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Episode 74  -  The Truth About Cyberflashing
Melany Krangle & Suzie Sheckter

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[00:06] Mel: We do. 1234.

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[01:00] Mel: Tickety talk and ******* YouTube. Yeah, get on the youtubes.

[01:07] Suzie: Yeah, we're getting some fun ones on there. Cause we also do film this.

[01:11] Mel: We do.

[01:12] Suzie: If you guys didn't know, we film.

[01:13] Mel: Yes.

[01:13] Suzie: You can see us in person if you don't know what the **** we.

[01:15] Mel: Look like now you do.

[01:17] Suzie: In case you want to know, this episode is kind of an interesting one.

[01:22] Mel: Was a bit more serious, so you were supposed to be more serious.

[01:24] Suzie: Sorry, I'm very serious.

[01:27] Mel: Yeah, it's a serious matter. Okay.

[01:30] Suzie: It is a serious matter. I don't know how to be serious about this. Like, obviously it is. It is serious. Okay. It's what these specific. I can't even say this. The specific term that they want, I guess this to be called is called cyber flashing.

[01:51] Mel: Yeah. Which is the first time I'd ever heard it.

[01:54] Suzie: First time I've ever heard it.

[01:55] Mel: Do you actually say flashing in North America?

[01:58] Suzie: Barely. Yeah, we do. If someone flashes you on the subway.

[02:01] Mel: Okay. Yeah. So it is a thing.

[02:02] Suzie: Yeah.

[02:03] Mel: So, I mean, I'd never really thought about flashing, obviously, but I never thought about. I mean, I obviously know that men exposed themselves, but I never really thought the term cyber flashing. But apparently it is.

[02:14] Suzie: That makes sense. Obviously, cyber flashing is a fancy term for **** pics. Unsolicited ****.

[02:18] Mel: It is essentially.

[02:19] Suzie: Yeah, unsolicited, obviously. Because people can send and receive **** pics with permission.

[02:25] Mel: Of course they can.

[02:26] Suzie: I love seeing a permissive.

[02:27] Mel: As long as you're the right age and it's legal. Because then there's all sorts of problems.

[02:31] Suzie: Of course. So please just, you know, if you're gonna send one. Yeah, but we. Mel found this little article in Grazia.

[02:41] Mel: Yeah, it's Grazia magazine. It's very english. British. Well known british magazine.

[02:45] Suzie: We have it here, obviously. You got it here or.

[02:48] Mel: No, no. Oh, I'm sent it.

[02:50] Suzie: Oh.

[02:51] Mel: On the sunny shores of the motherland.

[02:52] Suzie: Oh, fabulous.

[02:53] Mel: Because I don't buy it across the pond. Yeah, they send it over.

[02:57] Suzie: Well, she found this lovely little article about this guy who was jailed, and I'll read some of this article. I'm not gonna read the whole article. If you guys want to read it, we're gonna put it on a little blog. You guys can read the whole article. We're just gonna take out little parts that we wanna kind of bring more attention to, which are kind of more the facts of this. So I'll read a little bit. So when Nicholas Hawkes was jailed for 66 weeks last month, he became the first person in England to be imprisoned for cyber flashing after it was made illegal under the Online Safety act in January. And obviously this is England.

[03:35] Mel: Yeah.

[03:36] Suzie: Yeah. So Hawkes sent unsolicited photos, obviously **** pics of his erect ***** to a woman and a 15 year old girl.

[03:45] Mel: Yeah. That's gross.

[03:46] Suzie: So obviously disgusting. And, like, as women, this is why I think I just can't take this serious. Not that I can't take it seriously, but the fact that women across everywhere have been sent an unsolicited **** photo, it seems, and I think we're just told not to take it seriously. And that's why I can't say this.

[04:06] Mel: Yeah.

[04:06] Suzie: It's a mental problem for me.

[04:08] Mel: It's not my problem. I think you're 100%.

[04:11] Suzie: You know what I mean?

[04:11] Mel: I think it's interesting. Cause one of my daughters was telling me, like, she gets them all the time.

