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Episode 2 - The Truth About Sex Toys
Hosted by Mel & Suzie

Melany Krangle & Suzie Sheckter

Speaker A: Welcome to sharing my truth with Mel and Suzie. The uncensored version where we bear it.

Speaker B: We do.

Speaker A: Welcome to Sharing My Truth. We're back, back again. Hello, little babe.

Speaker B: Hi, darling. How are you?

Speaker A: I'm so good. How are you?

Speaker B: I think I'm good.

Speaker A: You think?

Speaker B: No, I'm good. I say I think I'm good. Yeah, because I'm always saying I'm good, so I'm varying it. Okay.

Speaker A: I like that. So you're okay sometimes, but you're actually good. You're lying to the public now.

Speaker B: No, I'm generally always good, to be fair. But, you know, it goes no, I'm generally always good. Okay, good. But I've had a big week.

Speaker A: Oh, my God.

Speaker B: Stroke. Are we in the same week? I can't even remember.

Speaker A: You say you had a big stroke.

Speaker B: I definitely haven't had a stroke. I might have had a stroke.

Speaker A: Right now? Yeah.

Speaker B: All right. Now. No, I've had a big week. I've forgotten what day it was. Is.

Speaker A: I forgot. Could be I think it was on Wednesday. Maybe I'm wrong.

Speaker B: Yeah. So we're talking about my birthday.

Speaker A: Guess what? 50.

Speaker B: I'm actually totally at piece of it.

Speaker A: Now because you've accomplished so many things. I feel like not everyone can say they've done so much of what you've done in your life. Right.

Speaker B: Sweet of you to say no, because you have.

Speaker A: It's just the truth. It's worth speaking the truth.

Speaker B: We are sharing the truth. Women. It's tough. And my husband's younger than me, only a year.

Speaker A: I think that's sexy. A little cougar mama.

Speaker B: Yeah. I'm into the toy boys. But Max is such a toy boy to you too.

Speaker A: I mean, you did so well, obviously. He did so well.

Speaker B: Obviously.

Speaker A: Well, absolutely. But the fact that he's just like I told that I was telling my friend today, I was like he literally treats her like a queen that she is and she deserves it all. And you do, and it's just so cute that he's younger than you.

Speaker B: But you have to be, otherwise what's the point? Yeah. You've got to be on that pedestal, Suzie.

Speaker A: No, I'm obsessed with it.

Speaker B: You really have.

Speaker A: So, yeah. Big 50. What did you do? 50?

Speaker B: I was in London, had a bit of a party, and then I've actually just been seeing lots of friends, which has been really nice. Nice. Went out to lunch with my husband. That was very nice. Very cute. Had birthday cake. And this was hilarious. This will make you laugh because Max wanted to buy me an English cake. What's?

Speaker A: An English cake.

Speaker B: Well, that's going to take a very long time to explain what an English cake is, but he went like a.

Speaker A: Biscuit or a cookie or a TEA and crumpets.

Speaker B: No, we have many cakes. Okay. But he went to the store that we're not going to give advertising to. Yeah. So he went to the store and said, I want you to make this cake this way because it's an english cake and my wife is English, and they were completely they just thought he was mad.

Speaker A: Does it have, like, minced meat in it or something?

Speaker B: No. They couldn't get their head around. It doesn't have icing on it's called a Victoria sponge. And it doesn't have any cream or stuff on the top. It just have icing sugar. And they said, we can't do that because this is North America and that will look good.

Speaker A: This is North America and we don't do this.

Speaker B: And he said it will look bad. So clearly English people are just **** and have **** cakes. But anyway, the cake was very nice. Good. And I enjoyed my cake with my tea because, you know, I like a cupcake.

Speaker A: You get your kitty key and you eat it too.

Speaker B: Yeah. So that was my week. There were probably other things, but that's pretty big, isn't it? I love that. Yes.

Speaker A: You're 50 ******* years old and I'm good to be so proud.

Speaker B: I'm good with it. That's a very nice way of putting it. I'm good with it. I feel the alternative is not brilliant to not being 50, if you know what I mean.

Speaker A: Oh, Jesus Christ.

Speaker B: Yeah, I feel good about it.

Speaker A: Good, you should.

Speaker B: I mean, I don't feel entirely brilliant about the wrinkly neck and all of that, but that's fine.

Speaker A: That's why they have surgeries.

Speaker B: That's true. I'm just kidding.

