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Episode 24  - We Asked, You Answered! The Truth About Pride Month And The LGBTQ+ Community
Melany Krangle & Suzie Sheckter

Speaker A: Welcome to sharing my truth with Mel and Suzie, the uncensored version where we bear it all.

Speaker B: We do 1234.

Speaker A: Hello, everyone. I'm so happy to be here. Welcome back to sharing my truth pod. I'm Suzie. I'm here with my good friend, Mel Magn x bestie. Happy June, everyone. It's Pride Month, ******* it. We're having a ******* gay old time. Hi, babes. How are you?

Speaker B: Hello, darling. I'm fine.

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Speaker A: So what's going on, Mel?

Speaker B: What is going on?

Speaker A: You went to the dentist. You're really upset about it.

Speaker B: I hate the dentist. So ****** expensive. And then they keep telling you to come back. I hate it.

Speaker A: They do. They're like come back every three months. I was like, with another $300 from the sky.

Speaker B: I know. And then somebody who will remain nameless. Susie, do you have to go to the dentist a lot? Because you're English. You've got teeth.

Speaker A: That's the thing.

Speaker B: I've never heard that before.

Speaker A: It's true. It's a new jeans. Duh.

Speaker B: No.

Speaker A: You're ******* mad at me. That's really funny. Well, it'd be better if your dentist was hot.

Speaker B: Yeah.

Speaker A: No, I had a hot dentist when I lived back in Edmonton. And she was so hot. She was like, going to be a Victoria's Secret model. But then her parents wanted her to go to dentist school.

Speaker B: Wow.

Speaker A: And I was like, what the **** are you doing here? She was so hot.

Speaker B: What's kind of guaranteed income? Isn't it like yeah, I don't know.

Speaker A: I was like, you could be a Victoria Secret model.

Speaker B: That'd be pretty ******* cool, I'll tell you. This is the last thing I'm going to say about the dentist because it has nothing to do with the episode.

Speaker A: I don't care.

Speaker B: But I was thinking about this today, why I couldn't be a dentist or in fact a hygienist is the spit that is just so repulsive to me.

Speaker A: Some people like the spit. I like when they tell me, well.

Speaker B: I was thinking about you'll be proud of it. I was thinking about that. As you know, you have spit in your mouth and they're sort of rummaging around. I'm thinking, is this like some weird sex thing that dentists like spit? Do you think that's what it is?

Speaker A: I don't think they like spit. I think they like to tell people when to swallow.

Speaker B: Anyway, that was my thought of the day.

Speaker A: They have this thing in your mouth and you're like they're like jamming it in there. There's a couple of people around. They're all holding your mouth open. It's a little gang banging, I'm going to be honest.

Speaker B: Yeah. But I'm going to tell you that I've never thought about that before. But because I know you came to.

Speaker A: My mind that's exactly what I want in my life.

Speaker B: This is what Susie would think about this situation.

Speaker A: I have and I have, darling, but we're going to get right into the pod. And I said it's Pride Month, it's June, we're happy, we're gay about it. I have a little gay dog. He's pretty excited about it. He's going to come to the Pride Parade with me this year. I think I'm going to dress him up in a little BDSM outfit or something. It's going to be really cute.

Speaker B: Wow. Yeah.

Speaker A: Little leather, little harness or something.

Speaker B: Right. Why not?

Speaker A: You know the cute ones he has? It's a cute little leather harness.

Speaker B: Oh, right.

Speaker A: But it looks very BDSM if you're in Pride Month.

Speaker B: I suppose, yes. I've not really thought about it that intently.

Speaker A: No, of course not.

Speaker B: But obviously yeah, obviously you have.

Speaker A: But yeah. So it's Pride Month. Everyone who knows me knows that I'm a bisexual woman. So it's my one month of the year where I can be proud about it. Obviously.

Speaker B: Yeah.

Speaker A: The rest of the eleven month I have to feel immense shame about myself.

Speaker B: Right.

Speaker A: So we get this one month out of the year and everyone's mad about it.

Speaker B: Yeah, everyone is a bit mad.

Speaker A: But it's the one month of the year that you can **** whoever you want.

Speaker B: Wow. Really? Yeah.

Speaker A: Do you hear that?

Speaker B: Well no, but I have now and it doesn't surprise me that you're the.

Speaker A: Person who told me if anyone's doing it, it's you, Mel.

Speaker B: Oh yeah, right. Like a rabbit I am.

Speaker A: You are. You're going to come to the Pride Parade with me? There's going to be all the gays. They love you.

Speaker B: Yeah. It's like that shirt. What's the jennifer coolidge.

Speaker A: These gays are trying to kill me. Exactly.

Speaker B: I did actually go to Pride last year, but it is a bit like there's just so many people and it's so kind of hectic a lot of.

