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Episode 61  -  The Truth About Bunny Boilers
Melany Krangle & Suzie Sheckter

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Mel: We do.

Suzie: 1234.

Mel: Hello, hello and welcome back.

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Mel: Hello, darling.

Suzie: How's it going?

Mel: It's pretty much all fabulous.

Suzie: It's different every day, isn't it? Yeah.

Mel: I mean, it is. And there is some ****, but it's not so bad.

Suzie: It's not that bad.

Mel: That's true.

Suzie: It could be worse.

Mel: That's what I always say. It's. When I look in the mirror, I always say, could be worse.

Suzie: Shut up, mel.

Mel: I do. That's what I say every time.

Suzie: Could be worse. Are you ******* kidding me? That's all I say to myself.

Mel: That's awful.

Suzie: Well, that's what I say. Well, it's not the worst thing you could say to yourself, I guess.

Mel: No, but, God, you need.

Suzie: We'll work on that.

Mel: Anyways.

Suzie: We have a bit of a funny little epi.

Mel: We do.

Suzie: Because we got some inspo for the epi.

Mel: Yeah. Would you like to know my inspo?

Suzie: Yeah, I do.

Mel: So I saw this on TikTok, of course. Yes.

Suzie: My TikTok queen.

Mel: Absolutely hilarious post. And this was on Valentine's Day. Okay. And it was posted. And this is actually by the irish daily, which is like an irish newspaper. I think it's a bit of a daily mail. I think it know, somebody can come after me and tell me that I'm wrong, but I think it is. Anyway, this woman puts this big sort of poster, and of course this is TikTok, so it's probably not real. But anyway, she puts this big poster on this shop, and it says. And I guess it's near where he works, and this is in Dublin, and she puts, Paul, tell your wife about us or I will. Exclamation, exclamation. And it's this enormous poster underneath that. Happy Valentine's Day, baby. P s. I'm pregnant. And it's just this ginormous. Ginormous, like the size of a huge window. And I guess it's where he worked. And I showed my husband and I was just laughing, I was ******* myself laughing, and he said, well, that's not funny, is it? Paul's going to have a terrible day.

Suzie: Paul's fault. And I'm like, sounds like Paul ******* did it. Yeah. Sounds like a bit of a pole problem.

Mel: Yeah. But then my husband pointed out, which is where the inspo comes from, is he said, look, this woman is very stupid, because now she's pregnant and she's lost Paul.

Suzie: There's no way she lost Paul, because now she's going to ******* get him for child support.

Mel: Well, yeah, but he's not going to go with her. Well, now he's lost his wife, he's certainly not going to go with her. And this is the Inspo. I'm getting to it. Do you like the lead up?

Suzie: Yeah, the lead up's good, is I.

Mel: Said to my husband, I said, because she's a bunny boiler, right. And my husband has spent many years in the UK and been married to me, so he knows what that means. Yeah.

Suzie: No one else does.

Mel: But I said this to you and you were like a witness.

Suzie: What the **** is a bunny boiler?

Mel: So, a bunny boiler is. And I learnt today. Well, not today, I guess, on Valentine's Day, that this is, in fact, sorry.

Suzie: That was my TikTok.

Mel: But it is actually a british term.

Suzie: Yeah.

Mel: So, bunny boiler. The term bunny boiler is used to describe an obsessive spermed woman that has gone, like. This woman, she's gone a bit nuts. And it actually comes from a movie called Fatal Attraction.

Suzie: I mean, that's a famous movie.

Mel: Yeah. From the 80s, which is actually american movie Glen Cove and Michael Douglas.

Suzie: Yeah.

Mel: And I believe, if my memory serves me right, he's having an affair with her.

Suzie: And obviously it's actually never seen it.

Mel: I'm trying to actually remember if I've seen the whole thing through.

Suzie: It's a very famous movie. I honestly can't believe I haven't seen it. Yeah, but the bunny boiler comes from the movie.

Mel: Yeah, because I think she goes into the home, his home, and takes the pet rabbit so that his kids rabbit and puts it in a pot and boils it. So he comes in and he sees this pet rabbit boiling. So the point is so horrible. And then, for some reason, even though it's an american movie, it has totally been adopted in the UK. So if we say about a woman, she's a bunny boiler, she's just a nut job. So she's a bit like Paul's now, ex mistress, who is like. Just takes it to that crazy level, like, lady, you've lost him now. You are nuts. You can't do that. She's been spurned. I e. She's the mistress. And it often is, actually. She's a mistress of bunny. I don't think it's always a mistress. Hang on, we're just going to go to another? Yeah. I mean, you think that, but she's generally. Sorry. Emotionally unstable.