Speaker A: You definitely do not need a surgery. But if you wanted to, that's available.

Speaker B: Yeah, absolutely.

Speaker A: But we're no judgment zone here.

Speaker B: No, I don't judge. So that was the week, really.

Speaker A: It's lovely. Well, I'm happy for you. I'm excited to have champagne with you on Hanukkah, too. I'm very excited. We're going to celebrate the holiday, too.

Speaker B: Oh, yeah, we do. It our style.

Speaker A: I doubt it, but yeah. So today's podcast, let's get right into it.

Speaker B: Mel. Yes.

Speaker A: And maybe this will also be a part of your gift that I'm going to give you for your 50, your big five, if you know what I mean.

Speaker B: It could be I'm not sure you need to because I know what you're going to say, but, yeah, we're going.

Speaker A: To be talking about the truth about sex toys today and the wonderfulness that they are, because they've really brought many women to pleasures that I'm sure not, you know, that they wouldn't have felt before.

Speaker B: And they can't achieve otherwise. Exactly. Yeah.

Speaker A: So it's pretty amazing what technology has given us these days. If you look back, and even if you look back to the past of even olden times, the olden times, but I'm talking about the old and olden times where you can see that there is what they call what historians will call, like, oh, look at this nice statue of a marble cucumber. And I'm like, oh, you think that was a cucumber? Yeah, that's a *****. That was a ******* rock *****. Yeah. They did find that in grecian times or whatever it is.

Speaker B: Yeah.

Speaker A: Well, these things have always back, back. These things have always existed. They have.

Speaker B: But I'm proud to say the modern ***** was invented by the English.

Speaker A: Really?

Speaker B: I think the vibrating, the vibrator, I think I haven't fact checked that. But I do have a feeling that that is the truth, and that would be sense.

Speaker A: Why would it make a lot of sense? Because you guys need it.

Speaker B: Because I don't know. I just think it makes sense. Well, the English are reserved and we.

Speaker A: Need a lot of release.

Speaker B: Yeah, we need release. That's it. We need release. ****** and vibrators. And we're good. Wow.

Speaker A: So what's your favorite vibrator? I would love to know.

Speaker B: I like the little the little one? Yeah. I'm not for the clip. Yeah, I'm not big on the big ****.

Speaker A: You don't want like a twelve inch still, though.

Speaker B: I mean, some of the things you.

Speaker A: Can buy, it's actually incredible.

Speaker B: Terrifying.

Speaker A: I know.

Speaker B: Absolutely terrifying.

Speaker A: Terrifying.

Speaker B: People use people do. I don't know where they go.

Speaker A: I mean, I watch a lot of ****. I see it all. Not the thing that that isn't it.

Speaker B: Gets me off, but like an awful lot of practice. Yeah. Like, you watch this in there?

Speaker A: I just watch it for watch it, like for fascination, because I'm just like, how has that but also you had two babies.

Speaker B: I did. And we've talked about this a lot, about the size of the hole and what comes out. So I guess if it comes out, things can go in. Right. But that's the truth, isn't it?

Speaker A: Yes, it is.

Speaker B: But I think shall I tell you what I want?

Speaker A: Oh, my goodness. Please.

Speaker B: Because what I want to talk about today is, like, I'm as we said, I'm 50. When I was younger, it was still very, like, weird to buy sex was I don't think anybody talked about it. I can't think of anybody who talked about it. When I was in my 20s or teens and there was nowhere to buy a vibrator or *****. I lived we know. I've had a very peculiar life. And when I was a teenager, I lived in Rome, in Italy, and I remember once seeing them in this I think I've told you this story in this hardware store. So sort of on the one side, there were hammers and drills, and this is in the window, and on the.

Speaker A: Other side you could drill yourself.

Speaker B: Exactly. Yeah. You can't be a young woman and go into, oh, yes, sir, should I buy a hammer or Dilder? I mean, it's just not happening. Or they'd be these really sort of seedy shops with these stories sorry. Or with these men with sort of greasy ponytails and inevitably they have sort of cowboy boots, the whole pop belly. I mean, just not you don't want.

Speaker A: To go in talking about super relaxed.

