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Episode 28  -  the truth about Sex toy confessions
Melany Krangle & Suzie Sheckter

Speaker A: Welcome to sharing my truth with Mel aSusie, the uncensored version where we bear it all.

Speaker B: We do 1234.

Speaker A: Hello. Hello, and welcome back to share my truth pod. You're here with Susie and Melan and it's Sharing My Truth Pod, where you get all your sex relationship, dating, life, love, talk of the day, and we have a little bit of fun while we do it. And this is just your friendly little reminder to give us a cute little review, little five stars, if you want, on this podcast, that'd be amazing. You could also follow us on all socials at Sharing Mytp Pod. Hey, babes.

Speaker B: Hello, darling, how are you? I'm good. I like the sun to be shining, but other than that but there are climateary I don't think it's not even a word. Climactic. Climactic.

Speaker A: That sounds oh, I like that. Climate issues.

Speaker B: So we're not going to talk about it, but I'd like some sunshine. But other than that, everything's fine.

Speaker A: Yeah, but you're from the Britain.

Speaker B: Oh, for goodness sake. So don't you like a little bit rain now? It's the rain. Honestly, do you know the amount of people that have said to me, oh, you must be used to it. Have you got an umbrella?

Speaker A: Bash you over the head with a ****** umbrella, Melague? My goodness, no.

Speaker B: I am used to rain, obviously. I'm very good. That is as a side note, as a Brit, you know how to predict the weather. You can look at the sky, your.

Speaker A: **** feel it, you're like one of those.

Speaker B: It has nothing to do with my *******, darling. You look at the sky and you know, because you've lived in the UK, you can predict what's happening. Good. It's a thing that we can do. I'm impressed. It's like $0.06. That's amazing. Aren't we amazing? Not really. Anyway, what are we talking about, darling?

Speaker A: Well, we're talking about our sex toy confessions from our followers and their opinions on sex toys in general.

Speaker B: Yes.

Speaker A: And we did a little poll on Instagram and asking people if they wanted to share their confessions or story sex toys stories with us. And we also obviously did some polls that people responded to. And it is very interesting as to people's opinions on the whole thing, especially in this day and age where you think that ******* everyone has a sex toy by now because we're very sexually free, especially in Canada, at least even America, some the Western countries. But yeah, no, people still don't own sex toys. I know. My friends still don't own sex toys. People just aren't really open to the idea.

Speaker B: They still have hang ups around it or they feel that they shouldn't need to use them. There's still some kind of idea around that, I think, for some reason, maybe particularly with men. It's funny because, like you say, you can buy them, like, pretty much anywhere.

Speaker A: Yeah.

Speaker B: And so why is it an issue? I mean, it is definitely different. But people still have issues.

Speaker A: They really do.

Speaker B: Talking about it and you're like, it's really not a big deal.

Speaker A: I don't know. Yeah, it's just something that they're scared to talk about of some sort. Going into a sex toy store, it's like the most bought online thing ever because you just can do it discreetly. People don't want to go into the store.

Speaker B: Sure. I think the stores are still a little bit different to the online thing. I mean, the stores in Toronto like the someone Young Street and they're pretty inoffensive, but they still have a slight like everyone who walks in is a bit like looking over their shoulder.

Speaker A: Totally.

Speaker B: Anybody like looking around and you're like, it's really not that exciting.

Speaker A: I love going to my local sex store. It's like one of my favorite things to do. It's on Queen Street. I'll give it a shout out. It's called hanky pinky.

Speaker B: Oh yeah, it's so cute.

Speaker A: And it's not Hanky. It's not to be confused with Hanky Pinky. The underwear.

Speaker B: Right.

Speaker A: It's a really cute little boutique on Queen Street West and it's just like you go in there, the woman is so sweet who owns it, she'll help you out. It's super small. Like you don't have all of the range of whatever the ****. It's not like one of those huge ones on Young where they have literally everything for every fetish and kink. But it's got all the basics. Got cute underwear, cute lingerie, some kinky stuff. But yeah, it's all good independent, which I like better. And I'm all for buying online, obviously if you want something, I've obviously done it. But it's nice to really support the local businesses, especially in sex stores.

Speaker B: And I would actually encourage particularly that sounds really good, where there's somebody you can feel comfortable with. In this case, you're saying the owner is actually if you are nervous at all or have any worries about it, is to actually go into a store like that. And normally the people are super cool. They answer all your questions, they know you're nervous and they may suggest things. When online you're just looking at this.

Speaker A: Huge array and you have no idea.

Speaker B: Slightly overwhelming. And some of the things are a little bit kind of terrifying. Yeah. Whereas if you go into the store and talk to somebody and it's a totally normal conversation, it is actually a good thing to do. I would encourage anybody who is a little bit worried, nervous, thinks they're not sure whatever to do that because they're generally great and they're so helpful.

Speaker A: They really are. They generally are. I mean, I'm not going to say all because I've been to quite a few sex stores and no, they haven't been all great experience.

Speaker B: No, I'm sure not. But you could definitely check that out and look at the one online bit. You could go online and look at reviews and see what people say about that's.

Speaker A: Right. But if you do live in a more secluded area, you don't live in Toronto. You can always go to that's, and you can use the code Ms 15 for 15% off everything in store. That's also an option for you if you do want to buy a little bit more discreetly. You don't want to go outside. It obviously package discreetly, and it comes to your house discreetly, so that's another option. But you know where I bought my first sex toy?

Speaker B: I think you've told me in Amsterdam. Yeah. It's actually hilarious.

Speaker A: And I never used one for and so it was like a completely new experience. It was a rabbit, and it was amazing.

Speaker B: Yes.

Speaker A: And I remember going back to my hotel and using it, and literally it was a life changer.

Speaker B: Right. I think it is for a lot of women, it's life changing. You're like, oh, yeah, it's the first.

Speaker A: Time I think I came in, like, 2 seconds.

Speaker B: Yeah.

Speaker A: Which is like, as a woman who comes it takes long. Like, not long, but it takes at least 15 minutes.

Speaker B: Depends on the woman.

Speaker A: No, but exactly. That's what I'm saying. With foreplay, with all these things, with sex with a man, 15 minutes at least.

Speaker B: Yeah.

Speaker A: I'm not coming in 5 seconds with a man.

Speaker B: No, because the vibrator is getting straight to the business, straight to the point. Get into the business.

Speaker A: And I always thought I was like, oh, no, I need all this foreplay. I need this. But actually, maybe I don't.

Speaker B: Yes.

Speaker A: And this is something that is great about sex toys, is it really just kind of shows you all your bits and bobs, and you can actually discover a lot about yourself.

Speaker B: You can definitely discover your bits and bobs. Susie, it's a very good way of putting it. Yes. I think it's also very liberating for women because well, yeah, it's a lot easier, and it means you're more kind of connected to it. But there are still so many hang.

Speaker A: Ups, which to me is just unbelievable.

Speaker B: Yeah. I don't know what the source of all the hang ups is. I do find from talk I had some conversations this weekend with some millennials oh, really? About this? Mostly men.

Speaker A: Okay.

Speaker B: And I would say their attitude to sex toys was still a little bit like, this isn't a big thing, but I'd say their attitudes were a bit different to older men, like, men in their 40s or 50s or 60s or older, in the sense that they know it's a thing. Like, they know that women have these like they have makeup, they just assume you have them. Kind of that seemed to be more the attitude that I was at this party and chatting to these millennial men as you do, being the hot and milk that you are obviously talking about sex toys.

Speaker A: But this is the party that I want to be at.

Speaker B: Absolutely. And it was a hilarious conversation. And so they were much more like, well, obviously women have sex toys, whereas maybe Gen X's or obviously older men would be a bit more like, well, maybe you don't. But on the other hand, I think that's a real misconception that younger people think that all these anybody who's over the age of 40 is just sitting at home drinking tea and not doing anything. Yeah.

