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Episode 11 - The Truth About The Female "O"
Hosted by Mel & Suzie

Melany Krangle & Suzie Sheckter

Speaker A: Welcome to Sharing My Truth with Melan Suzie, the uncensored version where we bear it all. We do 12340 and we're back again. Hello, darling. Babe.

Speaker B: Hello, darling. How are you?

Speaker A: Good, how are you?

Speaker B: I'm good. It seems like an eternally long week.

Speaker A: It does seem like that.

Speaker B: I can't believe I mean, I have been away. I was in England and to be fair, I was on a bit of a jolly and so you have a bit of jet lag. But then there's all these other things like my daughter's at university and she's moving and trying to find an apartment and it's all just completely mad and my husband's like really, really busy and yeah, a thousand things on, but it's all good. It's just a lot of lots of things going on.

Speaker A: I know I have bad I did a lot of drinking this week, and I wasn't supposed to drink this week because I was, like, not feeling great because I had a bunch of events that I had to go to for work and just, like, mingling and stuff and just it's not like I can't do that without drinking. But drinking very much helps.

Speaker B: Of course it does.

Speaker A: I'm not going to ******* lie about it. It obviously just ******* helps. And a little glass of champagne, especially.

Speaker B: When you're somewhere where you don't actually really could think of a billion different places you want to be other than there, then of course drinking is very helpful. And we're not talking nobody's an alcoholic here for anybody gets on my case. It's just sometimes it takes yeah, just.

Speaker A: Takes a little edge off and then it's something to talk about. Everyone's doing it.

Speaker B: Absolutely.

Speaker A: I'm a fan of alcohol, not an alcoholic, but obviously I'm a fan.

Speaker B: I like a drink. I mean, I am from English.

Speaker A: Let's just be honest about it.

Speaker B: The English drink way too much.

Speaker A: Anyways anyway, we have a cute little topic today.

Speaker B: We do. It's called it is called the Truth about Truth. It's always the truth. The truth about the female orgasm. Female, okay.

Speaker A: Female or vaginal or ***** or the big o.

Speaker B: The big I think just generically.

Speaker A: Right?

Speaker B: The female orgasm.

Speaker A: The female genital orgasm.

Speaker B: Yeah. The bit down there. Yeah. Because I think that we are talking about it a lot more generically in the media. I think we are talking about it a lot more. But it still seems to be an eternal mystery for people.

Speaker A: It is. Because it's a mystery to ourselves.

Speaker B: I think so. And I think it's interesting. Recently I was watching I like comedy, like stand up a lot, so I watch a lot of comedy on my phone or like Netflix, whatever. And if you watch a lot of female comedians nowadays, inevitably they talk about the orgasm and the female orgasm, how it's like really complicated and blah, blah, blah. And I think it is very complicated for some people. And for some people it isn't complicated at all.

Speaker A: Right.

Speaker B: Yes.

Speaker A: I'm so jealous of those people who it's not complicated for not like a.

Speaker B: Big the other thing to caveat this is that at different points in your life, it can be more and less complicated. Right. So it can be very difficult at some points and then at another point in your life, it is just not it's not difficult at all. And that could be all a myriad of different reasons. And it's so difficult for men to unsolve the and I think that's the thing to obviously highlight and this hasn't changed is that a man has an orgasm. It's pretty obvious because all the stuff happens and women that's not the case. And it can be so, like, just change what you're doing in a tiny millifaction of a thing and then all of a sudden we talk about that at all. And that's why often a lot of women and the statistics are like unbelievable amount of women who do not either orgasm in their life or till incredibly late in their life or very regularly or whatever it is.

Speaker A: And orgasming is so healthy.

Speaker B: Yes.

Speaker A: It actually obviously relieves stress. It does increases your endorphins. It's so healthy to come and every person should do that regularly, whether it is with masturbation or with a partner. You should want it's just good health, good for your mental health. It is. It's so important for a healthy, balanced lifestyle. It's about leaving stress. A lot of it, a lot of the time, 100%.

