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Episode 59  -  The Truth About Sex, money and manipulation
Melany Krangle & Suzie Sheckter

Suzie: Okay, darling. Well, cheers. Shall we?

Mel: It'll sip. Shall we? Clinkety clink clink.

Suzie: This is an advertisement for fizzy water.

Mel: Yeah. I'd love to tell you it was verb clickot in there, but it's fizzy water.

Suzie: Is that how you say that?

Mel: No, I made that up. Oh, my God. Verb clicko. Okay.

Suzie: I was like, oh, my God. Have I been saying this wrong long? For my entire bartending life?

Mel: No. Verb clicker.

Suzie: Imagine Clickott. You're like, no. So terrified.

Mel: A bit of verb clickot.

Suzie: Can I get a verve clickat?

Mel: Somebody says that, moe.

Suzie: Can I get a moet?

Mel: Can I get some moet? I think I have actually heard that once.

Suzie: Moet. Yeah. 100%. Americans love to pronounce french words really, really bad, and they have no shame. Maybe that's the right french pronunciation.

Mel: That's the right way to be because most people can't. I happen to be able to speak French, but, I mean, most people can't. And they just think they're like ripe ponces about it. And they're very arrogant and you're like, no.

Suzie: Can you say that again? Ripe ponces.

Mel: Yeah.

Suzie: Did I get that right? Yeah, ripe. What is a ponce?

Mel: Right? Ponces.

Suzie: Right.

Mel: Ponce is somebody who's poncey.

Suzie: What the **** is that?

Mel: Somebody's poncey who thinks they're really posh. And a ponce can actually have another meaning. We won't go into that.

Suzie: I do want to go into that, actually.

Mel: It could be like a bit of a. Yeah, Ponce. A bit gay.

Suzie: Oh, a bit gay.

Mel: There's so many weird words in England.

Suzie: I know.

Mel: Yeah.

Suzie: But that's your Mel's word of the day.

Mel: Ponce. Ponce. You're a right ponce, mate. 1234.

Suzie: Welcome to sharing my truth with Mel and Susie, the uncensored version where we bear it all.

Mel: We do.

Suzie: Hello, everyone. Hello. Welcome back to sharing my truth.

Mel: Hey, y'all. Hi.

Suzie: Hey, y'all. Thanks for tuning in. This is Sharon, my truth pod with Mel and Suz, and we just want to give you a friendly little reminder to please subscribe to this sweet little podcast. We really appreciate all your support. You can follow us on instagram, you can join the conversation at Sharing My Truth Pod, go to our website, Leave your little stories share with us, and specifically leave your stories about what we're about to speak about today because we want to hear you opinions about it.

Mel: Okay?

Suzie: Hey, babes.

Mel: Hello, darling.

Suzie: How are you?

Mel: I'm good, thanks.

Suzie: Good. You've just come back from a big know, London trip.

Mel: I was in London and in Spain in Espgna.

Suzie: Oh, my God. And the banana.

Mel: That woman's from Chile says that. But anyway, it's a very long story, but yes, I have. And I was in Spain. I love Spain. It's probably one of my favorite countries in the entire world. Yeah, I love it. I spend a lot of time there. And to be honest, there's nothing to dislike about Spain.

Suzie: How could you dislike Spain? Spain is Spaniel, where you have the paella and you have the.

Mel: What the.

Suzie: Sarah, is that not how you say Sara? You know, like the beautiful red wine.

Mel: Oh, I see.

Suzie: Did you have no idea what I was saying? Like Rioja, tequila. Do you have tequila in Spanish?

Mel: Okay.

Suzie: Mexican.

Mel: Anyway.

Suzie: I am so ignorant.

Mel: Yeah.

Suzie: Okay, go.

Mel: Is in a beautiful country, but the food's good, the clothes, the fashion, the bags, everything is amazing. The people are beautiful. I mean, honest to God, I wasn't in Madrid. But if you go to Madrid, you could just sit down and you could spend an entire day drinking coffee and wine, which in itself is fantastic. And just watch people go past. And it doesn't matter what age they are. They could be very young, or you'll see old couples who. And they've just come out for a coffee, but they look fantastic. And it's not about wearing designer stuff. They all just look nice. They actually look as if they've got up, they've had a shower, they've got their hair ready, they've got their things. They look fantastic. Yeah.

Suzie: I love that you bring up shower because literally that smells. Mel has clean.

Mel: Yes, it's this morning I went for a walk with Max and he's like, so can we go? I said, no, I have to have a shower first.

Suzie: And you're like, we're going for a walk.

Mel: I can't do it. I mean, he's been married to me for such a long time.

Suzie: It's a stupid question.

Mel: I've never been for a walk in my life without having a shower. It's a stupid question.

Suzie: That's ridiculous.

Mel: So I'm never going to do it. I've not get to 51 and I'm going to start doing it anyway. And you've been to Nashville, hence your clangity clang.

Suzie: I was in Nashville, y'all, and it's gosh darn hoot and rooting tooting time.

Mel: Very good.

Suzie: And I was getting down with the honky tonks.

Mel: I've never been to Nashville.

Suzie: It's so fun. And something that I found because it was my first time there, something I found so funny. And we were obviously on the strip, like, with the other tourists, but I don't think I met one person from Nashville.