Suzie: Yeah.

Mel: So a woman who acts vengefully after having been spurned by her. We personally, in the UK, we don't always say it's about a mistress, but obviously because of that kind of scenario. And Paul, in Ireland's scenario, yes. Is often a sort of.

Suzie: Isn't it funny that the man is the one who gets the woman so ******* insane and crazy?

Mel: Well, that's the.

Suzie: And that it's her ******* fault, isn't it?

Mel: I mean, she's probably nuts to start with.

Suzie: Look, I'm not saying anyone is innocent in this ******* little thing, but I'm just saying the man goes off, has a ******* affair, gets a woman pregnant, possibly, and probably promises her that he's going to tell his wife that he's going to leave her and then he doesn't, obviously. And then that woman goes a little nuts because she's like, well, what am.

Mel: I going to do now?

Suzie: I'm going to ******* pregnant. And hormones are a ******* *****. So there you go. She puts up a ******* poster on Valentine's Day because she doesn't know what else to do because he's probably ignoring her messages.

Mel: Oh, yeah, of course. But, I mean, so if anybody says to you, and you are in the UK or Ireland, because we have some similar expressions and you're a woman and anybody calls you a bunny boiler, it is not a good thing.

Suzie: It sounds.

Mel: They think you're crazy. They think you are totally psychotic. So just be very worried.

Suzie: So just don't, yeah, go to the UK and don't have that said about you.

Mel: But, I mean, the thing I thought was the funniest is I thought this was really funny. And the first thing my husband said was like, that's not funny. Paul's going to have a terrible day and she's lost Paul.

Suzie: And I'm like, what? That's not my reaction. Paul's an *******'* a ******* ****.

Mel: Paul's an *** and he's cheating on his wife and he's got another woman pregnant. Excuse my language. He ******* deserves a ginormous ****** great big skyscraper saying, it on the. But to be fair, I take the point that she's now kind of. It's not helpful.

Suzie: I mean, it brings it into the conversation where it's like, do women who get themselves into this kind of situation, like, let's say she did know that he was married, right?

Mel: Of course, we don't even know Paul.

Suzie: But we don't even know for lack of these people. But she knows he's married. She gets herself into the situation, right? She can get a bit nuts because she's falling in love with him. And then this **** happens all the time. When is it okay to be like, this is her fault? Do you know what I mean?

Mel: I do know what you mean.

Suzie: Well, I think, because obviously we're all adults here, and it's not like trying to fault one person. Everyone has a little bit of fault in them. But what is it? Whose fault?

Mel: I think there's lots of things going on. I think, number one, like we've said this before about women, we're often like, we don't care if they're married. You want the man. You want the man. Yes.

Suzie: We are horrible people.

Mel: And I'm sorry, but that's not a good way to start if you are starting. And I know there are relationships that start with affairs.

Suzie: Yeah.

Mel: It's often not a good place. Yeah. And that's like, my dad's married to my stepmother because she's one of his affairs. And then he went on and had even more affairs. I mean, it's not a good start.

Suzie: No.

Mel: Married. But it's not a good start, is it? And I think that if you. Of course she knew he was married. You know, he's married. And then why do women fall for this line over and over again? My marriage is over. **** it is. It's not married. It's not over. And I'm going to leave her. Yeah, because he'll say anything he wants to ****.

Suzie: His wife probably isn't giving him anything, so he feels he has to get it from somewhere else.

Mel: Paul's an *******.

Suzie: Probably everything and above.

Mel: I'm really hoping whoever this woman is, is having an affair with some amazing husband. Paul's wife or Paul's wife who has ginormous *****. And good for her.

Suzie: Good for her.

Mel: I mean, just **** Paul.

Suzie: You know what? **** Paul.

Mel: We say this. We've had no wine, we're drinking green tea. I'd like to caveat.

Suzie: We should be having wine.

Mel: But I think it's everyone's fault in this situation. I mean, if you knew he was married. And I know there are situations where people meet and the woman or the man, because it's not fair that it's not always the man. I mean, probably proportionally, statistically, it's more often the man has lied to the woman and she doesn't know. And I think we had this in an episode before where she didn't know that he was married, and then she found out. And then you're all the way in, then what do you do? And I don't know what you do. I mean, I certainly.

