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Episode 37  -  the Truth About Kinks
Melany Krangle & Suzie Sheckter

Speaker A: Welcome to Sharing My Truth with Mel and Suzie, the uncensored version where we bear it all.

Speaker B: We do 1234. Hello. Hello.

Speaker A: Welcome, welcome. I should put my ASMR voice on because that's kind of what we're talking about today. And we are talking about well, share My Truth share My Truth pod. Everyone, welcome. Welcome to share my truth, Pod. I'm Susie, I'm here with my girlfriend Mel. And this is your friendly reminder to give us a sexy little five star review on this pod. Because you love us. Because we have what, Mel? A praise kink.

Speaker B: We do.

Speaker A: And what are we talking about today, Mel?

Speaker B: Well, we are talking about the truth about kinks.

Speaker A: Oh, there it is.

Speaker B: Following on from our episode about fetishes fetishes. And we promised that we would do this and we've had an awful lot of questions and a lot of response about our episode about fetishes.

Speaker A: Yeah, because you guys are ******* freaky little *******, apparently.

Speaker B: So and so we said we'd do this. So this is what we're doing. Yes.

Speaker A: And I think it's super important to talk about kinks because everyone is kinky.

Speaker B: Oh, yeah.

Speaker A: And you don't really realize what a kink is until you look up kinks and you're like, wait, doesn't everyone do this? And you're like, no, I'm not kinky. This is just regular. But apparently it's not.

Speaker B: No, exactly. I mean, that's the weird thing is you have in this mind, in this mind, even in my mind, whatever, is that you sort of imagine or maybe I do like Catwoman in her sort of tight latex latex thing stuck to her skin with some kind of thing and a whip and the whole business and a chain and whatever. And then she's whip the flog. She's just exactly. Partners, like, chained in a well, we call it a nappy. A diaper. Like a diaper. Some weird torture chair. Yeah, but actually, that really is the very extreme level. And there's many, many things that many people do, and I don't think they even realize it's technically a kink, because anything that basically is outside of the norm is kink. Is kinky.

Speaker A: Well, yeah, within our research of this episode, Mel, we were looking at, like, dirty talk is apparently kinky. Maybe, I don't know, licking your partner's nipple is a little kinky. Anything that is not missionary is apparently a kink.

Speaker B: Basically. Anything that's sort of unconventional. I'm looking at the how do you say? Oh, tell us, marionary Dictionary. Unconventional sexual taste or behavior. So a fetish is to an inanimate object, like, you like shoes or you like whatever you like comes to mind right now.

Speaker A: You like a certain kind of panties, maybe? Yeah, I don't know. You like an earring maybe? Is that like a fetish? But an earring? Like a certain kind of an earring. A belly button piercing, maybe.

Speaker B: I see. Yeah, but a kink is more a sexual taste or behavior, so it's more like a thing that you do as opposed to a thing that you're focused on an object. An inanimate object.

Speaker A: Exactly. And there are so many kinks out there, it's actually ****** up. And it's too many for us to talk about on this little pod an hour.

Speaker B: It's too many to talk about. But I think the important thing is to highlight that you go from where most people are, which is at the sort of what we think of and.

Speaker A: Then what we think of as in like missionary, do you mean?

Speaker B: Or like no, people think that. Think of catwoman.

Speaker A: Oh, God.

Speaker B: Who's like in the BDSM thing, maybe. But actually within BDSM, it's just if you own a little old whip or a pair of handcuffs or anything like that, which pretty much everyone has done, you're kinky.

Speaker A: I think you're a bit kinkier than you. Lead on, mel me?

Speaker B: Oh, yeah. Kinky mum. Kinky mum. Kinky milk weird. Kinky mum wealth. Well, anyway, don't get the people going too much super ****** up. But it goes to such an extreme level, doesn't it? So it goes from that where what I'm saying is a lot of people have dabbled in the entry level kink. Should we call entry level kink?

Speaker A: Absolutely. For beginners.

Speaker B: Kink for beginners. And I think most people are in the kink for beginners section, that maybe they or their partner or they've become introduced to things but really are not that weird. But they're actually part of a grouping. Let's say it's BDSM or role play. I mean, everyone lots well, I have to say, I'm not really into dress up. I don't like dress up, but no role play.

Speaker A: I love a dress up.

Speaker B: I hate it. I hate being another persona. I absolutely detest it. Do you know, like dress up party? What do you call them?

Speaker A: Parties where you go yeah, like costume parties.

Speaker B: Absolutely detest them. Yeah.

Speaker A: I don't really like costume parties either, but I love dressing up in the bedroom.

Speaker B: Yeah, that's not really a stretch for me to think that, Susie, but that is I don't think lots and lots of people have done that. I mean, you can buy a bajillion outfits, but that's kinky. And it's like it's not really kinky, is it?

Speaker A: Well, even like hosiery, like women wearing hosiery is kinky.

Speaker B: Yeah.