Speaker B: About talking about the inner workings of your ******** with a man like that. So I don't think people just didn't I mean, didn't buy or if they bought them, it was kind of on the sly and everyone would giggle about it. I remember years ago, a bunch of my friends going to this sex store, and it was called something ridiculous, like erotica, and it was, like, pervy in terms of who it was meant to appeal to. It was just like, not for women. And they thought it was hilarious and they went around and that was basically what it was. It was not this mainstream like today, this idea of self care.

Speaker A: Well, I think you would, honestly, because it surprises me still, but I think you'd be surprised as to how many young women still are not comfortable with their own pleasure or with even other people's pleasure and putting it in their faces kind of thing. This is when I moved to Toronto, even so, this is less than seven years ago, I think. And I remember going to a sex shop with three other friends, and they had to, like and it was one of those huge ones on Young Street, and they were like, obviously, like, not the nicest stores, but you go in there and there's all things for any single person, any pleasure. So whatever. We've seen it all. We're humans, we live in Canada. We're not sheltered by any means. And they were, like, shocked, it felt like. And I was like, what was that? They're older than me. And I was like, what the ****?

Speaker B: Are they shocked?

Speaker A: I don't know. It was just like they were disturbed as to what they were saying. I was like, this isn't anything weird. This should not be something that you can't talk about. This is like, pleasure for everyone. Obviously, everyone has their own pleasure in different ways. This should be extremely normal, and maybe it's not for you, but you can't even look at it. And I think it was probably more of like the BDSM stuff that they were freaked out about. But it's like, if that's what someone likes, BDSM is the one thing that's actually about consent. Pleasure, different kind of pleasure is for everyone.

Speaker B: Probably freaked out by who knows, right? I find that for me, for my generation, that's the bit very hard to wrap my head around. Like, you think about sort of women's movement, that's what women of my age to kind of make this all normal and not seedy and weird and that young women have a problem with. It is shocking. I think, though, it is something to do with it's fairly recent years that you've got a lot more sex toy sites, and the sites are nice looking and they appeal to women. The flip side actually today is that most sex toy sites are for women and not men, and men can't find stuff, and there are lots and lots of toys for men, but they are forced to go into the CD kind of side of things. I think that in itself isn't fair, because everyone should be happy and comfortable to buy what they want, and so we've kind of gone the other way. And now you can sort of buy sex toys on what's that? I'm thinking of, like, lots of clothing sites and stuff like that.

Speaker A: Yeah. I swear to God. Eritzia you can find stuff and dynamite. You can find stuff.

Speaker B: Really? Yeah. Or Indigo. Indigo has stuff. Yeah.

Speaker A: I swear to God. You can literally get it from Potty, probably like Pottery Barn there's everywhere. But also it's in the thing of, like you can get them online too, right? Yeah. Anywhere you look, if you just look up Google, in a Google search, you can find anything you think you're looking for, and it's a beautiful thing and it's all packaged discreetly, right. Like, you don't have to tell anyone. If you list your parents or whatever it is, anyone can find and buy a *****. And you don't even need to be 18 to buy these things also.

Speaker B: Well, yeah, well, a lot of the sites, they ask you if you're 18.

Speaker A: But you know what I mean, there's not a huge I've never been in one of those stores before I was 18. I wonder what it's like. I don't know if you've had any of those experiences with your daughters or anything, or if they've asked for advice on that, because, I mean, it is a very hard conversation to probably have for, like, a parent.

Speaker B: It's just a light. If somebody was to kid your child asks you, then you can talk about.

Speaker A: It, but you can't talk to them.

Speaker B: They have to approach you. They have to know. And they pretty much know. They can ask me about anything. And they would ask me.

Speaker A: Yeah.

Speaker B: And I think we did, actually, once we were in it was dynamite, right. I think it was quite early on, they had the sex toys, sort of towards where you checked out the cashier. But I found that even strange that it was sort of in this almost tiny little bit that was a bit shameful, sort of aside, as the second thought. And I thought, Come on, if you're going to put them somewhere, if you're.

Speaker A: Going to sell it, just sell it.

Speaker B: Yeah. And so they made it a giggle factor. Right. And I can't remember which daughter I was with, and they sort of giggled because by putting it in a place which isn't prominent and a little bit like you're making it a little bit sort of shameful, which to me is just I don't know, it's just bizarre. I just don't understand it. But the thing that I am so surprised about is also young people and people of my age, they who don't know anything about what men can do, which is just like, what do you not read the Internet, you can find anything. They don't know that. And they don't understand that you can bring this in to your couple. Like they use it solo, which obviously, generally, probably that's why most people start using it. But I think a lot of particularly men have major hang ups totally. Because they think if you're bringing the sort of toy ***** in, then theirs isn't good enough. I think that must be it. Mustn't it?