Speaker A: It's like they've lost their ********, which.

Speaker B: Definitely long ago is not the case for most people.

Speaker A: Spider webs and dust down there.

Speaker B: Right. Which is not the case for many people. No, but I find the thing I find that most interesting is I'd say very young people having hang ups, like younger than you, like in your twenty s, and you're like, what? But maybe that's the thing is it does actually take a little bit of kind of living and having some relationships and some experience, but let's put it that way, to think, oh, maybe this is a thing to do next. You can't do everything all at once. So in a sense, you need to be slightly older. I'm not saying like as old as me, but older to maybe think, oh, I'm going to go and do that.

Speaker A: Well, yeah, this was like in 2013 or whatever, but I was like 18 when I got my first sex toy. It wasn't for a while. I didn't come until I was like 18. I had all these new experiences and I was like, I want to know everything about it. So it's also a thing of like young people might not even be able to have an orgasm yet. Like women at least, right? Like, they don't know what the ****'* going on with their bodies. They don't want to touch themselves because it's kind of weird. They're having sex, they're not sure what to do about it. They don't know what the feeling is.

Speaker B: Yeah, 100%. But I also think it's this thing that a lot of women and a lot of young women and a lot of young men are not aware of the whole issue of the stimulation of the ******** sex education, everyone. Absolutely. That may be why they don't understand why they may need one.

Speaker A: Yes, exactly.

Speaker B: If you get Madrid and there's just.

Speaker A: So much more out there, it's kind of like the rabbit or the ***** is really the gateway drug of the sex toys. You get one of those. It's time for a clitoral simulator to the race. It's time for a little butt plug. You get a whole whack, a lube. It's the whole thing.

Speaker B: Absolutely.

Speaker A: And you should do it. I mean, everyone should have at least one in their ******* sex drawer.

Speaker B: A what? A sex toy. All right.

Speaker A: Or a butt plug. Just have that. That's great.

Speaker B: Yeah. I mean, if that's what you want to do. Some people are not, but yeah, do whatever you do. You literally do, literally.

Speaker A: Okay, so we're going to go through the polls yes. Of what you guys said, of some of the questions that we asked. So we'll start with an easy one, which is, do you own a sex toy? And we asked this to our followers. 59% said Obviously. 41% said not yet.

Speaker B: Seems like an enormous group, right? Unless that's a lot of men. Because I do understand why it's much more common for women to have sex toys, because I really still think even young men don't know that they can have them and do things with them.

Speaker A: There's so many good ones for men these days.

Speaker B: And then obviously there's the whole thing about young men still being pretty hung up about the prostate thing. And I think that takes also a little bit of living to not be hung up about that. Yeah, just saying.

Speaker A: Finger in the butt.

Speaker B: Yeah, that's all you need.

Speaker A: Next question. Have you ever used a sex toy? So maybe you don't own one, but you've used one as well, right? Okay. 10% said Only alone. They've only used the sex toy alone. 29% said Only with a partner.

Speaker B: Interesting.

Speaker A: 34% said, all the time. They're always using it. And 26% said, never.

Speaker B: Wow, that's quite a big group, isn't it?

Speaker A: It is, yeah. I mean, it's really crazy. Also, I mean, I'm assuming the only with the partner is also men. Only alone is mostly OIC.

Speaker B: Yeah.

Speaker A: It is wild.

Speaker B: I think the mostly only alone is I mean, this is a huge generalization, but it is going to be women, because I think to be fair, you have to be quite an evolved and experienced man to be doing stuff like prostate massage. That's not like something you can do. Right. Let's wake up today and let's shove that in there. If you haven't opened the gateway, as.

Speaker A: It were, you got to open the gateway.

Speaker B: Yeah. And you have to get your head around it as well. So there's a whole kind of process. So I think a lot of men may not have used stuff, may not have used toys. Yeah.

Speaker A: I mean, there's a really actually cool toy. It's called what is it called? It's like an egg.

Speaker B: Have you seen it for a woman or for tenga?

Speaker A: Tenga, okay, so it's this cute little thing. It's called the tenga egg. Yeah, and it's mostly you can use it for women, too, but it's for men, so it's really funny. It comes in like this little egg. It literally looks like an egg. It's like the most unseeming sex toy you've ever seen. And there's different what is it, like, ribbing on it? I guess there's patterns on it that are like embossed, and it's like a jelly kind of thing. And men used to give themselves jerking.

Speaker B: Off, so they're holding it so they're.

Speaker A: Holding it on their dicks, kind of like a hole. And you kind of just like you put some lube in it and you jerk off in it, if that makes sense.

Speaker B: Do you put your thing in the hole?

Speaker A: You put your thing in the hole.

Speaker B: So it's like what do they call those things? A flesh.

Speaker A: It's like a fleshlight, except for just the jelly part of it. It's not like this huge thing with.

Speaker B: Stretchy, the pretend ******.

Speaker A: Exactly.

Speaker B: And yeah, it's just very little more subtle.

Speaker A: It's a very subtle toy that men can just have and they it's usually just used for yourselves, but for women, you can put it on like a ***** that might not have any ribbing because ribing feels nice for women, obviously.

Speaker B: So you can put it on your.

Speaker A: ***** and then you can ride it and it's nice. That makes sense. So it can be a his and her toy.

Speaker B: Yeah, but there are toys for men that they can use to have a ****. Like a flashlight? No, not a flashlight. It's sort of actually you put it on and sort of instead of you doing the hand motion.

Speaker A: Oh, yeah.

Speaker B: So there's all sorts of toys like that.

Speaker A: I know someone who has it and they say that the sound of it is so unbearable because it goes some.

Speaker B: Of them, and it just gets you.

Speaker A: Right out of it and then you don't.

Speaker B: So that's like yeah, you're over it.

Speaker A: I'm not saying they're all like that, but you got to make sure you read the reviews on that.

Speaker B: Yeah, I would agree with that. And if it's like this unseemly noise or if you've gone off to do it somewhere kind of in private and then everyone's somebody hears the and they're like, what was that?

Speaker A: Oh, my God. Like you're at your parents house.

Speaker B: That was my electric toothpaste overdrive. Like, what are you going to say?

Speaker A: But anyway, it's a lot. Okay, so this next question. Have you ever used an inanimate object as a toy?

Speaker B: Yes. Wait, is that you say yes? No, I'm not saying yes, but remember I told you my story in quite a few pods ago, a few episodes ago, about this girl that I knew had used an opaque, or as you like to refer it, as, an eggplant. And me and my friend being a bit like trying to get your head around that is very large. Yeah.

Speaker A: Jesus Christ. Right. I could see like a zucchini, a.

Speaker B: Cucumber, small, squash you're into organic things, I guess. Yeah. I don't know, I just disturbing a little bit, really? Is it clean?

Speaker A: You want you to clean it? You put a condom on it?

Speaker B: Yeah. I don't know.

Speaker A: Okay, well, 37% of our followers said.

Speaker B: Yes, which is quite a bit, I.

Speaker A: Believe 50% said never, and then 13% were just confused. They were like, what the ****? Yeah, but yeah.

Speaker B: I heard this crazy story actually, subject to that on a podcast, I think it was on a podcast. It was a clip on TikTok. Yeah, about this woman who came home to find her boyfriend had been using the leg of a chair to shove up his shut up, bumhole.

Speaker A: Shut up, Mel.

Speaker B: It had, like, a condom on it or something like that. Shut I just don't even want to visualize having no idea and coming home and he'd had the day off work or something. Yeah. And he'd positioned the chair in a certain way. I can't remember the exact details, but it was basically he had been levering himself onto the chair. I don't know how clean the leg the chair was. That might have been the clue or the fact that there was a condom on. I don't know. But it's just like people do some well ****** up stuff. I would way rather it's definitely not necessary. I don't even want to think about the potential accidents.

Speaker A: That's what happens in the, er room.