Speaker A: And I'm like, that seems pretty ******* normal to me.

Speaker B: I mean, you think, like, you go and you buy a sexy lingerie, right, whatever. And you wear your tights with the suspenders. In the old days, what do you call them when you have the thing? Do you call them suspender? We call them a suspender.

Speaker A: It's a garter.

Speaker B: Garter. That's a garter. Now, the thing that goes from the.

Speaker A: Tights to the pants call it a garter.

Speaker B: We call it a suspender. Okay. Suspenders. Anyway, but that is not a big thing, is it? That's what you think of a sexy image of a woman like in the sort of, I don't know, narrative central. Narrative is like a woman in sexy underwear, sexy, kind of tights, high heels. Apparently that's kinky, but that's the norm. But you're saying that kinky is anything that's not sort of kind of in the norm. It doesn't make any sense.

Speaker A: It's crazy. I mean, as we said, there's so many types of kinks. You could be a kinky ************ and you have no idea and you like what you like. But we're going to go through some of the main kinks that we know of, that you've heard of, that I think people are talking about right now that are actually taking up a lot of the sex industry in a way. And obviously BDSM is a huge one of part of that. And obviously BDSM stands for bondage, discipline, submission, sadism, masochism. Like there's all these kind of variations of it, but it's all kind of allowing that feel of either control or letting go or what's the opposite of not being in control?

Speaker B: Submissive.

Speaker A: Submissive. Exactly. Thank you, Mel. You know a lot about this, obviously.

Speaker B: Wouldn't say I was submissive, but okay.

Speaker A: She'S a dawn mummy, but yeah, so it's kind of about pain and it's about pain to where you're comfortable as but it's also about mental pain and mental games where you're getting turned on. Like in this realm of BDSM, there's a whole slew of things like Edging and Latex and all of these other things that might be more tangible for the everyday person instead of being tied up in ropes and chains by Catwoman. I would love that though.

Speaker B: Still on catwoman.

Speaker A: I'd love her.

Speaker B: Yeah, but that's the point. Like even BDSM, there are levels, right? And if you go to sort of entry level, most people have kind of done something around stuff like either tying somebody up, but really harm not like that serious. What's that Japanese stuff? You know, that Japanese **** where they have all the rope thing?

Speaker A: It's like that's what I was trying to think.

Speaker B: What is that called? And we can't I mean, that's like serious stuff and that seems like an awful lot of work. But I think the other thing is just to remember and I would like to state we are in no way kink shaming. Anybody tell you now you do you? But I think that it's going back to we've talked about this in a lot of episodes, we've talked about this with the professionals, that sex is play. It's a game. Yes. And it's fun. And I think that's the thing that people lose touch with a lot and that that game has to kind of keep evolving because otherwise it gets very boring. You're doing the same thing. It's a bit like if you went to the same restaurant every Friday, Saturday night of your life or you did the same thing, it gets boring. So sex is the same thing and you kind of go through ebbs and flows and different things and that's fun and it's not fun anymore and blah blah, blah. And there are different levels of where you want to go with that play. So some people are kind of a little bit kinky. Well, most people are really and going along this definition. Yeah, and some people want to take it a lot further. And quite frankly, if they are in a relationship with whomever they're in that relationship with, whether it's one, two, however many partners and everyone knows what's going on, that's fine.

Speaker A: Yes, as long as everything is consensual. And that is a huge actually thing, and I believe we've spoken about this obviously in BDSM, everything has BDSM is a community of consent. And if you're not consent, it's not BDSM, right? That's literally what holds the community together. It would just be absolute anarchy if there was not consensual. 100%, right? And also I just want to say, I want to interrupt for 1 second. The Japanese rope play is called shibari. That's it, shibari everyone, if anyone was.

Speaker B: Wondering, I saw a documentary about that years ago.

Speaker A: It's very interesting.

Speaker B: It's wild, it seems like awfully time consuming, but it's an art form and.

Speaker A: That'S the edging, it's the foreplay. It's all about the actual sex act as we speak about in most of our episodes. Like sex is not just penetration, it's the entire experience of it.

Speaker B: 100% and also that sex. And we've talked about this and we'll continue to talk about this, is very, very complicated. And that for something that baffles me, to be honest, that is the most natural thing in the world, which should be the easiest thing in the world, is not. And for some people, it's not complicated. For other people, for probably the majority, it's very complicated. And there's so many levels within that. So I mean, that's part of you think about kinks and Bettages, it's just not simple. We just think sex, it's like the ***** going in the ******, or the ****** on the ******, or the if.

Speaker A: ***** was just going in ****** and that was sex, I would be a completely different person, you know what I mean? If that was it, if that's all it was, I would have a completely different career, you know what I mean?

Speaker B: Yes. I think a lot of people probably just be like, oh, I'm over that now.

Speaker A: I'm over that.

Speaker B: They'd be like, what's the point? Have another glass of wine. Can't be bothered. Because it would just be like, oh my God, this is so boring.