Speaker A: Yeah, I think that's exactly what it is. It's mostly like, if my **** doesn't do it for you, then why would anything else?

Speaker B: Yeah, there's got to be something that.

Speaker A: Has to be it. And that's why I mean, can you imagine? I don't know what it's like for lesbians. We'll have to get one of those in the room sometime. But it would be kind of like I don't know what it's like to not have that kind of pressure. Right. Because also, just from my experience alone, I just know of the fact that I don't want to hurt a guy's feelings because it's a very sensitive subject. Because it is like that thing of like, your **** isn't good enough. But I know that's not what it is. But it's like it depends how the conversation you're afraid exactly, isn't it?

Speaker B: It just depends. And then as you get older as a woman, and particularly if you've had children, things may have rearranged themselves down below and depending the same positions don't.

Speaker A: Do the same thing anymore.

Speaker B: There's that. And if you've had a child naturally and you've ripped, then you just don't have the same feelings. And even I had two cesareans. But it was just that you're pushing. The pressure is enormous as you get older. It's horrible. You laugh, you pee. It's really all very sexy and glamorous. And so you need different things, and different things work. So you have to be very honest about that. So maybe that's part of it. Maybe if you're younger, you're in a different space. But this is the time. I have a fact for you.

Speaker A: Oh, my God. It's melt.

Speaker B: Fact check and time. Excuse me while I check my fact. Because this is from GQ magazine and it says so. And this obviously is a men's magazine because men do not understand this. They do not understand which part? That women need their ********.

Speaker A: Right, yeah.

Speaker B: They think they put the ***** in. Oh, hey ho, it all works.

Speaker A: I can't blame them, though. I didn't even know this until I was 18.

Speaker B: It's like anything you have to kind.

Speaker A: Of it's a full round education for all of us to figure it out, making sure that we know or just make it a way.

Speaker B: But it goes back to society telling us this. We've mentioned this Freud who I really personally don't like. He may be dead, but I don't like him. And sort of giving us this idea of this mature and immature orgasm which is just basically making women feel like they're not good enough, so that the way you do it is different to the way the other person does it.

Speaker A: Even though most women need them and.

Speaker B: People still don't know.

Speaker A: I know.

Speaker B: I mean, I was watching something it was a podcast the other day, and they were talking about it, and they were young, and I was like, you cannot be serious. Wait.

Speaker A: They were talking about how they didn't know?

Speaker B: No, there was this and if I could remember the show, which I can't yeah, there were three of them in the room, and the host was saying to whoever the guest was probably very famous and I should know, but I didn't know that I want you to experience. And there was a man that you should have a penetrative way out of the way she put it. Like sex. She called it a sex or something ridiculous. And it was like, what? No, maybe that I was just amazed.

Speaker A: People are still talking about it.

Speaker B: Like that millennial that you should and they were talking about them. They felt that that was necessary. Hence my facts. All right.

Speaker A: Hospital male facts.

Speaker B: So this is GQ magazine, and the fact that they have to tell men this is just terrifying. There's a 2017 study noted that 37% of women need cultural stimulation and not just penetration to reach the summit of Mount Orgasm. So adding a vibrator to the mix proves, you know, how the female body works. While they have to tell this to men, and you're as turned on by her pleasure as you are by her body, it proves you're confident and adventurous and an all around thoughtful partner. Right. So they're writing it for men. Yeah. So that they feel okay about it. Because that's part of all this stuff. Whether it's women buying toys, whether it's men buying toys, whether it's men being okay, they're brought into the bedroom or whatever it is, it's about making it. We're saying it's okay to do it, but that's the thing about human beings. We need to be validated. We need to feel that it's okay. Like, if you do it on your lonesome, you're weird or something, you have to feel that everyone else is doing it, therefore it's okay that I do.

Speaker A: Everyone else is doing it. Yeah, everyone else is doing it.

Speaker B: But I still think we're a bit precious about it. No?

Speaker A: Yeah, definitely. I love using toys in the bedroom. I can't get enough of it because it's just that added feature of fun. That's all it is. Like, if you're in an amusement park, okay, in an amusement park. Let's just go to Susie's thoughts? Okay, you're in an amusement park, and you're with everyone. It's really crowded. It's busy. There's a lot going on.

