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Episode 19  - The truth ABOUT MILFS
Melany Krangle & Suzie Sheckter

Speaker A: Welcome to sharing my truth with Mel and Suzie, the uncensored version where we bear it all.

Speaker B: We do 1234.

Speaker A: Happy, happy Wednesday. We are so happy to be back. Thank you so much for joining us.

Speaker B: On sharing my Truth Pod.

Speaker A: I'm here with Mel and I'm Suzie, and hello, babes, how are you?

Speaker B: Hey, darling. I'm pretty good. Just pretty good? Well, I'm recovering from a weird experience.

Speaker A: Oh, no. You had that scary thing happen to you.

Speaker B: Yeah. You want to tell our listeners about it? Well, yeah. Well, I was in a restaurant in Toronto last night, and I left about 945, and it wasn't exactly in the sketchiest part of town. Yeah. And I left the restaurant. If I can walk somewhere, I will walk. I do not want to get the streetcar. I like to use my feet. And you think, 945, it's fine. And I left the restaurant on my own. I'm walking along and I noticed this guy, he had those slide shoes on because you hear the schlips behind me, and I thought, oh, it's just a guy walking along. This is ridiculous. But then it kept slip shlop schlopping 15 minutes in. And then I was walking sort of towards the lights, towards the road, and every time I kind of moved, he kind of followed me. And it was like, okay, this is really ******* weird. He is actually following me. And then we were getting to this down the street and it was like, there are no lights, it's pretty dark. And I ended up thinking, well, I can't call an Uber because I have to stop. And then he's there, so I'm going to keep walking. And there's no streetcar, so I'm just going to keep walking. So I ended up I called one of my daughters just to be on the phone with somebody. There's a guy following me, but I'm just going to talk to you so that you know that I'm alive. And I was probably about ten minutes from home and she and my other daughter just ran out the door, flew up the road, and where are you? Where are you?

Speaker A: We're going to come get you.

Speaker B: And my phone died in the process, and they couldn't call me, and they thought I'd been hacked into small pieces.

Speaker A: Mel, you are a small woman. I don't think people understand how scary it is to be a small woman. And this has happened to you before? Have you not learned from your mistakes?

Speaker B: Well, look, I have been on the earth a long time and walking around for a long time. It wasn't a sketchy part of it. I wouldn't walk around. Well, actually, no, I have walked around at 02:00 in the morning. Why do I but I wouldn't normally do it. It was only 945. For the love of God. I know, but yeah, it has happened to me several times. But ladies, you make sure you're close to light. And if you can get to a major, like, junction. You stand there, you always go to where there's light or there's cars or whatever. Yeah.

Speaker A: And what do you scream, Mel?

Speaker B: I don't know. I had a huge umbrella.

Speaker A: No, but there's actually a thing over the head of the you have to scream fire.

Speaker B: Fire? Yeah. Did you not know this? No, I did, because no one will.

Speaker A: Come if you scream rape.

Speaker B: Why?

Speaker A: Because people are ******* ********.

Speaker B: That's gross.

Speaker A: Yeah. And so you have to scream fire so that people will actually call the police.

Speaker B: Wow.

Speaker A: In case no one knew that. That's how bad it is.

Speaker B: Yeah.

Speaker A: You have to scream fire so that people call you scream fire and run.

Speaker B: Yeah.

Speaker A: Also, I mean, there's also the thing of like that if there's like, someone following you or like there's sketchy people around and you're just afraid you just do weird things and you kind of be weirder than them and you jump around really weird.

Speaker B: I'm walking as fast as I can.

Speaker A: I know. And you keep your keys in your hands.

Speaker B: Yeah. So you can stab them with the key. Well, I did have a giant umbrella, so I was poke them in the eye. Yeah. I'm not sure if I'd actually been able to do that. But anyway, all is fine.

Speaker A: All is fine.

Speaker B: I'm here. But anyway, it's just a lesson to everyone out there that you think you're in a city like Toronto that is much safer than where I come from in London. And I was in a fine part of town and you're a MILF and I'm a Milk. You better brings us into very good.

Speaker A: You better be scared, babe, because the guys are coming for you. This is why I smoke cigarettes when I walk home, so that I can burn them.

Speaker B: Wow.

Speaker A: Yes, I think about that. I go sketchy all around. Anyways, so those are your tips of the day, guys. If you're walking home at night, that goes for men too, because my boyfriend got pretty much jumped in Toronto and he was like 15 minutes away from home. Happens to men, happens to women, happens to everyone.

Speaker B: Be safe. So be kids really aware, aware.

Speaker A: Call an Uber. Don't walk silly now I'm talking to you.

Speaker B: Yes, I've learned my lesson, but I'm your sweetheart do all the things of walking into calling somebody, staying on the phone, all that kind of stuff. And I was saved by my two teenagers. That's so sweet. I love 18 and 15 and they're bigger than me, so they came and.

Speaker A: Oh, yeah, they're ******* fierce. I'm scared of teenagers, especially yours.

Speaker B: Yes, indeed. So all was out. Well, that ends well.