Speaker A: Dicks out, a lot of **** out.

Speaker B: Yeah. Suppose. I don't really think about that, but it's like everyone's been and they're like so tired by the end of the day. Very intense, isn't it?

Speaker A: It's very intense because there's so much energy and then you're dancing, you're on.

Speaker B: Tables, but hey, fun. Yeah.

Speaker A: Drinking.

Speaker B: But we'll see if I make it there.

Speaker A: I'm going to at least take you to a drag show.

Speaker B: But I love drag shows. I was telling you this earlier when I was in my heyday of clubbing. That was my favorite kind of clubs for drag clubs. I just loved them.

Speaker A: And London had the haves the best.

Speaker B: Or one of the best scenes to go to them in Paris. They were amazing. Just amazing.

Speaker A: Oh my god.

Speaker B: And then also you would go to those clubs and you just feel much safer. Yeah.

Speaker A: Because there's no men there to *******.

Speaker B: Exactly.

Speaker A: Put a roof in your drink or something.

Speaker B: A good old boogie.

Speaker A: Oh God. I love a boogie.

Speaker B: That was it. You didn't have to worry about you.

Speaker A: Just have these weird old gay men telling you you're pretty and that's all I want in my entire life.

Speaker B: Absolutely. I mean, drag is actually popular in England. Like, we have this weird thing. I think it's a lot more normalized in a way. I don't know what it is because also in the UK for like, decades, we've had a lot of gay TV presenters. It's like totally normalized. It's not like the States, where everyone it's like weird. It's just not a weird thing. We just don't really think about it. Yeah, and it's quite different that way. So, yeah, the drag scene, I think is quite big. I mean, I haven't been for a long time or got involved with it for a long time, but I mean.

Speaker A: It'S so interesting you say, because obviously drags a lot of fashion. Obviously. And I mean, if you think about the old London in the stuff, they were all wearing platform shoes and all the men were too.

Speaker B: Absolutely. Completely.

Speaker A: So, yeah, I mean, obviously you had to start from somewhere.

Speaker B: Absolutely.

Speaker A: But I was taking polls on my Instagram today.

Speaker B: You were?

Speaker A: And it was Pride Theme poll day, and I had some pretty good questions and I had some even better answers to some of these polls. So do you want to hear it?

Speaker B: I do.

Speaker A: Okay, so the first question I had on my poll was if anyone has ever had some sexy feelings for the same sex. So obviously these answers will most likely change in the next 24 hours. Once more and more people are voting. If you've ever had sexy feelings for the same sex, deafs be gay. So, yes, obviously someone has had feelings for the same sex. They've never had feelings for the same sex here and there. So they're a little by or just love everyone who cares.

Speaker B: Right.

Speaker A: And those are the three options, or four options.

Speaker B: So what's the most?

Speaker A: So the most, which is honestly very surprising to me, was never, and they're.

Speaker B: Very straight, but do you think that's people answering that because they think they should answer not what they actually I mean, it seems odd why you bother to answer the right thing.

Speaker A: It's just so interesting to me because obviously most people in the world are.

Speaker B: Straight, but yeah, the vast majority, however, if you go with the Kinsey scale yes, there's obviously, which was largely was just about gay men, not about women.

Speaker A: Oh, really?

Speaker B: I believe so. I could be wrong. Am I wrong?

Speaker A: I thought it was just everyone.

Speaker B: I think his initial research was about gay men and I really I'm sorry if I've got the wrong, but I think that's correct. But the sort of levels but it's really all about the fact that nobody is 100% anything. Everyone's kind of in the grave and there are levels and also, particularly I know there's a lot of research being done about women and how their sexuality can ebb and flow. And in fact, there are much more bisexual women than there are men. And I will find all these statistics and put them in the blog. But that's supposedly a fact, which does make sense to me, to be honest with you. Yeah.

Speaker A: I think once more women vote on this particular one, I think it actually might be a very different number by.

Speaker B: Like, maybe it's men saying that, because I think with men, maybe it's a lot more black and white, or they think it should be a lot more black and white. I don't think it necessarily is. But I think men still have a lot of hang ups about the idea of being accused of being gay. If they're straight, they don't have anything against gay men, but them being accused of being gay, whereas women I don't think we really care. I don't care. No. So I think it's different, isn't it?

Speaker A: I think it's just like the patriarchy and trying to keep men down.

Speaker B: Keep men down.

Speaker A: Both but do you know what I mean? Just because men have to be manly.

Speaker B: Yeah, 100%.

Speaker A: Right.

Speaker B: 100%.

Speaker A: All of these super masculinity.