Speaker B: Okay.

Speaker A: But you're with your partner, and you have a fast pass, so you go you skip the line, and you go on that ride. And you can do it five times before the first person in line goes because you have a fast pass.

Speaker B: Yeah, a fast pass. I like it.

Speaker A: I don't know if you've ever been to a music part.

Speaker B: Of course I have, Susie. I have two children. Of course I have.

Speaker A: I just feel like you're very posh and you would not be caught dead on the roller coaster.

Speaker B: And I've done it all. I've been on all the hideous things.

Speaker A: But that's what I'm saying. I'm like, you just have a little bit extra of a fast pass and a little help. You're like, wow, this feels way better and way more fun because you can just maybe get there faster and you can do it maybe many more times.

Speaker B: I'm still stuck with you thinking I'm too posh to go to make you very posh. That's hilarious. If only you've seen me in all the things Max hasn't been. I've been everything okay.

Speaker A: Anyway, that's another whole thing.

Speaker B: And that's a bit weird that's in this conversation I think no, it's funny. Anyway, it's fine. Yeah. That's all I'm saying.

Speaker A: I'm like, yes. I think that's how I think about it. It's just a little helper. Everyone's having fun still, you know what I mean? It's not like it's deterrent of any fun. It actually just makes it way more fun.

Speaker B: Oh yeah, completely.

Speaker A: Right.

Speaker B: And the other thing is I wish they'd talk to older people. So I don't mean old like me.

Speaker A: I mean like, oh my God, you are not old.

Speaker B: Much older. That it would really help. But then they're stuck in that. Not everyone. I mean, look, a lot of people are super liberated over their sixty s, and that's 100%. And the older you get in many cases are actually having more sex.

Speaker A: Well, do we watch Grace and Frankie?

Speaker B: Of course I watched Grace.

Speaker A: But how amazing is that show? And that's like the entire second or third or whatever season is all about them making the perfect sex toy for older women. Right?

Speaker B: But Jane Fonda is super open mind. And every interview she goes on she was on this hilarious interview with what's? The guy with the ginger hair. The American guy, the interviewer. What is his name? How can you not know his and.

Speaker A: She was town ginger guy.

Speaker B: Yeah. And she was talking about sex and he was so embarrassed. And you're like, no, 80 and you're 50. Like, get a grip. He was so embarrassed about it. Everyone does it in some form or another. What are you embarrassed?

Speaker A: And she's so hot. She's obviously still so hot. And so there's so much sexual energy in her. I mean, I think it's just because she's just kept up her body so well and her health so well. But even like in Frankie what's her real name?

Speaker B: The actress? Yes.

Speaker A: She has a great name.

Speaker B: I know who you mean. I'm talking about anyway, she's a comedic actor. Yeah.

Speaker A: And she's been with Jane Fallon forever, too. Like a nine to five and stuff.

Speaker B: So, like, she's been in lots of things. Yeah.

Speaker A: She's incredible.

Speaker B: Lily Tomlin.

Speaker A: Thank you. Lily Tomlin, darling. So, like, she's funny. She's so funny and so in your face about whatever she wants to be. Right. And it makes such a huge difference when we're actually open about it, especially at an age where maybe you're not everyone is as open about it.

Speaker B: Agreed. But I actually think they approached it well and sensitively compared to, like, the latest season of Sex in the City. Although that's more my age group. Generation X. Right. But what was the new show called? It's horrible.

Speaker A: It's horrible about that time. One time something time once upon a time. It's ******* Carrie Bradshaw again.

Speaker B: And the one character who was having sex with the other character in her bathroom because in her kitchen in front.

Speaker A: Of Carrie was horrible.

Speaker B: That's what everyone does. I mean, that was just ridiculous. And I don't think that's helpful.

Speaker A: I hate soul so much.

Speaker B: Anybody?

Speaker A: This is just going to be like it's making a love hate relationship of this podcast with Sex in the City.

Speaker B: I know, because we used to love, but it's because Samantha is gone.

Speaker A: That's all it is. She was literally the best thing. It's the best thing in the world.

Speaker B: And she's never done anything else, like real well, she's been able to do the thing, like be the Samantha character. It's kind of a shame. I know. Anyway, again, we're off topic. Wow.

Speaker A: It is just about finding that right sex toy for you. And I'd say try them all.

Speaker B: Well, that's a lot of toys.

