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I Caught My Father-In-Law With The Babysitter!

The main topic of this episode is a controversial article that Mel and Suzie found about a babysitter and a father-in-law in Slate Magazine. They discuss the details of the article and share their thoughts on the situation.

Mother and Child

Hosts Introduction

Mel and Suzie welcome their listeners to "Sharing My Truth" podcast, where they discuss spreading love, kindness, and sexual desires. They encourage their listeners to subscribe to the podcast and follow them on social media. The hosts also invite their listeners to share their own truth on their website, Mel and Susie inform their listeners that they will be traveling to London soon and will be sharing their experiences through the podcast. The hosts also share a recent article they found about a babysitter caught in bed with her bosses's father-in-law, which they discuss in detail.

This babysitter and the

During the episode, Mel and Susie discuss their recent celebration of Suzie's birthday, which involved wine and cake. They also announce their upcoming trip to London.The hosts then share a funny article they found on the internet about a couple who left their child with a teenage babysitter and the mother's father-in-law, only to find the tow in bed together upon their return. Mel and Suzie offer their thoughts on this crazy situation!

Unexpected Discovery

Mel and Suzie regularly send ach other articles and funny posts on social media as a way of communicating. They sent each other this article and they were shocked! The article is titled "We Left Our Child with His Grandpa and a Teenage Babysitter. I Wish I Didn't Have to Say the Rest." The hosts delve into the details of the article, where the parents come back home to find the babysitter in bed with the grandfather. Mel Suzie express their shock and discuss their thoughts on the matter.

David is the grandfather, Todd being the child, and Claire being the babysitter. David is73 years old and Claire being 19.

Tune in to hear all about what Mel and Suzie make of this story!

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