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Episode 54  -  The truth about age gappers
Melany Krangle & Suzie Sheckter

Suzie: Welcome to sharing my truth with Mel and Suzie, the uncensored version where we bear it all.

Mel: We do. 1234 hello, everyone.

Suzie: Hello and welcome back to sharing my truth pod. Here's a cute little reminder to subscribe, share. Follow us on social media at sharing my truth pod. And don't forget to rate and review this little podcast. If you like it, give us a little five stars. So nice because we love you. And I'm here with my best friend, Mel. Hey, babes.

Mel: How are you? Hello, darling. All is good.

Suzie: All is good.

Mel: All is well. All is well.

Suzie: The holidays are done.

Mel: Yes.

Suzie: How does that make you feel?

Mel: It's a lot. I know.

Suzie: I feel that, too. I feel like, I honestly dread the holidays and not because of anything. Like, everything's fine with family. I just find it so stressful. Or it can be so stressful. Getting gifts for everyone, spending so much more money than you really, really need to, and then usually regretting it afterwards. I didn't need to do that. Or hosting. I love hosting. But hosting a bunch of people, it's super expensive. And I don't know, all these things just kind of. Just a lot of pressure. And then January just comes and you're like, oh, my God, where did life go?

Mel: Yeah, no, it's a bit of a letdown. Well, I have, like, all the birthdays in my family are in November, December. It's a nightmare. I didn't plan this very well for my children. My birthday, then there's the holidays, and then my husband has his birthday in January. My butt. My husband. And he's like, don't go anywhere near the credit card. Yeah, put it down.

Suzie: But don't want to. January is going to be good. I have a good feeling.

Mel: I have a good feeling about 2024.

Suzie: And usually, I think we said that the last time we said that was in 2020, so maybe we should stop jinxing it.

Mel: That's true. Let's stop.

Suzie: But it's all good. I still have a good feeling about it.

Mel: Yeah.

Suzie: And the weather has not been too.

Mel: Bad, so it's fine for Canada. It's been pretty good. Yes.

Suzie: So we're going to get right into our little pod here.

Mel: Yes.

Suzie: And it's pretty much talking about what me and you are, Mel.

Mel: Absolutely.

Suzie: And we're going to be talking about age gaps in relationships or age gappers. Gappers. That's actually the term age gappers, which is hilarious.

Mel: It's so funny.

Suzie: And it's know, me and Mel.

Mel: Me and you, babes.

Suzie: I don't know why we work so. Well, no, but me and you, we just get each other in a weird little cute way.

Mel: Yes. And people think it's od. I probably.

Suzie: People definitely think it's od. Because people I know ask me, they're like, how the **** did you guys meet? And if you guys are curious, you can actually go back to the last episode of we retell how we met. Our love story.

Mel: Our love story. Exactly.

Suzie: But no. Yeah. It's a wild ride. And I wouldn't trade you for the world, darling.

Mel: I wouldn't.

Suzie: And we're not lesbian lovers, for those who are wondering. But I do wish. And she's turned me down, so I'll just make that clear. But we're talking about real life romantic relationships that have those ginormous age gaps.

Mel: Yeah. Right.

Suzie: And so we actually did find this fun little article on the cut. I love the cut.

Mel: The kit. Kit.

Suzie: It's about age Gappas.

Mel: It is, yes.

Suzie: And it has some really interesting points if you read the full article. We'll also put the article up as well, just for you guys to. If you guys wanted to read it. But it really just goes in and dives into age gappers. Why does this happen? Why do people want to date out of maybe their usual age range? And we're talking about not like eight years age gapping. We're talking about like 20 years.

Mel: 20.

Suzie: Right. Like large age gaps of, like, how the **** do you guys have anything in common? Right, but that's like me and you, Mel. It's weird.

Mel: Yes. Well, it's. The thing is that people just don't believe it. They're like, what? Like, there's something weird here. I think that's any age difference relationship. And then, of course, if it is a situation like men, if it's in a younger woman and an older man, everyone assumes that the girl wants to be taken care of by the older man, the money and whatever else. And then if it's an older woman and a younger man, they're just like, there's no way that's going to last. She'll get so old and crumbly that he'll want to go. Absolutely. And people just don't really believe it. And friendship the same. People just. I guess because they haven't experienced it, they just don't believe it.