Speaker A: So good. Okay, well, yes, let's get into our cute little topic because I mean, it's pretty much topic about you, Mel.

Speaker B: Well, according to you, it is M-I-L-F. Yes, sexy Mills. You see them all the time.

Speaker A: They're walking down the streets in Yorkville.

Speaker B: Yeah, I guess there are more milks, proportionally, than there were 20 years ago.

Speaker A: Because what is it?

Speaker B: Is it the botox?

Speaker A: Is it the fillers?

Speaker B: Is it the facelifts? What is it? Well, I think it's just that people generally are more conscious about their health or understand the things they can do. And I think also, society is like, you're 50, it's like, so I don't have to shrivel up and die inside. I'm 50 that I'm not 105. Whereas I think if you looked at people 20 years ago at 50, you'd think they were like, 70.

Speaker A: The Golden Girls are supposed to be, like 50 years old.

Speaker B: Yeah, exactly.

Speaker A: Which is hilarious. Exactly.

Speaker B: The Golden Girls. And I think the Grant, the mum was about in her 60s, wasn't she? Yeah, they were. They were either late fifty s or early sixty s. And they look like 100. Yeah. Then you'd think, yeah, 80. Yeah. And even now when you watch it and I used to love The Golden Girls, actually, but because they had the gray hair and they were all those super frumpy clothes and they had that hideous makeup and so the whole thing is exactly that. Whereas now, if you're looking after yourself, obviously you don't look the way you did when you're 25, but if you're healthy and you eat well and you exercise and yes, a few things help, like Botox and so on, and you have ****** plastiers. Yeah.

Speaker A: I'm sure women are getting that. Older women, tons of women, and even younger women. I don't know women who are getting it, but I'm sure lots of women of all ages are getting vaginal.

Speaker B: I think it's hugely popular. Yes, obviously, if you've had children, naturally.

Speaker A: Exactly. And especially with the milk mother involved.

Speaker B: Yeah, sort of. It changes down there. Haven't had that issue myself.

Speaker A: No, we got a tight ***** milk.

Speaker B: Thank you so much. You're welcome. But yes. So you can reconstruct yourself.

Speaker A: Yes, you can.

Speaker B: And then, you know, supplements and blah, blah, blah. And women who are 50 do not look they look hot.

Speaker A: Yeah, they're ******* sexy. And it's like this older women are more confident and they're more obviously mature, and they know what they want. There's no real playing games with older women. They're not there for like they're like, tell me what you want or **** off kind of thing.

Speaker B: Yeah, I mean, I think I do have a couple of my friends who are having relationships with very much younger men, sort of somewhere around 25. They're sort of in their fifty s or late forty s, and basically they're financially independent. They don't need them for anything other than their appendage.

Speaker A: I mean, big huck.

Speaker B: The big yeah, that's all they're in it for. Because they have a social life. They have in most cases, they've all got children. They're not looking for kids, they've got their own money. They're not like clingy. They're not looking for any validation. They're just looking for sex.

Speaker A: It's so hard.

Speaker B: And then they're looking also the younger men who think they're so attractive. Yeah, it's hot. I mean, that's what it is. So I think men obviously are attracted to the fact, oh, my God, I don't have to look after this woman. This woman. Also, when you're 50 on your late 40s, you know what you want. I mean I mean, in life, in the bedroom, you know what you want. And also, you've been around the block. Even if you haven't had loads of relationships, you kind of know how to.

Speaker A: Get, you know what the **** wants.

Speaker B: Exactly. Thank you, Susie. You know what's doing you know stuff. And you've had a bit of practice. Yes. And also, I think another good point is if I know a couple of friends of mine who were in very unhappy marriages and didn't necessarily have a lot of experience, it also works the other way, is that they didn't get all these things with their related. Like, they didn't talk to their husbands about sex and it was all very boring. And actually, there's been a couple of films about it and they're like, I want to do everything. Yes. And they don't have any hang ups about anything. And of course, that is incredibly attractive to men, and particularly young men who are like, yes, I want to do everything.

Speaker A: I want to do everything with you, and I want to show you the new moves that's happening. And there's also something of, like, maybe they want to experiment with other things, like cool drugs and stuff, maybe. And that's younger men, they got shrooms now. They got really good weed nowadays.

Speaker B: Any number of things.

Speaker A: You can share your life with someone without really sharing your emotions 100%. I mean, a lot of women, more women want that.

Speaker B: Yeah. If you are older and you are not interested in getting married or being in a relationship, you don't need all those things. You're not searching for that in somebody. So in a sense, a younger man makes a lot of sense. And if a younger man thinks you're hot, that is an amazing aphrodisiac because you're like, Why is he looking at me? Versus the 20 or five year old version? And it was funny. I saw this thing, I think it was probably on TikTok, obviously. And it was one of those things when they're out and about and they're interviewing people, whatever the hell they call those things. And this guy was interviewing all these young guys and they were probably god, they were probably like 20 if they were a day. So one of the questions, this interview guy, or guy with a microphone, whatever you want to call it, said to this one guy, he said, so if you had the choice between a 25 year old woman and a 50 year old woman, who would you go for? And he said and he's he's asking the guy all these questions. He said, do they look the same? He said, yeah, they're both they're both hot. I mean, obviously one's older and he's like, look, if the 50 year old is still hot, that's really hot. If she's hot at 50, she's hot.