[04:17] Suzie: No.

[04:18] Mel: Yeah. And I was like, what? And she's not. She's, you know, older than 15, and I couldn't believe she's like, yeah, they just send them. And I'm just like, what? Like, to me, I just like, what crosses your mind, as a man, that you think it's okay to send a picture of your *****, erect or not, to a woman who has not asked for that picture? I'm just flabbergasted as to how you think that's okay. Yeah, I know that it happens all the time, and it's very, very common, but I think something has happened in the online sphere, and it's just like, you somehow think because it's online, it's okay. It's really not.

[05:06] Suzie: Well, I can also. I mean, but I know it happens a lot, actually. I think. I mean, I was gonna be like, I think it's getting better. Maybe it's not because of your daughters. What? Like, what? You're telling me right now. But like, I obviously remember getting them when I was younger too. And I think it's a younger guy thing to do a little bit.

[05:21] Mel: Maybe it is because. Maybe because I've certainly never had one, not recent years.

[05:26] Suzie: Well, I also think obviously within this coming age of the Internet, obviously it's everywhere now. But like every. Yeah, of course. If you could take a picture of your *****. What man isn't gonna ******* do that?

[05:38] Mel: Yeah, I think, I mean, I've said this before in another pod when I was a younger woman. I have experienced flashing many times when I was a kid. I can remember two very specific situations and they were to me specifically and I didn't think about it until years and years later.

[05:58] Suzie: It's a repressed memory.

[05:59] Mel: Yeah. I mean, one situation, I've mentioned this before, but I was with, I was probably about eight or nine and I was with a friend of mine and her brother. He does have some. Let's. What's a nice way of putting it. His mental capacities are not where they should be. Yeah. But he's. He was a lot older so he was about probably 1617 at the time and we just went out with him and our parents thought, well, that's fine, he's just looking after us. And, you know, he was perfectly capable looking after us. He wasn't, he just wasn't. Well, you know, fully all there intellectually there.

[06:38] Suzie: Yes.

[06:38] Mel: Sound a good way of putting it. And we were just like in a park and we're just sitting there and all of a sudden he gets it out and he starts. No. Yeah. Starts fiddling with it and not. Didn't get us involved. This is a lot of information. Everyone didn't get us involved or anything like that. But was, I think, you know, obviously it's hard to remember but I'm not sure he really knew what he was doing because he was, he's not mentally very mature, emotionally very mature. But anyway, it happened more than once and I, it took me a very long, many, many, many years later. I was like, that's very ****** up. When it happened again when I was in a swimming pool for dark. Why do these things always happen in a swimming pool? And you're a young, younger child, younger woman, younger child, young teenager. And this man was just standing and all the girls coming out and he just kept getting his ***** out of his swimsuit and showing all the girls. And you're at an age when you're very young, you're just like, what? You just. What is that? I don't even know what that is. I mean, obviously, no, that's a male, you know, appendage. But I don't know why. Why is he doing it? I don't get it. You know, and so you sort of put it somewhere and you think about it much later on. And I think, you know, I guess, yeah. If you give a man a camera and he has a *****, which he's obviously gonna have, he's gonna want to take a picture of it. I understand that, but why the **** is he sending it to anybody? And why does he not think. That's not really a terribly good idea.

[08:12] Suzie: Yeah, I don't understand the why they don't think it's a problem thing.

[08:16] Mel: It's revolting. And does he think if he sends. Cause that's the thing I struggle with and that's the conversation I had, is that they send these pictures and then they expect you're gonna go, oh, yeah, that's a great *****. Let's go out.

[08:29] Suzie: Ew. Right?

[08:30] Mel: I'm like, where is this going?

[08:32] Suzie: Unless the ***** is attached to a guy who I wanna ****. And now that I'm of age, obviously, like, you know, we get it.

[08:37] Mel: You would have wanted to see more than the *****.

[08:39] Suzie: I would also like, oh, yeah. No, that's what I'm saying. I'm like, I just met him.

[08:42] Mel: Send me a picture.