Suzie: Confused by it.

Mel: They're like, how could you possibly get along and not be. What? It doesn't make sense. It is an interesting question because even if we think about our relationship in our day to day, we have nothing in common. In the sense that I'm married, I have children, blah, blah, blah. Socially, obviously, our friends are different, but we get along. But somehow the fact that you get along and you connect, and you have this very similar sense of humor, and.

Suzie: I think that's also the point, too.

Mel: It's like what it is.

Suzie: I want to hear about your day, because it's 100% different from what I did. Yeah, we have completely different lives, and that's why it makes it way more interesting to speak to you than maybe someone my age who I actually don't even have that much in common with. It's really weird.

Mel: Yeah, it's strange. I think there is a thing, though, and maybe the article is trying to highlight that, that sometimes just people get along, and that's it. They just sometimes get on, and it has nothing to do with their age. It actually has nothing to do with the fact that they have the same interests. I mean, we do both, like, kind of fashion and product. Very girly. We're both very feminine in that way. So there is a similarity there. But, I mean, sometimes you just get on, and there is no reason. You just do. And so I think if you meet somebody who's older, on paper, it shouldn't work, but you just get along, and you're very comfortable in each other's company. And that's why there are relationships where there is such a huge age gap, but they get along. I think that's it.

Suzie: I think that's it, because I also have always. And my boyfriend is eight years older than me. Not that that's 20.

Mel: Not.

Suzie: That's 20 years older than me, but I've always just loved hanging out with older people. And not just people who are eight years older than me, but my older relatives and people who I literally just. I want to know so much more about their lives and how they live it and why they live it. And if I can be more a part of that older generation, because, I don't know, I find older generations way more interesting than millennials and Gen Z's, for whatever reason.

Mel: I think in your case, it's probably because mature in your personality. Obviously not. You're mature. You're not a young millennial in your head. You've got your **** together. Thanks, Mel.

Suzie: I got my ****.

Mel: And you know how to. No, but you know how to just get on with it and hustle and get through life and get on with it. And I just think that you're not, like, dependent on somebody or thinking, well, the world owes me a living, you just go out there and do it. So I think that's very mature. And that could be why. Because a lot of younger people, and that sounds awful. That sounds like a typical Gen X thing to say, but they just sort of think, like, the world owes them a living. Yeah. Life a little bit doesn't.

Suzie: I know it's hard because it's like, don't get me wrong. I would love to be taken care of by a man or whoever that wants to just be like, let's be in a relationship, and I'm going to take care of you, and don't worry about anything. I would love that. I'm not saying I wouldn't love that, but it does feel somewhat unnatural for me to do it. Like, in practice, it just feels icky to me. Well, I salute the women who can do it.

Mel: Yeah, but there's no such thing as a free lunch. You know what I mean? So if you are living in that. Exactly. There's that. Or it's never that simple. Right. You're staying at home, looking after children, whatever it is you're doing. You're not just generally just getting to go and shop at chanel 24 hours a day? Unfortunately, no. And have all, every sort of beauty thing done, and then that's it. You don't have to do anything. That's not really the way it works, is it?

Suzie: Not right now.

Mel: Maybe soon.

Suzie: Maybe we can have AI boyfriends that just give us money.

Mel: That's true.

Suzie: Maybe Daddy Trudeau make it happen anyway. Okay. But then there's some of these celebrity celebrities that have these age gap relationships. Some that are super famous, obviously. Like Leonardo DiCaprio.

Mel: Yeah. And I sort of wonder, is that really, like, he's just got loads of money. He's super famous.

Suzie: He's in his 50s, right?

Mel: Yeah, I think he is. Yeah. And he just has always liked younger women because obviously they look better. I mean, fair enough.

Suzie: Obviously, we want to scrutinize these people for everything that they do. And obviously this is something because he has put into practice. He pretty much breaks up with a girl as soon as they turn 25.

Mel: Is that true?

Suzie: We've literally seen this happen over and over again. And it's just kind of gotten funny. If a girl who's dating Leo and she's 23, you can just see by 25, she knows. She should know by this point.

Mel: Well, that's the thing, is that they think each of them thinks they'll be the one.