Speaker B: I think it's very difficult for men. I mean, it goes to like if a man ever has, like, a thought about another man, and he is heterosexual, lived his whole life, heterosexual feels heterosexual, has never been confused about it. And it freaks them out. Yeah. Completely freaks them out. Rather than going, I'm just a human, and we have different thoughts, it doesn't necessarily mean anything. No, but it can freak them out. But I think you're right. It's very societal. We're still very hung up on that. Very whereas for generations now, lesbianism or bisexuality in women is far more acceptable, which is really strange and hypocritical. But I think it's all to do with it's.

Speaker A: Just visually, I think it's more acceptable.

Speaker B: Except for the idea is nicer.

Speaker A: The idea is nicer, but except for when a butch lesbian comes along and everyone's like, I don't want to see that.

Speaker B: 100%.

Speaker A: So it's like, for sure it's sexy. Once two hot by, women are high.

Speaker B: Heels and big, and it's like if.

Speaker A: A woman's just trying to be a ******* butch lesbian, you're like, don't show me, say butch. Sure, I can ******* say butch. I'm by.

Speaker B: Oh, but I can't.

Speaker A: I don't know.

Speaker B: Just take that bit out.

Speaker A: Why can't you say butch?

Speaker B: I thought that wasn't cool. I thought you had to say mask and femme, which to me is much more descriptive. That makes a lot sense.

Speaker A: And butch and what? Twink.

Speaker B: Twink's boys, though, isn't it? Yeah, it is. I have no idea. I think femme is still fine. Yeah, well, that makes sense. Yeah.

Speaker A: I don't know. I'm saying butch. I don't ******* care.

Speaker B: You guys can she's going to say it again.

Speaker A: Okay, so next question. I asked was, is a guy gay if he gets oral from a man?

Speaker B: I don't think that defines him being gay. I mean, there is, I suppose, a higher probability if he liked that, wanted that, sought that out and had that probably gay, gay or bisexual. But, I mean, if he did it once, there is also the possibility it was an experience. And that definitely there's a huge difference between lifestyle and experience. That doesn't definitely mean you're gay.

Speaker A: Okay, so do you want to hear what everyone else said? 60% said, obviously, wow. 20% said, not really, and 20% said, I don't know.

Speaker B: That's very old fashioned.

Speaker A: So I think I don't know, it's weird because it's like gay guys love straight men. They love to hook up with straight men. I don't know what it is exactly about it. I'm not a gay man, but I understand the appeal. Straight men are ******* hot, but rolling around with their dicks out.

Speaker B: Where are they rolling around with the ****?

Speaker A: Everywhere. And so if a gay guy is getting drunk with a bunch of straight guys or whatever happens, and they're all having a couple of drinks and the gay guy wants to **** one of these straight guys, maybe the straight guy is going to be a little more lucigoosey with his pants.

Speaker B: He might be.

Speaker A: So I think if that straight guy let this gay guy give him head.

Speaker B: I mean, if he shut his eyes, he wouldn't know.

Speaker A: Exactly. Like Lori holes.

Speaker B: Yeah. And in prison. And in prison. I mean, I don't know. You say that anything about prison other than that's what you say, Shermel whatever you say, darling.

Speaker A: I don't know, your life, your past.

Speaker B: My past.

Speaker A: Prison security. And they let you out. Okay, next question. Have you ever had anyone come out to you.

Speaker B: Sorry, you're off.

Speaker A: So it was in the poll, but has anyone ever come out to you whether you were the first person or just a person that they trusted telling.

Speaker B: Yes, but one of my cousin first cousins is gay. My mum's cousin is a lesbian. I have an uncle who's gay. I have a nephew who's nonbinary. I have another cousin who's actually transgender female. So it's not in my family. Nobody I love that is surprised by that. So it's not like a huge thing. And I don't think it's anything to do with my family. It's just to do with the fact that nobody was particularly hung up about it, so people could live their life and love who they wanted to love. So, yes, I think I have had people say it to me, but it wouldn't shock me. And I do find it very hard to get my head around why you would have a problem or why you would be shocked by that.

Speaker A: I know I've had a couple of people open up to me because I've opened up myself to publicly just saying I'm by and so I think that's helped a lot of I've had a lot of women and other girls message me on Instagram being like, thank you so much for being open about this. I'm by too, and it's pretty amazing once you start just being okay with yourself and making other people feel like it's okay to be themselves around you.

Speaker B: Or to trust you, I think that's hugely important. Yeah.

Speaker A: So 42% said, I have so if someone has opened up to them and they love them so much, 8% said, I have had someone, but it was awkward. 15% said, don't know any gays, so we don't know those. We don't know any of those. 15% and 35% said, haven't yet, so maybe they just need to be more trusted in the gay community, maybe for someone to open up to them.

Speaker B: I find it interesting that people would say it was awkward.

Speaker A: I know.

Speaker B: I don't understand. Why is that awkward?