[08:43] Suzie: I would love to see your *****, sir.

[08:46] Mel: Right.

[08:46] Suzie: And then that's when you send it exact. Exactly.

[08:50] Mel: This is.

[08:50] Suzie: Why are you setting it without permission?

[08:53] Mel: What is going through your mind that you think it's okay? I mean, what is going through your mind? I mean, I. I do know, unfortunately, girls who've done the same kind of thing and sent pictures of the nether region. See, I'm being very polite to boys and just like, what the hell?

[09:15] Suzie: And also just as bad. It's also just as bad.

[09:18] Mel: Yeah. It's. If you have teenagers, you have to confront this. You have to talk to them. It's really serious issue.

[09:24] Suzie: Yeah. Because it's actually, if I could say this child ***********, 100%. If you're underage, obviously. And if it gets sent around, the person who sent that picture can be. Can have jail time. I'm pretty sure I can be fine. I mean, or something.

[09:36] Mel: It's gross. And, you know, not to mention that there is something if you're particularly under. Well, really, what age? You're doing this and you're sending an unsolicited picture because you can. Because we have these channels of communication. You have no boundaries. Yeah. Whether you're a woman or a man. Like, you have to understand there are boundaries. By all means, enter a conversation with somebody and send them whatever you like. If that's that boundary you said, okay, that's fine. That's what we're doing, but not before. I mean, in some cases, these pictures are being sent, and they don't even know who you are. Yeah, they don't know who you are.

[10:14] Suzie: They're random guys. That's what ******* kills me. I'm like, why do you think this is? Why.

[10:21] Mel: Why is this.

[10:21] Suzie: Okay, I'm not gonna talk to you after this. I'm gonna block you.

[10:24] Mel: I'm going to. I'm not even gonna respond. I mean, I think what you're saying, and I think that's, you know, what I generally got from younger women is that they're just like, ugh, yuck, whatever, and they obviously just block you. They don't. They don't.

[10:39] Suzie: Because I think if you freak out, that actually gives them more power about it 100%.

[10:44] Mel: But I think in this case, if this is a man, like, from, you know, the discussions I've had with, let's say, young woman, it's generally. It's not the same guy sending, like, you know, thousands of himself. It's lots of different guys. Yeah. This is one guy doing it. It's revolting. It's scary.

[11:04] Suzie: Yeah.

[11:04] Mel: And I. And I remember once when I was in my twenties and I was at university and this guy was, like, stalking me on the phone. Like, because you didn't have.

[11:15] Suzie: You didn't have cell phone stalking on the phone.

[11:18] Mel: So he'd call my hat. I did. And I was like, how the hell does he know where I live? And he called me up, and I pick up the phone, he go, ew. Like, down the phone. And this is in a time when. How the **** did he know where I live? There was no. Yes. It was a very different time. There was no Internet. There was no instagram. There was no. It was just phones. The window, mobile phone. There was no. He had yellow pages pretty much. And what it didn't say, surprisingly, next to my name, you know, 23 year old, who's up for it? And it was a bit like. And then you're sort of looking out your apartment. The window's, like, terrified. Has he seen. What is he doing? And of course, he could have been anyone. I don't know. And I never found out. And he did it for a bit, and then he stopped. But it's like, what? Like. And, okay, we've heard those stories. And there's been lots of sort of strange movies about stuff like that. But I think the propensity, the amount of **** pics that are sent to particularly young women. Cause I think it is a generational thing. It's gotta be more than the creepy guy going down the phone. It's like lots of men, but what is going through their mind? I mean, if you are on, I don't know, some kind of. I remember one of my friends was on this. I guess it's like a hookup site. **** site. I don't know, a **** site. And she was like, you know, trying to date after a horrible marriage and whatever. And she was showing the pictures, like the time. And this is sort of, maybe it's a little bit before the apps like hinge and whatever the previous episode we've done. And there'd be like, you know, photos of the guy, like normal, and then like his *****. And you just be like, okay. You know, it's like. But that's different. Like, you're going on the site. I don't particularly want to see his *****. You keep your ***** yourself. But she's going on the site looking for hookups. You know, it's there. You know, there's a photo of him in his suit. And this one guy was actually ironing with nothing on, which I thought was very funny. And then there was a picture of his *****. I thought, oh, that's interesting because you were showing me. I thought it was a little.

