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Uncovering the Truth Behind the Term "Bunny Boiler"

In a recent episode of the podcast "Sharing My Truth," hosts Mel and Suzie decided to crack open the enigmatic egg of the term "bunny boiler" and hop into its bunny-filled origins. Picture this: a woman scorned, a boiling pot, and a bunny – it's like a recipe for a hare-raising drama! But is this term just another quirky British phrase, or does it have global bunny domination?

Union Jack

The Bunny Boiler Scene

To truly grasp the term "bunny boiler," we have to hop back in time to the cinematic masterpiece of 1987, "Fatal Attraction." In this hair-raising thriller, Glenn Close's character takes revenge to a whole new level by boiling a pet rabbit. And there you have it – the birth of the term.

Hare Today, Gone Tomorrow: The TikTok Twist

So, what made Mel and Suzie decide to dive down this rabbit hole? Well, blame it on a TikTok video that hopped its way onto their screens, featuring a scorned woman on a mission during Valentine's Day. Fueled by heartbreak and a thirst for payback, she decided to publicly shame her married partner!Not a wise move according to Mel and Suzie.

Fatal Attraction

Mel and Suzie's Take

As our dynamic duo dissected the bunny-inspired drama, they couldn't help but wonder if revenge tactics are really the best way to deal with heartbreak. Spoiler alert: they weren't convinced! While acknowledging the pain of breakups, Mel and Suzie encouraged listeners to embrace healthier alternatives. Maybe a spa day or a chocolate binge – anything but turning into a full-fledged bunny vigilante!

The Carrot and Stick Approach

Mel and Suzie questioned whether the term "bunny boiler" was just a lazy carrot-stereotype, oversimplifying the rollercoaster of emotions that follow a breakup. Instead of plotting bunny revenge, what about a night out. a new partner?!

Lessons from the Bunny Burrow

As the "Sharing My Truth" episode unfolded, Mel and Suzie left listeners with some eggstraordinary wisdom. The term "bunny boiler" may be as catchy as a carrot in a bunny buffet, but it serves as a reminder to avoid getting too caught up in revenge fantasies.

Tune in to the full episode here. You can also catch it on Spotify or Apple Podcasts. It's time to rewrite the script of heartbreak and give it a hare-larious twist! 🐰✨

To check out the TikTok go to our Instagram where we shared it!!

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