Speaker A: ******* boring.

Speaker B: But I don't think that's what we're even today, even with youngens like yourself me is exactly is you're not taught that you're still taught, which is eternally fascinating to me that we haven't moved on in understanding this, that it isn't just about ***** and ****** or ***** and anything or ****** and ****** or whatever you want to call it. It's much more complicated. What did you call anything?

Speaker A: Your ******.

Speaker B: Your gragina my ******. Who was it? One of my daughters said a badoosey.

Speaker A: What in the actual **** is a badoosey?

Speaker B: Apparently that's a ******.

Speaker A: I love that. My big old badoosey.

Speaker B: Yeah.

Speaker A: Flapping in the wind.

Speaker B: I normally like terrifying. My hoohoo. My hoo. Yeah. I like to say my JJ. I do find that little super. Don't like that. Puss puss. It's just something creepy about that.

Speaker A: So creepy. Still do it though.

Speaker B: Anyway, back on to Kinks.

Speaker A: Back onto it. So obviously BDSM is a huge one. But yeah, like BDSM, you could be doing anything. And I think most people who want to start in BDSM or want to kind of get a little their toes wet into it, edging is a great place to start with that because it does actually create a bigger and better orgasm. At the end of the day, if.

Speaker B: You'Re edge playing, you need to explain what that is.

Speaker A: Okay, I'm so sorry. So it's like you and your partner or you can also just be doing it when you're masturbating. You're like masturbating. You're masturbating and then you stop right before you come. And then you kind of give yourself 5 seconds or however long, and then you keep on going again and you do it again and you get again. And then you stop right before you come. And it builds up into this like we talked in one of our last episodes, volcano, Volcano Orgasm. It really helps in that kind of play where either you're doing this with your partner and he or she is or they is kind of letting this kind of settle and then building it up and again. And it can be kind of like a game and it's kind of fun and sexy and especially if you're using toys, you can do all kinds of stuff. Also, Edging is not for if you're trying to get a quickie on, okay? Edging is for if you got an.

Speaker B: Hour, if you got some time. ******* fabulous if you got some time. And to be honest, coming from an old crone like me, that's what you should be doing. That's the whole point of making it last. But yeah, that's not the whole idea of a quickie. But you kind of need to like we said this in a previous episode with one of the eminent doctors we spoke to, Dr. LUTH, is that you need to kind of agree or have some kind of idea that you do kind of different things and that it's 12:00 at night. I've got a presentation at 06:00. A.m. We're not having a three hour session. We're going to have a quick wham bam. That's it.

Speaker A: Wambam. Thank you, ma'am.

Speaker B: Exactly. You got to be a little bit reasonable. Everyone just remember that.

Speaker A: Anyway, shall we move on?

Speaker B: Yes.

Speaker A: To roleplay?

Speaker B: Yes. Which you said you like roleplay.

Speaker A: I love roleplay. I've been into roleplay. Since I was, like, 16.

Speaker B: Well, you're an actress. I mean, that seems obvious to me. True.

Speaker A: I mean, I never honestly thought of it in that way because I was just like, oh, no, I like just to and not even be someone else, but just kind of be a sexier version of myself in a different way possible. You have no idea, Mel. It's terrifying, honestly.

Speaker B: Yeah.

Speaker A: It's probably going to rule the world. Okay. Yeah, but no. Yeah, so you kind of have to put yourself in a different space, in a different mental space. And obviously you want a partner to also appreciate that in that way.

Speaker B: Yeah, 100%. Or they have to sort of want to go along with it and not sort of giggle through the whole thing.

Speaker A: And think it'silly exactly.

Speaker B: I think there are different levels. Like, there are some people who kind of like dressing in the little outfit and surprising their woman or man or know, trying to cover everything. Or there's kind of like the idea of we'll meet in a bar and.

Speaker A: I'll pretend that crusoe, I've always wanted to do that.

Speaker B: I bet you have. Why did I know that? And you come with a raincoat and then you see and you say, Hello, Mr. Blah blah blah, and you're like, there's nothing underneath this raincoat, you see? Yes, but I would never do that. So it depends where you take it, doesn't it?

Speaker A: It really does. And I think that's kind of the fun part about it is that if you're trying to spice up a sex life, if maybe you've been with your partner for a bit and you want to do something different. Yes, buying lingerie is one thing and you can do that, but also those things cost money. If you don't want to do that, you don't have to. You have sexy clothes in your closet, I'm sure, or know you wear a skirt with nothing. Like there's things that you can do to kind of tease your partner and role play in a way that doesn't cost anything.

Speaker B: You can do what sharon Stone in that movie? Actually, that happened once.

Speaker A: To you?