Suzie: Oh, my God.

Mel: Who? He'll be like, it's okay that you're over the hill in 26. They think that. Right, because that's what women do. We think we can change men. And at the end of the day, obviously, we have no idea. Is he honest with these women? Who knows? Yeah, exactly. And surely these women must know you are dating Leonardo DiCaprio. He is famous for this.

Suzie: Yeah, and these women are also like. I mean, these women are models and actresses and I'm not saying that this is the thing, but they must be dating him for a reason, like.

Mel: Well, it doesn't hurt the profile, does it?

Suzie: Doesn't hurt the profile if you're Leo's girlfriend. Come on.

Mel: Yeah, that sounds so ******* good. Yeah, but then we're being a little suspicious, aren't we? Maybe they do have a little. I mean, who knows? I mean, at the end of the day, it's his life. They're adults, they're consenting. Off you go.

Suzie: God, I love consenting adults.

Mel: I mean, if I was the mother of one of these models, I might not be so pleased with you might.

Suzie: Be actually really happy because you'd be like, your career is going to be great, honey.

Mel: That's true, that's true. Have they tracked that, the success of the careers of the women after?

Suzie: No, but maybe I'll take a look.

Mel: There's got to be something in there. Somebody's done some research into that, obviously.

Suzie: Oh, that's so funny. There's another one. Sarah Paulson.

Mel: Yes.

Suzie: This famous lesbian couple. And Holland Taylor, who is fabulous. But that's a 32 year age gap.

Mel: Yeah, it is a big age gap.

Suzie: 32.

Mel: And I think they're married, aren't they?

Suzie: I can't remember, but they have been.

Mel: Together for quite some time. And again, it obviously just works. They just get along. Everyone else, sort of from the outside, is obviously suspicious. Stroke. This will never last. Stroke. This is weird.

Suzie: What's weird, though, is that I don't feel it's weird in a gay couple.

Mel: Yeah, maybe. There's only one, I think, age difference relationship where I'm always a little bit suspicious of and I know I'm doing it and it's not necessarily fair. And that's when you have a much older woman with a much younger, very handsome man. I'm always a bit like, yeah, and that's not fair because maybe they really just get along.

Suzie: Sure.

Mel: And Bell doesn't ******* believe it. Well, I just think it's riddled with problems like which. Well, I think, look, it could work and it isn't fair for me to make that judgment because I think there are issues if, let's say you're a 25 year old man. I can think of somebody I know, and she's 48 and she's been with this guy who's now like 24 since he was 21, just very young. And I don't know him at all. Maybe he's very mature like you are, like older in his years. Yeah, in spirit, that's a good way of putting it. But what if he wants children? Maybe he doesn't. Maybe they've had that discussion. But at 25, for him as a man, especially because for men, obviously, they can have children much later. It's early to make that decision. And the reality is if you're with a 48 year old woman, it's not happening. However, maybe you should just be happy. When you find happiness, it is not easy. Just grab onto it and be happy.

Suzie: Yeah.

Mel: The problem is with it, the practical side is that years pass and then you're in a different situation. But I don't know. I mean, it's me being judgmental, I guess.

Suzie: But I think we're all a little judgmental.

Mel: For sure.

Suzie: It doesn't matter if it's an age gap or if it's someone being poor and someone being rich, whether there's an age gap or not, or someone of a different race of something. It literally could be anything. We're always judgmental.

Mel: We're always suspicious of. Yes. Now you're right.

Suzie: Going on.

Mel: Yeah, you're right. And there's nothing going on.

Suzie: No, people are happy.

Mel: They're just happy. And they just get a lot happier. That's it. And that's it. Yeah. I think partly because we're friends and I do know you're not the only young person I know. But I mean, in terms of, like, what's that?

Suzie: Liar.

Mel: But in terms of like, a friendship.

Suzie: Yeah.

Mel: Probably the only person who isn't like family or somebody's daughter or something like that. So I think to myself, well, actually, if I get along with somebody who's much younger that I wouldn't necessarily have foreseen, then of course it can happen and you could have very different lives and very different interests. You just get along and you just have a laugh. And so if you find somebody that you have a laugh with and who makes you happy, then should, do you not just do that? Yeah.