Speaker A: Maybe it's a family member or something. Because sometimes that can be awkward, honestly, if you're not kind of yeah, I don't know. Not for me, that would be awkward, but I don't know, maybe like a cousin who's like coming out and it's at Christmas dinner. Yeah, well, comedy.

Speaker B: Yeah. I mean, that could be awkward if everyone else's but yeah, not you.

Speaker A: Haven't had enough drinks in you. Yeah, the whole shebang bang bong. Have you ever been to a Pride celebration or parade? Obviously we have, yes. So 8% said every chance I get, It's not that high. 54% said they've never been, and 38% said, Once in a while.

Speaker B: Yeah, but I wonder if the people who said, I've never been, if they feel in some way that they want to go, but they should, or it's not their place to go, whatever. I don't know. The other thing is, obviously most Pride events or whatever, like the one in Toronto, which is obviously huge, or other big cities are very, very big in the center of big cities, and they're very big and they're very overwhelming and maybe that's an issue, but I don't know. Or maybe just people feel I don't know, I have no idea. But maybe they just feel that it's not their community and therefore they shouldn't be going, which is in fact, not the truth. But that's possible.

Speaker A: Pride is for everyone.

Speaker B: Absolutely. I think that's what you maybe don't understand think that it's not that they're not part of that community, therefore they shouldn't be there. Which is not the case at all.

Speaker A: No, it's such an accepting community. It's accepting if you're straight, no one ******* cares. It's just LGBTQ plus AI, whatever the **** you are, with a bunch of allies who are there and celebrating. And obviously Pride is still especially what we're seeing in our neighbor America, Lady America. Pride is still like a protest in its core. I didn't ever think that this was going to become back to that, become back to Stonewall and all these other things that gay people have fought for. And I can't believe we're going so backwards in the US.

Speaker B: Yeah. But I actually think there's a lot of people everywhere who are bigoted. I think it happens to be much more talked about in the US. But I think I certainly don't know people in Canada or in the UK, really, but I definitely think there's a huge contingent of people who are not accepting. Maybe that'll change when the sort of older generations.

Speaker A: Because Gen X is like I mean, not Gen X. Gen Z is like a ******* powerhouse, and there's a lot of them and they're all ******* gay, you know what I mean? They're extremely accepting people, a lot of them, and it's just so sad to see a lot of Gen Xers, Mel.

Speaker B: Be extremely just I think it's more boomers. I don't think it's Gen Xers.

Speaker A: I think boomers. A lot of boomers are retired. Gen Xers are still the ones that are pushing this non gay agenda.

Speaker B: Okay. I'm not sure.

Speaker A: Obviously, Mel, you're one of our allies. We love you so much. Of course, yeah.

Speaker B: I mean, look, I think there are a lot of people with very weird ideas and who are bigoted and prejudiced about all sorts of things, and it's desperately sad. And I think we also live in very confusing times where there's so much narrative and so much conversation about so many different things that people are disagreeing just for the hell of it. Yeah. And it's very oh, my God. Totally. Rather than I wish the conversation was just about the fact that I truly, personally believe, and I've always said this to my children, that love really is love. It's hard enough to find somebody to love if you then say no. Well, you can't love that person because you're a man and they're a man. And you can't love that person because you're a woman or whatever the hell it is that I just can't wrap my head around. That because I think that if you're adults and you love each other and you want to be with each other, well, I really can't see I really find it difficult to understand what the issue is. But I know lots of people do have an issue with that. And also just to be accepting, just to let people live, whether it's me living my little straight life, whoever, my monogamous yes. Monogamous and m little straight life, or the next person doing whatever they're doing, as far as I'm concerned, that's completely fine. I'm doing what I'm doing, you're doing what you're doing. All power to you. All power to me. Let's just get along. Yes. Where's the problem?

Speaker A: Why can't we just be accepting of.

Speaker B: There is literally everyone's decisions, anger and rage from all sides. And I really hope, I hope it passes, but I think it's going to take a very long time to be honest with you. But one good thing I would say talking about my generation is things are definitely better now, whatever you think, than they were 20, 30, 40 years ago. I mean, the fact that you can marry legally, the fact that it's horrific, like people who in the sort of 60s, if they were in relationships, particularly gay men who had to hide or had to I mean, it's just do you imagine that they went to prison? I mean, it's just bananas.

Speaker A: I mean, there's still countries that are like that, obviously.

Speaker B: But I think that's the thing that we don't understand in the west. Most countries are like that. A lot of African countries, a lot of cultures in the Middle East. It is not allowed, and this is a Western phenomenon that we're being more progressive about this and we still have a long way to go. But definitely there is a lot of hatred and it's incredibly difficult and it's.

Speaker A: All to do with religion anyways, onto.