Speaker B: Not to me. But I'm going to have to tell you this story because it just suddenly popped into my head, which is kind of a weird thing. But anyway, when I was living in England years ago, when I was first married with my husband, my neighbor at the time, so I was probably about 28, 29, and she was like a serious milk, but a really attractive, like, new babes. Yeah, like me. But she was like a single mum and really hot, very good looking, and she had a bit of a thing for Max. She wasn't like, weird about it, but she had a lot of boyfriends. At one point, we thought she might be have a prozzie. Yeah, a very good English word, prozzy. But anyway, so one day I'm cutting this story really short. We just had a renovation to our house and we built another floor onto the top of our house. Sounds very glamorous, but it wasn't at all. Anyway, so she said, oh, can I come round? Because she had the same house. Can I come around and have a look? She's going up the stairs and Max is like, yeah, just go up the think Innocently. Go up the stairs, I'll follow you. And she goes upstairs, very short skirt, really lovely legs. And then as she's walking up the stairs and he's just like, oh my God, that's her ****** with no knickers on. And up the stairs it went. And of course, his eyes were remaining on the slice as it went up the stairs. I wasn't there. And afterwards he told me, he's like, oh, my God, you will never guess what has happened. I just saw Judith's ******. He didn't say ******. He probably said whatever a Canadian would say. But it was a very funny because ***** to us is *****.

Speaker A: Yes.

Speaker B: Not the back. And it was very, very funny. So that was my Sharon Stone moment, but I wasn't there.

Speaker A: I could just see Max's face. Like, just knowing him, I think that is the funniest ******* thing ever.

Speaker B: He was just like on the one hand, like, oh, my God, this is amazing. On the other hand, this is kind of ******* creepy.

Speaker A: But she was very hot, I'll give you that.

Speaker B: She's really good.

Speaker A: What is he supposed to do? Like, was she trying to seduce him?

Speaker B: Well, I mean, if you're wearing a mini skirt, it's hard to forget you're not wearing any knickers, any undies.

Speaker A: Like, where have they go?

Speaker B: Where have they got they're clearly not covering anything, but she was very clearly not wearing underwear and very clearly not purposely not wearing them because you wearing a short skirt and you're going up the stairs before a man, you know you haven't got any ******* undies on. So anyway, that's my ****** stone. Oh, bit story. It wasn't as exciting as Sharon Stone, but there you go. Anyway, we can carry on.

Speaker A: I absolutely love that ******* story. I mean, you got to do if this is your partner, we're not saying, do this another man, do it with your partner.

Speaker B: Yeah, you might find that really fun. And the other thing I have to say is that if you are shy in life, which clearly you are not, Susie, and that may kind of go over into your bedroom life. And that's what a lot of people they really want to come out of their shell, but they find it incredibly difficult because they're shy. Or they're repressed from whatever socially background religion, wherever the hell it is. If you actually do some role play and I'm not saying this is actually my bag, but I can actually see that if you do it, it could actually help you by being something else to kind of come out of yourself. And why not? But as long as you just have to set it up, you can't just suddenly there's your boyfriend or your husband, like, sitting there watching, whatever. And then you come out in catwoman. See, she's back.

Speaker A: Yeah.

Speaker B: Outfit. You're going to give him the fright of his life. You kind of need to some you don't have to say exactly what you're doing.

Speaker A: You got to ease into it a bit.

Speaker B: Or you just say that this is your sexy date and you don't have to be specific or just be like.

Speaker A: Hey, I have a surprise for you upstairs. And then you walk upstairs with no panties.

Speaker B: Exactly. In your ranger.

Speaker A: And then they're now pretending to be.

Speaker B: The Inspector is coming around to inspect you that there's been a serious incident in the neighborhood. The ***** inspector is here. Detective ***** is here. Detective ***** is here. She's really getting into it.

Speaker A: Detective.

Speaker B: Oh my God, I can't breathe. Anyway, that's giving you awesome. That's seriously helpful.

Speaker A: I think we're going to do it.

Speaker B: I honestly think if you are having any if you are shy or you find it hard or you want to do something different, it can actually be quite helpful to sort of transpose yourself onto something else. Like you're not you. The other thing is, if you're having a lot of stress going on in your life for whatever reason, just pretend to be somebody else. It could probably help. Exactly.

Speaker A: And it's a stress reliever. Sex already is a stress reliever. Obviously. We know that. But it's something else. Yeah, exactly. What you're saying. Get your brain out of your body a bit.

Speaker B: 100%. It's an adult consensual game and that's the point of it. That's the point. But apparently it's kinky. I think it's lovely. Exactly. Lovely.

Speaker A: The British. Lovely.

Speaker B: Lovely. I think that's darling.

Speaker A: Well, let's move on to something maybe not as lovely yes. But somewhat more sexual, if you can.

Speaker B: Okay then.

Speaker A: And we're talking about cuckolding.

Speaker B: Yeah.

Speaker A: Mel's not into it.

Speaker B: No. I think somebody really has to explain it to.

Speaker A: Know I know you know what it is. And we're going to say for our guests, for our audience, what the hell is cuckolding? So cutgolding in basic terms is let's say because it's mostly in men. It's mostly men. Obviously you can be any gender, but usually it's a man wanting to watch someone else **** his wife.