Suzie: You ******* ruin his life. I think that's one way to do that.

Mel: Several of my friends have had affairs with married men.

Suzie: Yeah.

Mel: One of my friends from years ago, I don't really. She's like a friend from years ago, from university. She seemed to have, like, a serial slew of married men and much older than her, so she was like 25. They were sort of 50.

Suzie: Right.

Mel: And she finally hurt her so much because she fell in love with this one man and he got her pregnant and his wife pregnant at the same time.

Suzie: Oh, my God. What are they, like, sister wives now?

Mel: Well, the wife was on the third child, and he'd sold her the dream, I'm going to leave her. Our marriage is ship, blah, blah, blah. And then he literally sort of. I think my friend got pregnant first, and then it was like, slowly.

Suzie: Sorry, is your friend the mistress or your friend?

Mel: My friend is the mistress. And I'm also telling the story because we don't have a close relationship. I'm not giving away secrets to one of my closest friends. And she ended up having an abortion.

Suzie: Oh, my God.

Mel: And then she never had children. Oh, my God.

Suzie: That is traumatic.

Mel: Yeah. I mean, what a ****. And she moved to be with it. I mean, he basically sold her a complete line of **** just so he.

Suzie: Could cheat on his wife.

Mel: Pretty much, yeah. To be fair to her, she was young. She was 25, 26. She was in love with man. She fell for it, but it kind of destroyed her. She's gone on and she's done very well in a career, and she got married, but she never had children. And I understand that that can happen. And it's a bit like when you get scenarios where you get men or women in positions of authority who have affairs, the professor and the student, that kind of thing, and you're like, come on, you should know better. And I think there are obviously lots of extenuating circumstances, but if you are in a circumstance where you know this man is married. Yeah, I understand. You may think he's amazing. And I know that often as twisted as is that part of the attraction is that he's married. Because I think for women, they think that if a man is married, and particularly if he's successful, they're like, okay, then I can have that. I'm better than really ****** up. And I'm going to take him.

Suzie: So ******.

Mel: I want what that woman. I want that house. I want that. I want that jewelry.

Suzie: I don't want the kids.

Mel: I don't want the kids, but I want all the other stuff. He's got kids, so it's fine if he's giving it to her. I'm better in bed. I'm better looking. He can come to me.

Suzie: She's the old woman now. I'm the new hot thing. And men fall for that, too.

Mel: They do, for sure. But I mean, and it's not always a bad age, but you know he's married. You know he's married. So if he then sells you this thing, I'm leaving my wife. I'm leaving my wife. He is not leaving his wife.

Suzie: No, they never leave their wives. People, they never ******* leave their wives.

Mel: You are a fool. You are a fool. And I say this all the time. I don't know why I say all the time. There are lots of men out there. I mean, why do these women get so hung up on Paul, who's clearly a ******* loser, when there are. How many Paul's are there in the world?

Suzie: Like a bajillion too many ******* Paul. And there's not enough Peter, David's and John's.

Mel: So why do you have to have Paul go and find somebody who isn't married?

Suzie: Women and who love the chase. Women absolutely love the game.

Mel: Then you only have yourself to blame.

Suzie: Yes, but that's what I'm saying. Whose actual ******* fault is this in this scenario?

Mel: And I don't know Paul and we.

Suzie: Don'T know Peter and we don't know.

Mel: I think she did put a heart at the bottom, which I think is absolutely. And this is the music. Oh, yeah, she did. So she put a heart and then the letter t. So let's say her name's Tanya.

Suzie: I think that's Tanya.

Mel: So Tanya should have ****** known better. And you know what Tanya loves now? You are literally buggered because you're pregnant. You've got no man because there's no way he's coming to you. No way. And good luck trying to get money off him, because that's not easy.

Suzie: No, it's not.

Mel: And now you can't get David because you're pregnant with Paul's girl child.

Suzie: I mean, the level of complexity is just. Is it an easy situation? But women also, what do we women love? We love a game, we love attention and we love drama. Okay, so those three things are just set up for disaster. But that's just how it's always going to be. And you're going to have levels of women who like different amounts of those things. Like me, I'm a big attention *****, but I don't really necessarily like drama that much.