[13:14] Suzie: Yeah, why not?

[13:15] Mel: And you're like, but you know you're gonna see the *****. It's there, right? You're on the site. Yeah, the ***** is coming up. I don't know if they still do.

[13:22] Suzie: That, but I don't know either, to be honest.

[13:25] Mel: Sites with actual, actual appendage bits that you can see. What would those sites be?

[13:30] Suzie: What do you mean?

[13:31] Mel: Do you see like the difference?

[13:32] Suzie: I haven't been on tinder in eight years. I have no idea.

[13:35] Mel: Interesting.

[13:36] Suzie: But you can't send pictures on hinge.

[13:39] Mel: Really?

[13:39] Suzie: You have to go off the app to send a photo, like photo of anything on him.

[13:46] Mel: Interesting. Because they're gonna get.

[13:47] Suzie: Cuz obviously you're gonna get ******* **** pics. Let me ask you a question, okay?

[13:51] Mel: Yeah.

[13:52] Suzie: Cuz now I'm just thinking about this because it's like, when is it? Oh, when is it? Let's just ask. When is it okay to send an unsolicited **** pic? If you are in a relationship, does that give someone the right to send you an unsolicited picture of your genitals?

[14:09] Mel: That's an excellent question.

[14:11] Suzie: And I would say if my man has seen my ****, if my man has seen everything, obviously, about me, and he's just at work dilly dallying away, and I sent him a nice picture of my naked body. Is that.

[14:29] Mel: But you're assum. I mean, if he's, I'm assuming he.

[14:31] Suzie: Wants to see it, obviously.

[14:33] Mel: Yeah. And you're assuming that you get to the point where he's already seen it.

[14:37] Suzie: Yes.

[14:37] Mel: Yeah, I would.

[14:39] Suzie: I mean, I don't know.

[14:40] Mel: Yeah.

[14:41] Suzie: People have on rolling relationships all the time.

[14:43] Mel: They were. Yes, I know they do.

[14:44] Suzie: Online relationships.

[14:45] Mel: I know they do. But I mean, look, I mean, as long as you have the permit, I mean, I think you have to know that it's okay and you're in a thing. A flirtation. I mean. Yeah, I assume lots of people do send stuff before they actually see their body. And I know that that's actually where the generations divide. And I don't mean if I was my age and I was dating, which obviously I'm not, that I quite possibly would be doing it, but what I'm talking about is when I was dating, that wasn't happening because there was no way of doing it. We weren't doing it. How would you take a picture?

[15:20] Suzie: You would take a Polaroid and then mail it.

[15:22] Mel: Yeah. And that might take a long time. You might be over it by then. So I think that because we're in this era where you can do it, it's changed everything. The thing that I find so interesting, and I've seen, and we've talked about this on a previous episode, and I've seen so many stories. I've heard friends tell me so many stories where they've taken a picture of something and they've ******* forgotten it's on their phone. And then they've sort of handed their phone to Auntie Mae.

[15:46] Suzie: Oh, this happens to me all the time.

[15:48] Mel: Here you go, Auntie Mae. This is a picture of when I was in Niagara Falls, and then all of a sudden, swipe, swipe hits your ******. Or, you know, you know, like when you're in a store or something and you've got, like you're sort of doing your membership thing or whatever, and they swipe it. Or let's say you're on a plane or something and by mistake, they sort of do that sometimes. And there's your *****, and then there you are in all your glory. So I'm always like, what? What? I mean, you sort of have to. To me, that's why I'm terrified of it.

[16:17] Suzie: I'm just like, have you never taken a sexy photo?

[16:20] Mel: Um, not that has remained on my phone, but she has obviously, it doesn't stay on my. I'm. I'm very. I'm very, um, very, very particular about that because it really. It will surface when you least want it to. And especially when you children, they just take your phone all the time and they go like that. Well, I mean, like, I mean, as an example, I'll give you this. An example.