Speaker B: I was reading something the other day about how women, menopause or women also should be doing it more and in fact sort of an irony that that's the time in your life when you could have sort of be going one of two ways, either becoming more interested in sex or less interested in sex wow. Yeah. Can actually be that much of a sort of divergence that actually all the stuff that's going on, all the kind of all the changes that actually an orgasm can really help to relieve all of those changes. But yeah, who knows? We're not men, so I don't know what the men actually feel. But women, obviously, it's much more of.

Speaker A: A whole body thing, like yeah.

Speaker B: Whole thing kind of releases and that horrible thing and men say it particularly, oh, that woman needs to be I'm not going to verbalize it because I think it's horrible. She's sexually frustrated, whatever. Yeah. There's an element of sexual frustration is a very real thing, just like everything pent up your body and for a.

Speaker A: Lot of people can be more extreme or less.

Speaker B: Absolutely. And if you find it very difficult and I think it is a vicious cycle. So I think there are there's a sort of group of women who have had sexual experience and and they sort of think they're orgasming because it's like everything yeah. Until you've had the real you're sort of like, oh, yeah, not it. And they live a long time thinking, oh, this is it. This is all going to happen. And then all of a sudden, randomly, because you happen to hit that spot.

Speaker A: Yeah, that's what happened to me. I don't know if I've talked about it on this podcast yet, but yeah, that's exactly what happened to me. I mean, I think I said I have spoken about it where it's like, I started having sex when I was 14 and at 18 I had my first orgasm.

Speaker B: That's a long time.

Speaker A: So it's four ******* years with having sex. And as a younger person, I've had sex with quite a few people. And at that point, because I was just, like, having a lot of fun, I was having sex with quite a few people, obviously, always being safe about it, but yeah, and no one had ever tried, really. I didn't try. I didn't start masturbating until after I had that first orgasm. So then I was like, oh, I get it, you know what I mean? But before you have that orgasm, you don't really know. And you're like, if you think you had an orgasm, you haven't had an orgasm.

Speaker B: Exactly.

Speaker A: Like, if you think, oh, yeah, I think I have, it's like, no, it's.

Speaker B: A bit like love. You know when people say, Are you in love? And you're like, how do I know if I'm in love? It's like, well, if you're asking that question, then you're not in love. Yes, it's either you know or you don't know. It's not logical. But it is so wound up. The female orgasm in history and society sort of didn't really think anything of it or women actually did that or that was important. And then there's a whole Freud thing which blows my mind. There's the whole kind of idea of the immature and the mature orgasm and whether it was to do with your ******** or penetrative sex. I was reading it again before this podcast. I was thinking, God, that is so damaging. Yeah, this whole idea. Because still, as a society, I think most men think that if their partner, whomever they're with, whether it's a casual experience or a long term partner, if they don't have a sex, have a sex, have an orgasm with penetrates of sex, something wrong with them. They think they're basically **** doesn't work. And you're like, no, it's like every woman is completely different and needs something completely different. And also, I reiterate, at different points in your life, different things work and work for absolutely what reason I mean, it could be obvious medical reasons or you've had a baby or whatever it is, but there are also just sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. We're not building a suspension bridge here. There's no engineer. It's like there's no real logical things happening. And it's just so mental too. Absolutely.

Speaker A: Women especially, obviously there's things with men that obviously I can't speak to. But yeah, just women, especially. We need a safe environment to come. At least I do. I just need to feel relaxed. I can't feel rushed. I literally just need to feel like I can have the most fun and can have the most time. And that's why I'm not a morning sex person. I think we've spoken about this before. I can't have sex in the morning because I feel rushed and I can't usually orgasm. You don't come back in time, and it's not a race, it's journey.

Speaker B: Absolutely.

Speaker A: So enjoy all of the different parts. Foreplay.