Mel: It's a bit like going to Vegas, I swear.

Suzie: Especially, obviously, like, if you're on the strip and everyone. Because I've been in Toronto for so long, because I'm originally from out west Canada, which is know people are a little bit nicer, more friendly than they are in Toronto. So going to Nashville, everyone wants just to chat.

Mel: Yeah.

Suzie: And our Uber drivers. I have never had more conversations with an Uber driver, with Uber drivers literally telling me about their life stories. And I'm not mad about that. I think it's actually hilarious. And they're so nice. Everyone just wants to.

Mel: Hey, hey. People from the south of the United States. Yes. Are so friendly. I've been to Texas a lot. I mean, I've been to Florida, like, everyone, but I've been to Texas a lot. Florida a lot. Yeah. And Pete and Carolinas. Like, everyone's so friendly. Yes. They're so friendly. And they're so receptive. I mean, they love my accent.

Suzie: I bet they do.

Mel: But they're just so charming and just nice. And you're like, wow. It's like, wow. People are not really that nice in England. No. So it's kind of a bit of a shock to the system. The first time I went to Texas, I think I was 22. I was like, wow, you're all so nice. It's crazy wild.

Suzie: Yeah, I love it. I love it, though. I don't think I'd move down there. I'm not a huge fried food person, and american food is just not my little bag. But not on the barbecue. Absolutely. I'm going to have some hot, spicy fried chicken one of the days, because.

Mel: You have to when you're there, which.

Suzie: They have it every day, and some of these people do, and I'm like, how are your stomachs? How do they have their lining still?

Mel: No. The first time somebody showed me, it's crazy. The breakfast thing, which is like, things that look like biscuits and gravy. That's what they call it. Yeah. And the biscuit look like scones, like english scones. And then it's surrounded in this thing that looks like vomit, and it's like cream with, like, sausage. And I have to, like a creamy sausage gravy.

Suzie: Do I know you're going to come like grits?

Mel: Well, grits is something else.

Suzie: I don't know what grits is.

Mel: The gravy is but I know you're going to come for me and say the food in England is ****. And you're absolutely right. It's absolutely the pits. And so I really have no.

Suzie: You don't eat blood sausages and all that good stuff.

Mel: Yeah, I don't have a leg to stand on. And the first time I had and saw chicken fried steak, I was in a state of shock.

Suzie: Jesus Christ.

Mel: I was like, why is it called chicken? It's a steak that you're going to fry. I'm sorry, I'm not understanding.

Suzie: I know. And I'm a very health conscious eater. I love to eat dirty food once in a while. And I love salads. Really good food. I love salads and I love greens. So it's a little harder to be in the south where literally they do not give a **** about. Really, they don't.

Mel: That's great.

Suzie: That's totally fine. But not. And the, like. It's not like I have been to the US before, but, yeah, I don't know. It's like a weird shell shock every time you go there. You're like, how can anyone eat all this and be.

Mel: It is interesting.

Suzie: Anyways, we should get off of it.

Mel: But we should.

Suzie: But anyways, so if you guys have been to Nashville or what about Spain? Having a banana. Okay, let us know. Topless on the know.

Mel: Yeah. Lots of that in Spain. Yeah.

Suzie: That's what I did when I was.

Mel: In Spain, flying around. Yeah.

Suzie: There's always the first thing I did, actually.

Mel: Young.

Suzie: Take me to the beach, take my top off. Yeah, that's how I want to be.

Mel: It's free. **** up. Yeah. They're actually also very open minded about sex. Or Spanish.

Suzie: That's sexy accent. Okay.

Mel: Nothing to do with what we're talking about.

Suzie: Maybe a little bit.

Mel: Maybe a bit.

Suzie: Maybe a bit. But we're going to be talking about. My friend actually gave me this idea. He'll kill me if I don't give him a little shout out. But he actually did tell me about this idea about what we're going to talk about today. And we're really going to talk about sex, money and manipulation. And why do they correlate, why are they always interconnected? And why does it really matter? Maybe it doesn't. And I mean, this is something that has literally always been a thing since the beginning of time. Sex and money have always been together since humans have been created, in my mind, dinosaurs. Since the dinosaurs. They were like, who's ******* who? And how much money do they have?

Mel: Pretty much, yeah. I think they're the two things that rule the world. Yes. And in my estimation, in my humble estimation, I think that life is pretty much about, I said this to you earlier, is the people who have money don't have money, and the people who are having sex are not having sex. If you think about it, you think about the shows we watch on tv, the **** we watch, or even the wars that are fought in the world, all sorts of things. It's all about money, power. I mean, the same. It's interlinked, inextricably linked. Do you like that? And then sex, because I think because sex goes to the cause of what you are as a human, but because it's so powerful and it incites such powerful feelings and emotions. And I'm not talking about love, I'm just talking about feelings. Whether it makes you feel in your head or your body or whatever, sex incites power. And so they are very similar in what they do. And so the fact that they get mixed, particularly with relationships, particularly with men and women, makes a lot of sense.