Speaker B: I was telling you about a TikTok I saw today, which somebody has to explain the TikTok algorithm. So you mentioned sex once and they ban you. And I see today this TikTok, which is a guy in a room naked. They've got the fuzzy bits and the ambulance people are in there because he's got his deck stuck in the tube of, like, a vacuum cleaner.

Speaker A: Oh, my God.

Speaker B: And they're trying to get it off. Not quite sure why they can't get it off. I was a bit like, okay, I.

Speaker A: Don'T really stuck in there.

Speaker B: Exactly. And then one of the ambulance people then steps on the electricity cord by mistake and then his but I have heard stories of that sort of thing happening because I guess if you haven't got anything to hand, then maybe that's what you do. I don't know. Do you? But can you imagine how bad that could be? No. I mean, I don't know what goes through your head. I don't know.

Speaker A: Just **** a pie or something. Why do you have to go through.

Speaker B: Any number of things? That's not a vacuum cleaner or a chair. I mean, it's like really? Yeah.

Speaker A: No, I can't with a chair. I can't with a chair leg. That is way too much.

Speaker B: The thing about the chair leg and this is my last thing about chair leg, is that if you and this is obviously for **** sex, right? Yeah. Is that if he'd gone to that much trouble to figure out a chair, blah blah blah, he could have gone to a ******* shop and bought something. You're like, mate, if your imagination has created this whole scenario and thought this was a good idea, he's put some thought into this. I think you could have gone to a shop.

Speaker A: Who just looks at a chair leg is like, I'm going to **** that.

Speaker B: Who looks at an obajin? I have no idea. But yes, apparently lots of people.

Speaker A: Oh, you're right. Okay.

Speaker B: Anyway, we digress.

Speaker A: Okay, next one. Have you ever used your partner's sex toy? On yourself, so whatever that might be. Okay. 20% said sometimes. 16% said yes, but they don't know. And 63% would say would never. Well, maybe it's like your girl's ***** and you're putting it up your *** when she's not there.

Speaker B: Oh, that's not cool.

Speaker A: That's what I'm saying.

Speaker B: It could get lost up there.

Speaker A: Well, you never ******* know.

Speaker B: Oh, that's nasty thing to do. You got to get consent and permission for that. Come on, boys.

Speaker A: Yeah. That's all I'm saying.

Speaker B: That is grim.

Speaker A: Yeah, it might not be. It maybe they're doing the **** sucker on their little nipples or something, and they're like, OOH, that feels nice. No. Okay, anyway. Okay, next one. Have you ever put it in the wrong hole? Okay, 10% said yes. Ouch. 55% said no. My God. 26% said, what the ****? And then 10% said, DMing in our story.

Speaker B: Right.

Speaker A: So we'll go through those stories after.

Speaker B: Yeah, like a makeshift like, I pretty much you don't have something for the back door hole is what you're talking. And you use something for the front door.

Speaker A: I don't know how this happens. How does it go into the wrong hole?

Speaker B: I think it's because you suddenly think this is a really good idea, and it really generally yeah, you're right. Generally is a terrible idea. Just saying that to anyone. Most of those things I'm sorry, somebody's lived a fairly long time on the earth. Generally, if you're going to do these things, you need to think this through. It's generally never a good idea for that kind of thing to be spare of the moment. Just saying.

Speaker A: I mean, sometimes I understand sometimes when you're ******* and let's say you're on top and you're going up and down and you're going way too fast and way too slippery, and it can go in the wrong hole that way, and that can hurt. And that might be happening when you're.

Speaker B: Talking about a *****. Yes, we're talking about a *****.

Speaker A: But I'm saying, like, what if this is happening when you're on a ***** or something?

Speaker B: I think you should generally know in the shower.

Speaker A: I don't know.

Speaker B: It's like, generally you should know which hole you're in.

Speaker A: I don't know.

Speaker B: But the toy I mean, like, I.

Speaker A: Don'T know how you're getting in the.

Speaker B: Wrong no, you've done it. You've done it purposely.

Speaker A: You have.

Speaker B: You've said, this is an idea. Let's do this. And it's generally not a good idea. Okay, just to say there is an end on a block plug for a reason.

Speaker A: Yeah.

Speaker B: So it doesn't go up the proverbial butt. So funny.

Speaker A: Okay, so we're asking the vulvas now, vulvas what are the *****'* favorite toys? Okay, 17% said *****. 52% said the **** sucker like a womanizer or the little rose little thing.

Speaker B: Yes.

Speaker A: And 14% said a butt plug. And obviously there's way more options out there, but these are the ones I had, because I feel like those are the main ones usually, but yeah, I'm with the **** suckings. That's my fave.

Speaker B: Okay.

Speaker A: And then I would say ***** and then butt plug. I don't know if you have any experience with any of these. Lots of things.

Speaker B: But I'm surprised about the butt plug, actually. I mean, obviously, I know people use them, but I would just think that it'd be more percentage of the other I know things.

Speaker A: I know. I'm surprised it's even like there's been 14% butt plug in. It feels nice.

Speaker B: Well, yeah, if you get a small one, it's in there saying that. I'm just saying that generally it's more experimentation. Yeah. And you need a bit more time, all that sort of you do a little more clean.

Speaker A: Like clean up before and after.

Speaker B: Yeah, please. Any backdoor action? Clean yourself.

Speaker A: Clean yourself. God **** it.

Speaker B: It's not fun.

Speaker A: Oh, I love that. Okay, so we're talking to the Dicks.

Speaker B: Now about the ****.

Speaker A: What are the ****'* favorite toys? Okay. 31% said fleshlight.

Speaker B: Yeah.

Speaker A: 17% said prostate massager.

Speaker B: 17%? 17.

Speaker A: And then 43% said Cochrane.

Speaker B: Yeah, interesting.

Speaker A: So it goes cockring, Fleshlight, prostate massager.

Speaker B: But how many do you think straight or gay men who are not in a relationship own a Fleshlight?

Speaker A: I think a lot of them do.

Speaker B: Really? Yeah. Okay.

Speaker A: If I was a man but this is just me, I guess.

Speaker B: Yeah.

Speaker A: I mean, I would definitely own a Fleshlight. I don't know if I'd own, like, a butt plug or, like, a prostate massager, but I would definitely be owning a flashlight.

Speaker B: But if you have a woman, what if she's away?

Speaker A: What if she's, like, out for the evening and you can kind of click.

Speaker B: In the shower, whack one out, as.

Speaker A: It were, but then you want to have more fun with it. I don't know.

Speaker B: Do men take that much time to get that?

Speaker A: But it's just not about the time. It's about the experience. It's like, why do women have ****** if they have got why don't they just have the **** suckers? If they've got a boyfriend, they need it all.

Speaker B: Okay. Yeah. Fair enough. Got it.

Speaker A: I love that. Yeah. Apparently they love the clock ring. I'm assuming it's because they can also use it with their women.

Speaker B: Yeah.

Speaker A: So that's nice.

Speaker B: That is very nice. Nice guy.

Speaker A: Okay, next one is, do you use lube when you're alone? 26% said, Most of the time, 52% said Never do, and then 22% said, Should I be? And I mean, I think that obviously depends on you, but I think lube is always just cherry on top.

Speaker B: Yeah. Depends what you're doing, doesn't it?

Speaker A: I think it's always just kind of nice to have it in there.

Speaker B: Yeah. I think actually, though, a lot of people have problems with certain kinds of lube, and it takes them a long time to find the thing that they want. They don't like the consistency stuff gives them allergies or whatever. There's lots of different things and that is a process of finding out. I also think that if you don't have any issues so, for example, older women start to have issues as dryness and stuff like that, so they start to think about it more. I think if you've not had any kind of issues surrounding like that, I think often people don't think about it and that's part of it. So they don't even think that it could be better, to get my drift. Using it.