Speaker B: The next part of the next bowl.

Speaker A: Have you ever worried about people thinking you're gay? 11% said sometimes, 9% said all the time. Maybe because they are gay. 80% said never.

Speaker B: Oh, my goodness. I've never worried about it. But I have had a lot of what's the word? Women flirt with me.

Speaker A: Yeah, because you're adorable. You're so adorable.

Speaker B: But I can't see why you'd possibly worry about it. However, I think a lot of men it's a hang up for men. I think also you're right. A lot of Gen X men because of the way they were raised. Exactly. And it's so sad because of the environment. It was very hard. Any sort of mention of men being gay in you were heterosexual is very hard. In fact, I just watched a documentary on Netflix about Andy Warhol, the favorite, who is my husband's favorite artist.

Speaker A: Really?

Speaker B: Yeah, he loves Andy Warhol. And we went to the and because Andy Warhol was from Pittsburgh, so we went a couple of years ago. The museum is amazing and he is such an interesting character, but so clearly so tortured, so tormented. But it's interesting how the documentary talks a lot about obviously he was gay and that sort of life in New York, in the Scene studio was it Studio 54 and all that sort of stuff. But the museum doesn't really get into that. No. And you think and I'm trying to think about it, but I can't really think that. I mean, obviously I knew it was gay and I studied on history, so I knew a bit about Andy Woolhold. But no, but anyway, that is very interesting. It's very interesting to watch that documentary and how it really was something he couldn't talk about it really openly. It was a different time. And to the idea of a man, he obviously wasn't heterosexual, but heterosexual who would be accused of being gay was just like the ultimate, like terrible.

Speaker A: It's really terrifying.

Speaker B: Yeah. I remember my friends, like, male friends, they would just they would joke about all sorts of jokes about homophobic jokes.

Speaker A: Well, people still said, like, that's gay. You're so gay. Like, ten years ago.

Speaker B: Not people are still saying, yeah, but.

Speaker A: It'S like, we're just getting out of this, being like, maybe that's actually not okay. Absolutely. So, yeah, we're progressing, darling. But, yes, we got fast enough, unfortunately. But, yeah. No, you have not ever worried that people thought you're gay? I always knew I was a little gay, so I wasn't going to care.

Speaker B: No, I can't see how I would worry about it if I can't see how it would bother me, even though they did. But no, I don't think I have had a single person I've ever encountered my life.

Speaker A: Adorable little straight woman.

Speaker B: And that's that about me. Yeah. Well, there we go.

Speaker A: Are you ready for the next? Do you watch gay **** if you're not gay? Well, okay. 7% said gay **** only. They're only watching gay ****.

Speaker B: 7%? 7% depends. That whether it's men or women responding.

Speaker A: It's probably only men. 68% said never watch it. 18% said, if the mood strikes. And then 7% said no **** ever.

Speaker B: Well, they're lying. Yeah.

Speaker A: **** off.

Speaker B: Right?

Speaker A: Like, you don't have to lie to me, sweetie. This is anonymous.

Speaker B: Well, it's a good point, isn't it? I think it's very different if you're talking about gay **** for women and for men. And of course, the kind of traditional women's lesbian **** that men and women watched was obviously not real female gay ****. Yeah, but many, many heterosexual women watch that. And that's largely to do with the fact that the men in **** are hideous. And so yeah, it's frightening.

Speaker A: I wouldn't say all men in **** are hideous.

Speaker B: Where do they drum them up?

Speaker A: Maybe they all got really good dicks, though.

Speaker B: Well, yeah. I don't know.

Speaker A: Looking at the face.

Speaker B: Male ****.

Speaker A: Gay ****, though. Guys and gay **** are hot.

Speaker B: Yeah, but that's a relatively new thing. And them being very mask, if you like.

Speaker A: Right. They have great bodies.

Speaker B: Yeah. And that there are a lot more straight men watching gay male gay **** and also a lot of straight women watching it. Yeah. And also I'm surprised a lot of lesbian women watch gay ****. Male gay ****, which I find kind of fascinating.

Speaker A: Yeah, I don't watch it all the time. If the mood strikes person, I'm not watching full gay ****. There has to be a girl in there.

Speaker B: It's not my bag. I have to be honest with you.

Speaker A: I did start with I mean, gay **** is also lesbian ****. You put that in there.

Speaker B: Right? That's more accepted.

Speaker A: Yeah.

Speaker B: I think that's acceptable for men and for women. Whereas male gay ****, I think that's a new thing because I think it was very much in the domain of everyone thought it was for gay people I know that sounds a bit weird, but now it's changed a lot. And a lot of men watch it secretly. But I think I have a theory about that.

Speaker A: Yes, darling.

Speaker B: And my theory is that it's much more kind of authentically male, as in they're a little bit more not rough, but it's not a woman, so the interaction is different.