Suzie: If you really want to go back. Obviously, men used to have all the power and money, and that's why women were able and had to literally use sex as another part of power. And now that things are a little bit on a more even level. Okay, obviously things are never going to be balanced completely. It's never going to be like that as much as maybe some people want it to be. But, yeah, so people are still being like, well, women don't have to use their sex for power anymore, because now we can actually have money and jobs and all this security ourselves. We don't have to use our sexuality for power. And it's like, yeah, we don't have to, but it's actually okay if you're still doing it, because it's a literal power that we have. And the saying is, flaunt it if you got it.

Mel: I understand. But I do think there is a real kind of hypocrisy in that women say to men in the office or a work situation, don't say I look good, or don't say stuff to me.

Suzie: My mic was just about to have a titty job with me.

Mel: It went for.

Suzie: It really did. Don't look at me in the office.

Mel: No. But I think as women, because we're in whatever era we are now, post whatever, feminist, whatever, is, that we, on the one hand, want to use our femininity to get what we want, whether it's in a relationship or any kind of thing. But then we criticize men for then wanting it or falling for it. I mean, it's just, like, ridiculous. And you see lots of situations, like, you'll see, I don't know. I was watching a talk show recently and there was an art. I'm trying to think who the person was very famous. And she was sitting there and there was a younger sort of famous person sitting. They do those talk shows when they're on a couch, whatever. And she's like, literally touching the man on the knee and blah, blah, blah and being really quite flirty with him. And of course he's like, whatever, this is fine, but imagine if he did it to her. It's so hypocritical. But then, of course, I always say that because things were so bad and so backward. And I do think men abused their power in the past. We've now gone to this other weird. All the way in the other way, if you know what I mean. And then I think the worst thing is then you get women criticizing other women for using their feminine to get what they want. And I think that's actually the biggest thing. Because if we're being honest, men for the most part, like feminine women. Yes. I mean, we can pretend that's not the case. You can all come for me and whatever, but it really is the case.

Suzie: Because men are very in their ways and it's science.

Mel: Well, on the whole, they like being male. And I'm not talking about working.

Suzie: I'm talking about average straight male.

Mel: Yeah. I'm talking about the way you behave. And I'm not talking about being sexist. I'm just talking about leaning into your male power or whatever. And women leaning into their femininity. And there's actually nothing wrong with that. But I think we've sort of come to a place where we're starting to realize that. I just think it is difficult because I think in many situations women can use their femininity and step over the line a bit. And men, now that what we can see, I mean, every day there's some man who's got into trouble for some woman accusing him of doing something. If we kind of had the same.

Suzie: I know, applied to women, what's ****** is that, like I always say, and no, I haven't gone over a line of abusing anyone. But I'm like, yeah, if I were a man, I would be in a lot of trouble because I'm so flirty.

Mel: Right. Exactly.

Suzie: And definitely, and I admit it, I will use my good looks and my femininity and my sexuality to get into conversations and to talk to people and to get things. Because I know I'm not going to also have this forever, right? So why shouldn't I be using a power now that I'm not going to have in maybe like even 1020 years? I don't know when I'm going to just become just suddenly disintegrated, terrifying. Okay. As a 20 something year old woman, we literally, we try not to think about it, but we're going to get ******* older. And you should be going to be old like me. No, Mel, the thing is, you're still a MilF. Am I hoping to be a Milf one day? Yes, but without the children, it's just you never know when something is going to disintegrate from your life. And so you should be using whatever kind of power you have. And not all women have the power of their good looks. And that's okay, obviously, because they have to use other things. And that's like men. Men don't all have the power of money, obviously, so they have to find other ways to attract. It's just the way life is. And people can get mad about it.

Mel: Yeah. And I think with women, it's not necessary. I mean, obviously being very attractive is good, but I think women also can make themselves look very attractive. We do have that power. More attractive than they are without makeup, hair, all these nice clothes or nice looking clothes. And nicely put together. It's more about being feminine, being warm, being nurturing, being approachable. And we talked about this in a previous episode with our host, Chantal, the more kind of hostile and aggressive and assertive. And I know that's a contradiction. Like, in the workplace, you have to be assertive and whatever, but if you do that in your personal life, particularly with a man, you're not going to get very far. No. And I think we've been missold that 100% for women. And it's very, very difficult, I think, for younger women because I find younger women, and I'd say younger than you, quite aggressive, like in situations, like in personal situations, you are. And you're like, chill out. And actually, if you want this to be a better outcome, you need to be a lot nicer. Like, you need to pull it back.

Suzie: Which is so hard because fighting. Well, it's because we're. I mean, as a young woman, young woman, it is really hard because our reaction just to anything a man does is always going to be criticized. Yeah, I think in a lot of. And now we're getting to a point where anything a man does and says to women are getting criticized now at this weird point where we're trying to find sort of a balance of like, yes, women can make their own money, and we're very happy to make our own money, and we want that, but we should still be allowed to use other avenues to get things that we want. And men are doing the exact same thing and they've been doing it for centuries.