Speaker B: Absolutely.

Speaker A: Most of the way that women are going to come, they need 15 minutes of foreplay. That's just a fact. You need time to get ready, warm up, because it is so much of a full body experience. You do need full body stimulation, whether that's snogging making it very good. Fingering? I hope so. Little like oral. Maybe a little foot play.

Speaker B: Footplay.

Speaker A: You never know.

Speaker B: Whatever floats.

Speaker A: Little butt play. What do you need? You got to figure it out.

Speaker B: Definitely. But I think that a lot of people don't. They do rush that. And yes, we've talked about this before that I think, personally, I don't know if there's any scientific, any whatever behind this, is that men use sex to relax, whereas women need to be relaxed to have sex. And it's just like that's how we are diametrically opposed, is that if my like, everything in the house or my life or my surroundings is not organized, it's just not happening. You just feel tense and tense. Whereas men could be in a sinking ship with doesn't matter, and they're ready. I mean, it's incredible.

Speaker A: I know, it's amazing.

Speaker B: It's fascinating.

Speaker A: They need to orgasm to just do anything at all.

Speaker B: And also, they should people yeah.

Speaker A: I'm happy that if you're a man, like, you should be masturbating. If, you know, you come fast during sex, maybe you should ********** before so you don't get so excited. Like, that's just something that works for a lot of men, and you got to know that about your body.

Speaker B: Women have problems with that, about male masturbating, males masturbating. I mean, the famous scene we've talked about that before, about the scene in Sex in the City, the latest whatever the series was.

Speaker A: God, I hate it.

Speaker B: Carey yeah. Asked Miss Big. Mr. Big. Mr. Big if he ever masturbated.

Speaker A: And it's just like, of course he's your husband.

Speaker B: Like, what? But they did that for a reason. Because actually, a lot of women I don't know, and I can't remember if there's ever covered this in Sex and City, but a lot of women it could be an age thing. Because I certainly know women that I know who have a problem actually no saying that I know actually younger women, too, who think it's weird that their partner masturbates. Right, yeah, exactly. I think it's weird that they think that's weird. Yeah. And you have that conversation. What do you mean? What do you mean?

Speaker A: Yeah.

Speaker B: They're not cheating on you. They're just doing their thing. And why is it it's like you're doing your thing to me, it's like a bodily function. I don't understand what the big problem is, but I know it helps me.

Speaker A: Become a better person.

Speaker B: Lots of women who have problems with their man masturbating because they think, well, if they're doing that, they don't love me.

Speaker A: They probably just need a good vibrator and then they'll understand.

Speaker B: Even if you own a vibrator, I am seguing here. You can always find new things. Yes. And I would like to stress another thing I'd like to say, even though this has nothing to do with vibrators, is that everyone needs something different. So even if you see, like, we're talking about sex in the City and she was going on about the rabbit or whatever yeah. That doesn't work for all. Women need different things. Yeah. It's completely individual. And that goes back to what we're talking about.

Speaker A: I have a friend or I had a friend she used to be a really good friend of mine. Not just like we didn't have a breakup or anything. She just grew up. Yeah, well, she just lives in a whole other part of the country. Yeah, exactly. Miss her so much. But yeah, so she could come by just a man touching her nipples.

Speaker B: Wow.

Speaker A: And I am so jealous of that.

Speaker B: Well, are you? Because then you might get yourself into situations I don't know.

Speaker A: I would love to be able to come fast or just to have that option of just being able to get one out really ******* quick, if that's a possibility. Like, I need a lot of time, which I think a lot of other women do. Or I need clotoral stimulation. I wish sometimes that I was a woman who could just come from penetrative sex because it's just the easier way to do it. But obviously you got to know what works for you and you should make it happen, to make the effort happen and find a partner who puts that priority.

Speaker B: Yeah. And wants to kind of keep figuring out ways to change it up or whatever.

Speaker A: But.