Speaker A: So I'm going for the 50 year old.

Speaker B: I thought that was the best answer.

Speaker A: Because it's like, so true.

Speaker B: If you're hot at 50 and not necessarily looking to it's not about looking 25. It's just about looking good at 50. Yeah. So I thought that was funny. But yeah, it's a whole thing. The whole milk thing.

Speaker A: I know. And I kind of love it all. You see, like, if you're going down **** I don't know if you watch ****, Mill, but we're not going to talk about that.

Speaker B: My children might be listening.

Speaker A: But if you go on any **** site, at least the first video there's like three videos there. One of them is a MILF or it's a step mommy thing is a whole it's the same ******* thing, though. It's a MILF you want to ****. It's a hot older woman.

Speaker B: Right.

Speaker A: And whether she is and I don't know if we're talking about, like, the 30 year old MILFs. We're talking about, like, the 40 the 50 year old milk.

Speaker B: Yeah.

Speaker A: Even, I don't know, 60 year old.

Speaker B: Well, that's the other thing about the definition, and I actually didn't know this until I was doing some research for the podcast is that MILF, you think it has to be a mother, but it's not necessarily a mother.

Speaker A: It's not like a 20 year old mom.

Speaker B: No, it's just well, the milk has.

Speaker A: Morphed into that is amazing. The MILF has now morphed I'm obsessed.

Speaker B: Into not just being a mum, but being an older woman, basically an older woman.

Speaker A: So you don't have to be a mom?

Speaker B: No, it's just I think to the man, there's something in that. The idea of that the nurturing side of the woman being older. There's got to be something in that psychologically. But no, the definition is not specifically that she's a mother. You don't have to be a mother to be a milk.

Speaker A: I mean, it's just so funny. Why do men and honestly, like, all men, not just young men, but most men want to **** a milk? And is it because fascinating, they do just want to **** their moms? Or they but it's this thing where it's like they cringey they've been sucking ******* all their life, right? Sucking they came out of a ******.

Speaker B: It's only six months old.

Speaker A: You don't like no men.

Speaker B: There have been oh, you mean like later on sucking well, just literally sucking.

Speaker A: ******* all their life. They're like, they're sucking ******* when they're babies. They're sucking ******* when they're just becoming teenagers and starting to be sexually active. Most of their life has been about *******. And they've come out of ******. They want to get back in it. They spend their entire lives trying to get back in that *****.

Speaker B: It's kind of interesting now you put.

Speaker A: It like how can you not think about a mom when you're talking about that? Obviously not their mom, hopefully, but moms in general. It's 100%, like you said, this nurturing thing where they're like, Come inside me.

Speaker B: Nice. I think it's also this idea that a mum, if you're a mum and you're a certain age and you look good, obviously it doesn't work if you sort of what's a nice way of putting it? Let yourself go a bit.

Speaker A: I mean, not all women want to be milks, although I definitely do. And I consider myself a dog MILF.

Speaker B: A dog milk. Yeah.

Speaker A: I'm a dog milk because Mowgli is my child, so I am still a MILF, but I'm a dog milk, so I have a dog baby, right. And I'm now a MILF. But there's just all these different kinds of milks now.

Speaker B: Yes, there are.

Speaker A: Every female that I know that is my friend, who's in their twenty s or early 30s, they all do want to be hot mummies. Yummy mummies.

Speaker B: But yeah, but what? That's different though, isn't it? Hot mummies. If I think of the idea of a hot mummy, I'm thinking of those kind of those women who have the baby. It pops out. They still look like some amazing supermodel wearing leggings with legs up to their armpits and they look beautiful all the time. That's what I think, a hot mummy. But I tend to think of a hot mummy with little kids. Right.

Speaker A: A MILF is one with teenagers.

Speaker B: Yeah, exactly.

Speaker A: They're out of the house now.

Speaker B: It goes back to that movie American Pie, which is where Jennifer Cooley really got started to get oh, my God, she was so good in that. Craig, that was 20 years ago, I think, that movie. Yes, she was so good. Well, there's a bunch of them. Three, right.

Speaker A: She is the original Mill mum.

Speaker B: Yeah.

Speaker A: So she's stiffly I love that, you know, American Pie.

Speaker B: Of course. I love it. So it's like this idea that you're coming around, the boys come round to this house and the mom's there because so they're old enough, they're like anywhere between 13 and sort of 18. And that's where it sort of starts. And then they see the mum, and I think because they're starting to well, whatever.

Speaker A: Yeah.

Speaker B: Sexually active, thinking about sex 50 million times a day. Anybody who basically has ***** is like, interesting, I'm telling you.

Speaker A: Sucking on *******.

Speaker B: Yeah. And it's this thing of like the older woman is somehow this idea in their head that she has so much more experience, which she does, and she's not clingy, she's not insecure, she's not any of those things. So I think it's very, very attractive. Yeah.