Speaker B: Yeah.

Speaker A: And it's usually a man **** his wife. That's what he wants to do. He wants to watch another man **** his wife. And that's what Colt Colding is.

Speaker B: But he doesn't always have to watch. He could also isn't it also that she can go off and do it and come back and tell him all the gory details?

Speaker A: Yes.

Speaker B: And I'm trying to understand this, and at the end of the day, I don't have to understand this because just because I don't do it doesn't mean it's not something that somebody else wants to do. I just think that if you are in a couple where that is going on or that is something that your male partner wants to do, you really have to want to do that. Don't do it just because he wants to do it. Exactly, because I just think that can cause a lot of problems.

Speaker A: Well it's like the same thing where it's like maybe your girlfriend wants a threesome with another girl and maybe the guy's not comfortable with that. Everybody has to be consenting for everyone involved. Obviously that seems obvious, but I think it just has to be said because it's very easy to be like want to make your partner happy. But if you're in this situation, it could actually be traumatizing and that's a bad place to be.

Speaker B: It can be traumatizing and I think it could have a lot of long lasting ramifications and kind of the way you feel about yourself and that could get very, very complicated. If you're consenting and you want to do it and it's fun, then that's fine, that's not traumatic. But I think you really have to have a lot of conversations before you do anything like that.

Speaker A: Yeah. Because it changes your entire relationship. Whether it's you're, the man who wants to be cuckolded and watch your wife or your partner get ****** by someone else or do something else with whatever it is, that's a lot to take in. And you have to. Be prepared for the consequences of that as well, where she might like that a lot and she maybe doesn't want to **** you anymore or you know what I mean, maybe you still want to **** her even though you want to be cuckolded sometimes and she doesn't want that anymore. She actually is really, really into it. Or now she's like, well, I don't actually know if I like this. I don't ever want to do this again. I did it once and never going to do it again. Are you going to stay with this person? There's so many ramifications that can happen 100%.

Speaker B: But isn't there another element of cuckolding that is that the man who wants to watch his partner wife whatever with somebody else or she goes off or he goes off or whatever goes off and does something and comes back, that there's an element that that man enjoys that because there's an element of degradation there.

Speaker A: Totally.

Speaker B: And so there's a lot of mental stuff.

Speaker A: Well, CUG holding is actually also even a part of BDSM in a way, right? In this? Not directly, but it is kind of in that masochism way for the man.

Speaker B: Yeah, in a humiliation way, exactly. Yeah. So I mean, that's complicated, isn't it?

Speaker A: It's very complicated and honestly, if you have a cuck holding kink, I would love to get your insight on it. Gentlemen or even ladies, if you've had the situation happen, I would absolutely love to hear about it because I don't think we know enough about it, and I don't think enough people want to talk about it. And it's so interesting to me because it's like, I can understand a threesome where everyone's involved, but cuckolding is so specific, where the guy who was partnered is. They don't want to be involved at all.

Speaker B: Yeah, 100%. And I'm just looking at an article here from Glamour magazine, and it says what the actual definition of cuckolding is. So traditionally, cuckolding is when a heterosexual couple oh, I didn't know that either. I didn't know that. I think it's any maybe it's more common or whatever agrees to both explore and turn on off the female sleeping with other men and humiliating her male partner about the fact that she's sleeping with someone else. So that's the piece is the humiliation piece. Right. So it's almost like you're having a consensual affair, but it's still humiliating. So it's just without the surprise. I don't know. Look, neither of us are qualified to really understand what that means, but that sounds quite huge. And I think that's the thing about kinks, like we were saying, is they can start from something. So, like, you're dressing up with your raincoat and being Doctor *****. Doctor. Detective *****. Sorry.

Speaker A: Detective *****.

Speaker B: Detective. Thank you. Or you're wearing Lacey knickers and a lovely suspenders and blah, blah, blah, or going to this. It's like pretty extreme swing, isn't it?

Speaker A: There's other things where it's like, I know this started a lot through COVID, but virtual sex was a huge thing.

Speaker B: Right, right.

Speaker A: And I think that's also a way to kind of start if you wanted to get your kink. Yeah, totally. For sure. Like, if you're just getting off with.

Speaker B: People virtually oh, like people you don't know.

Speaker A: People you don't know.

Speaker B: Okay.

Speaker A: Exactly. Where it's like you're like having virtual sex and you're kind of going through the chats until someone will kind of virtually have sex with you.

Speaker B: Kind of.

Speaker A: But it's not a site for sex. But there's no that's what stop it.

Speaker B: Right, okay. Yeah, okay.

Speaker A: But it might be kind of an interesting way to if you wanted to get your feet wet in cuckolding, if you're like, hey, partner, person, wife, girlfriend, whoever, why don't you have virtual sex with this guy?

Speaker B: That's true.

Speaker A: And then you're not putting any ***** and ****** there's nothing going on like that.

Speaker B: No.