[16:46] Suzie: Go ahead, love.

[16:46] Mel: So, like, once, quite a few years ago, and one of my daughters was looking at texts between me and my max and myself. This is probably the beginning of the whole sort of, what do you call it? Eggplant and all of that. And there was an eggplant and whatever, and she was just like, mom, I know what that means. That's an eggplant. And you're like, yeah, we're having eggplant for never gone, but. And you're like, oh, my God, it's just a text. Right? To my husband of 25 years. Obviously, there might be an effort.

[17:21] Suzie: You have to hide things on your.

[17:22] Mel: Phone differently if you can't do a text. God knows if you had anything else on there. And I would like, you know, there are ways of hiding stuff on your phone. And I would encourage people to do a lot of. If that's what you want to do, do that, you know, but you gotta be really careful. But that's a whole different thing from somebody sending you pictures that you, a probably don't know, possibly aren't even connected to. And they're sending you. Why?

[17:52] Suzie: Okay, so let me give you something here from this lovely article. So a survey carried out by the UK's leading charity against online abuse glitch found that respondents reported a 27% increase in online abuse during the pandemic in 2021. A study by the University of Leicester. Thank you. Found that a third of women said that they had been cyber flashed. A third. I would even say that's more.

[18:17] Mel: I'd say that's low. Yeah, right? I'd say it's much higher than that. I mean, young women, I'd say it's probably like three quarters. But I think, like, you're right. A lot of women have had the picture and they just go, whatever. They don't consider it because, like, I'm.

[18:30] Suzie: Sorry, I'm not gonna give this man the time of ******* day.

[18:33] Mel: I'm blocking immediately, immediately, like, what am I gonna do?

[18:37] Suzie: Like, it's like, and a lot of, like, social media sites have gotten really good at, like, blurring photos of people, like, who are just, like, random people who are sending you messages so you kind of, like, can understand what it is and, like, know what it is and then block them without even seeing it, which is great.

[18:52] Mel: Yeah, but that's true. But, yeah, I think we've had a couple on the podcast pictures that were.

[18:57] Suzie: Like, yeah, guys, don't send us your insolicity **** pics.

[19:00] Mel: I don't.

[19:00] Suzie: We're not gonna look at them. We're not gonna respond to them.

[19:03] Mel: No, don't do it.

[19:04] Suzie: Um, you can tell us about your **** **** pic stories, though. Yes, you can. I sent a girl a **** pic, and she said it was ugly. That's the story I want to hear.

[19:13] Mel: Wow.

[19:13] Suzie: You know?

[19:14] Mel: Yeah. I mean, that's the other thing is what if you send that and this is obviously, you know, being very flippant, but you send a picture of your *****, obviously thinking it's amazing that, see, that's the thing. And the girls, like, that's what I'm.

[19:25] Suzie: Gonna start doing, Mel, is I'm gonna be like, that's the ugliest thing I've ever ******* seen.

[19:28] Mel: And, I mean, I would like to say this gentleman, I'm so small, it's disgusting.

[19:33] Suzie: That's what I'm gonna start saying.

[19:34] Mel: Penises, really, I mean, at the best times, they're not really, they have a decent function in the world, and they're really quite useful, but they really are not standalone beautiful.

[19:44] Suzie: No.

[19:45] Mel: And the fact is, women attached to the.

[19:48] Suzie: Right. Yeah.

[19:50] Mel: But really, the ***** on its own is not that amazing. No. I mean, obviously is nice and everything, but unlike women who look pretty much.

[20:02] Suzie: Pretty amazing are beautiful.

[20:05] Mel: Yeah. Men, you know, I'm not sure what God was thinking. I mean, especially the ball sacks. I'm not really sure what he was thinking.

[20:13] Suzie: The ball sacks? Yeah.

[20:14] Mel: I mean, especially as they get older. I'm not really entirely sure.

[20:17] Suzie: She just hangs a little lower.