Speaker A: She just wants to have a young.

Speaker B: Not that young, but yeah, we hope.

Speaker A: Not that they were legal. They were 18.

Speaker B: It is a thing. It is a big thing. And a lot of women do really like younger men. I personally don't get it.

Speaker A: I think it's just like yeah, you said it's exciting to get that attention. I think from a younger guy, the.

Speaker B: Older you get, obviously you've got extra flaps of skin and ***** going south if they haven't been tended to. Yes. And so you think you're not appealing and you actually think that men give a **** about this stuff and they don't. Unless you're like 500 pounds, they don't care about that stuff. If you're good in the sack, that's what they care about. You know what to do. And you're not clingy and weird and whiny. They love it. But I mean, it is weird. It is strange. And it does kind of shift at a certain point in your life. And sometimes it's like it's strange if younger men take an interest in you and you're not interested.

Speaker A: It's exciting.

Speaker B: No, it can be quite weird.

Speaker A: It's what so what do you mean?

Speaker B: Well, I've had a couple of occasions where I've known the kid, the friends of my daughters crush on me. Yay. And you just have to be very careful because they're young, obviously that's a territory where obviously bad things do happen. But I don't know, it's also strange. I personally men who are like 25 or obviously not shopping around for men, but men who are 25 what? I personally don't find it attractive. I just find them so young looking even.

Speaker A: Yeah, no, I honestly get that because I don't even like younger men. And like younger men, as in young 20s, I'm like, you're so annoying.

Speaker B: Yeah. So young. But I guess if you are in a different space in your life and somebody's paying you attention, why not?

Speaker A: And honestly, younger guys nowadays, honestly, all they want to do is eat acne ***** and sometimes eat *** and eat *****. Yes, mel. Exactly. I swear. Because they're just like there's an entirely new generation of sexual absolutely liberation from these men, especially. And they're so excited to just have a woman who's super open is what an older woman represents and just wanting to do it all with her.

Speaker B: And I think what's quite funny to a lot of younger men that they don't realize is they think because you're in your forty s or fifty s, you don't know about this stuff. It's like, honey, I've been around.

Speaker A: We invented it.

Speaker B: Exactly. I invented it's. Funny. It is funny. But I think we have moved from a point where there was a lot of judgment about it. And I think I've mentioned my mum had a lot, quite a few toy boys. Like young lovers.

Speaker A: We have an episode about toy boys, if you guys want to go back to it.

Speaker B: Yeah. And she had quite a few young lovers, which was a whole interesting thing for me, and I think I talked about in that episode how I was a little bit judgmental about it because I'd seen it from a different angle.

Speaker A: That is just a horrible situation, though. Anyone would be judgmental.

Speaker B: But to the point where I'd say that I know friends or acquaintances of mine, I can think of a couple where they're now in their sort of late forty s and they're having relationships and actually long standing, like a couple of years with a much younger guy, like 23, 24, and it's actually very successful. And I would say initially I would have been quite judgmental. But why am I being judgmental? Probably because of my past experience. But all part of them, if it works, if they're all getting what they want. Because of course these relationships can develop into relationships for sure.

Speaker A: And I mean, I do find it interesting that an older woman would want to be in a relationship with a younger guy because it's like, what are you talking about?

Speaker B: This is fascinating to me. What do you talk about?

Speaker A: And do you guys go out like, with your friends?

Speaker B: I guess it's a bit like, you know, you can get older people who sort of have young souls and you can have older people with old souls, but you can get people who are just sort of ageless in that sense. They're not like immature and that you can get along with them and so on. I mean, look, we get along. You're 27. I'm 50. Right. I guess. But yeah, you do think what the hell? And everything's going to be a problem. So let's say you're like, oh, let's have movie night and watch a movie. Well, any movie that's from your generation. He wouldn't even been born everything he would be barely had a career, so stuff like that. But I mean, I guess things work for different reasons.

Speaker A: I mean, it's the same with like yeah, why are we more judgmental about younger men dating older women than older men dating younger women? I mean, we've talked about that before. But it is that way of like maybe the older woman does also want to take care of this young man if she has money.

Speaker B: I think there's an element of that. I think there's an element, particularly if she's been married before to someone kodja who she never communicated with, who was like a pain in the ***, blah, blah, blah. And I think that is something that's changed with men, that they are more communicative because it's allowed now. Men are allowed to show emotion, they're allowed to communicate. So I think that also might be a thing why older women, they might be like, well, actually, I'd like a man who will tell me he loves me, who will tell me I'm beautiful, who will pay me attention and why not? And they're sick of like they divorced a slobbering 50 year old. So they want some lovely young guy who's going to idolize them, and you're like, fair enough.

Speaker A: And it was so much energy.

Speaker B: Exactly. Fair enough. I mean, that's where that could be quite funny, actually, I think, and I have heard stories of that, where you've got some young 27 year old who wants, like, sex five times a day, and you're just like, okay, twice, I'm done now, thanks very much.

Speaker A: But all these 50 year olds now, they have this high, high sex drive.

Speaker B: Oh, yeah.

