all this sort of stuff. Anyway, he's in there one day because obviously he's there every week. And this man comes in. Obviously I wasn't there. So this is a second hand story. Who was sort of in his. This sort of young woman that clearly wasn't his daughter.

Suzie: Clearly wasn't. What were they like? Grabbing ***? Like, what was the.

Mel: Sure, maybe it's the way she was dressed. A little tarty, a little ***** up, skanky hair out stuff. And anyway, they do their little thing by something. They say, hi to the lady, how are you? A little chat, blah, blah, blah. And they leave. And then immediately they leave. The woman goes, okay, so I'm going to tell you the goss on my husband Max. And he's like, okay, what is it? And so apparently he's this guy who lives in my neighborhood. I'm sure there are very many in my neighborhood, but he's a sugar daddy and she's a sugar baby. And the arrangement is, according to the lady who runs the convenience store, is he pays for her rent and her car. Okay, they do have sexual interludes and they have a nice time and go out and whatever. But that's the agreement. That's the arrangement. He pays her rent in her car and she lives with her boyfriend, and her boyfriend knows. And all she has to do, I guess, is sleep with this old guy.

Suzie: Is she sleeping with him, though?

Mel: I believe that was the information that was relayed because this girl has told the ladies around the convenience store, which I thought was a lot of ******* information to take, but I thought was very funny. Okay, I have a critical that made me think about sugaring.

Suzie: Is the boyfriend a pimp?

Mel: Well, my first thought was, he's a bit of a ****, really, isn't he? Maybe he's a sugary, too. Maybe sugar's.

Suzie: Maybe he's a sugar baby from a sugar mummy.

Mel: But what if he has a sugar daddy? And then we go back to one of our steps, then they've got a.

Suzie: What if it's the same sugar daddy? What if they have the same.

Mel: Oh, my God.

Suzie: Sugar daddy.

Mel: Do you know, that must be a thing. That must be a thing. It must be.

Suzie: But I kind of love it.

Mel: I don't think it is in this case, but it must be a thing. Let's face it, everything else is a thing. That must be a thing.

Suzie: No, I love it, but he is.

Mel: Totally okay with it. And I just think. I think that's a bit ******, really.

Suzie: He's happy because he doesn't have to pay for stuff. Like he doesn't want to. He doesn't want to pay for her rent. He doesn't want to pay rent.

Mel: It's their rent.

Suzie: It's their rent. He doesn't want to pay for any rent, which rent is a genius.

Mel: I mean, clearly. But this is basically, yes, he's a pimp and she's a prozzie. It is prostitution. I'm not in any way judging her because if she is doing that, I.

Suzie: Love this for her.

Mel: That's totally up to her.

Suzie: Maybe the sugar daddy is better at sex.

Mel: There is always that possibility. But in which case I sort of feel she should be with him. But then maybe that's not what he wants, is it?

Suzie: Well, maybe it's not what either. There's no future with the sugar daddy.

Mel: Well, why not? Because he can't have. You don't want children with it if.

Suzie: That'S what she wants. Obviously we're just making this up for the people that we don't want this whole story.

Mel: But it led me to think about this whole thing. And then I saw, like I said, I heard the term sugaring in this show and I was like, I wonder. And it is obviously a thing. People do sort of talk about sugar daddies and sugar babies and it is a thing. And you're like, yeah, I don't know. Apparently if you want to find a sugaring. Do you like my situation? You go to a sugaring website. Okay, apparently.

Suzie: Are we talking about seeking arrangements? Are we talking about like, there's many sugaring websites and is that just a form to solicit prostitution?

Mel: I think there are lots, yeah, I think you can get any form, much like dating sites.

Suzie: Is it just like escorting? Escorting?

Mel: I think you can. Well, obviously that's not legal, is it? In this country? It is in some.

Suzie: Isn't escorting legal because you're not really sleeping with them?

Mel: Technically.

Suzie: Well, paying everything they can pay for a service.

Mel: Technically it's all of it. But I mean, there are different levels of sugaring, aren't there? So there are people who, it seems odd, but yeah, he just wants to pay and they get together and chat and go out for dinner or they may be if you're an older man or an older woman and you just kind of want a companion. I mean, I guess that is possible. I guess it's possible. It used to be called, you're going to find this funny. In the old days it used to be called a walker.