Mel: You're not a bunny boiler?

Suzie: I'm not a bunny boiler, but a bunny boiler.

Mel: I'm not a bunny boiler, but I.

Suzie: Definitely can admit that I like a little bit of attention. And so you have these balances of these little scales. Some might not be great, but you can't have them all way up at 100. Like, obviously, Miss Tanya.

Mel: Tanya, who's now got lots of problems. And then all of Paul's mates have seen this poster.

Suzie: Oh, yeah.

Mel: So none of his mates are going to go for her and all Paul's mates are going to tell. All their other mates will tell her. All their other mates.

Suzie: What if she's actually ******* one of Paul's mates? She could be, but she's saying it's Paul's because Paul has more money.

Mel: It could be the whole thing. I mean, the whole thing.

Suzie: We can make up an entire story about this.

Mel: And this just came from one TikTok.

Suzie: Can you believe it?

Mel: I know TikTok, but it did make me think about bunny boiling. And that is a specific term for women. And yes, it is.

Suzie: What do men get when they're so ******* crazy?

Mel: They don't have a term.

Suzie: No, but they should, because men get insane, too. Can we talk about that for a second?

Mel: Called dickheads.

Suzie: Dickheads. But they're more than dickheads. Bunny boilers, insane. Bunny boys are insane. Dickheads are just. Every ******* day, get a ******** bunny. Every ******* day get a crazy huge male who thinks they're ******* hot **** coming in your face and trying to bend you over kind of thing.

Mel: Wow.

Suzie: I'm just trying to say something.

Mel: Yeah. Really? Yeah. Did this happen to you today?

Suzie: No, but honestly, it happened yesterday.

Mel: Yeah, I think because Bunny boiler obviously is from the movie, but it is because women's hormones, because you know that feeling of when you're on your time of the month, your cycle, or anything hormonal happening, it could be you're pregnant, menopause, whatever, like, your hormones, they actually make you go a little bit nuts. And I know it's fundamentally a thing that men cannot understand, which of course they can't understand because they don't get it. Like, I know, for example, whenever I. And I still. This is far too much information, but I still have my cycles. And when I get to the point, like it's coming, I feel my mood dipping, which is normally not low. So I know it's coming because my mood dips. I know that doesn't happen to everyone.

Suzie: It happens to most people, I think.

Mel: Yeah, but you get, like, morose, a bit more depressed. Yeah.

Suzie: You're like, what the **** is wrong with me?

Mel: And you're like, what's wrong with me? I was fine yesterday. And then you're like, oh, yeah, of course. And also you get angry about everything. And it's not you, Melanie, it's the things. It's the hormones going on around you. And it's very difficult for men to understand. Why can't you just get that under control?

Suzie: No, but here's the thing.

Mel: You can't.

Suzie: But men don't have these excuses of ******* crazy hormones like women do because we actually have these things in our body that are making us go crazy. Men have testosterone problems.

Mel: They do. They have the little people swimming around.

Suzie: They have the people swimming around.

Mel: Make them do stupid things. Yes. They drive.

Suzie: And we don't understand that either.

Mel: Pregnant.

Suzie: We're like, what is your ******* problem? Why can't you just lock it up?

Mel: Keep the little boys inside their little fish bowl, right?

Suzie: Can't we just.

Mel: They don't need to swim today. No, keep them in the bowl.

Suzie: Like, what's the problem? We don't understand that either because I don't have to come every day. But men have a real ******* problem and they get angry if they don't let it out.

Mel: Yeah, well, I've told you before, the only time I've really understood it is when I've been pregnant and your ***** get, like, so full of milk, they actually feel like they're about to explode. Yeah, they literally. And I'm quite amply well endowed, so my ***** took over my entire body and I felt like I was actually going to blow up. Right. Because it goes. And if you don't let it out, you feel like you're going to blow up.

Suzie: Sorry, but that's not happening to men, is it?

Mel: No, I think that's the term. Blue balls. If they don't.

Suzie: Blue balls is a myth.

Mel: No. If they don't let the little swimmers.

Suzie: Out, Melody, if they don't get the swimmers out.

Mel: Well, it just gets very uncomfortable. They've got to get them out.

Suzie: Susie and Mel's going to help you all get help.

Mel: Any of you. You can go and buy a flashlight. Good for you. Nice **** star.

Suzie: So you think that this woman's are so desperate to get out that it feels like you're about to explode?