Speaker A: Lube is so fun. You can get all types of lube. I'm one of those people who I don't need to use it all the time. It's just kind of like a nice little extra if I feel like it. It's an add on, but yeah, there's so many kinds where you can get warming lubes, get cooling and warming lube.

Speaker B: There's lots of stuff and there's lots of stuff depending natural lube. Yeah, like water, bay, like all different kinds.

Speaker A: I have like I actually found this really good I forget what it's called, though, which sucks, but I found it at my local organic grocery store and it's like in this little jar, it looks like cream and it's like lubrication. I don't know, it's probably coconut oil and some other ****.

Speaker B: You can get CBD stuff as well.

Speaker A: **** yeah.

Speaker B: I mean, there's any number of things. I just think that people may not think about it because they don't have an issue with lubrications. They don't think, Well, I need to go and buy it. They don't think it's not just for people who have issues, if you see what I mean. I think that's actually a general theme surrounding many things in sex.

Speaker A: True.

Speaker B: Yeah. Anyway, true. Carry on, please.

Speaker A: Okay, this is actually our last question. So do you need to watch **** to orgasm?

Speaker B: Interesting. That's very interesting.

Speaker A: Okay, so 35% said need to 30, 515 percent said never do, and then 50% said, once in a while.

Speaker B: I think that's pretty accurate.

Speaker A: I always need to really which is kind of weird, I feel like, coming from a woman sometimes. Women have a better imagination sometimes than men and they kind of just do it without needing to watch or do anything like that.

Speaker B: So you need the visual stimulation?

Speaker A: I need the visual stimulations, I think, to just get me out of my body a bit.

Speaker B: Okay.

Speaker A: I think maybe I think about it too much if I'm in your case.

Speaker B: Does that make sense? Yes. As we've discussed many times. Yes, we have. It's a constant thought process thing going. Yeah, I think that sounds about right, actually, to me. I'd say some people, sometimes they do and sometimes they don't.

Speaker A: Yeah, it's just a nice thing. We just pop it on.

Speaker B: Pop it on.

Speaker A: Just pop it on. Pop it on the big screen.

Speaker B: Pop it on the big screen. Yeah. Oh, my God.

Speaker A: Just let your boyfriend come home.

Speaker B: Up.

Speaker A: No.

Speaker B: What fat. On the screen just doing spray search. Yeah. Anyway that ever happened to you, Mel? What, that it was on the screen? No. I tell you one story. I once checked into a hotel, and this is when my kids were very young and we were checking into the hotel and we hadn't been in the room, right? Yeah. And we went up to the room, whatever concierge or whatever showed us up to the room. And it was kind of a nice room. It was like a sort of a suite.

Speaker A: Yes.

Speaker B: And the kids were little and they went and turned the TV on. And the first thing that came on was this full on ****.

Speaker A: No.

Speaker B: And they were sort of like looking at the screen. I'm turning their head and the concierge.

Speaker A: Guy was like, oh my God. Where's the clicker?

Speaker B: Where's the where's the thing? What do you call it? The remote clicker is English. Where is it? Like freaking out and we're just going, oh, this is great. Thanks a lot. However, it was good because we got money off the thanks.

Speaker A: ******* God. We love that.

Speaker B: You could have traumatized my children for life. They're not traumatized. Well, but it was interesting. Yeah, but these things happen all the time. Well, people have stuff on their iPads. I've seen that before, where you look at somebody's iPad and you're like, I know what you've been looking at. And then they try and make some stupid excuse.

Speaker A: I just don't know why you're not.

Speaker B: Doing why is that there? Well, this is generally older people, and they're like they don't realize these things or even yeah. Their wives or their husbands don't realize.

Speaker A: That you can go in incognito mode.

Speaker B: Exactly.

Speaker A: And then you never have never got to see that.

Speaker B: Exactly. Or go and buy yourself a DVD, as we said in our last one of our last episodes, go and buy yourself a DVD. But anyway, so people also sent in they sent us messages.

Speaker A: Some of them sent us messages with.

Speaker B: A bit more detail.

Speaker A: Obviously, we're not going to say who.

Speaker B: Sent these messages, but thank you for sending the message. Thank you so much. I hope you've recovered. Yeah.

Speaker A: Okay, so this person got a butt plug stuck in them and had to go to the Er.

Speaker B: Holy ****. Yes.

Speaker A: It's literally holy ****. Okay.

Speaker B: That's not fun.

Speaker A: Yeah, it's not fun. Sure.

Speaker B: They've seen it many times.

Speaker A: I think this person is having a laugh about it. But yeah. Apparently 16 hours in the Er and the X ray was hilarious.

Speaker B: I wonder if it was an actual butt plug.

Speaker A: I don't know.

Speaker B: Because how can it get stuck?

Speaker A: Exactly.

Speaker B: Unless your *** literally swallowed it up. Yeah.

Speaker A: I don't know. And then apparently got lodged lodged in the pelvis. They had a colonoscopy surgery. Apparently they had pushed it a little too far.

Speaker B: Oh, my God. Oh, guy. I have to try and get that image out of my head.

Speaker A: Anyway, just be careful when you are dealing with butt plugs.

Speaker B: Yeah.

Speaker A: Because this responder also said that while using it for a weekend away, they pooped on it, taking it out.

Speaker B: Oh, I see. Yeah. I mean, come on. Obviously these things can happen. Okay. So if you're going to go and deal with some backdoor magic got it. It is the **** pole and you obviously need to clean. But even if you do clean, obviously that's where poo comes out. So there could be poo. You have to be prepared for the poo.

Speaker A: Say poo one more time.

Speaker B: Poo.

Speaker A: No, you have to be prepared.

Speaker B: Yeah, I don't think that's really a big deal that they pooed on it. For goodness sake. It is their poo hole. I mean, poo is never good. Although some people like that. And if that's what you like whenever.

Speaker A: I do ****, I am so self conscious about what the **** is happening back there. Poo is I can barely enjoy it.

Speaker B: As we know, I'm into cleanliness and pooh is not in my remit. Oh, God. Well, there we go. So what have we learned? Have we learned anything?

Speaker A: Well, you guys are I think everyone should get themselves a garsh darn sex toy.

Speaker B: Yeah.

Speaker A: If you don't have one already.

Speaker B: But do what you want to do. I think that's the thing. Don't be pressured by thinking, oh, I've got to be doing all these things. Because, honestly, if people are telling you they're doing all these things, they're probably not doing them because otherwise they wouldn't be talking about it. So you do whatever you want to do, whether it's with yourself or your couple or whatever. But yeah, I think every woman really should own a vibrator. Yes, exactly.

Speaker A: Men have it. Honestly, you guys have it a bit easier, right? Like, it's all out there, it's all on display.

Speaker B: And it's much easier to use what God has given you. Exactly. For ladies, if you need to explore a bit. But also for ladies, it is harder as you get older, especially if you've had children, to use what God has given you by your hands. It doesn't work in the same way. And depending on what damage or whatever's happened, it just doesn't work. Okay.

Speaker A: Even now, my hands get so tired, like they have arthritis.

Speaker B: You have arthritis?

Speaker A: I don't, but it feels like I do after I've gone on a long sesh and I'm like, I don't know.

Speaker B: How to fix that.

Speaker A: We were just talking about the guys where they have just, like, a flashlight that just stays on them. I want that for a girl.

Speaker B: So do you remember that episode in the show with Jane Fonda?

Speaker A: Yes.

Speaker B: What is that called?

Speaker A: Grayson frank.

Speaker B: Right. So they specifically that's it. Grace and Frank. They specifically developed this toy for older women who have arthritis.

Speaker A: Yeah, I know. And that's what I want.

Speaker B: I am slightly concerned as to how long this is going on for.

Speaker A: No, I mean, my hands are fine. I don't get it any other time. It's literally just when I'm because I think my hands are in such a solitary position for so long or something like that. Because I'm like holding.

Speaker B: Right.

Speaker A: I don't know. I don't know what happens if there's a hand doctor listening. Maybe you can give me some insight.