Suzie: Well, like a street walker.

Mel: No. So if you were like particularly older women, okay. My dad would always say, oh, that's that woman's walker. It was a term, it's a very british term. Is that, let's say she's an older woman. She's in her, I guess, fifty s, sixty s, seventy s, whatever. Her husband, she's either divorced or she's a widow or whatever and she wants to go out for dinner or to a party or to something like a play, some kind of event. And you normally have somebody compat, you know, somebody you get those invites? Well, I don't know if they did. They don't redo it anymore. You and a guest kind of thing. And you want somebody to go with you. So you don't feel like a sort of spare part, like an escort? No. So you don't feel like you're on your own. So you'd have a guy in your life who would just come with you to these things, but you don't actually have a relationship with. Does that make sense? And he'd be the walker.

Suzie: I just can't even believe this exists. I've never heard of this in my life.

Mel: Yeah, it does. Because you could have a friend, and I can think, actually, my aunt has a friend who has a guy. Exactly. That he just takes her to events. Not my aunt, it's her friend. They're not in a relationship or anything. It's just if you're invited to a party or a wedding or you have some posh event to go to, or you want to go to dinner or you want to do anything, that you kind of need a plus one, and you kind of like this person, but you don't want to be in a relationship with them. That's what they are. They're a walker. And I guess in those situations, you might actually be the person who pays. That would make sense, wouldn't it? That would make sense. I never actually clarified that piece of information, but I think in that sense, and then the sugar daddy thing, and obviously, we always talk about sugar daddies. Nobody really talks about sugar mummies.

Suzie: Not enough.

Mel: No. And there must be sugar mummies. There must be.

Suzie: Of course there is.

Mel: I. E. Milks.

Suzie: And also, I think also, maybe this is just me making an assumption, but I think this sugar baby thing, sugar daddy, sugar mommy, whatever, is very prevalent in actually the gay community.

Mel: Yes.

Suzie: Where there's a lot of sugar daddies with the sugar babies, obviously gay, and there's, like, lesbians with their sugar mommies and whatever. And I think it's actually way more prevalent in the gay community, and we are just kind of oblivious to it.

Mel: Yeah, it's funny. I did see a TikTok the other day, and it's some couple where the guy is this really. He doesn't look it, but he's much, much older, very, very wealthy, and the boyfriend's, like, 23, gay couple, and he just buys him all these amazing things. Of course it's a TikTok, so it's probably bullshit, but still.

Suzie: Yeah, see, that's the thing. I am 100% here for the sugaring.

Mel: Community, the sugaring benefits. You just don't want the downsides. I don't want to sleep with having to sleep with a saggy old bullsack.

Suzie: Yeah.

Mel: I'm not against it.

Suzie: If he knows what he's doing.

Mel: Right.

Suzie: But it's not my first choice. No, but like we said on our age Gappers episode, sometimes you just click with someone and maybe that person also pays for your rent and that's okay.

Mel: Yeah, sure. I guess sugaring, a lot of young women got into it. Like, if they're studying or something. Like they got something and got to pay for. Yeah. And life is so ****** expensive. Yeah, okay, it is. But I think, like anything, I think the idea probably seems like, oh, I can do that. That's easy. And then maybe it isn't. But I don't know. But again, no judgment for me. Literally, no, if you want to do that, I don't think it's necessarily the best idea, but I think it's great if you want to do it.

Suzie: I think it's going to save money. It's a great investment in your life once you just travel and be yourself and who needs a job?

Mel: Well, there is that. I mean, I wouldn't be very pleased if my daughters were doing it.

Suzie: Why?

Mel: I just think, well, especially if they.

Suzie: Wouldn'T have to rely on you anymore.

Mel: That's true. But especially if they had a boyfriend, I think, wow.

Suzie: What do they want.

Mel: The boyfriend for exactly? Point.

Suzie: You wouldn't respect the boyfriend very much.

Mel: But what does he do? What does he add to the equation? I mean, quite frankly, if you've got your rent paid for, you've got your car paid for, you've got your clothing, you're having sex with this man, you're going out. What do you need the boyfriend for?

Suzie: I 100% agree with you.

Mel: For God's sake, you need some downtime. What's the boyfriend? The boyfriend brings nothing to the table.

Suzie: Maybe he's just nice to talk to.

Mel: Oh, please.