Mel: Yeah. Wow. And I think some men feel know I'm obviously not a man, so I'm assuming. But men, for some men it's more extreme than others. And so when their partners don't want to have sex with them, it's like cringe. They need to have sex. They need to get them out.

Suzie: It's really ****** up.

Mel: So this is what's happened to Paul and it's got Paul into a lot of trouble.

Suzie: Not Paul and dawn.

Mel: And they're in a mess now.

Suzie: What's Paul's wife's name now?

Mel: Well, that's true. We've got to name, but I think the comment on it was hilarious because it was, oh, wouldn't like to be Paul today. You're like, no, Paul's life.

Suzie: Well, imagine if there's five pauls in that village. Okay, I know if five Paul's in that village, they're all ******* looking around and what if they're all ******* Tanya?

Mel: I know. They could be.

Suzie: They all could be.

Mel: Well, she's quite smart. If she's done that, she's going to get them all paying whatever.

Suzie: Oh, good for Tanya.

Mel: Honestly, I wonder when she put the poster up. I mean, it looks quite real, but obviously in the world of AI and everything else, who knows? Yeah, but I thought it was very amusing. But I did think it's so funny that I find it amusing. And my husband's just like, that's not funny at all.

Suzie: Yeah. Did he actually not find it funny at all?

Mel: He didn't find it funny at all.

Suzie: He was like, how dare you? He's laughing and he used the expression.

Mel: Because he's lived in the UK for so long and he's like, well, she's a bunny boiler and Paul's going to have a **** day now, isn't he?

Suzie: Everyone's having a **** day now.

Mel: I mean, Paul, Paul's wife, who was.

Suzie: The unborn child of Paul's and Tanya's called Paul's wife.

Mel: Sheila.

Suzie: Sheila. So, yeah, if you're in this situation, I think just get help. Get out of it. I mean, if you're not pregnant, get out as soon as you can.

Mel: Don't get pregnant.

Suzie: Because Paul's not leaving his wife.

Mel: Come by today.

Suzie: Paul's not leaving Sheila for you, babes. I'm sorry.

Mel: He's not. Because he's probably got five other kids. Yeah.

Suzie: Five different women, probably.

Mel: Yeah. With five different tanyas. I mean, who knows?

Suzie: Seriously, though.

Mel: But the Bonnie boiler phenomenon, I would just like. This is my piece of advice to men, right? Yes. If you think she's a nut job, however attractive, this is also the sexy she is.

Suzie: Yeah.

Mel: Don't do it.

Suzie: Why are you ******* this? Men love crazy women. Let's just talk about that for a ******* second.

Mel: Yeah.

Suzie: Why do men love crazy women?

Mel: I think maybe because they're wild in the. Yeah.

Suzie: I mean, they also like drama. Men also like drama. There's something about it orientated.

Mel: They're probably wild and they can't help themselves. There's no logic. This is the swimmers telling you what to do. There's no logic in this. But if you meet Tanya and she seems like a nutter, there are many other Tanya's in the world. I do.

Suzie: The next Tanya, I do feel bad. I have a friend, she called Tanya. Yeah. It's not about you, babes.

Mel: Sorry, Tanya.

Suzie: We love yas.

Mel: Sorry, Tanya.

Suzie: No, that's really funny.

Mel: Her name could be Tara.

Suzie: We don't know it's Tara. That's really funny.

Mel: Actually, it's probably an irish name, so it's probably Trish. Trish.

Suzie: Trish.

Mel: Trisha. Is that who you say it?

Suzie: Trisha.

Mel: Because sort for Patricia.

Suzie: Oh, Patricia.

Mel: Irish name.

Suzie: That's terrifying.

Mel: My name's probably Trish.

Suzie: Trish.

Mel: We'll call it Trish.

Suzie: Oh, poor ******* Trish. And Paul and Sheila.

Mel: If your name is Paul, Trish, Sheila or Tanya. And you didn't do this. I'm very sorry, but I found it amusing. But yes. And my advice to men is don't go for mad women and women don't.

Suzie: Go for married men.

Mel: No. You are both in for a lifetime of pain. And I do understand that. I know what happens to women. You get to a certain age and it's annoying thing because for women, it's much younger than men, and then everyone says to you, you're not together, blah, blah, blah. Whereas men have a lot longer to find somebody. They just do. I mean, I hate to say it, but it's the truth of the matter.