Suzie: And if they have a little money, then that's great.

Mel: Great. Okay. Yeah.

Suzie: So which is kind of goes to what you were saying, kris Jenner and her boyfriend, and they have a 25 year age gap.

Mel: Who cares? About his name, something.

Suzie: Because she is who she is. The Kris Jenner. She is the mastermind of the.

Mel: Momager, the super mummager.

Suzie: You're a good momager. You're kind of my momager. A little bit.

Mel: Yeah, a bit. But I'm still not Christian. I mean, she really has. Actually, the other day I was reading about her because I wanted to know at what point she'd made her money and all of that. And it was quite late on, quite late because obviously she had all these kids and she had a husband who.

Suzie: Was doing a lot of that stuff.

Mel: Right, yeah. And she had, well, she got six kids, so she's pretty ****** busy. And so by the time she sort of really built this empire, she's now like 68. She was sort of in her 50s, right? Or 50 something. And. No, it's impressive. And I mean, she obviously looks fantastic.

Suzie: Fantastic.

Mel: I mean, she really is somebody who is making the best of what she's got. She also dresses sometimes. I don't always love what her choice of what she wears, but she does dress very much in keeping with who she is. Even with the Kardashian. Yeah, but her personality and everything, she doesn't sort of, to me, strike me as somebody who's trying to pretend she's not 68. I mean, obviously she's had a lot of stuff done, which is great, but totally fine. Of course she would. Yeah, but, yeah, so he's a lot younger than her, isn't he?

Suzie: So much. I think it was like 20. Let me look at my pad. 25 year age gap.

Mel: Yeah. And they've been together a while. And then you think to yourself, well, obviously he is with this incredibly. What does he do?

Suzie: Okay. I looked up what he did because I was like, what the **** does he do? And it's not a lot.

Mel: Right.

Suzie: And I'm like, not saying that he's with her for that because I'm sure Kris Jenner is a fun person to date, you know what?

Mel: Date. But. Exactly.

Suzie: And that's the thing too. But for sure, he stopped making what she's making, obviously. So I mean, good for him.

Mel: But maybe that's also why it works, because she's older and she's making all this money. If she was younger, I'm sure that would create a lot of friction, if you know what I mean.

Suzie: Yeah, true, actually.

Mel: I'm sure that's a part of it, but they must just get along.

Suzie: But that's also the thing, like what you said before, she's not having another child. I cannot see that happening?

Mel: No. Well, I suppose it is possible.

Suzie: In the world we live in it 100% is possible. But like you said, she has six kids.

Mel: Yeah. And I don't know how many grandchildren.

Suzie: Oh, my God, so many. And, I mean, she would definitely do this for publicity and good for her. But she might have. She could have another child. That just seems so crazy.

Mel: No, I'm sure she wouldn't. Well, it would have to be.

Suzie: But then he's maybe never going to have children, right?

Mel: Yeah, because I don't think he has kids. Yeah, but maybe he's seen the madness of that family. He's like, no, thanks very much. No, thank you very much.

Suzie: There's enough children running around here.

Mel: Yeah. I mean, look, at the end of the day, are they doing it? Are they in love? Are they companions? Are they doing it for publicity? Who cares? It's their business. Yeah, it really is their business. And I think, obviously, celebrities, it's very difficult to know. What is it exactly? Why do we have to dissect it? I have no idea. Because it's not our business, is it? No, but, like, people, and I know quite a lot of. I have a few friends who are married to older men, and they're very happy, and it's like, well, it really is their business. It's not anybody else's business. Well, that's also the thing.

Suzie: It's like men literally do not develop their entire brain until they're 25.

Mel: Yeah, you told me this, so that's very interesting. I'd never thought about that.

Suzie: How could you have a real relationship with a man before 25? I don't get that. Because they are literally not developed enough to have feelings and be able to communicate properly. I'm sure there are men out there who are very good at that stuff at a younger age and mature, but, yeah, after 20, just older men just have had more world experience. They're probably better in bed as well. They probably just really appreciate *****.

Mel: Really appreciate *****.

Suzie: And what woman doesn't want to be appreciated?

Mel: Totally agree with you.