Suzie: Anyway, so ******* funny.

Mel: But there you go. That is my foray into the world of sugaring. I knew nothing about.

Suzie: I just, I love the community. I find that this is a tale.

Mel: As old as time, Mel. Of course it is.

Suzie: And I appreciate people who are, because working in the service industry and also know walking through Yorkville once you do.

Mel: See a lot of is one thing I would say to anybody who is listening to this, who is young or a sugary, because the sugarer's got nothing to lose if he or she is wealthy and they want to spend money on someone or something or whatever. What's the difference? If it's a person? Yeah. Up to them. But the sugary. I think you have to be careful because this might well be a moment in time. And I would suspect that the sugar, the older person in this equation is interested in you because you are young and beautiful, obviously. So you're not going to be young and beautiful forever. So what are you going to do when you get old and you're maybe still beautiful? They're not going to pay your rent. So what did you. You've got to find another thing. What happens to middle aged sugarers? There's a question. Sugaring for the middle. What do you do?

Suzie: I think if you are sugary like.

Mel: Your sugar baby, where do you go?

Suzie: Where'd you go when you have your sugar daddy? Make sure that you're investing that money.

Mel: That's true.

Suzie: Make sure you're buying your hands and good investments. Birkins are excellent investments.

Mel: If you keep them well.

Suzie: Make sure he buys you an apartment. Real estate.

Mel: That's very important deed in your name.

Suzie: Exactly. Make sure that there is some savings.

Mel: Wow. You have thought about this.

Suzie: I have thought about this. If you want to be having a sugar daddy, which there's no shame in this game, okay?

Mel: But if you want to be sugared.

Suzie: If you want to be sugared, I love it. But yeah, just make sure that you're not buying stupid **** with his money. It's like, oh, that there's a point to this. And when you turn 28, like super old like myself and he's done with.

Mel: You, then you have something to look.

Suzie: Back at and be like, wow, I made so much money.

Mel: Wow. From this. It's a bit like being a **** star in your could be an older **** star because then you become a milk. I think you get a bit sick of it, wouldn't you? I would assume so.

Suzie: The holes get tired.

Mel: It's a question I've actually thought of.

Suzie: My hole gets tired at the end of the week.

Mel: Wow.

Suzie: And I know I'm not having as much sex as a **** star.

Mel: No. Although I wish. No. Yes. And we have gone off track now and then they have to have sex in their private life. So that's another question for another podcast.

Suzie: **** stars.

Mel: Well, yeah, I actually would like to an interview with **** star. Because what I'd like to know is do you get really sick of it in your private life? Do you think, oh God, I can't be doing this all day.

Suzie: It's like that doctor thing where it's like your husband's a gynecologist and he's like, oh, if I see one more ******* ****** today, you know what I mean? Do you think that guy's going to go down on you? I don't think so. Do you think he's seen like 20 vaginas that day?

Mel: On the subject of this, I do have a funny one thing I did forget to say about sugaring. Going back to sugar, please, as a.

Suzie: Source, just get back on track.

Mel: And this is an excellent source. Wikipedia, you'll love it. According to Wikipedia, sugaring is a dating practice where a person receives money, gifts, support, or other financial and material benefits in exchange for a dating like service. The person who receives the gift is called a sugar baby. While they're playing. Oh, paying. I thought it's playing. Their paying partner is called a sugar daddy or sugar mummy.

Suzie: Well, as long as Wikipedia says it.

Mel: Well, then must be clearly absolutely the truth. And to going to the.

Suzie: I want to go on one of these websites just to see what it's like. Just to see what kind of guys or girls I'm getting to talk to me.

Mel: Right.

Suzie: And what they offer.

Mel: Actually, this one here says I'm a sugar baby., doing some advertising for you. Yes. I'm a sugar baby who gets paid $500 per date. There you go. That's exactly. But that does seem a lot. How many dates did you go on a week?

Suzie: Imagine you're going on five dates a week.

Mel: They don't all have to be in the evening. You could go for lunch. Do you get $500 if you ****?

Suzie: Yeah, it's part of my time. Wow, $500 an hour, let's say. Wow, I'm like a lawyer now.

Mel: Oh, here we go. This is very important., the seven types of sugar daddy relationships. I don't think this requires a huge amount of imagination. Sugaring. Sugaring in the US. What? This is very od. Okay, so I just want to say this to you because this is very important. You've lost it.