[20:18] Mel: Yeah, it definitely drops. But, I mean, like, it's, so if you're thinking, I'm gonna send a woman something because I want to, your ***** is not gonna do it. It really isn't. No. So I don't know what to say.

[20:37] Suzie: I mean, they say in this that obviously, education around consent is the key to this.

[20:44] Mel: Oh, 100%. But I think this guy is a lot is older. And I talk to my kids.

[20:49] Suzie: He does look older, but he looks like, he honestly looks like, 36. He's not that old. He's a millennial.

[20:55] Mel: Yeah, but something did happen to millennials in the disconnect. And maybe it's because we grew up.

[21:00] Suzie: With the Internet way too fast.

[21:02] Mel: Yeah.

[21:02] Suzie: There was no barriers.

[21:04] Mel: Yeah.

[21:04] Suzie: Like, barely anything.

[21:06] Mel: But I think it. To be honest, I think it's. I hate saying. You're gonna hate me for saying, no, I'm not. I've said it to you before, Gen X's, because, you know, we basically invented the Internet and all the, you know, everything you did is. And also, we grew up not using or needing this technology. We all know how to use it. I use it all the time. But we are very happy to not use it.

[21:29] Suzie: Right.

[21:30] Mel: We can step away from it.

[21:31] Suzie: You can live without it.

[21:32] Mel: Absolutely. And so we use it as a tool, not as a necessity. Whereas as the generations have gone on, it's like. It's like breathing, you know, they absolutely have to. I mean, my kids can't even go to the toilet without looking at TikTok. And they like, it's really, really important to them. It's like, all the time, all the time, all the time. All this stuff. And it's pretty bad. But what is so bizarre is that I think most Gen Xers know if you go into some kind of online platform and say something, whatever it is, it's there. Just because it's in the Internet, online, it doesn't disappear. It's there. If you show your *****, show your *****, say something you shouldn't say, you're ******. It's there. And your name, and you know what? They can find you. Whereas somehow younger people, they don't think that, which is so bizarre because they grew up with it.

[22:20] Suzie: I mean, it's.

[22:21] Mel: Why is that?

[22:21] Suzie: It's just like our last episode. We don't. Only fans. And it's like this stuff. I mean, this is a little bit more illegal.

[22:32] Mel: It's a lot closer.

[22:34] Suzie: But you have to know that this can, like, it's there. This has consequences.

[22:38] Mel: Yeah, it's bizarre. And, you know, there's this thing called a screen grab.

[22:44] Suzie: This is illegal. It's gross, it's disgusting.

[22:48] Mel: And you're crossing bound. I mean, come on. Yeah, you must know this is not cool.

[22:56] Suzie: Women just don't want to see it. Like, we don't want to have to. We don't want to have to tell you that the **** is wrong anymore.

[23:03] Mel: Yeah, I think. I think. I think that's really ******* sick. I think it's a really good way of putting it. I mean, particularly old, like I had when I was at work in my twenties, because, you know, stuff wasn't illegal. I just heard and experienced so much stuff. And I worked in all male sales floors, and they were horrendous. They were always saying, completely inappropriate. They were disgusting. And, you know, that was 30 years ago. We really should be over this.

[23:33] Suzie: Yeah.

[23:34] Mel: So I don't like, really. I mean, do we really need to tell you, don't send a picture of your *****, because if I don't know you and I don't like you, I definitely don't want to see your *****. No, I only want to see your ***** if I like you and you're really attractive and it might be helpful.

[23:51] Suzie: And I've asked for.

[23:51] Mel: For your *****, and I've asked to see it.

[23:54] Suzie: I love asking for *****, and I'm.

[23:55] Mel: The right age and I'm legal.

[23:57] Suzie: Look, if I haven't asked for it, why are you sending it?

[24:00] Mel: I don't know.

[24:01] Suzie: Unless you send for me. I'm not saying this is for everyone. If you send your ***** picture along with $150, I will write your *****.

[24:11] Mel: Only 150 just to look at it. Yeah.