Suzie: I always loved older men. That might be a daddy issue thing. I'm not sure yet. I haven't gone to therapy, but definitely not against it.

Mel: Right. Okay, fair enough.

Suzie: What about you, though? Well, I know your husband's younger than you.

Mel: My husband is a year younger than me. I know. I'm such a MILF.

Suzie: You are.

Mel: When I met him, it was an issue.

Suzie: Because it was an issue.

Mel: Well, it wasn't really. But he was 23. Yeah, I was 24. And then because of the way our birthdays like his is in January, mine's in December.

Suzie: Right.

Mel: So I turn 25 and so for a month I'm two years older than him, which obviously he goes on currently he's not quite 50 and I'm 51. So obviously every day he reminds me about the fact that he's in his 40s.

Suzie: That's so funny.

Mel: And he's done that since we've met because he thinks it's very funny and it clearly isn't, but when you're young it does matter, like a year is like a lot. Yeah, but obviously.

Suzie: Well you met Max before his brain.

Mel: Was developed, Mel, that's crazy, I need to remember that. Yes, that's true. You helped him develop, I'll remind him of that.

Suzie: Well you probably just like morphed.

Mel: I like you just molded him into.

Suzie: The perfect husband, which he is.

Mel: I might have done.

Suzie: You definitely had something to do with it.

Mel: I definitely did work on certain things.

Suzie: Yes, that's very impressive and I'm not saying this is what this is but there's another case to be told on why people, or why older people like younger people is to maybe manipulate them. Of course, yeah, right, where it's like that could be said for Leo.

Mel: Yeah, absolutely. To have somebody who basically just does what you and like I think there's an element of that there can be. Not always, of course, not always, sometimes there's an element of.

Suzie: And like when you think back at it and I think most women, if not all women have these kind know memories of things that have happened to them but I remember being, I was very prominent in my community in Edmonton and I would go to these events and I remember old men just like doing things, like not doing things but they would talk to me and I would give them my number or something because there's an opportunity in quotations or whatever it might be and then I think about it later, I think about it now and I'm like oh my God, these men were literally trying to sleep with me. 100%.

Mel: And how old were they? 40, 50?

Suzie: Well when you're younger everyone else seems a lot older, do you know what I mean?

Mel: So what were you, 17?

Suzie: I was like 17/18 which doesn't seem that bad but 100% because I was also, obviously I was cute enough I think back to myself and I'm like, I was so ******* gross. Do you ever do that? And you're like, I was a child.

Mel: I don't believe that but I think that. Yeah, but if you are a 40, 50 year old man and you're looking at an 18 year old guy 100%. That was. But I mean, some men do that, some men don't.

Suzie: No, and there was many men who were not doing that. But I do look back at it and I'm like, yeah, there's something definitely weird.

Mel: And that is very unfortunate. Yeah, it is. But I think this idea of manipulating people, I think it really actually depends on the person. I can think of people I know where that is the case, and they're in relationships and they're sort of being manipulated. And they're younger, but I think they're just like that anyway. So even if they were with somebody of the same age, they would be like that. Do you know what I mean? Yeah. Because I think of like, if you, for example, you're 28. 28.

Suzie: Wait, how old am I? No, I'm 28 still.

Mel: Jesus Christ. If you were going out with a 45 year old, 50 year old man, he wouldn't manipulate me. He wouldn't make you do things you didn't want to do.

Suzie: Well, at this point of my life, no.

Mel: Right. But I'm saying another girl who was maybe less sure of herself, easily kind of led astray or whatever the word is, she would be manipulated, but she probably would be if she was with somebody of the same age. And the same goes for a man going. Being with a woman. I don't think it's necessarily the age. It's just who you are. And some people I think, do gravitate to older people because they might have issues, parental issues or all sorts of things. I mean, all those things are part of it. However, I think sometimes people just get along. Yeah.

Suzie: And I agree because I've experienced it too. We have this relationship, me and you, and I have not older friends, but I've gotten along with older men at this age, at the age of now, where I don't get manipulated. Don't think I am anyways. But there's these people who I'm like, oh, yeah, this is actually. You are a very interesting person, and I actually just want to be around you and people like you more.

Mel: Yes.