Speaker A: I don't know. You got to get a *****. You got to get a rabbit.

Speaker B: Okay. Well, they got what for everyone, I think.

Speaker A: Get a rabbit first. If you've never had one, get a rabbit first because you want to see what works best. Is it the insertion? Is it the penetration? Is it the **** stimulation? And is it the vibration?

Speaker B: What is it?

Speaker A: The rabbit?

Speaker B: Work something a little simpler and work your way out. And then everyone has their thing. And that's the other thing. Something will really work for somebody else.

Speaker A: Well, that's right.

Speaker B: But there's no ****. That's fine.

Speaker A: Yeah, but I think if you have the rabbit, you're getting kind of the best of everything because you can turn one off and one on. Right.

Speaker B: Obviously.

Speaker A: You know, so I think that's a nice thing to do if you've never done it before. I mean, a rabbit was my first sex toy.

Speaker B: Well, that was again, did that was because you watched Sex in the City?

Speaker A: No, I actually don't think it was.

Speaker B: I think it was to find out about it.

Speaker A: I don't know. I've talked about this, I think, before, but I bought it in Amsterdam, and I was like, I know this looks like the best one.

Speaker B: And how old were you?

Speaker A: I was 18.

Speaker B: Okay.

Speaker A: It was just there. It looked great. It looked fun. I got it. And it was honestly very enjoyable.

Speaker B: It was helpful.

Speaker A: It was very helpful. And then I bought the little womanizer thing. That was great, too, and that works excellently, too. But you have to find the one that works best.

Speaker B: You do.

Speaker A: And whatever that might be.

Speaker B: Absolutely. And there is the other thing, like, we talked about bringing them into your couple, that some couples don't want to do that, and that's also fine. But I think there shouldn't be this weird thing that because I know friends of mine who are very weird if their husband masturbates and they're not there, and I can't get my head around that either. So I think that you should be very honest about all this stuff, and it's not a big deal. So if you're not do it, you do it in your private time, you're alone time, and then or you don't do it together, or you do a mix, or you go from one and you move to the other. But I also think a lot of people are quite I don't have ignorance the right word, but they just it is ignorant stuff.

Speaker A: There's toys specifically for couples, though. There's **** rings, which are excellent.

Speaker B: There are all sorts of things.

Speaker A: God, just get a lot get up, get the lube, get a toy. Treat yourself.

Speaker B: Treat yourself. Your holidays are coming.

Speaker A: Yeah, they are.

Speaker B: And you should absolutely treat yourself.

Speaker A: And guess what? We have a little code for anyone who does want to treat themselves.

Speaker B: We do.

Speaker A: And that code is Ms 20. And that means you get 20% off if you go to That's vibr eight t o off ms 20.

Speaker B: Everything.

Speaker A: That's everything. So that's when you can treat yourself the most.

Speaker B: That's when you can treat yourself. But do make sure you get some lube and read the instructions, because not all lube goes with some toy. You got to be very careful and get the wash stuff, because I'm terrified by the fact that people use sex toys and they don't they don't wash them, and it just ill skews the pun blows my mind that they actually do well. I told you about that thing. I read in the magazine where this man had was with this woman and they were having fun, and they were in their fifty s, and then he'd used it with another woman, and then she got chlamydia. Like, what?

Speaker A: I can't deal with that story.

Speaker B: That's not and like I said, you get close to it, sniff it. I think you know it's.

Speaker A: Oh my God. Absolutely not for me.

Speaker B: No, but get the wash, for God.

Speaker A: Get the ******* wash. Get the whole thing. Get a butt plug. Yeah, butt plug, who cares?

Speaker B: Right?

Speaker A: You got this 20% off. Go get whatever you want.

Speaker B: Whatever. Prostate massage.

Speaker A: Hell yeah.

Speaker B: And even that's another thing I would like to highlight older men who have erectile dysfunction, which is very common. And also that's a huge thing that is shrouded in shame. And I don't just mean men in their sixty s, I mean men in their forty s. And it can be for a whole load of reasons. It can be physical, it can be mental stress, it can be so many things, but they don't even know. I don't think most men I know in their 40s know that you can have a prostate orgasm, although there's a lot written about it. But if you are having problems with your *****, you can get pleasure in a different way. And then actually it could help you to kind of get outside of it. Things like sexual dysfunction becomes this sort of vicious circle and you just get more and more depressed about it and it doesn't work. And it goes on to find something else that works for a bit, which.