Speaker B: It is a problem for a lot of people, and I think that's sad, actually, that they feel that there isn't a way they can figure it out and that they would live so long in this sort of silence and misery and frustration. But I mean, there is another issue if you are with somebody in a long term relationship and they don't understand that you need something or whatever. And many couples, they've gone for so long without communicating that however many years in that starting the conversation is even more awkward than if you'd started it because it's just strange. Why are we suddenly talking about this now? However, I wouldn't want to recommend anything that's going to cause any kind of issues, but you have to communicate. And the thing I think about communication, something I've learned in my life is you don't have to achieve everything in the first chat if you like. If you find it hard to express yourself, start slowly. And I think generally in any couple, one person is probably more communicative or finds it easier than the other, and one person might initiate it. And the onus is also on that person who finds it easier to make it easier for the other person, find a way of being kind and making it much easier for them to help open their and I think there's something.

Speaker A: About asking questions during absolutely and before and not finding it weird to ask questions. I think a lot of people are like oh, it's weird to ask if you can kiss me or something, you know what I mean, on that part? And it's like, no, if you make it sexy and you're not just like kiss you or like it's like oh, do you like that? Or communicating in the way of like oh, I like when you do blank, you know what I mean? If you're going to talk in the bedroom, yeah, it should be kind of sexy. You can definitely ask questions about if they like something, if they don't like it, it shouldn't be a scary thing of just like trying to communicate and.

Speaker B: Want to I don't think it should be. I think a lot of people find it very difficult and it depends who you're with. It depends who your partner is. Is your partner open minded? Are they in a kind of the same space of thinking, right, we need to change something. And that is an issue often with couples is one person is on one page and the other person is on the other page. And the difficulty of trying to let's say you're the woman and you're not satisfied and it's not happening for you, and how do you break it to your partner that you might have been with for a long time, who then going to think, oh, my God, what have been doing all these years? It could be very hurtful, of course. So you have to find a way of communicating that moves away from the hurtful and moves towards the let's try this, or moving forward. But again, that conversation everything doesn't have to be resolved in that first conversation. And if that first conversation is ten minutes and then you have another conversation, that's an hour, and on it goes. And it could take a very, very long time, but you have to start. But you also have to be very aware of the other person. And I think to be honest, that's why lots of people don't communicate is just so hard. It's so difficult.

Speaker A: It's not an awkward thing, but it can very much become a very awkward thing if you let it not by any means an easy conversation, and not even for me, because you also don't want to hurt anyone's feelings. You're so vulnerable and you don't want your feelings hurt. It can be a very scary thing. But I think you try to have these intimate times with people you trust or you try to find positions that work for you even if you don't want to talk about it. Kind of you can try to find move your body in a way that might feel better and then find out that way. But someone's bodies are different.

Speaker B: Yeah. But you do need to know yourself quite well, 100% to know this may sound ridiculous, but that you have to move to change the way you are. Change many different things. Yes. And I think that comes with experience. And I don't mean necessarily partner, just with doing it right, with figuring yourself out. And like I said, the other thing is, particularly women, you change.

Speaker A: Yes.

Speaker B: Your body changes. You need different things at different points for different reasons. And I think sometimes maybe overanalyze that. But I think now the conversation around the female orgasm has almost become like too I don't think we talk about it in a sort of normal context. I've seen a lot of these documentaries on Netflix and stuff like that and you're like, this doesn't really relate to normal people. It's a bit too sort of out there too much.

Speaker A: It's hard to find content out there or especially on mainstream platforms like that that are very relatable to every single person because there's a lot of very out there topics that it is very interesting to watch or know about. But yeah, it's very much I don't.

Speaker B: Know on that subject.

Speaker A: Are we ready for males?

Speaker B: Fact check glamour magazine.

Speaker A: Oh, I love glamour.

Speaker B: So here's some facts for you about the ready male organ.

Speaker A: Okay, I'm ready.