Speaker A: And he's just watching.

Speaker B: Yeah, 100%. Because that would be my next question. How do you find this person who's just swooping in and having the sex going away? And he's like a unicorn, but a man.

Speaker A: Or you get, like, one of the guys unicorn. It's a unicorn, I think.

Speaker B: I don't think men are unicorns.

Speaker A: Maybe they're just horses.

Speaker B: We're like mule hornicles. But I mean, you sweep in and you have sex and then you go off, and then your relationship is just completely normal. And who is this person who's not going to **** your life up?

Speaker A: It's really hard to find, I think. I think you got to be really.

Speaker B: Careful with that 100% hondo P. Not.

Speaker A: A Honda P for Miss Mel.

Speaker B: I got that off somebody else. I think it's hilarious. So I say that Honda pee. Anyway. But yeah.

Speaker A: So cuckolding, if you experience it, if you like it, if you don't like it, let us ******* know. We want to hear about it.

Speaker B: We do. I'm fascinated.

Speaker A: I'm fascinated by cuckolding.

Speaker B: I'm fascinated as to why you like it. Yes. And again, no judgment, I'm just interested how you find an appropriate person who's going to respect you, who's not going to tell the world. I mean, even if you're not somebody famous, it could be pretty ****** embarrassing if somebody at work or whatever or somehow this gets you don't want people.

Speaker A: To know when it gets out. Yeah, it's not great.

Speaker B: Yeah, because it's always the thing. We were discussing this earlier, that the people that you know in your life who are actually the kinkiest are the most straight looking people.

Speaker A: It's so interesting.

Speaker B: Like, I actually think you're probably nowhere near as kinky as some of the friends I know who look so straight laced and they're probably way kinkier. Because there's something about if everything is sort of more on the surface and more less hidden, I don't know. You're not as kinky. I don't know what that is.

Speaker A: I have no idea.

Speaker B: Is that a thing? Somebody should let me know. And again, I'm not a professional. That's just my personal observation. Smells observation.

Speaker A: My personal ***** opinion.

Speaker B: She had to get that in there.

Speaker A: I did. Well, we'll move on.

Speaker B: Let's move on.

Speaker A: I mean, we're kind of getting dirtier and dirtier. There's things like, how do I say this? Europhilia.

Speaker B: Yeah, that's the golden shower, isn't it?

Speaker A: No, it is, darling. **** play, if you will.

Speaker B: **** play.

Speaker A: **** play.

Speaker B: Golden shower. Sounds so much nicer. You get some waterproof, blankets.

Speaker A: I don't know how it works. I'm not into this. I'm not something that is just in the shower. You think that would be enough.

Speaker B: Really smells, everyone. It's disgusting.

Speaker A: But if you're into it, you're into it. I don't know why.

Speaker B: If you're into it, I mean, I guess it's warm. I don't know. But yeah, that would be my issue, would be the furniture. Save the furniture.

Speaker A: But put a tarp down, ******* it.

Speaker B: Where does all the pea go? Do you just sort of whizz or I did hear of a story once of a man who liked, like he liked the girl to stand up and **** in his mouth. And I find that very there is.

Speaker A: So much **** out there with men ******* in women's mouths.

Speaker B: I understand that. Yeah.

Speaker A: I get so turned off when I see that and I'm, like, scrolling through **** and I'm like, this is vile.

Speaker B: It's totally vile. But it's totally vile and it's very invasive dominant. It's sort of very old school. Yeah. Why would you want a woman to pee in your mouth?

Speaker A: Because our pee is unicorn ****.

Speaker B: It really isn't.

Speaker A: It could be.

Speaker B: Yeah. I have nothing to say.

Speaker A: Yeah, but tastes like lemonade.

Speaker B: Well, I guess you haven't tasted lemonade. Just certain kind. Actually, you can sell it. You can sell your own pee where? Much like you can sell your own panties. What? You can sell your P on what you can Yeah, there's probably a site, I heard that somewhere and it actually has quite a decent value.

Speaker A: I've tried to sell my panties and it's a lot harder than you'd think.

Speaker B: Well, it's a guy who keeps writing us who wants to buy our panties.

Speaker A: So maybe you should sell $500 a pot, baby.

Speaker B: This is the problem. If you buy very nice French underwear yes. Which I do.

Speaker A: Yeah, of course. Your ***** is pristine.

Speaker B: I am not giving my I'm going to use the North American expression panties away. Yeah, of course not. They're not cheap. Yeah, no. So if I'd sold them, that'd be like 2000 pounds.

Speaker A: $2,000 for pair with yeah. Oh, my God. Guys. $2,000, you get both of our panties.

Speaker B: No, 4000. Sorry.

Speaker A: 4000. Double it. You get $4,000, you get both of our panties.

Speaker B: My underwear. Thank you. Mel underwear.

Speaker A: I love you so much. You're a top notch mel. So.

Speaker B: Yeah.

Speaker A: **** play. That's **** play.

Speaker B: **** Play.