Mel: Yeah, I mean, I actually think that one of the things is men are very good at not criticizing other men. They just sort of, you do, you. You get on and do your thing. I mean, obviously, as long as you're being a good human being. Whereas women, we tear each other down all the time. And I think that's a big problem. But I mean, in terms of relationships with men. And do women manipulate men for money? Yeah, come on here. Of course they do. Of course they do. I mean, get a grip. Like, if you want, as a modern woman, to say, oh, yeah, women don't manipulate men. And the confusion of sex and money, I mean, come on. Yeah, come on. Of course they do. It happens all the time. I see it around me all the time. I see it with younger women. So it's not like you can say, oh, no, the generations have changed. It's not true. In many cases, women can get what they want if they promise or they insinuate or they whatever, something to do with sex. Because what do women want? Yeah, they want sex. But problem, possibly the man wants it more or more often, or always more interested in continuously thinking about it. So women have found a way of kind of getting to them. And of course, that happens all the time. Does it happen? Does it get really extreme? Yeah. And do that women wrap men around their little finger? Yeah, but they also have to realize that men aren't completely stupid.

Suzie: They aren't.

Mel: They aren't. I think men are more simple in the way that they think and the things that they prioritize, for sure. I think women in our very nature, we're way more manipulative. Yes, we're so manipulative.

Suzie: But that's because we've had to be, and that's become. We definitely have had to be manipulative because we didn't have any power, for sure. Not even that long.

Mel: Money. We didn't have power.

Suzie: No, but that's the thing. We had to make sure that we could survive and climb up a social ladder for our survival. Do you know what I mean? And you have to do that because from manipulation. Let's say, because if you want to get somewhere and you don't have family money, way back when, you had to do it some other way, you had to marry a rich man and you have to manipulate some people to have a better life. Obviously we don't have to do that anymore. Probably not as much, but people still want things that maybe they can't get with just money or just sex. So they have to be doing. They have to play a game. We're all playing a game.

Mel: Yeah, but that's what I'm saying. We are all playing a game. But I think women often don't understand that men are clued into this game. Like we're playing the game together.

Suzie: We want to say that we're not playing the same game. We are.

Mel: So I think often if you are very attractive young female who looks very sexy and vava vum kind of like you is like that, you think you can get everything by kind of manipulating. I'm not saying you, I'm saying generic. I'm like, no, I'm get what you want and manipulate by either the insinuation or whatever around sex and that in an exchange you'll get some kind of somewhere financially. But does it often work? Yes, but if you honestly think the man doesn't know what you're doing, then you're very naive. And the women who actually are the smartest understand the man. They understand, and the men too. They understand all sides of the game. And also, this is very cynical and there are plenty of people out there who are not manipulating each other and scheming and whatever. But I think the reality is, does sex and money kind of conflate and cause all sorts of ****** issues? Yeah, of course it does. Because you can manipulate people. I mean, you can manipulate people with money or the promise of money and you can manipulate people with the promise of sex. I mean, how many men, and I'm sorry, this isn't about bashing men, but how many men I can think that I know have got themselves into a difficult situation because the head down here, as opposed to the head on the top of their head, has been the one thinking and it has ****** up their life. And it was an instant. And do women do the same thing? Of course, but an instant sort of thing that overpowers you? The desire of this woman in front of you has completely thrown logic, rationale, everything flying out the window and ****** everything up. And sex has the ability to do that, as does money. Like people do all sorts of stupid **** for money. They cheat, they lie for the promise of a better life. So they're the same in many ways. So do they get mixed up? Of course they do. But I think the people that sort of understand that from both sides, and we're talking about males and females, are probably the most sensible.

Suzie: Well, yeah, I mean, the people who just aren't naive to this idea, of course, this is still how it works. Until the capitalist society as we know it does not exist anymore, which it will never happen, most likely in our lifetime anyways, then, yeah. Obviously money is always going to be a factor, and if it's not money, it's going to be something else that you can trade. Yeah, that's the thing.

Mel: Somebody said something to me the other day, and I thought it was interesting about, because, you know the show on Netflix, Griselda.

Suzie: Oh, yes. I just watched the whole. Oh, my God, she's so good.

Mel: She's very, very good.

Suzie: Yeah.

Mel: But I was talking to this person I know who's actually south American, isn't from Colombia. But they were talking. Know, they find it so annoying that every, whenever we're talking about. What's her name? Sophia Pagara, who I personally think is amazing. Love her.

Suzie: And she's gorgeous.

Mel: So funny. I love the fact she takes the **** out of herself. Anyway, this person was saying they hate the fact that every time she does anything, so she goes on any chat show, goes to anything, she's always very dressed up, and her ***** are always. She always wears tight little top things.

Suzie: Was this person Spanish also, or are.

Mel: They from South America?

Suzie: South America.

Mel: Okay. And I was like, hold your horses. This woman looks ******* fantastic.

Suzie: Like, one of the most beautiful women in my opinion.

Mel: She is 51, 52, whatever. She's. My God, she looks unbelievable. And it was funny, I was saying this comment to Max, and he said, have you seen what she looked like when she was younger? I said, no, and I googled her. I mean, oh, my God, this woman is like a goddess.

Suzie: Yeah. She's just been so beautiful, like, naturally.

Mel: Jesus Christ, why wouldn't you? If you've got that kind of money, why wouldn't you? And you've got a figure like that, funny and a face and nice hair. Wouldn't you wear, like, what is she supposed to turn up in a garbage bag in a horrible sort of stained t shirt?

Suzie: Why do you hate her?

Mel: And the person who said, this is a woman. Yeah. And I thought, wow. So here is this person who has been mega smart to make a career. I know she was originally a model. I think she was yeah, she's a.