Speaker A: Women mill particularly, yeah, they want to come just like everyone else, particularly, but yeah, exactly.

Speaker B: Even like five times a day, maybe.

Speaker A: Not five times, but I'm sure like the pre menopause menopause stage, well, you.

Speaker B: Want to ****, I mean, depending on the woman. But it messes with your hormones. It has all sorts of stuff. And I just think that it's so different for women than it is for men. The funny thing is that men, as they get older, there are tending to be we get stuck with the menopause, but they get stuck with a lot of issues that can affect ed yeah. Virility. Yeah. Just their libido and blah, blah. And so that obviously can be a big problem in relationships. Yeah. And so fair enough. Go and find yourself a toy boy.

Speaker A: That's what we're talking about. I think you should I mean, I think you should. Bell I know Max is a lot, but I definitely could always have two. Boys are like handbags.

Speaker B: No, they're not. You can never have enough handbags. It's just too much work.

Speaker A: You need to listen to their crying and they're moaning.

Speaker B: Well, imagine that. Listen to a 27 year old blather on about stuff.

Speaker A: But you, I mean, they I swear, men talk about you're 27.

Speaker B: Oh, you're 28.

Speaker A: God, don't talk about 27.

Speaker B: I know. You're not a man.

Speaker A: I'm old, almost.

Speaker B: Oh, yeah.

Speaker A: Oh, pretty much. My back hurts. No, I mean, men all talk about the same thing. Like, you put two men in any room, any age, they're going to find something to talk about.

Speaker B: Those are generally two subjects, some kind of sporting event or women's genitalia. Yeah.

Speaker A: I mean, that's fascinating, but that's what I'm saying. So it's like, if you have an older woman who's dating a younger man, is that younger guy really going to be that much different? Well, that's true communication or speaking to or things like that.

Speaker B: And the other thing that it might be is that a younger man probably finds a younger woman a younger woman an older woman really interesting. She lives a life and she's got stuff to say and ridiculous stories and funny things and yada yada. So maybe yeah, I'm telling you.

Speaker A: And a woman, I mean, like, let's just be honest. We love to ******* talk.

Speaker B: Yes.

Speaker A: Do we even need them to talk?

Speaker B: We're doing it professionally.

Speaker A: Right, I know. Do we even need the men to say anything, especially if it's younger guys. They're just going to want us to talk and then they're going to want to **** us.

Speaker B: It's a good point. It is a good point. Yes. Men just don't like chatting. Do they not get on the phone or they don't. My husband always finds that so weird when his like our two daughters, they'll be like, one of my daughters will go on like a sleepover. She's been with a girlfriend all weekend and then the minute she gets home, she gets back on FaceTime and starts talking to them or Snapchat or whatever, and you're like and he's like, haven't they just been with each other for the last 24 hours? Solidly. Yeah. I said, you don't understand. You just don't understand. There's always something to talk about. Yeah, I mean, there's always something to talk about. I'm a professional chatter. I know.

Speaker A: You truly are.

Speaker B: I am. I mean, it is also a bit of the English in me. English people love to talk. I don't know what it is. And then we talk really fast, don't we? And often you look at people, look at me and they're like, what did you just say? Because you said it like 500 miles faster than everyone else. Pack it all in.

Speaker A: You pack it all in. That was very good.

Speaker B: Exactly. Anyway, got nothing to do with Mils.

Speaker A: Well, a little bit. You're a mill. But where anything that you say today, I'm a mill thing is about you.

Speaker B: Oh, thank you.

Speaker A: That's very nice attribute to Mel.

Speaker B: I'm not sure how I mel the mills. Yeah, I don't know how I feel about that. Too bad. It's just a fact.

Speaker A: If you guys think Mel's Milk comment on our instagram and be like, Mel your Mel.

Speaker B: Thanks. Along with all the lovely comments. Yeah, nice. Yeah. Because we get some interesting comments.

Speaker A: Oh, my God.

Speaker B: Always positive, I hasten to add. I like all the comments, negative and positive.

Speaker A: Mel will keep them coming. Mel will reply.

Speaker B: Yeah. I'm replying. You can say whatever. I can take it.

Speaker A: And I love it. I love when people leave us voicemails.

Speaker B: Well, this is funny. And we get these voicemails. And we got a voicemail recently from.

Speaker A: This guy, and he takes the time to do this, guys. He takes the time to click on the button, click on our link and bio click on the button to leave us a voicemail. I'm sure he has to sign in or something because you can't just leave a voicemail, can you? Or can you just leave the voice? Okay, so he just leaves the voice.

Speaker B: You've got to have listened to us. You've got to know where to go on the website, you've got to know which button, and you've got to have.

Speaker A: Bothered to do it.

Speaker B: The big point is you've got to actually have been asked to do this. Right? This is a lot of effort. I wouldn't do it if. I thought somebody was being stupid or whatever and he made some stupid comment.

Speaker A: About our pronouns or something and how we're talking about them. And it's like yeah. And it's like, thank you so much for your opinion.

Speaker B: Thanks for clarifying your pronouns because I will show that you or she her. That was basically I may have a ****.