Suzie: There's nothing here.

Mel: So we're just going to forget about that. Okay? Here I was thinking, wow, I'm such a fact finder. I'm a fact finder and I have nothing.

Suzie: Okay, what about the seven types of sugar dotties?

Mel: Well, that's what you were exactly. That's what you were looking exactly.

Suzie: Oh, and then it says sugar prostitution. And it's like, whoa, that's dark, baby.

Mel: That's really lovely.

Suzie: Oh. Sugar daddy, meet sugar daddy. Meet is the number one sugar daddy dating site for successful, generous and men and attractive, classy women.

Mel: Oh, so it's only for old.

Suzie: Join us now.

Mel: So it's not.

Suzie: That's what it looks like.

Mel: Yeah.

Suzie: Should I join it? See what happens?

Mel: Do you think there are going to be.

Suzie: Okay, wait, this is actually so interesting.

Mel: Sugar babies than sugar mummies.

Suzie: So I've just gone on to

Mel: Meet as in a piece of meat? No, to meet.

Suzie: To meet up. To meet up. Not a piece of meat.

Mel: I'm finding out.

Suzie: Okay, so sugar daddy meet. Meet.

Mel: Yes. Okay. Yes.

Suzie: Got it.

Mel: I'm with it. Okay.

Suzie: So it says that it has selective members. So you have to be actually hot.

Mel: To be in it. Yeah. You want to pass.

Suzie: And it's the largest dedicated sugar daddy dating site. This is not an ad for this, by the way. We're just doing research.

Mel: Yeah, we're doing research.

Suzie: Okay, so this is what I found interesting. So join if you're a successful, generous man, blah, blah, blah, looking for an honest relationship, whatever.

Mel: And then, I mean, please.

Suzie: This is what I found interesting. Join if you're an attractive, classy woman looking for a mentor. This is how they get away with this.

Mel: Well, they have to by law. I mean, they can't say, look, come here, look. You got a big wallet and a big ***** and have, you know, lots.

Suzie: Of time and we advertise like this. Isn't this false advertising? Mel, can you ask your lawyer?

Mel: Yeah, I should, but no, it sounds like they really are. I've done well to be right between the lines there.

Suzie: Oh my God.

Mel: But I'd love to know what the vetting process is because they can't meet these people in person. So what if you. They can't, right? So what if you sent in a fake photo, you know, like people do on dating sites and they put lots of photos in very nice angles or perhaps of them ten years ago.

Suzie: Oh my God.

Mel: This is. I wonder how they check. Funny. Do you think you have to send bank statements or something? If you're the sugar daddy, how do they know that you're wealthy?

Suzie: Oh my God, this is just so funny. There's like all this weird **** on their website, first date ideas. Oh, and they have a whole community on here. This is the sugar rain. Community is on

Mel: Yeah, well, obviously.

Suzie: Oh my God.

Mel: And I guess if you want that type of thing, I am going to apply for this.

Suzie: Just to see. Just to see.

Mel: Okay.

Suzie: No one get crazy just to see literally how these people work, because I am interested. These are from all over the world.

Mel: How old do you have to be?

Suzie: I would assume plus 18.

Mel: So what happens if you're sugar diet? Do you have to be in the same place?

Suzie: I would assume so. I mean, you probably can say that whenever you're signing up.

Mel: Wow.

Suzie: Is this not the funniest thing ever?

Mel: It is pretty amazing.

Suzie: Oh, you must be 19 years or older to sign up.

Mel: Yeah. Well, that makes sense.

Suzie: So one of your daughters can, but.

Mel: Oh, great. I'm so pleased.

Suzie: Okay, well, let's hear from you guys. If you guys are a sugar baby, a sugar daddy, someone who likes sugar. I definitely do. If you have a story to tell, if you are someone we've just described, if your best friend is, if your father is, and you found his phone and you figured it out that he's on sugar daddy meets, and you found his girlfriend and you went to their house and you saw them making out, and your mom was actually on the sidewalk also watching and your dog was running across the street. What a story.

Mel: Wow. You've given this a little bit too much thought, a little too invested in that.

Suzie: Just send us that story. That's the story.

Mel: I definitely think I'd love to hear the stories. I'm obviously a little suspicious as an older woman, of the sugar daddy's intentions.