Suzie: Model in the host. She's done like, so a Coke or.

Mel: A Pepsi Cola or something. I think she was spotted or something, because she comes from a small city, I think it's not like a tiny place, but a smaller city in Colombia. And the fact that she speaks great English, the fact, oh, my God, she's on ****** american tv for, like, ten plus years that she's used every now point I'm using her is because she's so feminine. But she's also very funny, is that she's used everything that she has, and now she's gone. She's done this show, which obviously she had to do something where she could have a hispanic accent and speak in Spanish, but actually done a phenomenal job. You're like, oh, my God. And you're still going to **** on her? Are you kidding me? To me, that is just, she is the epitome to me of femininity, because she's not young, as in she's not 20, like I said, I think she's 51 or 52, same age as me. But she's so feminine, and she's so, such a great personality, because every talk show I've ever seen her on, she takes the **** out of her accent about hair and stuff. And I think this is somebody who's really got it. Like, she's used all the things and she's a mother as well, and blah, blah, blah, but we're still going to **** on that.

Suzie: People who just take things so seriously.

Mel: What is she supposed to wear? Like a tracksuit?

Suzie: She would look ******* great in a track.

Mel: Well, of course she would. And that's all I think to myself. And the person who actually said it is not the most attractive person in the world. And I just thought, wow.

Suzie: Oh, my God, Mel, the honesty in this is so.

Mel: You know, she's not somebody, I don't know. I don't know. I think she's recently divorced. The of, so it's not a question of men. We're just talking about the way she looks. And you're just like, let's be realistic. If you look like that, how naive are you to think that that's not going to play a part in the way you live life, what you do? Because the reality is, and we can pretend it isn't the case. And I know we try and pretend this with lots of things that go on in society, particularly in Canada, people respond to more attractive people. If you are attractive or a good looking, especially a good looking young person like yourself, people respond to you differently. I'm sorry, but if you weighed 300 pounds and you weren't as attractive, people wouldn't talk to you in the same way. I mean, I'll give you an example. We've talked about this before. My husband lost 65 pounds. I don't think you knew him when he was.

Suzie: No, I didn't.

Mel: But when I see it all the time now, because I didn't have that sort of viewpoint. The way people, or particularly women responded.

Suzie: To him, that is so was like.

Mel: You'Re almost invisible now. He is continuously being chatted up. And I'll be standing right there.

Suzie: No, they don't respect you, the little *****.

Mel: But I mean, if he hadn't lost the weight, the reaction, it would be completely different. I mean, we were somewhere recently and this woman was like, can I ask.

Suzie: You, does he have the same personality? Obviously, he's done really well for himself and you guys have a great life and you're both a very attractive, cute little couple. Very. And if he has the same personality that he did when he doesn't look like he does now, which looks great. And it's not like I'm sure he was like any.

Mel: It was exactly the same.

Suzie: Yeah, exactly.

Mel: He's got very good sense of humor, so he's quite funny. But it doesn't matter where we go. I mean, we were at a supermarket recently and this cashier is like, so do you think, oh my God, you're so pathetic.

Suzie: Do you think he is manipulating people with his, let's say, sexuality? Exactly. Because now he can do that. His attractive new kind of found attractiveness because he's had the money. So if he can kind of manipulate now with money and sex, Mel. Wow, stoppable. Oh my God.

Mel: I'm not going to tell him that. Well, he's going to listen to this, find out, but I don't know. That's a very good question. But I think it's more about the way women react to him. Like, they know he's married, they know he.

Suzie: Women don't give a ****.

Mel: No, they don't care about that, which is amazing. But men get the blame for that. They literally throw themselves. I mean, he was in Vegas. This happened twice in Vegas. And they weren't hookers. No. And this one woman was playing and she was sort of like a middle aged kind of woman from the Midwest. Okay. And she's sort of know, was she hot? He said she wasn't unattractive, but she basically was like, do you want to come back tomorrow? And he's like, no. And then another time, this woman, same thing, and slipped him the number. And then they're shocked that you don't. You're like, no, but women are. I suppose that's the funny. The flip side of the manipulation is that they think under any circumstances, if they're relatively good looking and breathing, that they can get any man with the promise of sex. But actually, it doesn't always work.

Suzie: No, of course it doesn't.

Mel: That's naive.

Suzie: Some people can't be manipulated. Also, obviously it doesn't work on everyone. It's just like people who are maybe more interested in sex are going to want to be more like, I can't manipulate everyone.

Mel: I see.

Suzie: Because of my sexual beingness.

Mel: Yeah.

Suzie: Is that. But like, yeah, like, I can't get everything I want, unfortunately, no. If I had money, though, my God, Mel, I would be unstoppable.

Mel: You probably would be.

Suzie: I'd have, like, just an array of beautiful women and men around me at all times. I'd have a posse.

Mel: And then Hermes Birkin for every day.

Suzie: Yes, baby. No.