Speaker A: Bit dirty, sexy.

Speaker B: That's exactly it. I think that's what straight men are watching. And if you think about it, I'm going off on one now, and I is that men watch penises in regular ****. So what's the problem in two penises together? If you get too many penises, it's a lot of *****.

Speaker A: It's just too much ****. You know, all ***** in there somewhere.

Speaker B: But I'm going to give you a fascinating fact about gay ****. I love that there's this company in the UK that's quite a famous they make gay **** and like different kinds of gay ****, but sort of mainstream stuff. And they sell a lot of it on DVDs. Do you even know what a DVD is?

Speaker A: I do. Your daughters might not.

Speaker B: Yeah, but the reason is because they sell it to straight men and they don't want a digital imprint of them watching. And I won't mention who, because I know who the company is. And they sell the DVD specifically to straight men. Wow. So that they don't have any digital record of them watching that.

Speaker A: Wow.

Speaker B: Isn't that interesting? But they sell tons of them. I can't believe it so interesting because.

Speaker A: He'S making a free ****, whatever the **** they want.

Speaker B: I don't get it. But I guess if anybody I don't know. Is it a hang up? It's a hang up. It has to be somehow. If it's not in your because I.

Speaker A: Feel like a DVD is even more proof you went out of your way.

Speaker B: Yeah, but the point is but you play it and then you could burn it or whatever, your digital imprint, even if you sort of got rid of your history or whatever, I guess in some theory, somehow, someone's going to find it. I don't know the bollocks behind it because, you know bollocks. Yeah. Anyway but anyway, there is a fun fact for you.

Speaker A: I love that fact.

Speaker B: Yeah.

Speaker A: Thank you for that bell.

Speaker B: That's all right.

Speaker A: Okay. This one might be interesting for you.

Speaker B: Me?

Speaker A: Would you care if your kids were gay? 19% said, Definitely wouldn't like it.

Speaker B: Definitely wouldn't like it.

Speaker A: 4% said, I'd prefer it. 69% said I wouldn't care, and 8% said, I'm not sure.

Speaker B: So how many said I wouldn't like it?

Speaker A: Sorry. 19% said, Definitely wouldn't like it.

Speaker B: Wow.

Speaker A: Which is a lot surprising because I don't know if I've spoken with you about this. I think I have. I am one of those people that people think I'm lying about this. I swear to God, I would prefer it. I would love a gay son or a. Lesbian daughter. I'd way rather them be ******* gay and not have to worry about them getting pregnant or like I don't ******* know. Street people are so ******* weird.

Speaker B: They are a bit, to be fair. Yes. I'm actually shocked because as a young person yourself, supposedly young people are answering this, so it's shocking, isn't it?

Speaker A: I know.

Speaker B: I mean, that shocked me, I think to myself, hang on a minute, what's going on?

Speaker A: I know.

Speaker B: I bet it's do you think it's men who yeah, it definitely is.

Speaker A: But it's just like you can't have a child if you actually care what they are going to be. That's not the point of you having a kid. This little thing is going to do whatever it's going to do. Well, you don't have control over it.

Speaker B: A lot of parents make the mistake of sort of having this whole sort of thing imagined, this whole sort of history, this whole story, if you like, often living something they didn't manage to do or something like that. And then they have this whole idea of them and you're going to be granny and grandpa and you're going to have these little baby whatever. No, I'm sorry. Everyone's life is their life and they're your child and that's the end of it. Yes.

Speaker A: I know.

Speaker B: Yeah. No, I know.

Speaker A: I don't get it. I think these people I don't know if they have children or not, but I think you just got to let it go, darlings. You got to let it go.

Speaker B: You got to let people be people.

Speaker A: You got to get like kids find themselves and they're going to be happier. You're going to be happier if you just let everyone be a free person.

Speaker B: Of course. Way less stressful, in all honesty, even if you have a problem with it and you object, what is the point in objecting? Yeah, I mean, it's like it may not be your preference yeah. But it is what it is, so I don't actually see the point. And I know stories of people who get very upset and they they try and or they disown people or awful things like that, and you're just like, well, what is that supposed to achieve that I just don't because these people are so ridiculous.

Speaker A: They think being gay is a choice.

Speaker B: Yeah.

Speaker A: And that's like people are born this way.

Speaker B: Of course they are.

Speaker A: There's no other way to say it. And then if it was a choice, what does that say for you as a parent?

Speaker B: Oh, yeah, you know what I mean?

Speaker A: It's like, what is the cycle?

Speaker B: And I think a lot of people also have a very twisted belief that anybody who is not heterosexual these are certain people with very, let's say bigoted, very old fashioned, whatever you want to call it ideas that feel that some kind of perversion, which I find kind of interesting because I think most perverts are straight people, aren't they? Yeah, it's like, what do you think.