Speaker B: Yeah.

Speaker A: Or if this is a common thing, because I don't know.

Speaker B: Or maybe there's some kind of tripod thing that could hold it.

Speaker A: That'd be great. Fabulous. Anyways, that's all for us today.

Speaker B: Anyway, that is that. And that was interesting. I hope you guys enjoyed sharing.

Speaker A: Please let us if when we do our next poll, make sure to vote.

Speaker B: Cast your votes in and vote honestly.

Speaker A: Exactly.

Speaker B: Obviously we're not sharing what you're saying. Exactly.

Speaker A: Send us your stories 100%.

Speaker B: We want to hear those stories. Because I think that's great that people share and you've got to have a bit of a sense of humor if some of those things have happened to you. It's the best way.

Speaker A: It truly ******* is.

Speaker B: And everyone has stupid stories. Yeah. They're just not sharing them.

Speaker A: Exactly.

Speaker B: Yeah.

Speaker A: It's time for you to share your truth.

Speaker B: It is. Thank you for listening, everyone, and catch you later.

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Speaker A: Bye bye.

Speaker B: Three, two, one. Yeah.

Speaker A: Welcome to sharing my truth with Mel and Suzie, the uncensored version where we bear it all.Speaker A: What? Hello, and welcome back to sharing my Truth Pod. You're here with Susie and Mel, and we're just going to give you a little reminder to review and rate this podcast of five stars because we do have little praise kink, and we just want the best for you and us and this community. And don't forget to follow us also on all of our social medias, which is at sherrymertruthpod. And you can also leave us a DM. Send us a little

Speaker B: Hey, babes. Hello, darling.

Speaker A: How are you?

Speaker B: I'm fine.

Speaker A: Just fine.

Speaker B: Oh, no, I'm good.

Speaker A: You just got your blood taken.

Speaker B: That was pretty scary. I did. Well, it's a blood test. It's not that bad.

Speaker A: I mean, it's like menopausal.

Speaker B: Yeah. It's to find out all my levels of whatever. Whatever? Yeah. It's to make sure I'm well. Yeah. I don't know. Who knows what it'll tell me?

Speaker A: I truly don't know.

Speaker B: It probably won't tell me anything.

Speaker A: It'll tell you you're pregnant.

Speaker B: Don't that's not even funny. That's to a woman in her 50s who's got two children who's staring at freedom.

Speaker A: We're done with this.

Speaker B: You want to ******* freak her out?

Speaker A: Tell her that.

Speaker B: But no, it wasn't very exciting. Yes, I had to have my blood taken, and I don't mind it. And obviously, as a woman who's had children, I have a very high pain tolerance. I can literally take pretty much anything, but I can't look at blood. I can't stand blood, which is actually always a problem with my kids when they were little. I really don't like it. I would have made a terrible surgeon look away.

Speaker A: I don't like blood either, but it's like the taking of the like that's.

Speaker B: Anyway, I just don't want to see it. But then I had a nice ice cream from McDonald's, a little chocolate sundae. I'm a bit keen on the chocolate sauce from McDonald's. Macadees. Macadees is what we call it in England. If you want to sponsor me, just the chocolate sauce. If you want to send it in, I'll be your taste tester.

Speaker A: I'm surprised that their ice cream machine was working. It never works.

Speaker B: That's true. Seems to be fine on St. Clair.

Speaker A: Look at you, getting your little luck machine on my luck machine, yeah, because it's a good luck thing.

Speaker B: That the machine. Well, my kettle broke this week.

Speaker A: I was very upset. So things are looking up, then.

Speaker B: Things are looking up. Chocolate sauce. McDonald's is a dollar. It's great. $1 is $1 for an ice cream. It's absolutely hilarious.

Speaker A: Okay, we got to go.

Speaker B: I don't like anything else at McDonald's.

Speaker A: Just the chocolate sauce?

Speaker B: Just the chocolate sauce. Even the ice cream? Yeah.

Speaker A: You want to send Mel a gift, it's got to be chocolate sauce from McDonald's just in a tub. ****, yeah. I'm excited for it.

Speaker B: Anyway.

Speaker A: **** me. Okay, let's get right into it. Absolutely. Well, we've had a little bit of a chat about this, and we're talking about if women prefer using their vibrators over having sex with men. Like the real deal versus a robotic ****. Pretty much.

Speaker B: A robotic ****.

Speaker A: Yes. A robotic **** or a **** stem later that's also robotic.

Speaker B: Yeah. Well, those little rose things aren't dicks, are they?

Speaker A: No, but they are still robots. They meant to pleasure us.

Speaker B: They are.

Speaker A: And that's why I'm not fearful of robots ruling the world. If it's all of those, why do I ****?

Speaker B: Well, exactly.

Speaker A: I would love that.

Speaker B: That's a very good point. I'm going to say that somebody says.

Speaker A: That to me, but yeah, I don't disagree with these women who are maybe taking that step to figure out if they like the vibrator more than they like the man, and if they're maybe not going on as many dates or if any dates at all, or if they're just staying home with a little sexy little vibrator or doe, though.

Speaker B: Yeah, I mean, I did as I told you earlier, I saw a TikTok about this. Yes. As we know, I like my TikToks.

Speaker A: TikTok queen.

Speaker B: TikTok queen. And this woman who was saying how she hasn't had sex with a man for two or three years and she's not bothered, she just doesn't care. Now, I understand if you haven't met a man who's worth having a sex with or B, a relationship with, then really it's a lot of hassle. And maybe you want to just use your little friend as in your little.

Speaker A: Robotic friend little friend.

Speaker B: And I do understand that, but obviously there's the element. It doesn't replace intimacy or companionship or any of those things. So it depends what you're comparing. If you are saying a **** replacement, a **** relationship yes, partner, whatever, no intimacy, no feeling, no nothing. And I'm not talking about love, I'm just talking about connection. Connection. There's a good point.

Speaker A: Very good.

Speaker B: Very sort of medical. Very medical versus just having being at home, having some sushi glass of wine and your friend and watching Bridgetton. Fair enough. I get it. I totally understand.

Speaker A: Are you saying that people are masturbating to bridgerton?

Speaker B: Oh, I think people oh, the first series, definitely. Oh, I know they did.

Speaker A: I just love that for people. People aren't getting enough **** in their lives if they're masturbating to bridgerton.

Speaker B: I mean, it's pretty raw. Well, it was raunchy ish I just saw Queen Charlote. No, not that one. The first one with the really good looking guy. Yeah, exactly.

Speaker A: I haven't watched it since the really good looking guy was there because I just don't like it. I don't know his name. Oh, Renee.

Speaker B: Even though he's very English. And obviously people were a bit of period drama, a bit of sex. I mean, the women love it. And the insinuation of Rumpy Pumpy is going to basically is enough of a cook dead.

Speaker A: I mean, if you're going to use your vibrator, I guess use it on that.

Speaker B: But you don't have to see the it's enough it's enough info to see him with, you know, and he had his head up a skirt and all that sort of thing.

Speaker A: I honestly can't remember.

Speaker B: I'm trying to think of scenes. There were some really sexy, quite raunchy scenes.

Speaker A: I mean, I could understand people master waiting to sex life. Do you remember that one? Do you ever watch that one on Netflix? Sex Life? It was actually filmed in Toronto. Hella, I think I did. And there was a scene with a huge ****. They actually showed a ****, which I'm very impressed about. It's just there's so much sex. And I do love that they are actually putting out the real **** and the real **** and stuff like that.

Speaker B: We're not doing some silly thing while wearing a bra, having sex.

Speaker A: I would ********** to probably the thought of his big ****.

Speaker B: Because it's the thought of his big ****. Yeah. Well, this is the point I'm making. We digress a little bit, as usual, susie yes. Is that if you the option is **** relationship, not great sex. Like not great connection, stroke sex with a man. We're talking men versus a vibrator and a quiet happy life. Yeah, I'd go with the second. Right. But it depends what you're comparing it with. Obviously, if you have a hot hookup guy yeah, hookup. Or you have a good relationship toy boy, then obviously you don't just want your vibrator. You can't talk to your vibrator.