Mel: But I think the smartest people really are the people who get this. And I think actually the smartest people who are the people who are not got their head so far wedged up their own ***. They think they're so amazing. They're the people who get it. And unfortunately, there are many people who are the manipulators who have their head very far wedged up their ***. They think they're so amazing. And you're like, get a grip, really. But I think we've sort of come into an era of re understanding that femininity in women is important. It's got nothing to do with sexism. It doesn't mean you're subjugating yourself to anybody. You're allowed to be feminine and be powerful. Yes. Whereas I think we went through a long period of time of not really thinking. Like, especially the mean. I wasn't working in the 80s. I'm not that old, but I was sort of late ninety s. And there was almost a sense that in order to get ahead, you had to dampen your femininity. You had to push it down to compete with men. And I think we've come to a point where we're like, actually, maybe that doesn't work that well because you are a woman at the end of the day. And if you are a good looking woman, I mean, if you're like Sophia Vergara and you walk into the office, even if you're in some horrible suit you look like. So, you know, it's like, come on, let's just get real. But I don't mean how many relationships also, are they still together because somebody's getting money and somebody's getting sex and not always just the man or the woman. Yeah. And is that. Well, that goes back to our sugaring.

Suzie: Thing, our sugaring episode. Yeah, I know. I think that's the whole thing. I think you just have to accept that this is the way the world works.

Mel: The first step is acceptance. Very good.

Suzie: And the second step is trying to use what you got.

Mel: Yeah. And just don't be so naive and.

Suzie: Have a little fun with it. It is a little bit.

Mel: Life is a game.

Suzie: Life is a game of how are.

Mel: The **** you use it. Look, I've quite a few times in my past either, like, let's say you come back to your car and you got a parking ticket and there's the parking guy there.

Suzie: Yeah.

Mel: And I've got out of every single parking ticket, you just start crying.

Suzie: I'm obsessed with you.

Mel: I've also done that actually, when I was a teenager and you get on the bus or whatever and you didn't have a ticket and then. I hate those, what do they call them? Yes, those ******* checking people. And you just cry and it works. A dream. And at the end of the day, do I want to get out of the thing and not have the ****? Yeah. So I'm going to do it. Obviously works less and less the older you get, but then I could say something else, I suppose, but come on. Of course I'm going to do that.

Suzie: Use what you got. I'm a huge fan of using what you got. You got money, use it. You got ******* good looks, use it. You got a great *** and a ******* great pair of ****.

Mel: Use them.

Suzie: Wow, you had a good ****.

Mel: A good ****. Use it.

Suzie: Why are we not using the good resources that God has bestowed upon us?

Mel: Wow.

Suzie: You know?

Mel: Wow. A good **** as opposed to a bad ****. Oh, yeah.

Suzie: This bad dicks up.

Mel: You mean like small that way.

Suzie: I mean not all small ****.

Mel: Yeah. What's a qualification then?

Suzie: I think small can't be. Small isn't the best, but you know what I mean, like too big and.

Mel: Gives maybe problematic too.

Suzie: Could be problematic, but, you know, starting only fans don't you have to show your face?

Mel: Oh, you could. You could be on like the feet finder. Yes. Why did you know I was finding that?

Suzie: Because we have this thing.

Mel: The amount of people have made money on feet. Finder.

Suzie: You have great toes.

Mel: Use them. But do you think.

Suzie: Why are we guessing nothing to do.

Mel: With what we're talking about? Because my feet are not what they used to be. Because I have arthritis.

Suzie: You have good feet, though. Yeah, but I think to myself, your.

Mel: Toes, maybe that's a thing that if you have slightly gnarly, like people might be into the slightly. Yeah, that could be a whole fetish foot thing. It definitely is.

Suzie: I'm sure people are really weird. I'm sure people really like elbows and weird knees.

Mel: But how? This is the key question I have about.

Suzie: Oh, the key question. This is the key question. There was a site called again feet finder or footfinder.

Mel: I think something. I think there's several. How do you get your profile ahead of everyone else's?

Suzie: I think you have to pay.

Mel: Right? It's like everything. It's like Amazon five. Yeah. You got to pay.

Suzie: You got to ******* pay.

Mel: You got to pay.

Suzie: You got to pay to play. Oh, my God.

Mel: And that if you don't think in life it doesn't matter what you do, whether what I do, like digital marketing or what you're doing or anything, you have to pay to play. Yes. I mean, it just doesn't work otherwise. I'm sorry. It just doesn't. That's what I'm saying.

Suzie: We're in a capitalist environment. You either use what is going on and you use it to your benefit and you ******* try to do whatever the **** you can or you move to another country.

Mel: That's it. To another country.

Suzie: Do you know what I mean though?

Mel: That's it. If you're going to go on a date with a guy. So I had this conversation with one of my daughters and I was talking about you have to shave your legs and your armpits and stuff. Like. And they're like, why?

Suzie: No, you're very weird about that, though.

Mel: Why would you go on a date? I'm not saying you're going to have sex, but you're not going to go looking like a hairy like.

Suzie: I don't get it.

Mel: Yeah. Aren't you? I mean, I know that's like selling yourself, but yeah, you are trying to get another date.

Suzie: Here's the thing, though, with the hairy armpit. Here's the thing though, Mel. Some guys, I haven't met them yet, but some guys, they like a little bit of hair now.

Mel: Okay, so my question is, some guys like a bush.

Suzie: Who are we to judge the bush.

Mel: Bush is a separate thing. Who are we to judge? Because I know the bush people are talking about the bush coming back, blah, blah, blah.

