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The Truth About Voyeurism, Reality TV and Road Head

We live in a voyeuristic world. We use social media to view other people's lives. What is our fascination as a culture at looking from the outside in, but no one knows we are watching? We live in world where you can have or experience any number of services or activities where you interact with someone, but they don’t know who you are and never see you.


Watching someone without their consent for sexual arousal is illegal and obviously very creepy. Mel tells us a story of a creepy guy who watched and called her in her 20s. It was horrible and terrifying experience of being watched. It is a violation your privacy, but there is not much you can do.

Nosy or Creepy?

But what do we call just being "nosy" and always wanting to see what other people do, eat, say, and where they go? Do you think our society is obsessed with peeping into other people's lives? Reality TV is surely just that? It's not fiction, it's meant to be real,and we are fascinated. Why and what are we fascinated by?

Social Media platforms have meant we are always people watching. Do you think it's a problem?

Mel's Facts

  1. Voyeurism is itself a form of paraphilia. The majority of people with voyeuristic tendencies do not have voyeuristic disorder.

  2. For Voyeurs, it is the act of observing (peeping) that is arousing, not the sexual activity with the person they are observing watching.

  3. The law in Canada is that voyeurism is a serious offence in Canada found in the code under Part V . The offence is considered serious because it violates an individuals Charter protected right to privacy.

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