Speaker A: And back onto **** play. Because I think this could go anywhere. You know what I mean? We could talk about kings for ******* days.

Speaker B: We really could. And we looked a lot of articles and there were so many.

Speaker A: We're like too many.

Speaker B: This is a total mind **** I can't deal with. We've selected a few.

Speaker A: Yeah. I think my last one that I want to talk about and then we'll take it to you because I know you want to talk about so many kinks that you have. Obviously the last one, I want to talk about kinky personalism. Because I think this is a really interesting one.

Speaker B: Right.

Speaker A: Because I think it happens more likely than you think.

Speaker B: More likely? More often.

Speaker A: More often. More often, yes, more often.

Speaker B: Coming. Like me, I am like a menopause.

Speaker A: More often than you think. Because people go to sex parties. There's sex clubs out there. People are jerking off where the **** they want. And I think people like to watch and I think people like to do it. It's very illegal.

Speaker B: But people what's the difference between exhibitionism? Well, viaism, I suppose, is watching. Yeah. And exhibitionism. The exhibitionism thing, I'm not really sure. Like, for example, I remember years and years ago, I used to live in Paris. I went to university in Paris. And I know that's not very normal.

Speaker A: You're very bougie. It's okay.

Speaker B: I'm very bougie. I went to university in Paris. I lived in Paris for five years. And for some bizarre reason, and I'm really sorry if this is no longer the case, this is only relevant to when I was living in Paris, there were lots of men around who just, like, **** off in public, like, myself included. And several of my friends would be on the Metro. Metro, which is like the subway, right, the tube for English people. And one of my friends it happened, one friend of mine that was on a packed Metro and she got off the Metro and looked down at her trousers, at her pants, and this guy had wanked all the way down her pants. Another time I was on the Metro and I was with this friend of mine who's very tall, and she's just standing there, hold. She could actually hold. You know, the things on I can't hold. No, I have to swing off them. I can't even hold them. And then all of a sudden, she yelped because this man just got his hand and put his hand between her ****** between her legs.

Speaker A: Oh, my.

Speaker B: Jump ******* and then the amount of times I'd been, like in a situation where a man grabs your **** or he's just wanking or I don't know, it must have been a really particular thing about living in France in the don't know if that's still the case. And if you're French, you can let me know. And I'm very, very sorry if I've offended anyone, but that was what happened to me. But it is absolutely disgusting, especially I was a young woman in my early 20s seeing men doing that, it's so offensive. And you're like, what gives you the right to stand there beating one out in the middle of a park? Although then you think they're going behind a tree and having a **** and you're like, they're there for a bit too long and that hand is moving in the wrong way. They are not having a ****. And you're like, Imagine if I just went round the tree and suddenly they'd love it. Exactly. That's the ridiculous thing. But anyway, it's just not I'm not sure on what terms exhibitionist?

Speaker A: Well, it's hard because, like, having sex in the car is exhibitionist.

Speaker B: I have another story about that.

Speaker A: Have you done a sex in the car?

Speaker B: No, I'm not.

Speaker A: Come on, Max.

Speaker B: Not really.

Speaker A: You got a big ******* SUV out there.

Speaker B: I have, yeah. It's very uncomfortable. Let's be fair.

Speaker A: I'm not saying it's.

Speaker B: This summer, Max was driving along and he had to park his car, and he wasn't in Canada, but he was in this place where there weren't a lot of cars, and he thought, oh, that car's moving around. And he had to go to visit somebody in this house. So he sort of go by the car and there were these two men just going for it in the car. And it was in Europe, so cars are very small and this car was like and they were going for it in a car.

Speaker A: I mean, I'm not against doing it.

Speaker B: In a I mean, you know, fair enough. I just think there are other places that are more comfortable. It depends where you are, what your needs are.

Speaker A: The problem, babe. I mean, not the problem, it's the solution. Like you're an exhibitionist. You're going to **** in a car.

Speaker B: That's the whole point.

Speaker A: You're like, oh, maybe someone's going to see us.

Speaker B: Yeah. I mean, I know a lot of people are very into that, people seeing them. I remember actually once I've got all these stories, so many things happened to me once, being in a very nice hotel, very, very exclusive, kind of spa place in Europe, and I was just like, walking along, wearing my pool gear or whatever. I just looked to my right and there was like the lady who cleans the rooms I don't want to say this in a nice way. What do you like the maid lady?

Speaker A: That's fine.

Speaker B: And the guy who kind of did the maintenance or whatever. And there was like a little no, it was a little like just a little sort of section between two bills. I don't know how they thought, how nobody was going to see them. And she was full on on her knees, giving him a massive blow job.

Speaker A: The cleaning lady was giving someone a blow job.

Speaker B: The maintenance guy, yeah.

Speaker A: Wow.

Speaker B: And all I was doing is walking to the pool. I was like, wow, at least they're.

Speaker A: Going to be happier.