Speaker B: 2020. But I don't think too much has changed. The orgasm keeps breakouts at bay. Wow.

Speaker A: Stop. So if you want your skin good yeah.

Speaker B: Everyone, you need to ******* calm a vibrator. I love it, actually. That makes a lot of sense to me. That really does.

Speaker A: Yeah.

Speaker B: So since orgasms release oxytocin, a hormone that accompanies pleasure and decreases cortisol, which signals stress, you're less likely to break out or get rashes if you enjoying regular orgasms over time.

Speaker A: No way.

Speaker B: I mean, that's a bit unfair for people who might have bad skin. Bad skin for other issues. But anyway, that is good to know.

Speaker A: Well, I mean, anything will help. I will try an orgasm to help that.

Speaker B: Orgasms can increase body confidence. Yeah, I mean, that makes sense. Makes a lot of sense. Orgasms help you sleep better. I think that's absolutely true. Yeah. Your brain gets a workout during an orgasm. Does it?

Speaker A: Wow.

Speaker B: We found that orgasms increase blood flow so many brain regions that the brain and that the brain lights up like a Christmas tree.

Speaker A: When you're having an orgasm, increased blood.

Speaker B: Flow means that the brain is getting a wonderful and nutritious workout. I love that nutritious workout. Love that. Orgasms lead to healthier. Hair.

Speaker A: I guess it's hair, skin and nails.

Speaker B: Yeah. I mean, who needs those supplements for your college?

Speaker A: It makes you feel young again. I'm sure they're all good, but yeah.

Speaker B: So we'll just do that too. Orgasms boost estrogen. Yes, estrogen.

Speaker A: Oestrogen. I know you said that for me.

Speaker B: And collagen and give you a more youthful appearance. Yes. Because you look more glowing. Glowy.

Speaker A: You're glowing.

Speaker B: Plumped up. Orgasms boost your immunity. Really? It helps balance your immune system, promotes bone health, and assists in repairing tissues. Wow. This is all wow.

Speaker A: Everyone needs to come.

Speaker B: I mean yeah. I mean, this is according to Glamor magazine, but who knows? Orgasms make you feel happier. Yes. Orgasms help you bond with your partner. Yes. Duh. Ten. Oh, there's more than ten. Orgasms relieve pain. Absolutely true. Including cramps. So I was talking earlier that orgasms are recommended, a for menopausal symptoms, but also for have you had for periods?

Speaker A: Yes, of course I have. And I do that all the time.

Speaker B: And it helps.

Speaker A: And you don't need to have I.

Speaker B: Mean, you don't feel in the mood. It's a vicious thing, isn't it? Because it would help you. But sometimes you're just like, feel so crunchy. I know that that's not really the thing.

Speaker A: You don't feel sexy.

Speaker B: Exactly.

Speaker A: Yeah, I know. I feel that.

Speaker B: I feel that.

Speaker A: But it has to be like when you're like, kind of like you have to make the mood right. Maybe make yourself a nice cup of tea, put some little sexy jazz on.

Speaker B: That's not something that comes to mind.

Speaker A: Well, you got to because you want to feel good. You kind of feel warm.

Speaker B: When I have a cup of tea.

Speaker A: It kind of helps my cramps. You know what I mean? So it's kind of like that. You feel warm, you feel better, you're alone in the house.

Speaker B: It's all nice. Fair enough.

Speaker A: But I mean yeah. You can also like, sex on your period helps your cramps.

Speaker B: Yes.

Speaker A: And if you want to do it, like, do it in the shower.

Speaker B: Yeah. I just think maybe it's for those people. Yeah. I think it also depends on how heavy your period is because there are two issues with that. If you get very bad cramps I've had bad really? Like doubling over cramps all my life. Even at my grand old age, I still get, wow, I'm getting to the end. But it's still very uncomfortable. And your whole, like, the whole that area of your body, your uterus is so bloated. I mean, I can feel my, I guess, uterus pumping. It feels horrible. It feels very bloated. And any sort of touch around there is just worse. Horrible. And the other thing and this is really not glamorous at all, is when you have your period, you tend to poo more because it releases your sphincter or something like that.

