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The Official Trailer
Hosted by Mel & Suzie

Melany Krangle & Suzie Sheckter

Speaker B: Hi, babes.

Speaker C: Hello, darling. How are you?

Speaker B: I'm so good. How are you?

Speaker C: I'm fabulous. Really fabulous.

Speaker B: Oh, fabulous. Well, I'm Susie.

Speaker C: And I'm mel.

Speaker B: And we're here today to talk to you guys about our incredible new podcast. It's called sharing my truth.

Speaker C: Yeah, it's a podcast about a conversation between the two of us. We're from two different generations, two different places, and also we're talking about it all. We're talking about life, we're talking about love, we're talking about sex, relationships, and all the crazy **** that happens to people. The good, the bad, the ugly, the dirty. Dirty. The dirty. Life doesn't follow a straight line, does it, Susie?

Speaker B: No. And we just want to learn from each other, learn from our audience, and really want to bring people in to listen, to learn, to feel connected, definitely.

Speaker C: And we want you to share your truths, your stories, however crazy they are, we want to hear them. So go to our website,, and go to the home page and you can share your story and totally anonymously. You can DM us on Instagram, you can leave us a voicemail straight on the homepage, or you can email us and we really want to hear it. And the crazier, in fact, the better.

Speaker B: Yes, please send us your dirty little secrets because that's actually all I want to know.

Speaker C: That's all she wants to know.

Speaker B: I want to know the tea, baby. I want to know the drama that is going on in your life, what's.

Speaker C: Going on in the tea leaves, as they say.

Speaker B: Is that what they say?

Speaker C: No.

Speaker B: Really lovely dawning. Well, until next time, guys. Please watch this page for new episodes to come. You can obviously see that on any of our socials or our website and check them out for all of the updates.

Speaker C: Yeah, we love you. We can't wait for us to join our amazing community of hilarious people and just join in on the giggle and the sharing. It's all fun.

Speaker B: It is.

Speaker C: Bye.

Speaker B: Love you guys. We'll see you next time.

Speaker A: Bye.

Speaker B: Bye.

Speaker A: Three, two, one.

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