[24:14] Suzie: Imagine how many ***** pictures I'm gonna get now for $150.

[24:17] Mel: That's true.

[24:18] Suzie: If it's not $150.

[24:19] Mel: That's true if it's.

[24:20] Suzie: The higher the money, the more, the better. Radio. Give it.

[24:24] Mel: Wow. This could be grim. You could actually have so many, you'd be.

[24:29] Suzie: Look, I don't want to laugh at this. This is what I'm laughing about. This is illegal. But I'm just saying, we are so ******* sick of this. I think I have to make a joke about everything.

[24:37] Mel: I'm trying to be lighthearted because it is just, like, really exhausting.

[24:42] Suzie: It's exhausting.

[24:43] Mel: We're still talking about this, and I'm.

[24:44] Suzie: Not gonna be angry about it.

[24:45] Mel: Yeah.

[24:46] Suzie: It just can't take this much of my attention to be, like, super angry about it. Like, it's just. It's a reality that women deal with and also men deal with. I'm sure, but maybe not. But it's just like, we're ******* sick of it. Stop flashing.

[25:00] Mel: Sick of it.

[25:01] Suzie: ******* subway. Stop flashing us on the ******* pool. Stop ******* flashing us in our Instagram DM.

[25:06] Mel: Touching women. You know, groping. Yeah. I mean, certainly when I was younger and friends of mine, like, had horrible situations, like, stop it. It's like, just because you are a living, breathing woman that may have bosoms or not, perhaps you don't have big bosoms but it doesn't. There's nothing. Touch me. No. Grab them by the *****. Go away. I'm not grabbing your ***** on the subway. No.

[25:32] Suzie: They would like that, though.

[25:33] Mel: I mean, I can't. I mean, yeah. I mean, how often has that happened? The amount of my friends that have had their *****, including myself, their ***** or their crotches, grabbed on the New York subway, the Paris Mittel or the London tube is insane. And I. And it's actually been worse than that. And I won't go into.

[25:54] Suzie: Oh, my God.

[25:55] Mel: Stuff that comes out of said *****.

[25:57] Suzie: No.

[25:58] Mel: And that is like.

[25:59] Suzie: Oh, yeah. Like people jerking off on the subway.

[26:01] Mel: Yeah. On you.

[26:02] Suzie: Yeah. That's disgusting.

[26:03] Mel: Yeah, that happened to my friend. She got us, like, what is that? Yeah. Or, like, you know, you're in a packed subway and you know, something that's. That's a little hard, you know, and it's just like, really?

[26:19] Suzie: She makes me so annoying. Like, I'm just like, **** off.

[26:23] Mel: Yeah, it's. It's. It's not.

[26:25] Suzie: If I want to see it, I.

[26:27] Mel: Will ask, but I think.

[26:28] Suzie: Promise you.

[26:29] Mel: Yeah, exactly. And I think as a sort of. For me.

[26:31] Suzie: And you gotta work for it a little bit.

[26:32] Mel: Yeah. From a final point, like, our last episode was about Ernie fans. There are a lot of platforms. Now, if you. I understand that possibly some of these men. And this man obviously has an issue, and he doesn't know how to deal with women, and he obviously has some serious issues surrounding sex. But you know, what? If he cannot interact in the world and cannot find a woman, which is possibly how this has all happened. There are, I don't know. Get a subscription to onlyfans, you know? Yeah, go the cam. Go, whatever. Go and do something where it's legal.

[27:08] Suzie: Send your ***** pictures over there.

[27:09] Mel: Yeah. Or just do that, you know, what is wrong with you that you're sending it to a. An underage girl? Somebody who hasn't asked, is repulsive. But obviously, this is a repulsive individual. And there are lots of repulsive men and women in the world. Yes, but please, everyone, can you stop doing it?

[27:27] Suzie: Yeah, stop doing it.

[27:27] Mel: And that's the end of my. Thank you.

[27:29] Suzie: Mel.

[27:30] Mel: Stop. We don't want to see them.

[27:31] Suzie: ****, no. But, yeah, if you guys have **** pic stories, we don't want to see your **** pics.