Speaker A: Sure.

Speaker B: So it's all these things that are like completely please do not glamorously. Like the poo, the Bloating, it's a lot. And yet the blood, it's a lot.

Speaker A: This episode is not for the week.

Speaker B: And believe me, I'm not a big fan of poo myself. During orgasms, your ******* get bigger, I have to say. Sorry, that was funny. I was so shocked. Is that my ***** do not need to be any bigger.

Speaker A: I can use a cup.

Speaker B: I'm at an S. **** EF, depending.

Speaker A: On look at you.

Speaker B: It's not good. And we were talking about suspension bridges earlier. Is that it all starts to go nipple south. Like it's not bing.

Speaker A: That's weird. I've never heard is it just like engorging them for a minute, though. It's not going to make them permanently larger. There's no ******* way.

Speaker B: An English phrase that sounds like total bollocks.

Speaker A: Total bollocks. I was waiting for that for you, Mel.

Speaker B: Your lips get fuller post orgasm, right?

Speaker A: So like, just for a minute. I'm sure.

Speaker B: I mean, come on.

Speaker A: It's just the blood pumping into your biomass.

Speaker B: Orgasms can strengthen your pelvic floor.

Speaker A: That makes sense.

Speaker B: Yeah, but I think your pelvic floor should be strong anyway. You have to do this exercise. The kegels. Yeah, exactly.

Speaker A: Kegels help your orgasm. They actually kegels are making your orgasm stronger.

Speaker B: You have to do them the older you get, because especially after children and older, you get it's.

Speaker A: Hold your pee in.

Speaker B: Yeah, it's really glamorous because then when.

Speaker A: You laugh I'm doing them right now.

Speaker B: Oh, fantastic. I was just thinking more about like little pee comes out and it's so revolting, so it's not good. So then you have to do the thing to control yes, I can do them, too.

Speaker A: You were doing them right now, too. Is everyone doing them?

Speaker B: It's important.

Speaker A: Everyone should be doing their kegels right now. This is a reminder to your keels for five minutes.

Speaker B: I think I always did them.

Speaker A: Yeah, I mean, I think for some reason I was taught at a young age to do them, I'm sure from like, Cosmopolitan or something, reading an article about it, but yeah, obviously people should be doing their kegels.

Speaker B: But I think if you and it's.

Speaker A: About breath work, too, and it depends.

Speaker B: What kind of exercise you did as well, because I did tons of ballet when I was young. It's all about.

Speaker A: When you breathe in.

Speaker B: But I'm just saying you're more conscious of your breath. Yeah, I think I've always innately done it because I remember when I had my first job and whoever was telling me, the doctor, whoever, I can't remember, or you read it about doing a kegels, and I'm like, Well, I'm like, I do this anyway. And then all these people were like, oh yeah, I've started doing them. What do you mean? You started doing them, you haven't always done them. I know, but that's all about control. Yeah.

Speaker A: No, it's very good to your kegels. It's very healthy to your kegels.

Speaker B: Yes.

Speaker A: Especially if you want a baby and everything like that.

Speaker B: Yeah. And you want to post baby and getting older. Stop the pee when you laugh, because it does happen.

Speaker A: Jesus Christ.

Speaker B: It's not good. I mean, not like Niagara Falls. More like just like little dribble squirt. But it's not a sexy dribble.

Speaker A: Little squirt.

Speaker B: I think squirt is making sound sexy, and it's not.

Speaker A: Right.

Speaker B: It's really a dribble and it's pee, so it's not good.

Speaker A: Right.

Speaker B: But moving on. We're still talking about orgasms.

Speaker A: I like Mill fact checked today. I think that was very helpful.