Speaker A: But it does give you orgasms more than men, 100%.

Speaker B: And I think hearing if lie here in this lie, the thing is that so many people still do not understand this. That women and what is the percentage we've said this in past episodes, like much bigger percent is a very small percentage of women who actually are able to orgasm from penetration. You know, it's why people don't understand this.

Speaker A: Well, because men, they do this thing. It's like you're having sex with a guy, it's actually going pretty good. It's not bad, the rhythm is good, you're doing great. And then we say, we're like, oh my God, I'm going to come. And then the guy goes ******* bananas. And he completely stops the rhythm. He stops doing whatever he's doing. And we never come after that.

Speaker B: Do you know what I mean?

Speaker A: It's like they get too excited and they're like, what do I do? And then we have to be like, well, it's not going to happen anymore.

Speaker B: Yeah, give me another 15 minutes and.

Speaker A: Get back to the rhythm. And we'll yes, but with the vibrator.

Speaker B: We'Re completely in control, 100% completely in.

Speaker A: Control of our own orgasm.

Speaker B: And as many as you would as many art desires during the day or during the week.

Speaker A: And you know what your rhythm is, you know when to take a break. You know, when to like, well, yeah.

Speaker B: Can do what you want. You don't have to do what somebody else wants. Yes. And you don't have to go through all the other bullshit. You just get to it. **** the bullshit.

Speaker A: Give me an orgasm.

Speaker B: Exactly. If that's what you're in the market for, then obviously it's very helpful. That's the point. What are we comparing it to?

Speaker A: 100%?

Speaker B: I understand if you don't have a boyfriend or you've had many **** relationships, you've had a lot of bad connections, men, the chemistry, then I get you'd be like, **** this for a lump of cheese. I'm just going to get myself, or whatever, **** it for a lump of cheese. Yeah, absolutely. Excellent English expression. But obviously there is no substitute for human connection. I mean, that's why as human beings, we crave it. We crave touch. I mean, there's all sorts of studies about people who are alone and who are lonely and how loneliness is terrible. It kills people. It's chronic. I mean, we've seen it from the Pandemic, obviously a very extreme version of that, how ******* lonely people were. It's awful. And I never get the chance to be lonely. I'm continuously surrounded with people, so I don't with children, my husband, and people and family.

Speaker A: Well, you're right in the city, too.

Speaker B: And I have people around me all the time.

Speaker A: Yeah.

Speaker B: But I cannot imagine what that must be like if you you the basic thing. Like, my husband was away this weekend and my kids were away, so I was on my own and I went out with some friends. And then, of course, then the rest of the day I was on my own. And of course, for me that was lovely because I don't normally get that. But even after a while and this is one day, you're like, my God, am I talking to myself?

Speaker A: Right?

Speaker B: I'm talking to myself. And it's weird. The silence is weird. Yeah.

Speaker A: It depends on the person, for sure. Like, as myself, I feel like we're very similar people in this way. We're obviously like, we just need people around us. We need these connections. We just need these people that are like, yeah, we're people people, we're people people. We're people's people. But I know a lot of women who yeah, maybe they like men, but they rather hang out with their dog.

Speaker B: Yeah.

Speaker A: You know what I mean?

Speaker B: I totally understand it, but I think it is to do with the relationships they've had. I e. They haven't had great connections with men. They haven't had a great relationship. Again, I'm not talking about love. I'm talking about they haven't had this amazing connection with somebody. And if you haven't had that and we can all think about maybe the first time you had sex and when you're very young and people, you think it's going to be this amazing thing, and then you're like, oh, most women, I think their story is like, oh yeah, is that it? Yes. It's normally terrible because probably the other person is very young and they don't know what they're doing and whatever, and then the vast majority of women do not orgasm until later in their life and some women very late in their life. So the whole thing is just ****. So you just think, hang on, we've all been building up this thing. I've got to get my kit off, I've got to worry about, and then it's ****. And you think, what am I bothering for 100%? And not to mention it's ****. I have to date men who let me down, who tell me I'm fat or who tell me I'm this, that and the other, or who ghost me and it's just like, what's the point? I completely get it. Yeah. But if you do meet the person who it is a great connection and you have intimacy. And again, you can have sex without intimacy and intimacy without sex. I mean, intimacy is that connection, that lovely feeling with somebody that is very hard to not want, that everyone wants connection and love of some kind. In your case, maybe, as we've discussed in previous episodes with more than one person.

Speaker A: I just think maybe women should start just dating more women and maybe you're not a lesbian, but go out with your girlfriends and date your friends kind of in the way of enjoy for really good friendship. And then I am under the impression where I'm definitely boy crazy and we all know that I definitely need a man, multiple men around me. But I completely understand why women do not want that or they prefer not to have it all the time. Right. And that their vibrator is better at giving them whatever the **** they need. Because we don't need to rely on men anymore for even intimacy. Because we can get intimacy from other ways that aren't as sexual innately. But yeah, I don't know, I might be with these women.

Speaker B: Let's see.

Speaker A: So we're on a little article here from Metro News. It's a UK paper.

Speaker B: It's like a free paper, but they have lots of sexy stuff in. Yes, because we are well, I think they're slightly perverted in the UK. But that's another discussion that's absolutely what is this article about?

Speaker A: So it's about twelve women explain why they prefer using vibrators instead of having sex with men. Obviously we're talking about with men because men really don't know how to make us come. We're not talking about lesbians who mostly know how to make us come.

Speaker B: Yeah, I just wanted to make that absolutely.

Speaker A: Thank you, Susie, for that happy LGBTQ month. It's almost done. You're almost done being gay and happy. Now you have to be gay and sad. Okay, first woman says, I can do it again and again. I have control over the pace of my orgasm and I can do it again and again without having to wait for a man to recharge. True.

Speaker B: Yes, very true.

Speaker A: So true. Because this doesn't happen to me as much anymore, where I'm like, I just want to keep going. But I remember when I was younger and I was just like, let's ******* go. And you do have to wait for the baby batter to be back up in the balls.

Speaker B: Oh, I see. The bait. The what?

Speaker A: Sorry, I watched Something About Mary last night, and this is a term that they used. Baby batter. The baby batter in the balls. Like the ***** oh, I see.

Speaker B: I'm following you.

Speaker A: The baby batter in the balls.

Speaker B: Right, got it.

Speaker A: So, yeah, you don't have to wait.

Speaker B: For that to happen. I see. Yes. That is a technical engineering issue that you do have to wait.

Speaker A: And also, it's like, since they come so fast, for the most part yes. Faster than us, technically, it's easier. It's just like if they don't make you come right away, you still have to wait for them to recharge. And then you lose your rack chin.

Speaker B: Yeah.

Speaker A: And then you're ******* out of it. And then you're like, oh, I don't want to do this anymore.

Speaker B: Yeah, you can't be asked.

Speaker A: I have to go ******* do the laundry. I've got to go see my friend at 06:00. Like, let's get on with it.

Speaker B: I would say that happens to a lot of women. Yes. Because women also, when they had and we've discussed this before when many times that men can have sex to relax. Yes. Whereas women need to relax, have sex. So women in their brain. And the older you get, the worse it gets, the more things you have to do. You're like thinking, okay, so I need to pick up sensor at this time. I need to go to this dance recital, I need to wash this, I need to do this, I need to finish that piece of work. All these things are going on in your head all the time. And then, oh, yes. And I've got to deal with this situation right now. I e the sexy bit, and you may not be feeling super sexy, so if you get out of the rhythm yes.

Speaker A: It's hard to get back into it.

Speaker B: Yes, absolutely. Okay.