Speaker A: You don't know that.

Speaker B: Well, I could could have tucked it away. You haven't seen it. No, exactly.

Speaker A: Oh, maybe you have, though. Mine, anyways, not yours now.

Speaker B: Your *****?

Speaker A: Yeah, no, I mean my ******. It's in public.

Speaker B: Is it?

Speaker A: Yeah, and the boys. Oh, but that was everything.

Speaker B: Yeah, that's true.

Speaker A: If you haven't seen it, go watch it, guys. It's pretty funny.

Speaker B: Yeah. I don't remember focusing really on saying.

Speaker A: You were like there was a thing going into it. It's so funny.

Speaker B: I still yeah.

Speaker A: Thank you. Yeah, thank you for remembering. You see, and it was rough topic.

Speaker B: Yeah, it is off topic, however. So what were we talking about now? We're like everyone's thinking now.

Speaker A: They're literally the best. I mean, the fact that women can be now hot moms. Like we're talking about Kim Kardashian. Who's how old is Kim now? I don't know.

Speaker B: She's 40 or 41 or something like that.

Speaker A: I don't know. I have no idea. But like JLo is ******* 50.

Speaker B: Yes, he's 50.

Speaker A: And like who else did Pete Davidson date? Anyone who Pete Davidson is kate Beckinsel.

Speaker B: Kate Beck one of my compatriots. And she is the other thing about her, she's very attractive. She's super hot, she's super fit, blah, blah. But she's really funny. She is so funny. And she's on these and obviously she's on a lot of shows in England because she's a star in America. So we like that.

Speaker A: That was perfect.

Speaker B: She is so funny. And she's always a bit saucy when she talks. Very saucy. Yeah. So it's so funny. I'm now thinking about something, but I mean yeah. What's his name? Pete Davidson.

Speaker A: Pete Davidson with a big ****.

Speaker B: Well, that must be it. Why do you think him yeah, or the tongue.

Speaker A: So it's the **** or the tongue. And it might be both.

Speaker B: Well, he obviously knows what he's doing. Good for him because I mean, these women I mean, it's fascinating to me that he or he has a lot of stamina.

Speaker A: I think it's everything when you're that tall. Something.

Speaker B: He's taking a lot of attention towards these women's. Lady gardens. And I salute him for that. And he's obviously going to keep going.

Speaker A: Yeah.

Speaker B: There's many more stars to go.

Speaker A: I mean, we can only hope for a Pete Davidson in our lives, you.

Speaker B: Know what I mean? Yeah. I really want him to be a bit more attractive, but okay.

Speaker A: I think he's pretty cute, but he's funny.

Speaker B: But everywhere he's a comedian. His neat.

Speaker A: Yeah, that's fine. Comedy sexy.

Speaker B: I think that's the thing that's irresistible to women is as a man with a sense of humor because so many I'm sorry, men do not have a sense of humor because you're kind of quite wound up your own backside. So sense of humor is hugely attractive. So if you have a sense of humor, you'll be fine. And the other thing is what is the other thing? I was thinking about backside, and I've got big ****.

Speaker A: Backside is a big ****.

Speaker B: Well, big dicks are obviously kids.

Speaker A: You got to have a sense of humor. A big ****. And you got to be nice. I don't know, Chef.

Speaker B: I've forgotten. See, I am, as we all know, menopausal, perimenopausal. Perimenopausal. And you get these brain fog moments, and you're like, totally in the thing. And then you're like, what was I talking about?

Speaker A: Oh, yes, big ****.

Speaker B: It's all fine. I remember. Big dicks and big tongues.

Speaker A: Big tongues. Big dicks and a sense of humor.

Speaker B: Yeah, I mean, those are all key things, aren't they? But the thing is, his relationships never last.

Speaker A: No, because they're all PR stunts.

Speaker B: Do you really think 100%. Right? I mean, I'm sure they've actually even seen the appendage.

Speaker A: I'm sure that they have had sex. Why the **** not?

Speaker B: Yeah, fair enough.

Speaker A: But yeah, I do believe that it's.

Speaker B: All kind of a peer stunt, right?

Speaker A: And that's fine. You got to do what you got to do. It's ******* Hollywood, baby. It's business, baby.

Speaker B: But I mean, Kim Kardashian, she doesn't really need to do that, does she?

Speaker A: Oh, Kris Jenner's all up in that, sweetie.

Speaker B: Do you think it made her more relatable? Because she wasn't with that, I'm sure sorry, Kanye.

Speaker A: I actually don't watch the Kardashians at all. I hate them.

Speaker B: No, I mean, I've seen it years ago.

Speaker A: We all know about them. Because you can't get off of you go on Instagram. Oh, they're all like, you can't get.

Speaker B: All that voice of which one is it? Kourtney? She's always a thing on TikTok and adding a voice. I'm so over there, basically. Yes.

Speaker A: Oh, it's like, so bad.

Speaker B: Yeah. And I'm totally going to be dealing with it.

Speaker A: I can't drive me wild, actually.

Speaker B: But yeah, you think, why did Kim Kardashian maybe she needed him to make herself more relatable in some something because she's well, Kanye West. I mean, do we need to see any more I mean, do Milks do.

