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Truth, Lube, and Toys: Navigating Midlife Relationships

In this podcast episode, titled "The Truth: Lube and Toys in Midlife: An Interview with Intimate Wellbeing," the hosts dive into a topic that many people may find uncomfortable or taboo to talk about: sex in midlife. With their usual humour and a lighthearted approach, Mel and Suzie interview Cass and Leah from Intimate Wellbeing and talk about sex, toys and lube in midlife.

Cass and Leah on the Podcast Sharing My Truth

This episode is about breaking down the stigma surrounding sex in midlife and to provide listeners with valuable information and advice on how to maintain a healthy and fulfilling sex life at any age.

Whether you're approaching midlife or simply curious about the topic, this podcast episode is sure to provide you with plenty of laughs and valuable insights. So grab a drink, put on your headphones, and get ready to learn all about the truth, lube, and toys in midlife.

Diving into the Episode

If you're looking for a podcast episode that's both informative and entertaining, look no further than "The Truth: Lube and Toys in Midlife." Hosted by Sharing My Truth, in this episode Mel an Suzie speak to the fabuloys Cass and Leah about their journey with toys, what is trending and how the business started. Cass and Leah speak openly and honestly about their journey, the many conversations they have every day with midlife women and taking ownership of your own pleasure!

The Juicy Topic: Lube and Toys in Midlife

Let's face it, talking about lube and toys can be uncomfortable for some people. But in this episode, we make it easy to dive into the topic. The discussion covers everything from the benefits of using lube to the different types of toys available on the market. Thet also shares some tips on how to introduce toys into your intimate life, and how to use them safely.

Spilling the Tea: An Honest Interview

This episode is entertaining, informative and as always injected with humour! Leah and Cass are candid about their own experiences, and share some of the challenges they faced when it came to intimacy. They also talk about the importance of communication and how to overcome shame and stigma when it comes to discussing intimacy.

This episode is a must-listen for anyone who wants to learn more about intimacy and how to improve their intimate life. Whether you're a man or a woman, young or old, there's something here for everyone!!

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