Speaker A: Your surroundings make you gay?

Speaker B: No.

Speaker A: Okay.

Speaker B: How can anybody believe that? Somebody say yes.

Speaker A: Okay, here you go.

Speaker B: Here.

Speaker A: Right, ready? 47% said, no, you're born gay.

Speaker B: Okay.

Speaker A: 47% said, yes, they can. And 6% said, depends. Okay, so I'm actually going to share. I had a follower message me about this particular poll. Obviously, I'm not going to call him out, but I'm going to just say what he said. So he says, not sure about this. When I think about people in prison, like you said, Mel, that have homosexual relationships that never thought they would, again, I don't think this is someone who's not on the straight gay binary. They don't really believe or care about that. But he says they say there is a difference between seeking long term homosexual relationships and homosexual encounters.

Speaker B: Seeking homosexual. Yeah. What is a difference?

Speaker A: But then it's like that prison like we're talking about is in your surroundings. So it's not making you gay.

Speaker B: Obviously that's because if you're never going to get out of prison and you want to have sex, well, you basically have to accept.

Speaker A: You have to figure out, especially as I mean, obviously women have figured something.

Speaker B: Else out, do it too. But yeah.

Speaker A: Men, as we talked about in our last podcast, about how men just got.

Speaker B: To get the swims out. Exactly. They got to swim. So it's not about surroundings. It's like saying if a man, heterosexual man who had no homosexual feelings at all, watched a gay **** movie or had a gay friend or a gay friend undressed in front of him or something ludicrous like that, that he'd become gay. I mean, it's just banana. No, of course he doesn't.

Speaker A: It's ridiculous.

Speaker B: Or like you'd hear this a lot, or certainly I heard this a lot when I was younger. Like my friends, male friends who'd be like, if they were playing sports or whatever, they'd be terrified. Like male change rooms if they're playing sort of England be rugby or whatever, and the communal showers. Right. If one of those guys were gay and you're like, what, because they'd fancy you?

Speaker A: Exactly.

Speaker B: Because like I mean, it's just so ridiculous. You think that either that's going to happen or that because you see something. It's like, I don't know if I watch lesbian ****, it's not going to make me a lesbian. I mean, it's ridiculous. It's like if you watch I'm trying to think of something.

Speaker A: Well, it's like if you have gay parents, you're not going to turn out gay.

Speaker B: Yeah.

Speaker A: If you're adopted from two loving gay parents, whether they be lesbian or gay or whatever the ****, you're not going to ******* be gay. You might be.

Speaker B: It'd be like me saying, because of your parents baguette for breakfast every day, I could say I'm going to become French. Exactly. Well, I'm not. Wow.

Speaker A: Okay, mel of a fun one for you.

Speaker B: Okay.

Speaker A: Would you rather take it in the behind. Oral. Give oral sex to the same sex.

Speaker B: Take it in the behind.

Speaker A: Yeah, baby. 38% said take it in the behind. They're with you. But 62% said give oral to the same sex. You wouldn't want to give a little.

Speaker B: Give a little *****. Not your bag. It's not my bag. I'm not really into fishy things. Really?

Speaker A: Oh, my God. We're not all fishy, darling.

Speaker B: Salty. Salty.

Speaker A: But delicious. Salty and delicious. And delicious.

Speaker B: No, sorry. That's a joke. Yeah. No.

Speaker A: You rather take it behind.

Speaker B: Yeah.

Speaker A: Penetration is pretty good, I guess. Okay.

Speaker B: Full.

Speaker A: Do you support gay marriage?

Speaker B: Of course.

Speaker A: Obviously we do. We do. Obviously.

Speaker B: Okay.

Speaker A: Ready? Of course. Always. Love is love. 79% said okay. 16% said don't see the big deal, which is like, okay. And then 5% said, not sure.

Speaker B: Not sure.

Speaker A: They're not sure about they're not sure about it.

Speaker B: I find that hard. What do you mean you're not sure? Okay, here's the question, isn't it?

Speaker A: Here's the thing.

Speaker B: Okay?

Speaker A: As a person who is unsure about marriage in general, it's hard to be like, this is something that we all need, because I don't think we need it in a society in general. But as someone who understands the idea that equality is very important and if straight people have something and you're not going to give that same right to a gay person or a gay couple or whatever that is, of two legal people, what the **** is wrong with you?