Speaker B: I think it is.

Speaker A: I didn't know any of those things that it could help your hair, your skin, your nails, or whatever the hell it is. It's pretty amazing.

Speaker B: I don't think I knew those. But it sort of stands to it makes sense that stuff's pumping around it.

Speaker A: Obviously helps your entire body and your mental health function properly, whether you're doing it by yourself or with your partner.

Speaker B: 100%. I mean, I think so one of the last things I would say about and I think this is I think it's an age thing. I think as a young person, when I was younger, as sort of a young teenager, I don't think anybody talked about female masturbation. Right. I cannot think of a single now I have to single conversation about it. I would have to really go into the dark recess of the misty path to try and figure out whether I'd had that concept. But I really can't remember it. Right. Whereas I can remember however many conversations that your male friends about wanking English, but it's just not something we talked about at all. It was almost, in a weird way, either that women didn't do it or just something you did and people just didn't talk about it at all. And I'd say it wasn't probably until much later, I'd say, at least in my 20s, sort of talking about it. People didn't I don't know why. Is it some kind of weird thing that we thought that women was it sort of uncouth that you don't talk about this? Yeah, but why is it okay to talk about a man? I don't know.

Speaker A: Because I think back then, it's your.

Speaker B: Flower and you have to be very delicate with your lady dog and yeah, men ******* didn't know about it.

Speaker A: And it's like you said at the beginning, like Freud. Right. And of course, if you're talking and obviously this isn't true, but if you're talking about one orgasm is more mature, if that's how you say it, than the other, it's ******* bullshit, obviously. So that's why you don't talk about it. It's just all ******* bullshit.

Speaker B: But you do think how peculiar is it that it's sort of 2022. And only now people are sort of I mean, obviously not this year specifically, but I mean, I'd say in recent years that people are talking about things like squirting and all. Yeah, people have been doing these things. Why do they suddenly talk about them? And that's interesting, isn't it? You think about the female orgasm, and I think maybe one of the reasons that we don't talk about it is because it doesn't have a sort of finite end. It's not something we can logically sort of pinpoint. Whereas the man the ***** goes up, blah, blah, blah.

Speaker A: Very obvious.

Speaker B: It's all happening. Whereas a woman nobody knows specifically, actually, even scientifically, where exactly do we have to put pressure, touch, whatever. It's different. What actual movement? Blah, blah, blah. I mean, if you think of art going back centuries, even thousands of years, where you sort of see these beautiful stone statues of these women in ecstasy, and they're actually religious statues, but that's what they're doing. They're having the old because also an.

Speaker A: Orgasm helps with your fertility and to actually have a baby, if that's what you want.

Speaker B: Well, there was so I do I i watched this film again, a really terrible film that I watched on the plane a few months ago, and it was something it was about the Middle Ages and it was something to do with that's. Exactly. They thought that women only got pregnant if they had pleasure, and I'm not sure if that's a real thing.

Speaker A: That's obviously not true because there's a.

Speaker B: Lot of I'm not saying it's true, but the film was set in, like, the 14th.

Speaker A: Oh, my God.

Speaker B: But I think maybe that was a thing. I mean, they had all these weird, confused things, and it doesn't matter whether to be honest, it's then or now. The mystery surrounding female climax, say, is still so mysterious that we're still all baffled by it. Women are baffled by it. Men are baffled by it. We now keep talking about it. And women don't know because, like I said, there's no finite answer. Some women it's not a big issue. Some women it is an issue. Is it because of the partner that with or they're just doing that wrong, slight, whatever. You don't know until you do the thing that works. Yeah. Whereas with men, it's a little bit more obvious, isn't it?

Speaker A: Unfortunately, or fortunately I don't know. If men had a hard enough time getting an orgasm, I don't know what would happen.

Speaker B: I think you know what I mean? I don't know.

Speaker A: Very interesting way to think about it.