Suzie: Look, I'm a shaver, okay? I'm not the shaver. I'm a wow. But I'm telling you, people like different things.

Mel: But you're telling me you'd like a man who wants hairy armpits?

Suzie: No, because I don't like that for myself. But there's women who are like, no, this is. I'm going to grow it. And men are like, great. ****, yeah, you're a hot woman. Just natural.

Mel: I really think those men are very minority. Some women.

Suzie: Some women like completely bare chested men.

Mel: That's true.

Suzie: And I am a huge fan of just like, really hairy, sexy, manly men.

Mel: Yeah.

Suzie: That's what I want.

Mel: I find it a bit creepy. I find it gross. Not that I've actually encountered one in 25 years, but I find the idea of it a bit actually very creepy. My husband's very hairy. Yeah. And I like chest. Yes. And I think, yeah, I just love burly men.

Suzie: But that's my thing. That doesn't have to be every woman's thing. Women.

Mel: You know what I mean?

Suzie: It's okay.

Mel: Still, I think if you're going on the date, shave your legs, shave your armpits, put some makeup on. Don't shave the puss.

Suzie: Just in case he's into it.

Mel: Well, I think you should do what you like. And at the end of the day, if a man likes you, he doesn't care whether you got a bush or not.

Suzie: Or armpit hair even.

Mel: I don't think there's ever a circumstance where armpit hair is good.

Suzie: Use what you got, Mel.

Mel: That's all I'm saying. Armpit hair, if you can use it, you get it. Wow.

Suzie: I'm sure there's weird guys on like, ebay or something where you're just going to trim it into a bag and then you're going to sell that online. There are sites where you, I'm saying we live in an amazing economy where you could buy and sell anything.

Mel: There are probably sites where you could buy and sell pubic and underarm. Pubic and underarm hair. I bet there are. What is wrong with people?

Suzie: People are disgusted. But use what you got. And I'm going to keep saying it.

Mel: Because she's going to go saying it.

Suzie: True. She can ******* just do whatever you want. I think that's the beauty of it.

Mel: Do you think I really do?

Suzie: Money, sex, power.

Mel: Yeah. And I suppose on the subject of that, like our *** asked. Yeah. Well, today we've actually completely forgotten to mention that today is ****** Valentine's Day.

Suzie: Oh, my God. And it's Valentine's Day. So huge. The biggest money and sex holiday of the year.

Mel: Yeah. And if you're going on a date, please shave your armpits. Please shave your legs. Shave your armpits if you're wearing high heels. I'm sorry. They do not look good in hairy, hairy legs. And I have very hairy legs. If I didn't have it.

Suzie: I don't agree with you. But I'm saying, ladies, if, you know.

Mel: I guess it's the man's intent.

Suzie: You're going to find a guy who doesn't give a **** if that's what you don't give a **** about.

Mel: Do you know what I mean? I guess if you. Yeah, you're right. If you use sexy.

Suzie: There's a bunch of french women who don't ******* shave anything and they're hot as ****. Mel, and you lived in France.

Mel: I know all about.

Suzie: The hottest women ever.

Mel: I don't think I'm going to comment on it because I'm going to get into all sorts of trouble.

Suzie: Not from the French. You don't want to get in trouble by the French.

Mel: No, I don't. I definitely don't. But we were going to comment on, our last episode was about sugaring, and we have had a bunch of messages from people. Yeah. And it's actually, I think the most interesting thing is somebody who was a sugar mummy who contacted us.

Suzie: Okay.

Mel: And I thought, good for you.

Suzie: Sugar mummy. Like, she has a sugar baby and it's a guy.

Mel: Yeah. And it's sex and money. Yeah. But then that's the thing. Do you need. And good for you. You do you. If that's what you want to do. But do you always need that? Or is that. Or is it. I need to ask this woman more questions. Is it because you can kind of control it? That's a point, actually.

Suzie: Women like to control.

Mel: If there's money in the situation, you can then control it. You can frame it. Yes. Which, I mean, the same as sex. You can control it.

Suzie: Women like to control sexual situations sometimes, unless they like to be choked. And then also.

Mel: Wow.

Suzie: But also, women like to control money situations if it's for their benefit, right?

Mel: Oh, 100%.

Suzie: So why not? If you have the power to do both. Do both?

Mel: Yeah. I mean, I know lots of women, lots of women who can't stand it if the money's not being spent on them, like in their sort of family, to the detriment of children and stuff like that. It really gets on their. Yeah. And you're just like, what? It's very od. I find it very strange. Yeah. Because don't get me wrong, I like a present. I'm very into gifts.

Suzie: I like a present.

Mel: And I've already had my Valentine's.

Suzie: Oh, yes, I know. You have these beautiful little.

Mel: So, you know, my husband, Mr. Krangle, got spoils me a lot because he's one of those people who really loves giving gifts. He really enjoys the kids as well. He just likes the feeling he's not interested at all in gifts at all. Yeah, he's not interested at all because.

Suzie: He'S just like, well, it's not one of his love languages.

Mel: That's true. Right. It's not his love language. And I just think he's like, well, if I want. He's a gift giver. Yeah. And he's not very materialistic. There's some things he really likes and he would spend money on, but he'd just go and buy it himself.