Speaker A: The next woman says, sometimes I'm impatient. While I don't always prefer vibrator, sometimes I'm impatient and I want a quick orgasm. Sex is great, but there's also a lot of involved. And when you have a partner, sometimes I'm just not in the mood for foreplay. And that's yes. Because totally agree with a man. For myself, especially, even I 100% need the foreplay.

Speaker B: Yes.

Speaker A: You don't need that with a vibrator.

Speaker B: You don't.

Speaker A: And then you also have to the ping pong foreplay. You got to do a 69 er. You got to do all ******* kissing his balls. It's like, sometimes I just want to **** myself.

Speaker B: Just want to say. If anybody just wants to bring it down to the brass tax, just invite Susie round.

Speaker A: I'm going to say what everyone's doing, okay? Everyone's listening.

Speaker B: It's the truth.

Speaker A: And we're sharing the truth today, Mel.

Speaker B: We are. There's no dancing around it today, Susie. But I think she's 100% right, is that sometimes, much like, men want to get on with it? Yes, women women do too.

Speaker A: We don't always want to take an hour. I don't want to ******* take an hour. I want 15 minutes of really good sex.

Speaker B: An hour is a lot.

Speaker A: So much. And that's so much friction on my *****.

Speaker B: Well, yes, it could get very sore.

Speaker A: Very sore.

Speaker B: It's not very nice. And I've got hours. Some of the other things to do.

Speaker A: Oh my God, Mel, you're just preaching to the choir. Okay, next. I can stop when I like with no guilt. So if I can just get off it's a bit difficult to do that during sex without an understanding partner. And it can actually make me come, unlike most partners I've had.

Speaker B: Also a very good point. Yes. Because sex obviously is two or more.

Speaker A: Do you like the way I just I love that.

Speaker B: Two or more people. And it is about not being selfish. It doesn't work if you're selfish in sex. So that is a point that you can be very selfish with a vibrator. And you do literally, you and you don't have to worry about anybody else's feelings or whatever else.

Speaker A: Well, just there's no pressure.

Speaker B: There's no pressure.

Speaker A: Pressure to make them come and make sure that you're also because women are just so taught from such a young age when we first started being sexual that we have to put on a ******* show. And it's exhausting when all we wanted to do is come like a man.

Speaker B: Yes, I think that's you've said it. You've nailed it. Yeah, no, it's absolutely true.

Speaker A: Okay, so men plainly this woman says it plainly men don't make me come.

Speaker B: Okay, fair enough.

Speaker A: Vibrators make me come. Men don't the vibrator works every time. But I'm not guaranteed a climax when I'm with a man. The vibrator works at different frequencies for long periods of time. Obviously, if my man is eating me out, sometimes the pace slows down and I can't blame him. His jaw is probably hurting.

Speaker B: Yes. These are all real issues.

Speaker A: It is interesting to me, like if you asked a man if they prefer giving themselves a hand job, like masturbating, or a woman giving them a blow.

Speaker B: Job, they would pick a woman giving them a blow job 100%.

Speaker A: But isn't that weird? They have it right on hand. We have to use a vibrator. You'd think you'd just be like yeah, I see.

Speaker B: Yes.

Speaker A: It's also, like, very easy for us to get sex whenever we want. We can have any man. Pretty much. I mean, it's not hard for women to get sex to have sex, but.

Speaker B: To have good sex, put your mind to it.

Speaker A: ******* exhausting. Honestly. It can be.

Speaker B: Yeah. Because not very many people are very good at it. Yes. It's really and really the reason for that. But also, I think she's absolutely right that a lot of women do not are not able to orgasm with just a man and no tools. Yeah. But the best combination is obviously the man and the tools. Yes. If you get my drift.

Speaker A: I do get your drift. Excellent. This one's kind of funny. They don't talk.

Speaker B: Okay.

Speaker A: They last longer than 4 seconds, and you can get rid of them straight after. Wow.

Speaker B: That almost sounds like what you traditionally would think a man would say. Yeah.

Speaker A: But I mean, a lot of women that we're finding really do think if you want to say it like think like a man.

Speaker B: Yeah. No, I completely agree. Completely agree with that.

Speaker A: And I love that. Get in trouble. Your pleasure. And this woman says, I love being in control of my own pleasure as much as I love the connection of another person. I love being able to control my own pleasure.

Speaker B: Yeah.

Speaker A: Sometimes I just need to be selfish and get off and go to sleep and don't want to have to worry about my partner's needs. And honestly, I feel the same way because I've talked about this. I'm a night sex person.

Speaker B: Yes.

Speaker A: We've discussed this. And it's sometimes nice to just do it yourself and get the **** on with it and go to bed.

Speaker B: Yeah. This is quick.

Speaker A: Quick and easy. Quick and easy likes nice little midnight snack, if you would.

Speaker B: Right? Yes. Can I put it that way? Yes, you can.

Speaker A: Sex might disappoint. A vibrator will always give you mean orgasm, whereas sex might disappoint, especially with someone new. There's no guarantee that it'll be good. So I'd rather just **********.

Speaker B: Yeah. I mean, I think that's kind of a sad view of life.

Speaker A: That is sad.

Speaker B: I mean, that's a bit depressing.

Speaker A: Like, you can't just be like, it might do this, it might do that. You kind of have to have the experience. But if you're too scared of it being ****, then but I mean, you could do both.

Speaker B: Yeah. I mean, that would be my answer is go and try. And if it doesn't work with that man, okay. Go home and you've got your vibrator. Yeah. Or bring it along with you. Bring it. Don't leave it behind. If you listen to our previous episode, do not leave it behind. It's very bad news.

Speaker A: Do not ******* leave it behind. Promise it's not going to be good. Okay, next one is I don't worry about my safety. This is a really interesting one. It means I actually come and I don't have to worry about my own safety. Tinder guys are mad. Yes. So true.

Speaker B: I mean, I have absolutely no experiences. I'm sure you will be aware of Tinder yet, but it has been my thought when I look at it, or I know lots of young women use it like the complete nutcases there are when you just walk down the street, let alone connecting on an app and getting naked with them. It terrifies me. And there's been some horrific stories where horrible things have happened. Yes. And you can just imagine that of course that happens to me. That's absolutely terrifying. Not that it's any less terrifying that in my generation, it was more like you went to a bar or party and you hooked up with somebody that you didn't necessarily know, that you might be somebody's friend of a friend of a friend, but still could happen. Could be Olympic. It's terrifying. Absolutely terrifying. Yeah. I don't know actually how you circumvent that, though. Well, you're never going to meet anybody.

Speaker A: Well, that's also hard because it's like you could also be dating someone for the longest time and they could be either cheating on you, so this is also a part of safety, like, between you. You get an STD or STI from it. Right. So it's like, yeah, you don't have to worry about any of these things when it comes to your vibrator.

Speaker B: That's what all this is, 100%.

Speaker A: But obviously, I'm all about having the experiences. I love a one night stand.

Speaker B: It's exciting.

Speaker A: Yeah, it's exciting. And it's like if you're attracted to them and it's not like you're wasted, it's like you can actually remember it the next day and you're like, oh, that was kind of fun, and that was kind of hot and it was nice meeting them, and whatever. It's not like you're taking it that gets a casual. Right?

Speaker B: Yeah.

Speaker A: So, yeah, it can be very fun. Obviously.

Speaker B: Be safe.

Speaker A: Use a condom.

Speaker B: Absolutely.

Speaker A: Definitely use a ******* condom, please. Having it in a one night stands and yeah, obviously trying to like if you want to just go home with someone that night, tell your friends where you're going, put your location on, just be kind of safe about it. And hopefully they're not super creepy, but obviously things happen. But you can't just live your life we just talked about this. You can't live your life with fear of things trying to disappoint you. Things happen like that.