Suzie: And I know that I can't be around Gen Z's, but this is also the thing, right? Like men and I guess women, but older men, let's say gen xers are dating Gen Z's because they're illegal. And I'm like, how?

Mel: I have no idea what they talk about.

Suzie: How, because I can't even hang out with a Gen Z without being like, I'm so old. That's the feeling I get.

Mel: Yeah. I almost feel, particularly with the generations, that so much has changed. I mean, like, if you're a Gen X, obviously you know how to use technology, but we were talking about today. You didn't grow up with technology.

Suzie: No.

Mel: The way your brain formed and the way you were as a young adult and in your young career was so different. Yeah, right. And so that makes you a different kind of person with a different interest. Different versus this generation who, honest, they want a toasted bagel, they go on Uber eats.

Suzie: Oh, my God. Absolutely.

Mel: Which drives me completely.

Suzie: That's the funniest thing. When I see tonic Tim Hortons and McDonald's and sub, I don't even know what the **** is going on. You're uber eatsing this stuff. Are you ******* kidding me?

Mel: No.

Suzie: And then the epitome of laziness.

Mel: It doesn't get worse than that. And then you're going to think I'm a ******* *******. No. Well, I can say I've got two Gen z children. And then don't look at the bill and don't look at how much the tip, the service. Then Yang and yang, on top of this already absolute bullshit food that you are paying something that costs like $30, probably like 15, whatever it is, to be delivered, tax, blah, blah, blah. And then on top of it, you can't afford to do that. No, I mean, it's just unbelievable. It drives me ram completely up the wall. Yeah.

Suzie: Imagine you're dating a gen z boy and he is just doing this, being like, what?

Mel: Well, yeah, it's a totally different way of thinking. Like, everything, like, everything is so, like. And so what do you talk about? What? What do you talk about?

Suzie: I don't know.

Mel: So you think about if you are 50, and I guess I could talk about TikTok.

Suzie: You could definitely talk about TikTok. I couldn't even talk.

Mel: My daughters are always sending me TikToks.

Suzie: Yeah, see, that's also the thing. You have an in for maybe older people who have children, have been divorced. They kind of have more awareness of younger people.

Mel: Isn't that weird?

Suzie: Yeah, I don't know.

Mel: Maybe.

Suzie: Could be.

Mel: But again, I mean, it's who you meet. If you meet somebody and you get along, you get along. I mean, that's it, isn't it? That's literally it, Mel. And it's not like, obviously, if you're 25 and your boyfriend's 50, unless he's a billionaire, it isn't necessarily. It may seem fine at that point. The problem is, if you're with that person for 2030 years. They get old. Right. That's the thing. But on the other hand, if you love that person and you get on and you have a great time, what are you going to do? Just say no, trash that relationship. That's the card you've been dealt and the relationship you've been dealt. So you go with that because you have such a great time while you're together. Yeah.

Suzie: I just want to be my own billionaire. I know I'm not going to most, like, maybe who knows your own, be a billionaire. But that's something my mother, thank God for her, but she really instilled this thing of, like, you need to have your own way of living.

Mel: Yeah. Be self sufficient.

Suzie: Be self sufficient. And that's something that her mother never had because it was just the age of generational and her mother always would have to ask my grandfather for money and what to do. And my grandma was like a homemaker and there's all these things, but that's obviously generational. But she instilled into my mom, who.

Mel: Did don't be like me kind of thing. Yeah.

Suzie: And then my mom obviously tried to instill that. So I literally cannot not work for myself for money because I'm like. I literally just can't. Just like, what is it?

Mel: Like a handout? Yeah, handouts.

Suzie: Thank you. Yeah. It feels really weird to me to do that in a relationship, but if someone just on the street just gave me a million dollars, I wouldn't be mad.

Mel: Again.

Suzie: I wouldn't be mad about it.

Mel: Anybody would like to give us a million dollars, that'd be great.

Suzie: I wouldn't be mad about it.

Mel: Okay.

Suzie: Actually, just scratch everything I've said. Hand me a million dollars, I'd be fine with it.

Mel: Thank you very much. Yeah, but, yeah, so, yeah. Age gappers.

Suzie: Age gappers. I'm on your side, guys.

Mel: Okay?

Suzie: I believe that you guys are happy and I want you to keep living your life.