Speaker B: Do you know what my cleanup first thought was? I don't think that ***** is going to be very clean because he looked a bit sweaty. That was the thing that popped into my head.

Speaker A: Maybe she likes that. Maybe that's her kink, though.

Speaker B: And I thought, oh, she's now going to go and clean my room. Who knows? No, I'm kidding.

Speaker A: I do that.

Speaker B: I'm not kidding. But it's the funniest thing when you.

Speaker A: See this is the thing, people want to be watched like a flasher, right?

Speaker B: Yeah. And that again is, I would like to say, obviously highly illegal. And if you've had it happen to you, which I have when I was a kid, several times, it's horrible and very confusing for children particularly. And it tends to happen to very young people. That's horrible. And you have these weird things. It happened to me twice or maybe even three times, and much later in life you sort of remember it and you're like, you're like, that wasn't right. What was that? Yeah, because it's so out of context, especially if you're young and before you're actually doing anything. It's very confusing. But flashing is a whole weird, creepy it's super creepy and super illegal.

Speaker A: I mean, exhibitionism in itself is ******* legal, obviously. You shouldn't be just having sex, moaning, getting your jollies out in front of people.

Speaker B: Is it illegal to do it in a car in Canada.

Speaker A: 100%. Yeah, but it's the safest way to be an exhibitionist.

Speaker B: What about a plane? Several times, and I don't mean the mile high club going in the loo, which are still my big problem with that is how dirty the toilet?

Speaker A: How dirty and how do you fit in there?

Speaker B: Well, I've been on planes where people take an extraordinary amount of time and several times where two people have come out and again, my first thought is always, that is so disgusting in there. But I've also been on a plane several times where you think that blanket is moving in a very unnatural manner.

Speaker A: Oh my God.

Speaker B: And one time a woman bet say her head was not where it no mel. All this **** always happens. Oh, yeah, all this **** happens to me. I've lived this long.

Speaker A: Very observant.

Speaker B: I am nothing gets by me. But I just think I'm in lots of situations and I've lived a fairly longish time and you just see ****.

Speaker A: Yeah, I get it.

Speaker B: But people, you just think to yourself, really? I mean, is this a good idea?

Speaker A: People don't think about sex as a good idea, babes. They think about it as a fun thing to do for 15 minutes.

Speaker B: You're right.

Speaker A: Like Skydiving, that's definitely not a good ******* idea. But I've done it. It was probably ******* stupid.

Speaker B: I'd never do that, but I did it. Yeah, well.

Speaker A: Whatever floats your little jollies. But just do it without hurting anyone else. Obviously.

Speaker B: Do it without hurting anybody else. And really consensual and really legal. Legal? Well, who know? Actually, a blow job. Blow job in public is that I'm.

Speaker A: Not really for legalities because I think.

Speaker B: Some countries I'm sure that's perfectly legal.

Speaker A: Well, but some countries it's illegal to be homosexual. So it's like, I'm not for legal things. I'm for what makes you feel good. Whatever's consensual with the partner, you're doing it. And not obviously, like, traumatizing anyone else.

Speaker B: But there's a fine line, though, isn't there? Like, let's say, like, I was telling you about this couple who she was giving in a *******. They were technically you wouldn't have seen them unless I happened to be walking by this place where there was like a little it wasn't somewhere obvious. And let's say you go into a pub or like a bar or whatever, and you have sex against a wall behind the is that legal?

Speaker A: Well, here's the thing. I've had sex in a lot of dubious places. Like against walls, like in an elevator, in a car. I don't know, just in places. I've done it in a forest, in.

Speaker B: A bush, in a had a creepy crawly in the studio earlier and Susie almost, like, jumped out of her skin. And you're telling me you've gone at it in the forest?

Speaker A: Babe, I was a young girl, okay? I was a young woman and I was a different person, but I was fun. And I'm saying if you this is what I'm saying. Do it. Do it consensually. Do not traumatize anyone else and do it safely.

Speaker B: I think that's it. That's excellent advice. And with that, I think that's it.

Speaker A: We've ******* everything.

Speaker B: Thank God for now we will go. And you'll think, thank God they've shut up.

Speaker A: Oh my God. Please, if you guys have kinks, if you guys tell us your dirty little secrets, it's all anonymous. You can tell us whatever you want. We're not going to say anything to anyone ever. No, just tell us your dirty little stories. I want to hear all about them. And maybe you could anonymously have your kink on the pod and we'll chat about it. Or your story on the pod.

Speaker B: Absolutely.

Speaker A: I would absolutely love that.

Speaker B: Absolutely. He's making me laugh. Anyway, love you. That's it for today.

Speaker A: Should I dirty talk us out?

Speaker B: Oh, go on then.

Speaker A: Okay everyone, it's time to make sure you like and review this sexy little podcast. And don't forget Mel, our resident Mel, she's gonna reply to all of your messages. Mel is traumatized. Anyways, love you guys so much. We'll see you next time.

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Speaker B: Yeah, don't get.

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