Speaker B: Men can be so grumpy when they're.

Speaker A: The fact that it takes them literally 20 seconds is not like it's crazy to me.

Speaker B: And they're so controlled by their leather regions, and if it's full, they're so grumpy that if you can imagine if you had a world of men who couldn't figure out how to I mean, we'd all be miserable yes, because I mean, I'm sorry, but men can be quite grumpy. And the older they get, the grumpier they get to imagine that they have the same situation that women have that it takes them a long time to figure it out. Or sometimes it works and sometimes blah, blah, blah. Sometimes it's good and sometimes it's bad. Imagine they'd be living in this grumpy *** world.

Speaker A: But that's also because not enough people are coming around the world.

Speaker B: I think that's probably true. Back to our go and get yourself a vibrator. Oh, my God.

Speaker A: Please go and get a vibrator.

Speaker B: Use that discount code, because you deserve it. Treat yourself.

Speaker A: The world ****, 15 orgasm.

Speaker B: Yeah. You need to do it and do it for yourself. You know? That. L'Oreal I'm worth it. You're worth it.

Speaker A: Oh, good for you.

Speaker B: Yeah.

Speaker A: Is that L'Oreal?

Speaker B: I think so.

Speaker A: It's something like that.

Speaker B: I think it is.

Speaker A: I think it's Laurie.

Speaker B: I don't know. Something to do with I'm worth it. Isn't that you're worth it? It's something along that yeah, no, I.

Speaker A: Like, yeah, good for them. What a great ad.

Speaker B: Yeah. Imagine if they did vibrate around.

Speaker A: Oh, my God, they would get me.

Speaker B: Yeah.

Speaker A: I am worth it.

Speaker B: They'd never do it because we're all so ridiculous about all those kind of things. But anyway, that's for another conversation. The darling again, another conversation where we've resolved so much. Yeah.

Speaker A: I think we've actually saved the world with this.

Speaker B: I think we have. Yeah. I mean, we could be going into a better world because of this.

Speaker A: Please, everyone.

Speaker B: I mean, it would be nice, wouldn't.

Speaker A: It, after hearing this? Give it to yourself.

Speaker B: I definitely think so. This is something you deserve, can control, and you can do for yourself. Yeah. So go out and buy that friend.

Speaker A: Buy vibrator. Figure it out with you. But figure it out with your hands too, because it's a double whammy. It's important to know how to use your hands.

Speaker B: But sometimes oh, yeah, you can't get in the angle. Yeah.

Speaker A: Of course, it's always better to have more help than not. But sometimes it's nice to just use what you got.

Speaker B: What God has given you.

Speaker A: What God has ******* given you. And yeah, absolutely. There's vibrators for every level of person. Start with a small one. Start with a rabbit. Go for the little sucky **** one.

Speaker B: That looks like a row at least.

Speaker A: Called a womanizer or something.

Speaker B: And it's actually kind of disturbing because it looks like a rose in this little rose. And it's like, oh, my God. Yeah.

Speaker A: I mean, there's all kinds out there.

Speaker B: Anyway.

Speaker A: Get them all. You could try them all.

Speaker B: Don't let me stop you, but it.

Speaker A: Just looks a little that's really funny. That's really funny.

Speaker B: Anyway, none of your reviews. Anyway.

Speaker A: Okay, love.

Speaker B: Get busy.

Speaker A: Get busy with it.

Speaker B: All right, darling. That's that for today.

Speaker A: So good to chat with you.

Speaker B: Amazing.

Speaker A: How are you? I'm happy we did this.

Speaker B: So am I.

Speaker A: All right, everyone.

Speaker B: Bye, everyone. See you next time for another see.

Speaker A: You next time, everyone.

Speaker B: Susie, thanks so much for listening. Please rate and review this podcast and follow us on Social at Sharing My Truth Pod and leave us a voicemail on our to share your stories and experiences with us. We'll see you next time.

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