Speaker B: I don't understand. I don't understand. What the big deal? Like I said, it is ******* cares to find who ******* cares? Why can't we do real love exactly. Really, genuinely loves you? Who are you to judge that person? Because it isn't perhaps the person you think they should be loving. Do you see what I mean? I don't get that. I just think if you found love, good for you. And that's actually what I think. Every time I see, like, in Toronto, it's much more demonstrative. You see gay couples holding hands and so on, and I always think about that. I always think, how nice, you found love. You found somebody. And that's really nice because love is hard and challenging and who am I to tell you that you shouldn't love that person? I love somebody. So you shouldn't tell me to not love who I love. So I'm not going to tell you who you should love exactly. Is the way I feel. But I know some people get very I've heard they shall remain nameless, who said things like, oh, they as if they're like, these aliens shouldn't do that. And you're like, if somebody's holding hands on a bench and holding hands or canodling.

Speaker A: Oh, I love a canodle.

Speaker B: I'm sorry. We're not in Amsterdam with a full sex show. I mean, relax. People are holding hands like adults do. They're having a kiss and a cuddle. What? They're not kissing and cuddling you.

Speaker A: So what is **** is your problem?

Speaker B: And they probably wouldn't want to anyway.

Speaker A: You probably look the **** away. This isn't your space. This isn't all your space.

Speaker B: But I remember I think we had a conversation with somebody about this. And I remember a guy, actually, years ago, who used to work for me, who was gay, and he said that he would still get and he's much younger than me, and he would say I'd get people looking at me if I was holding my husband's hand and stuff like that and just holding hands, because I know a lot of gay people are still even young people are very conscious about kissing public and stuff like that because people give them dirty looks. And it's just well, even like my.

Speaker A: Lesbian friends will get harassed by men if they're holding a hand.

Speaker B: You told us that once.

Speaker A: Yeah, I think I told you that once. I might have said it chased away something horrible. Well, they're just like yeah, they get chased down. Being like, I bet you're not actually a lesbian. I bet you just need a real.

Speaker B: **** or something gross delicious. And to me, I always think we live in Toronto, which is probably the most liberal place on the planet.

Speaker A: We just got rated one of the most sexually liberated cities in the world.

Speaker B: And I would say, as a foreigner myself, as an outsider, now an insider, because I'm now Canadian, I would say it is very, very tolerant, very liberal. But there are still problems, of course. And you think to yourself, wow, that there are still people who have issues, but there are cultural issues. Sometimes there are religious issues, and there are a lot of different cultures in Toronto. And for some cultures, it's a very difficult thing to get the head around. And I don't know. Well, they better just try and get the head around it.

Speaker A: Yeah, **** them. But just be a little more tolerant. Just be a little bit more friendly.

Speaker B: If you live in the city, like ******* cares. There's so much diversity that diversity isn't just about where you came from. It's diversity in all sorts and just.

Speaker A: Accepting everyone for who the ******* are.

Speaker B: Yeah. Let everyone live peacefully, happily, and love each other. Exactly. That's what I would like. That's beautiful, Mel. Thanks. Such an ally I am. We love you so much. No, I'm telling you, I believe it from the heart. I really do. Always have. And I just wish there was more love in the world.

Speaker A: Well, if there's any if there's any young queer people struggling or their parents maybe are not as accepting as they.

Speaker B: Wish they would be, we wish they would be.

Speaker A: Mel is going to be here. She can be your little surrogate mother, your surrogate gay mummy.

Speaker B: Mummy. No, but honestly, if you do have any stories to sell, share Jesus.

Speaker A: Sell your stories to us, please. We will buy them a long day.

Speaker B: I spent a long time with the dentist. I can barely speak. If you have a storage share, and I understand that it could be quite a difficult one, please feel free too. And if you want us to comment.

Speaker A: We'Re going to be here for you.

Speaker B: Very happy to listen to any of those stories. And I'm really desperately sorry that if you are in a situation where it's hard to share it and yeah, it's not always easy, I'll share my love.

Speaker A: Being in the queer community is really hard, and you never know who you can trust.

Speaker B: Oh, yeah. I can believe it.

Speaker A: It's a very interesting place to be because as someone who has been by her whole life, it's something that I've just known about myself forever. And it's always a very interesting thing when people just are confused about it, especially in this day and age. So if you guys want to feel like you can come out to us, trust us, we'll be here for you.

Speaker B: We will. And on that note, we love you. We love you. And happy pride. Pride.

Speaker A: Whoo.

Speaker B: Month and forever. Really? Forever.

Speaker A: Except no, just kidding. You only get this month to be.

Speaker B: Happy and then you're miserable.

Speaker A: And then the conservatives will take your rainbows away.

Speaker B: Okay.

Speaker A: We love you guys.

Speaker B: We love you.

Speaker A: We love you.

Speaker B: Thanks for listening.

Speaker A: Let's go get drunk. Excellent.

Speaker B: Thanks so much for listening. Please rate and review this podcast and follow us on social at Sharing My Truth Pod and leave us a voicemail on our to share your stories and experiences with us.

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