[27:37] Mel: Don't. Please don't.

[27:38] Suzie: Please don't send them to us.

[27:39] Mel: We're not. And I really don't want to see, actually. Fortunately, I think they were blurred out, weren't they?

[27:45] Suzie: Yeah, I think that happens.

[27:46] Mel: Does Instagram blur them out?

[27:47] Suzie: I think Instagram, if you message, you don't.

[27:50] Mel: Yeah, they put them in a. One of the folders. Right.

[27:53] Suzie: So, you know, so don't sell them to us.

[27:55] Mel: No, no.

[27:56] Suzie: If you have to send it with a $1,000 deposit, a transfer to Mel.

[28:05] Mel: Wow. Yeah.

[28:06] Suzie: Just in case for a little tip.

[28:11] Mel: We have to lie because other things. I think we would cry.

[28:15] Suzie: I'm so sick of this.

[28:16] Mel: I think we cry.

[28:17] Suzie: I just can't believe we're still ******* talking about it, to be honest. Yeah, but yeah, if you guys have any stories you wanted to tell us, whether they're, you know, you guys were abused, assaulted on the public transit, which we are here for. And we will, you know, sympathize and empathize.

[28:33] Mel: Yeah.

[28:33] Suzie: Because it has happened to us.

[28:35] Mel: Happened to you, I'm sure. Or being flashed at. It's happened to me several times. I mean, not recently, but you know that I can remember trying to subway and these things generally, like I said, flashing happen. When you're so young. You're just like.

[28:50] Suzie: That's so sad.

[28:51] Mel: What is going on? Cuz you don't. You're not making those connections. You're just like. That's odd.

[28:55] Suzie: Well, you just feel. And like. So with like online it's like you.

[28:59] Mel: Just feel so like.

[29:00] Suzie: Like these men just feel so safe doing it.

[29:02] Mel: Cuz they're like 100. How they gonna find it? Like this is thing called an IP address.

[29:07] Suzie: I will ******* find you.

[29:09] Mel: Can find you. The police are quite clever. Yeah. Unless, you know, get a Mel. Yeah, I mean, it's just like, it's just so stupid and like, oh yeah, and you've sent it from the account. Like, it's just like, we know who you are. Kind of unbelievable. But you know this young girl, that's horrible that's happened to her or power to her if she was, you know, very upset and she did something about it.

[29:31] Suzie: Forward. ******* amazing.

[29:32] Mel: Very courageous. I really wish that we weren't talking about this, but I would say that this is. This does go both ways in the sexes. I do know of women and younger and older who also send unsolicited, which to me is completely horrifying because if you are sending that to a man who has not asked that, you think, oh, well I'm. Of course he's. No, he's gonna freak the **** out probably like, what is this?

[29:57] Suzie: No, why would you do it unsolicited if you haven't already seen each other's parts? I don't know. It's a mystery for me in a relationship. It's like, yeah, that seems okay.

[30:08] Mel: Well, yeah, I mean, if you've seen it, you've seen it, but it's just all, you're like, oh, a little bit of foreplay. Can I see it first?

[30:15] Suzie: A little bit of foreplay if you.

[30:16] Mel: Still ask permission, if that's your thing, you know, I mean, I know, obviously.

[30:21] Suzie: Talk about banters with your partner. Maybe they don't want to see it and that's something. You have to talk to them about it.

[30:25] Mel: Yeah, don't send it without asking. And definitely don't send it to people you don't know.

[30:31] Suzie: No.

[30:32] Mel: And I'm talking any parts of anybody's anatomy. I think that's covered everything, hasn't it?

[30:38] Suzie: Yeah, I think you're good.

[30:38] Mel: Okay, good.

[30:40] Suzie: Yeah. So, guys, if you have anything more to say to us, which I hope you do, go to send us a little voicemail, send us an email, share my toothpod, send us a DM, but not a **** pic. Thank you so much.

[30:51] Mel: Bye.

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[31:54] Suzie: Three, two, one. Yes.

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