Speaker A: Might be a prostate mistake. That's amazing.

Speaker B: And there's lots of research also about prostate cancer and getting your prostate to work, because prostate cancer is much lower in the gay community than it is.

Speaker A: Because they're having just stimulated because they're stimulating it.

Speaker B: Yeah, and I think I said this to you before. It works. Therefore we shouldn't have any hang ups about it if you can get an orgasm that way. But why do we have hangups why do straight men have hang ups?

Speaker A: Why are we even having like discussions or arguments about but they did.

Speaker B: And not just men of all the whole spectrum have come with it, of.

Speaker A: Course, because there's obviously women on men's side that might not have clitoral stimulation and they don't care about it because they don't have it and they don't know about it.

Speaker B: Well, exactly. But there are many things to do, many things to research, and you can have some fun together, like looking at the stuff and researching and buying different things and trying it. And the other thing is, if it works, great. But if it doesn't, don't get all worked off about it. Just go, well, that's not for me, and I'm just going to use what works.

Speaker A: Unfortunately, you can't return it. No, I mean do not return. Set yourself a budget. That is for sure.

Speaker B: Please, **** God, don't return.

Speaker A: Don't return it. No one wants that bag.

Speaker B: And then also find a little space where it is in a private space. It's not like somebody I know who will remain nameless in a basket in the middle of.

Speaker A: Okay, it's not me, by the way.

Speaker B: No, this is going to be like Harry and Meghan. I'm never going to tell which Royal said what it's like. I'm not going to say or like, it's in the room and somebody thinks it's a back massager. I've had that before and I'm like, that is not a back massage.

Speaker A: Oh my God. That's amazing.

Speaker B: Yeah, it's funny.

Speaker A: I mean, you just got to try out what's best for you.

Speaker B: So, definitely, that is the message today, is not to have get outside of all your hangouts. Don't be so ashamed of anything, don't be nervous. And literally everyone's doing it.

Speaker A: Watch a little ****.

Speaker B: Get into it. Absolutely.

Speaker A: Watch a little audiobook, get in the rotika.

Speaker B: There's so many options. Much stuff. Yeah, there's so many options.

Speaker A: Get a little release going.

Speaker B: And I know quite a few women who listen to and this is messed up in itself, who listen to audio erotica, which I think is why there is a whole industry around that, because they don't want to tell their husbands, because if they got the headphones, the husbands don't know they're listening to ****. How wild is that? You're married to somebody and you have to pretend anyway, that's another podcast. That's wild, isn't it? But that's the moral of today. That's the conclusion. Because, again, have we learnt anything, Susie?

Speaker A: No, we never learned anything.

Speaker B: Okay, who cares?

Speaker A: But we chatted, we shared, it was fun.

Speaker B: And go everyone and buy some sex toys. Yeah, definitely.

Speaker A: We'll put some stuff on our social media. Don't go, brother.

Speaker B: Go slow. Yeah, go slow. Because you kind of need to work it up, have fun with it. Absolutely. And men and women, I really hasten to have that because I think the other thing that's happening today is that it is a little bit all about women and sex toys, and men are allowed to have them, too. And if you are in a relationship with a man, you can both have them. Everyone can have them.

Speaker A: I want that for everyone. I've told you this before, mail.

Speaker B: It's my philanthropic goal to get everyone.

Speaker A: To get everyone off. Yeah, if that was my one goal thing, than what? I love this world.

Speaker B: I mean, there wouldn't be a war. That's why I feel war right now. And I probably shouldn't say that because it's trivializing. It's not trivial at all. But I think that people well, certainly a lot of men would be a lot more relaxed, right.

Speaker A: If they're just getting off and regularly and no shame about it.

Speaker B: Exactly. So we have learned that. So this has been fabulous.

Speaker A: Thank you so much.

Speaker B: I feel good. Me too.

Speaker A: I actually feel excellent. Always talking to you about this stuff and yeah, you know what? Maybe we didn't learn anything, but maybe someone else did.

Speaker B: Definitely. So get shopping, everyone. Have fun. Bye bye. Thanks so much for listening. Please rate and review this podcast and follow us on social at Sharing My Truth Pod. And leave us a voicemail on our website, to share your stories and experiences with us. We'll see you next time.

Speaker A: Bye bye.

Speaker B: Two, one. Yeah.

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