Speaker A: This to be more relatable?

Speaker B: I don't know. I mean, maybe do they do it.

Speaker A: To kind of be kind of feel young again?

Speaker B: Yeah, well, definitely. Honestly, if a man's 25 thinks you're attractive, because that's the one thing I would say, is you do start at a certain age, you can feel quite invisible. So I think it's like I remember once, well, quite a few years ago, going on this we call it Hen weekend. You call it a bachelorette. The hen and the stag. Yeah. That's so cute. And we were in this part of England anyway, never mind. But we went to this really dodgy club and we were probably 25, probably your age, 26, something like that. And everyone in there was 18. And honest to God, every man, and we were a bunch of girls, we were all women quite attractive. We're not the men just I mean, we weren't trying to get their attention. But you could sense, you could sense that you were invisible just because they were 18 and you were 28 or 26 or whatever. It was kind of funny. But I think there is a point where that's why it's so attractive is because you can start to feel a bit invisible. And the irony you say you started.

Speaker A: To feel invisible at 25.

Speaker B: No, I'm just giving you an example of where as you get older and the men, they're younger. But I think the irony is that also it works the other way because older men so if I was going to get remarried, and I think I've mentioned this before I'm not going to get remarried, I'm very happily married, sure. But the point is, a man of my age would not be interested in me. I'd have to marry an 80 year old billionaire, according to you. But the irony is that men of my age are not interested in me, but men that are younger or men that are older that interested. So it's kind of sexy in that way, too, because let's say you're trying to date, you've been out of a long relationship or whatever it is, and you're in your fifty s, and men who are your age don't want you. They want women of your age. They don't want you. They actually think you're gross repellent.

Speaker A: They don't think you're gross.

Speaker B: They do in their head, I think they think I mean, I do have absolutely nothing, no basis to prove this on because I am obviously not dating. But they just look through you in a way that young men don't and older men don't. It's ironic, and I think that's part of it. And then if you need a bit of the *****, then you need a young man. You can't have an old man.

Speaker A: I'm sorry, that was so funny. Just a bit of a bit of the *****.

Speaker B: And I remember this woman, like years ago, is like an old auntie of a friend of mine, and she gave her my friend this advice, and she said, darling, it was very British. Now, darling, if you're looking for a man, just make sure he's either good looking or he's rich. You can't look if he's young. And if you're going to have a toy boy, that's fine. He doesn't have to be rich because he's young and he's virile, but if he's old, he's got to be rich. What she was saying is you can't have an old poor guy or a sort of young ugly guy. But the point is choose, right? Choose, god **** it. So if he's young and he's not rich, but he's virile, what is virile? Virile means he's hot to trot. He's hot.

Speaker A: Oh, my God. All these British things. Could we just say he's horny and he's ready to ****?

Speaker B: Exactly. Well, we don't like we like I don't dance around the point.

Speaker A: You beat around the bush.

Speaker B: Does it beat around the actual literally.

Speaker A: Beat around the bush? ****, yeah.

Speaker B: So do we need some facts?

Speaker A: Do you have some?

Speaker B: I do have some fax.

Speaker A: Quit it. Give it to me.

Speaker B: I'm going to lean over to my.

Speaker A: Computer, my iPad, because I'm 50 years old.

Speaker B: So old, so funny. Actually find my facts. Your facts have gone missing, darling. So this is an article by this is fantastic. This is a website called Love Panky. Oh, love pancake. Hanky panky. Is it a British website? It probably is, because hanky panky is a British have you heard that before? Hanky panky?

Speaker A: Yeah, I mean, it's underwear company.

Speaker B: Who is it? Yeah, a bit of hanky panky means a bit of, you know what.

Speaker A: Slap around the old biddy bush.

Speaker B: Well, I suppose it could be anything. So what are facts about milks? And why do young men like a milk? So she's got a wild sex drive. We spoke about that. That's obvious.

Speaker A: Big sex drive for an older lady, as we say.

Speaker B: Now, this is hilarious. She's a mum, which isn't a necessity to be milk, as we've established. And mums are super fun. I don't think my child would say that about me, so I think that.

Speaker A: I just don't know if that's the first thing that I would say. Oh, yeah, MILF.

Speaker B: Yeah.

Speaker A: She's super fun because she has kids and she wants to play, like, air hockey with me.

Speaker B: I don't think that's it spectrum. She's got life experience that makes complete sense.

Speaker A: Of course she's got the big life experience. She's got, like, big sex experience.

Speaker B: I think this is a big one. She's independent, probably, for the most part, financially independent.

Speaker A: She's either being got her divorced money.

Speaker B: Does that, or she's got a career or whatever. She's got money. She doesn't need him for financial support. An interesting one here is she isn't obsessed with social media, so she's not.

Speaker A: Which I think, actually, except for you, you're addicted to TikTok.

Speaker B: I would be useless in this particular thing. What I'm just going to skip through because there's a lot what else? And if you don't want kids if.

Speaker A: She has kids, she's already got the kids. Why do you need the kids for?