Speaker B: You can't, because if you don't try, nothing's ever going to happen. Exactly. You'll be safe and you'll be okay, but you'll never be happy. And nothing exciting is ever going to happen to you if you take that attitude. My overall feeling about this whole discussion is that obviously because sex toys are so much more kind of in the central narrative, it's just much more accepted today. Every woman's got one. Everyone probably over the age of 18. Every woman over the age of 18. It's much more socially acceptable. They're very easy to buy. It's not weird. Nobody giggles anymore about it. Well, sometimes it's still not in the same way. You don't have to go to some kind of dubious site or buy them in the back of a magazine, sort of Hustler magazine or something in the old days. So it means that we're talking about them, which means, I think more women do use them than they did in the past. So they are realizing, like you're saying that an orgasm is almost like a function of the body. A lot of women talk about, like if they have period cramps and they're talking a lot about it for menopausal. Women like having the relief that that can have. And you know, there's sort of all the saying men used to say or in the past, they'd say, oh, that woman's sexually frustrated, or whatever, she needs to get ******, basically. And the sexual frustration is just not the lack of that release, much like a man. It's just that women can control that release whereas men can't control it in the same way. But now that we have the fact that it's fine to use sex toys means that you can relieve essentially what it is is pressure and then just feel destressed. Yeah, and I think we've understood that a lot. I don't think we're talking about that, but I think women obviously have realized that that this feeling of pressure or anxiety or stress or whatever that they can relieve themselves, relieve it and then feel I feel way better. I mean, it makes sense.

Speaker A: Of course it does.

Speaker B: Yeah, it's not and that you don't need a man to do that.

Speaker A: You never need a man to orgasm.

Speaker B: That's also the thing that or a person. Yeah, exactly.

Speaker A: But mostly men because but it is getting a lot better with women actually taking control of their sexualities and their sexual health and their own orgasm and them like women, if you want to have sex with a man and you want to come, you have to show him what to do. You can't let him take control unless that's what really gets you off. You know what I mean? You have to know what gets you off to come. Because they men are 100% on my readers, especially in the ways of sex because there's already too many things going on for them. They're too excited, there's too much happening. You have to make sure that you're telling them to slow down and you're telling them to kind of maybe move to the left. Do you like to eat girls out? Have these conversations beforehand and find out if you're sexually compatible? Because yeah, obviously if you're tired of having sex with men who are bad.

Speaker B: In bed, maybe it's just we're not.

Speaker A: Talking about enough before we get to the bedroom.

Speaker B: Yeah. And you're with the wrong men. Yeah, absolutely. And if you're with the wrong men, then I completely understand why I'd want a vibrator. But in an ideal world I'm sorry, I'm interrupting you. No, in an ideal. World. You want a great partner who satisfies, you want your collection of vibrators, you.

Speaker A: Don'T want to be no, exactly.

Speaker B: Because I think it is a very negative kind of thing if we're starting to say, oh, of course we don't need men to survive, but men don't need women to survive technically. But if we are together and we're talking about men and women, male and female relationships, it is obviously stronger. It is obviously a better version than being alone. Yeah. Right. So I understand why a lot of women are saying this, but you might be quite lonely.

Speaker A: Yeah, I mean, I think in the long run I don't think this is very hugely sustainable because also, I mean, I'm just talking for myself because I have a ******.

Speaker B: Yeah.

Speaker A: If you can imagine. But the orgasm that I have with men sometimes, not all the time, but sometimes is a lot more exciting, powerful, strong than a west. Just myself and my vibrator. Of course it is. Yeah. Like you're going to have those amazing orgasms with someone else because it's about.

Speaker B: The connection, somebody's touching you, somebody's you're with them. And I mean, that is the problem, I think, with most people's sex with. My final word on this yes. Is that they have sex and they don't understand that you don't have to be in love with every person you have sex with. No, but you have to connect with them. You kind of have to respect them for at least that time that you're doing it. And if you're not connecting, if you're not kind of together in that want to do this thing well together, then it's not going to work and it's going to suck. Well, yeah.

Speaker A: It's so weird. I feel like obviously being a sexual person, I can feel chemistry when I have it with someone. I don't know if a lot of people sense it the way I do because obviously I just don't know. But there is that kind of a weird sparkly feel when you meet someone you're actually attracted to and want to ****. There is that feeling, but I just don't know if women are feeling that enough or if they're just like you're saying, meeting the wrong men and not feeling it when they're going on dates.

Speaker B: They'Re not meeting the right men. Yeah, for sure. Because I think life is becoming incredibly insular. In the sense that if you think about it, you get up every day, maybe you go to the gym, you work really hard, you're tired, maybe you go to a couple of social events a week and the older you get, the less that gets, the more people are coupling off in whatever or whatever is going on in their partnerships. They're getting busy with that and they have children and so on. So you're getting more and more spending time alone and it's harder and harder to meet people. And that's obviously why the prevalence of things like Tinder and all these various other apps, bumble and whatever the hell.

Speaker A: They are off whatever they're called.

Speaker B: This other one, I was hinge. Hinge. And feet. Anyway, whatever it is, it's for like kink stuff, like for hookups feet beat. Somebody tell me. Anyway, as you can tell, I use it all the time. If you have to use that to connect or meet people, it's hard. It's hard to meet people. It's hard to meet the right kind of people. And I think it does get harder and harder and you have to put yourself outside your comfort zone and so on and so forth, so quiveringly. It's a lot easier to just not do that.

Speaker A: Yeah, but ladies, you can't don't give up on if you want that connection. And you know you do. I know some women don't. That's totally fine. If you do want that connection, you have to put yourself out there. And I think I love that you said that, Mel. Like, you do have to put yourself out there and let you feel scary feelings and let men make mistakes. And sometimes you do have to ******* teach them what they're doing down there. But maybe you find a man who wants to learn and who wants to give you pleasure.

Speaker B: 100%. And I would also say, remember that you're not going to meet if you sort of decide, right, I'm going to start dating, or whatever it is, you're not going to necessarily meet that person on the first date. No. Kind of try and chill out about it and think that I might go through a few people, but that's okay. And if they don't work or one person was this and one, but that's fine. Don't be a nutter about it. Like, don't get so wound up. Just move on to the next. Yeah, it's research. It's research, as the Brits say, right?

Speaker A: I love that.

Speaker B: Yeah.

Speaker A: So go out there, ladies, and do some research.

Speaker B: Exactly.

Speaker A: It should be fun. Research.

Speaker B: Do some research. Do some research.

Speaker A: I mean, some discovery.

Speaker B: Isn't that the way to look at it? Yes, it is. It takes a bit of research and find the right.

Speaker A: And then when you go on these scary date stories, we want to hear them. So when you go on these Tinder dates or wherever you're meeting your men, and then you come back and then you write us a ******* letter of how it went.

Speaker B: Yeah. And please, if you are in any situation where you think it's not going well, move away. Get away straight away. You feel any vibe this person is in any sense off, creepy, whatever, get yourself out of that situation straight away.

Speaker A: And you can DM us and we will do whatever you say.

Speaker B: Just remember that as a woman, your intuition is very, very good. It is. Your gut feeling is very, very good. Get out of the situation, momma. Mel yeah, I'm telling you, Moml, just I have done that. I told you one day I crawled out the toilet window.

Speaker A: Yeah, you did. Sometimes you got to do that, ladies. Crawl out that toilet window for the hills and get yourself a vibrator.

Speaker B: If they're a creep, just this and this. I really is my last thing. If they're a creep, they're always a creep then. There you go.

Speaker A: That's so ******* true, Mel.

Speaker B: They're not going to suddenly become nice. Get out.

Speaker A: Full of wisdom. Get out that toilet window. All right, darling. Well, this has been a lovely little day with you. I'm so happy we did this.

Speaker B: It has it's informative.

Speaker A: It's extremely informative in the research. And we'll obviously put this little article in our blog for this week. And we love you so much, guys, and thank you so much for listening.

Speaker B: Thank you very much for listening. Until next time.

Speaker A: Until next time. We'll shall see you soon.

Speaker B: We will.

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