Mel: Yeah. Believe you. Well, at the end of the day, it doesn't really ****** matter if they. We. They. It's what you're doing if you're happy. And I'm sure that people who are in age gap relationships, like other kind of relationships that society thinks is weird or whatever, they must get people endlessly saying stuff, side comments wherever they go. It must be exhausting and it must be very annoying. And if you stay together through all of that, you must really, really want to be together and must really enjoy each other's company. And at the end of the day. It is very hard, I think, to find people that you like or you get along with. And I'm pretty sociable person. I like people. I get along with people. But to really click with people, there aren't lots and lots of people that you really click with. And romantically, that's not so easy, is it?

Suzie: No, it's not.

Mel: I mean, sex is one thing, but to have great intimacy, have a great time together, to actually enjoy. Let's say you go on vacation like I go on vacation with my husband and we're quite happy if it's just us. Some of my friends think it's very weird. They're like, why do you. Especially if you go away for quite a few weeks or whatever, they're like, shouldn't we all go away together like a couple of couples? And to me that is a horrendous idea because then you get into, it's complicated and everything, and then the couples.

Suzie: Get in fights, then you have to deal with the couple fights.

Mel: Well, yeah, and then they want to do different things. But the point is we're quite happy with each other, but some people are not, and they need the distraction of other people that we don't need. But I mean, the point is, it is actually quite hard to find that. I know that, and I know a lot of people don't necessarily ever find that. And so if you find that and the person isn't exactly, I e. There's a big age gap or they're from a different kind of background or a different religion or whatever, it know, sometimes it's mean. My husband and I have very pretty different backgrounds and obviously we were brought up very differently. I'm from the UK, he's canadian. Different religions, different parents. My parents are divorced, his parents weren't divorced. There's a lot of differences, but we just get along.

Suzie: Yeah, it's the weirdest ******* thing.

Mel: It's the weirdest thing. And we actually don't even. I hate sport. ******* hate it. Sport. Sport.

Suzie: You see, just one sport.

Mel: And he takes the **** out of me for saying sport.

Suzie: Just one sport.

Mel: Sport. Because we call it sport.

Suzie: You call it sports because it's many sports.

Mel: Yeah, but we say sport, okay, yeah, and I hate it. But he loves it. I like shopping. He hates it. Yeah, but he's got used to it. He understands, like makeup and he's just.

Suzie: Like, yeah, I mean, you got to embrace your differences.

Mel: Yeah, but sometimes on paper or a relationship, going back to what I was saying earlier, you could say, okay, you're from the same, I don't know, country, religion, same age, same economic background, blah blah blah. It should work a bit like you do, like those, what do they call? Arranged marriages. Right. But then in actuality it doesn't work. And then you see a relationship where maybe he's 25 and she's 50 and she's loaded and he isn't or whatever it is in terms of money, but they really get along and they have fun together. Well, maybe they do. I don't know.

Suzie: They definitely do. I think older men want to have actually more fun usually than not. And that's why they have young girlfriends.

Mel: Oh yeah. I mean, I think there are many reasons why they have young girlfriends up here. It has a lot to do with all of that. 100%. I mean, let's be frank.

Suzie: Let's just be real on sharing my truth.

Mel: Let's be real. You take a naked young woman and a naked old woman. I'm sorry, the young woman is going to look better than the. I mean, come.

Suzie: Maybe not Kris Jenner.

Mel: No, maybe, I don't know.

Suzie: She probably looks real good.

Mel: Yeah. I mean, obviously you can have everything sucked and toy. I mean, ***** are problematic though.

Suzie: Are they?

Mel: Well, one friend, after having four children, she has amazing *****. And she told me she had this. It's a **** uplift. Totally going, **** lift.

Suzie: Yeah.

Mel: And basically you have to. Nipples. Yes. So she basically said, so all you have to do is you have to cut the nipple. You've lost me at cut the nipple. I'll just have them round my knees for the rest of my life. It's fine. I mean, no, I'm not detaching the nipple from where it originally was, thank you very much.

Suzie: Yeah, that's a crazy one.

Mel: I mean, they look fabulous. But then it does bring into questions. Can you feel the same things if your nipple is detached and put back on? Somebody tell me. I want to know if your nipple. See, this has nothing to do with age gap.