Speaker B: She's not probably in this, although she might be, but probably not for a relationship or marriage. So it's really sort of a stress free in the sense that when people say, oh, just go and have fun now, how many people actually end up in relationships or having hanky panky? It's fun at the beginning and then it starts to get complicated because somebody wants something and the other person that often is. What happens? Well, in these kind of situations, you kind of both know, not all the time, but often the woman is probably not gone into this for a relationship if she's older.

Speaker A: Are women wanting to get married after 50?

Speaker B: Some of them, I think. Some. I mean, I'm not sure I would want to get married again. You would?

Speaker A: You're not sure you would?

Speaker B: Yeah, I don't think I would. I don't know. It's a lot.

Speaker A: It's like, who cares?

Speaker B: It's a lot, right?

Speaker A: And if you had been divorced before, get divorced again.

Speaker B: Possibly, yeah, obviously, because women generally live longer. But I think the other thing is, if you're older and let's say, unfortunately, you are in a situation where your husband's left you, he's passed, or whatever, I think you're just like you had that. Probably had that great love. Had that. It's hard to sort of do that again. It's possibly more physical or more just about having fun. Like fun without any of the like you could go out for dinner, you could go travel with a younger man and you're not worried about, are we getting married? Are we buying a house? Are we having children?

Speaker A: Are we so much stress?

Speaker B: All those things are gone. You've done them. So you could literally just have a fun time.

Speaker A: Totally.

Speaker B: Without mind games. Because who cares about games? I mean, when you're 50, aren't playing any games. And you also honestly say, at my age, I couldn't give a **** what anybody thought about me. I don't care. Right? You're like teflon. You honestly become like you just don't care. Whereas when you're younger, you care.

Speaker A: All you want to do is grease the peach.

Speaker B: Yeah, that's your favorite saying. I love it. And I'm trying to think how I'm actually going to bring that saying into my life. I haven't said it yet. Grease the peach. I think you just have to start.

Speaker A: Saying it to Max, be like, you.

Speaker B: Ready to grease my peach, darling? Are you ready to grease my peach? But I always think of the peach as the ***.

Speaker A: No, the peach is the *****.

Speaker B: Is it? How does it make sense to me? It looks like a ***. It's a cute little peach.

Speaker A: What else would it be?

Speaker B: A tangerine or an orange? Open.

Speaker A: It could be like a grapefruit.

Speaker B: It could be could be like but nobody's keen on grapefruit.

Speaker A: It's sour.

Speaker B: Anyway. We have gone from so those are some a key fact, I would like to reiterate this, that milk does not have to be a mother. Just like to reiterate that.

Speaker A: Yes, because milks are all shapes and sizes and they're all ages and they're all genders.

Speaker B: Absolutely.

Speaker A: MILF is a state of mind. It's kind of like Daddy, as Pedro Pascal would say.

Speaker B: Yes, and he was in I just saw his outfit in the Met gala.

Speaker A: Yeah, that was god, I love him.

Speaker B: So much. That's an interesting outfit.

Speaker A: The shorts. His daddy, he can do whatever he wants.

Speaker B: He really can. That man can't. He can just do what he wants, but good for him.

Speaker A: I know. He could be my milk.

Speaker B: I love the way he says Chile, because he ******* I love the way he says daddy.

Speaker A: He's like, I'm your daddy, and he's.

Speaker B: Not even a daddy, which is the funniest.

Speaker A: That's all I'm saying. A milk is a milk even though a milk daddy is a daddy. Even though he's not a daddy.

Speaker B: Absolutely.

Speaker A: And we figured it out. And we've cracked the code.

Speaker B: I think we figured it out. I think we figured out a lot. Have we figured anything out?

Speaker A: Yeah, we have.

Speaker B: Do you think? Yeah.

Speaker A: You're a MILF, and everyone has to deal with that.

Speaker B: Okay.

Speaker A: That's the bottom line.

Speaker B: Yeah. Okay.

Speaker A: It's the absolute bottom line here that's.

Speaker B: It a milk, and that's it.

Speaker A: I'm a MILF, and you're a milk. And, ladies and gentlemen, if you want to be MILFS, you just got to say it to yourself in the mirror once a day, and you'll become it.

Speaker B: Yeah. What's the word? What's? It when you I'm so tired.

Speaker A: Okay. She's she's a real milk. She's menopausal.

Speaker B: She's upset. Losing it. Yeah. Not mantra.

Speaker A: Manifesting.

Speaker B: Manifesting.

Speaker A: Manifest.

Speaker B: Manifest.

Speaker A: Milford morph into your milk.

Speaker B: Yeah, the milk morphs.

Speaker A: Okay, everyone, have a great rest of your Wednesday.

Speaker B: Definitely.

Speaker A: God, we love you so much.

Speaker B: And don't forget to rate and review.

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Speaker B: Yeah, only five stars.

Speaker A: Big two thumbs up.

Speaker B: Absolutely.

Speaker A: In the butt.

Speaker B: In the butt.

Speaker A: Grease my on that note, we'll see.

Speaker B: Love you.

Speaker A: Thanks for listening.

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