Suzie: He loves taking care of other people. And I see that he comes in here, he's like, what do you want to eat? What do you want to drink? What can I get you? And that's just how, it's his love language.

Mel: It's his thing. 100%. And it's the same. We have two daughters. He's the same with them. And that's his thing, that he gets pleasure from helping people. Help. Yeah. I think that's just part of his personality, which is actually a very nice, very positive. It's a really nice quality to have, but, yeah. So I don't know. Why am I telling you that?

Suzie: Well, about the sugar mama.

Mel: The sugar mama, I don't know what she pays for. She just said, that's what she does.

Suzie: I'm happy for.

Mel: But, yeah, I mean, I do remember once somebody telling me this was an older woman, said, if you're going to have. If you have a relationship with a man, and if he's old, he better be rich, and if he's young, he better be good looking. Otherwise, what's the point?

Suzie: What is the point, though?

Mel: And I thought, interesting.

Suzie: Yeah, seriously.

Mel: Got a point. But then not everyone in the world. That is a very cynical point of view. And if you are in the position to do that, well, okay, great. But I mean, if everyone took that point of view, you wouldn't be with anybody.

Suzie: I know.

Mel: Well, that's the thing.

Suzie: Obviously, nice love is still a factor, I guess, on Valentine's Day.

Mel: Yeah. But also, you see these comments? Like, you see a lot of celebrities always saying, oh, you're a woman, you have to make your own money and you have to be in your own power and all this other stuff and men saying things about the women they meet. Well, not everyone's in that position. They can't necessarily meet those kind of people. But I think something you said earlier when we were talking about this is you were saying how lots of people are together and they're not always. Not everyone, obviously, is gorgeous, but people find other people, so they find something. And I think generally, let's face it, it's about sex.

Suzie: Yeah.

Mel: I mean, they're not. People need to ****. Yeah. I mean, they do. And that's fine.

Suzie: That's great.

Mel: That is.

Suzie: I want people to **** more.

Mel: Wow. Is that like, if you were president, if you were running against Trump and.

Suzie: Biden, I would win for one. And then I'm obviously so much harder between those two.

Mel: Like, holy ****, and we're not getting political.

Suzie: But anyway, yes, no, I wouldn't be republican, I wouldn't be democratic. I would be in the Susie party.

Mel: The Susie party.

Suzie: And they would be the first x for all party.

Mel: Wow. Well, I mean, fair enough. I've be a happier world.

Suzie: It would be if everyone was coming all the time, consensually.

Mel: That's true. There'd be a lot less frustration, obviously. Yeah. Anyways, on that note. Yeah.

Suzie: On this Valentine's Day, on this Valentine's.

Mel: Day, we wish everyone. Yes, she's going to say that. I'm going to say everyone who is in love.

Suzie: Oh, God.

Mel: That you have a lovely time.

Suzie: Lovely.

Mel: And you don't have to go out and spend lots of money. No. Just join each other's company, have a nice glass of wine, have a nice meal at home, whatever. There doesn't have to be all these grand gestures. Although if you want to buy me more diamonds, that's fine.

Suzie: I know. I think Valentine's Day is an absolute horrible holiday where it's marky and it's disgusting and it just makes you feel bad about yourself for the most part, and it makes you feel, like, not good enough. So just ignore it and have sex.

Mel: Yeah, and have sex. And if you can't, because you don't have a partner or whatever reason, you can't just go home and do something.

Suzie: Else and just enjoy your own company. Valentine's Day can also be about loving yourself 100% and doing something nice for yourself.

Mel: Yeah. You could go home and have a nice self care day. They love, like, have a glass of wine, order some food, watch some ****** television. Oh, and I love that.

Suzie: I'm going to order chinese food actually on Valentine's day.

Mel: I think that's a good idea because it is very, like, the thing that annoys me about it is it's trying to say there's this one day of the year you should be doing this all the time. Yes. I mean, you should be getting the diet. No, that's why I hate Christmas.

Suzie: I'm like, we should be loving our family 100%, doing nice things for our family, having dinners all the time. Why do we have this one ******* day a year wherever?

Mel: No, I completely agree. And then if you just wanted to go out for dinner on Valentine's Day, which I never do because it's horrendous, you couldn't get a, you'd be paying five times as much and you just want food. Except actually, probably, if you wanted chinese food, you'd probably be okay in this city.

Suzie: I can't wait.

Mel: But you can't get a dinner reservation and you have to be there because you're dating when you could just be wanting to go for dinner. Yes. I mean, it is allowed, but you can't. And you're going to pay through the nose for something that's the same the next day and the day before anyways.

Suzie: But whoever loves it, have a nice time.

Mel: Have a lovely time. I'm going to have a nice dinner.

Suzie: And Mel's wearing red for you guys.

Mel: I am. How cute is that?

Suzie: And I'm wearing black.

Mel: Yeah, well, I mean, that pretty much shows our view on love. I'm for it.

Suzie: And she's, I'm not against it.

Mel: I just not sure about it unless it's an open relationship.

Suzie: Okay. Anyway, I hope we get eaten out.

Mel: Bye. Okay, yeah, bye.

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Suzie: Bye bye. Three, two, one.

Mel: Yeah, don't get on a.

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