Suzie: No, but this is very interesting.

Mel: But what do you think?

Suzie: I think the nerves come back.

Mel: But then where do they, they grow back in? I don't know enough about it.

Suzie: But anyway, breastfeed after that or she got her too.

Mel: She had them all. You can't. No.

Suzie: Okay, well that's enough. Four kids is *******.

Mel: Yeah, we think so. She had lots of money so she could do all of that. But however, one thing I would like to say, and I think this is important. Yes, love is. Because I saw this on Instagram the other day and it is true that women, not all women, but a lot of women can look more beautiful as they get older. And in a way, just because they're maturing and they just get more beautiful. And I think society doesn't want to tell us that. Society wants to say that beauty belongs to youth, and that's really not true.

Suzie: ******* bullshit.

Mel: And it's not like not every older person, not everyone gets more beautiful. And it could be beauty inside or whatever it is, but I think that is something that we don't talk about enough. Absolutely. And in terms of age gap, things that obviously, if you're an older woman, you're with a younger man, you've got a lot to give in terms of, yes, you are beautiful in a different way to a young woman. You have a lot of experience in every area of your life. And the younger man may really enjoy, like, oh, my gosh, I'm with a woman who isn't going to ask me to take her to a Ritzer every 5 seconds and ask me to pay for dinner and all the expectations of a younger woman. I think that's why that can work. And also a younger woman with an older man that maybe what you were saying finds them interesting and they're not like, talking about sort of stupid stuff and learning from each other. Yeah. And younger men, obviously, because they're young. Like, younger women can be very juvenile. And if you're mature, it's just like, oh, my God, I don't want to be involved in a fart competition or whatever young men do. They do stupid ****. Like sort of lad Bible or what was that thing years ago where they used to do the pranks? And I think they did something like.

Suzie: It'S always those pranks.

Mel: Yeah. And they do crazy ****.

Suzie: People are so stupid.

Mel: And it's always young men. It's always young men who are like, 25 doing absolutely stupid ****. I watch that ****.

Suzie: I'm like, I don't understand how men live any past 28.

Mel: Like daredevil stuff. Yeah. I'm like, what do you do? And it is an age thing. So if you're a young woman, you're like, I don't want that.

Suzie: No.

Mel: So maybe you meet an older man and that's part of it, too.

Suzie: Yeah. But I will agree with you. I have never felt more beautiful at 28.

Mel: Obviously.

Suzie: I've always had beauty, if you will.

Mel: Yes, you've always had a little bit.

Suzie: Of beauty, but I don't know what it is. Maybe I've just learned how to do my makeup. Maybe I just feel better and grow into yourself.

Mel: I think at my age, the older you get, the less you give a ****, the prettier you are. So I think that does make you more appealing because you're not so self conscious.

Suzie: Absolutely.

Mel: And you're like, look, I know I'm not the way I used to look or whatever, this has changed or whatever. So what? Yeah, I mean, the older you get, you've had children, obviously you've got sort of little bit of roles around your.

Suzie: Middle, but you're cute.

Mel: I mean, at a point you're just like, whatever it is.

Suzie: Sometimes I look at ugly dogs and I'm like, if they can be cute.

Mel: So can I. Wow. Is that your philosophical thoughts at the end of the podcast? Wow. And with that, with that, when you're.

Suzie: Looking an ugly dog, just be like.

Mel: If you can do it, so can I.

Suzie: That's it. We've solved it.

Mel: Age gap it.

Suzie: All right, guys. Well, if you guys have an age gap story that you want to tell, whether you know of someone or it's you in this crazy age gap relationship and it's worked or it hasn't worked, why don't you give us a little ring a ring a ding ding? You can go to our website, You can leave us a voicemail, you can send us an email, you can go to sharingmytruthpod on our instagram and you can send us a DM.

Mel: Yeah, we want to hear about it.

Suzie: Oh my God. We want to hear about it.

Mel: Definitely.

Suzie: And you might be on the pod.

Mel: You might.

Suzie: With your permission.

Mel: With your permission.

Suzie: Oh, we love you.

Mel: Till next time.

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Suzie: Bye bye.

Mel: Three, two, one, jump.

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