Suzie: Yeah, they do.

Mel: And women, I remember when I was 25, I met Max when I was 25 and just before I met him and I worked in this all male office. Have I told you this before? And my boss told me, he's like, yeah. He said to me, you haven't got even got a boyfriend. And I said, no, this is literally just for. I bet Max. And he's like, we're on the shelf then, aren't you? I was like, I'm 25. 25.

Suzie: On the shelf.

Mel: I'm on the shelf. I said, I'm 25, you *******. Anyway, on the shelf. That's what he said to me. But the thing is that people couple up.

Suzie: Yeah.

Mel: And then when you break up, and we talked about this actually a bit with Chantal, one of our previous episodes, that when you break up as a woman, even though you're only like, in your 20s, your thirty s or wherever, the men are already coupled off with the men of that age. And then the men of your age don't want women of that. They want younger women. So they have a huge pool of people and women don't. It's mad. Yeah, it's completely mad. But even though that is the case, and I know that some people, I think there's a lot of pressure in society, people feel like, oh, my God, the person's never coming. It's not worth it. Please taste.

Suzie: You're going to ruin the rest of your life. Which may be like another just two years of trust, trying to find the right.

Mel: Take this from Mama Mel, that it is not worth being with married Paul. You are better off concentrating on yourself, having fun with your friends, having a great job, maybe having lots of romances, and not putting all your proverbial eggs with a married man who is never, ever going to give you what you want or need. This is why vibrators exist, ladies. Exactly.

Suzie: This is why sex toys are very well made now.

Mel: Exactly.

Suzie: Use them.

Mel: Exactly.

Suzie: They're a lot cheaper than a child.

Mel: A lot cheaper. And Paul is not going to. I'm sorry, Paul, but he is not going to give you the. You're basically with a human man, I assume, a for sex and b for emotion, like for support, right? For love, for attention. He's never going to give that to you. No, he's married.

Suzie: Literally married.

Mel: He's never going to give it to you. And now you've really messed it up. But also, Paul, Paul, mate, please stop going for these crazy women. They are going to screw up your life. You're now going to have all these children with different women who you can never get rid of. So my father learned this. My mum is nuts. So he could never get rid of my mum because he had a baby with her. So you are forever inextricably you, the baby, well, me unfortunately. But the man is always bound to this nut job woman.

Suzie: Oh my God.

Mel: And she's always bound to this guy who never gave her what she wanted. It's a disaster. So everyone, don't do it.

Suzie: Mel is speaking of experience. Mel is speaking as Paul and.

Mel: The baby in this don't do it. Oh, my mean, obviously you've got the baby now. It's a bit, you know.

Suzie: Please.

Mel: These are big grown up decisions. Having a baby is a big decision.

Suzie: You shouldn't be doing this with someone who has a ******* wife. Thank you. Can we just talk to you? Why are we doing that?

Mel: It is hard enough.

Suzie: What are you doing?

Mel: Two children in a loving relationship. Loving relationship in a pretty settled life.

Suzie: Oh my God.

Mel: It's hard enough. Oh my God. What are you doing to yourself?

Suzie: No, it's not good.

Mel: It isn't.

Suzie: Well, on that note.

Mel: So don't do it.

Suzie: Don't do it.

Mel: Do you think I've got the message across?

Suzie: I really hope so.

Mel: I really hope.

Suzie: If your name is Paul. Tanya. Sheila. Trish. Patricia.

Mel: And if you are actually from this TikTok.

Suzie: ******* right.

Mel: I would love when the Irish daily and you come from, hang on a second.

Suzie: She needs a glass. Somebody gets a glass. Hang on. She needs her glasses. She can't see without her glasses.

Mel: I gotta go back to the beginning. Hang on. ****** l. Hang on. There we go.

Suzie: If you are from real mama Mel moment, I can't read that.

Mel: Fisborough, Dublin, I think that is. I'll probably pronounce that incorrectly. And you are any of these people, I'd like you to get in touch. And I'm very sorry if I've offended.

Suzie: You, but I speak real experience. Truth, real experience. Yeah, but, yeah. If you guys do have any more stories like this one, please let us sharing my You can leave us a fun voicemail. You might even be on the pod. Leave us a little email. Send us a DM on at sharingmytruthpod.

Mel: See you next time.

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Suzie: Bye bye. Three, two, one. Yeah.

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