Suzie: Well, just go to and you can send us a voicemail. Maybe not, if it's super long. Please send us an email because we just want to read it and dm us on sharing my truth pod.

Mel: Yeah, definitely. And on the subject of that, so we do get comments after our podcast. And our latest podcast, which was about, was a write in from a listener about their boyfriend who she knew was bisexual but kind of vocated in the beginning, and then she's a bit like, not so sure now. What does that mean? Is he going to cheat with a man? Obviously. So I'd say we had a few people write in, but the main comment they said was that this one is that they were with their boyfriend for a few years and then they just sort of brought it up and said, this one is, he just came out as bisexual, like one day, like, oh, by the way, over the cornflakes in the morning. By the way, I'm a little bit bi.

Suzie: So how do they deal with it?

Mel: Well, this woman said, not very well. That I think is fairly ****. I understand why it's hard, but if you've been with somebody for many years, unless you were in confusion during that period. But if you knew and you were hiding it, that really isn't very fair.

Suzie: That's what's so hard about it. Right. I think a lot of, especially older people, and I don't know how old this person is. No, but a lot of older people are kind of still figuring it out because they were never allowed to be their normal self for sure. But, yeah, if you know and you are, just be like, you try to hide it and then obviously you can't hide it anymore because you want to sleep with the other. Like, you have to tell that person up, straight up, but you're just wasting their time. Or being very. What is that word, Mel? Untruthful?

Mel: Well, yeah, because the assumption is going to be that you have cheated, obviously.

Suzie: Is that the assumption? Of course not my assumption.

Mel: Why would be my assumption. I'd be like, if you haven't told me this right, then you've obviously been doing whatever you've been doing and just haven't told me the truth.

Suzie: Oh, interesting.

Mel: You would like, be suspicious. This is a big friggin thing. Yeah. Or anything to do with not being honest about any sort of real facet of yourself, however hard it should be. I mean, really, what's the point in being in a relationship? Yeah, I mean, I appreciate it's hard, but then you're not really in a relationship with the actual person, aren't you? You're in a relationship with the version of that person. Yeah. Not the actual person. Because if you're bisexual, that is a huge part of who you are.

Suzie: No, I agree.

Mel: Of course, being honest about it and open about it is obviously going to affect who you are.

Suzie: I just find it so weird that this happened and they just said this, and then how do you expect your partner to react? Like, oh, great, no problem.

Mel: Well, I mean, I assume in most cases it's where they've just don't know what to do. Don't know what to do. Haven't said about anything. Just left it, left it, left it. And then it gets to this sort of literal explosion point. They've got to do something.

Suzie: And that's like anything that's not just being bisexual, that's like, it doesn't matter. You like a little ****. You don't have your ****, you got to do it. You know what I mean? Like anything.

Mel: You often seem to like bringing things back to ****.

Suzie: Think it's funny? I think it's a funny word.

Mel: It is a funny word, but that's.

Suzie: Like anything you're like a little bdsm. You haven't told your partner. And you're like, well, by the way, I like this. And you're like, well, I've known you for two years. You never brought it up. So this is a little weird.

Mel: Yeah.

Suzie: I like peeing in sex. You haven't told me about this. That's a little weird.

Mel: Yeah. That could be a very interesting thing to just suddenly bring up. Yeah, that's a lot. I like to have a quick. No. Yeah. Anyway, quick pee. Yeah, not for you. Nice.

Suzie: Golden shower. I know, I hate it, but not judging anyone who likes it.

Mel: No, I mean, go for it. If you like it and the other person likes it up, make sure. Just have a shower.

Suzie: All right?

Mel: Not just the golden shower.

Suzie: No, I know. Jesus Christ. One with water.

Mel: All right, well, that's really all I have to say on this.

Suzie: Love you guys so much.

Mel: Please.

Suzie: If you do have a story on golden showers or sugar babies, either or both.

Mel: Bisexual couples. I mean, any of it.

Suzie: Yeah, send us a little DM. You guys know what to do.

Mel: You do.

Suzie: We love you so much.

Mel: Until next time, thanks so much for listening. Please rate and review this podcast and follow us on social at sharingmytruthpod and leave us a voicemail on our, to share your stories and experiences with us. We'll see you next time.

Suzie: Bye bye. Three, two, one. Yeah, don't get.

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