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Episode 73  -  The Truth: Are Onlyfans Stars Empowered Or Selling Out
Melany Krangle & Suzie Sheckter

Suzie: Welcome to sharing my truth with Mel and Suzie. The uncensored version where we bear it all.

Mel: We do 1234.

Suzie: And hello.

Mel: Hello.

Suzie: Welcome back to sharing my truth. I think that's my favorite one.

Mel: I do. I like it.

Suzie: Okay, good. Well, welcome back, everyone. Thank you so much for joining us. It's sharing with youth pod. And here's a cute, friendly reminder to, like, share, follow, subscribe to our little pod. Cause we love you. We want you to hang out with us and chat with us and share your truths with us. You can go to to share your truths. You can leave us a cute little voicemail. We've got some really great ones. You can send us a nice little email. We will read them. We don't have to share them, but if you want us to share them, we will on this pod. Hi, babes.

Mel: Hello, darling. Hey.

Suzie: Oh, and go to our instagram. It's our truthbox. Hi.

Mel: Hello. Hello. Hello, darling.

Suzie: Hello, babe. How are you?

Mel: I'm fabulous. All's good. Good. I'm.

Suzie: You look pretty and pink.

Mel: Well, I like a bit of pink.

Suzie: I know you do.

Mel: And I think, you know, it's a hot little blonde. At my age, I can get away with it.

Suzie: Yeah, absolutely.

Mel: Do what you want. Who cares?

Suzie: ******* do what you want.

Mel: I do.

Suzie: That's kind of the theme of this episode, isn't it?

Mel: It really is.

Suzie: Do what you want because people are gonna ******* judge ya anyway, babes.

Mel: They really are. Yeah. I mean, people judge you whatever you do. And it's interesting, actually. Cause we posted some stuff on YouTube recently and it was about. And one of the posts that we put up was a YouTube short about how women judge each other. Oh, my God. Just people sort of going, no, they don't. Yes, they do. Like, you live in La La land. If you think that other people don't judge, whatever you do, whether you're doing it right, wrong. Got the right job, got the right car.

Suzie: Yeah.

Mel: And, like, I mean, come on. You know, so, you know, the fact.

Suzie: That people are just, like, judging on people who are not judging, it's like, yeah.

Mel: And I think, holy ****, we are.

Suzie: It's okay to be judgmental. It's okay to ******* talk ****. I think it's actually healthy.

Mel: But the theme of what we're about to talk about is, like, perhaps a little saucy, a little more, you know, whatever. Whereas, like, people judge about everything else. What you're eating, what you're driving, where you're living, where you work, are you married? Are you not. Do you have children? Do you have a boyfriend? Do you know? And you're just like, it's just boring.

Suzie: You can't ******* win, babe.

Mel: No.

Suzie: So you always have to make yourself happy first. Make sure that you're not doing something for someone else fully. Obviously, if they're not paying you bills, don't pay them no mind, says mama RuPaul.

Mel: And that's so true.

Suzie: That's it.

Mel: I love RuPaul.

Suzie: Oh, my God. Who doesn't? Yeah, but that's literally just like, ****, yeah. If they're not actually giving anything up for you, what the hell are you giving up for them? Why does anyone care anyways?

Mel: So moving on to what is the topic?

Suzie: Mel, get us going.

Mel: So the topic is onlyfans. So there's been a lot of discussion, obviously, generally. And a lot of people have lots of opinions. But is it empowering or are you selling out and we are talking? Obviously. Probably. I don't obviously subscribe to any people on any fans watching.

Suzie: I don't know on there. Don't lie.

Mel: Yeah, I don't know that much about it. But, you know, I know there's a lot of couples, adult couples, couples, couples. I don't know. I assume, and this is a huge assumption, that it's mostly female like, to.

Suzie: Portray to the male audience.

Mel: Like, there's more female stuff that men can subscribe to. Sure, of course. And then there's couple stuff and whatever.

Suzie: There's a lot better women things to look at than there are men things.

Mel: 100%. I can't really see how many women would go on and subscribe to some girl kind of in her underwear doing her washing, which they do do. That I understand, from what I understand on OnlyFans and much more, I mean.

Suzie: From even like, Mel, you and I are not our only fans currently. Obviously.

Mel: We're not currently.

Suzie: Not currently. Although we may. Who we maybe, who knows? If someone pays us a million dollars. I wouldn't do it. I mean, I would not do it. The thing about it is we get requests for things. So can you imagine?

Mel: Even me, which is ridiculous.

Suzie: The milfiest MilF of all milfs, which is like, obviously, we're obviously not, like, advertising it. The women who literally are advertising it. Of course there is a need and there is a want for it.

Mel: And when there's a want 100%, I.

Suzie: Mean, there's gonna be someone selling it.

Mel: Yeah. And as long as there's demand, 100%. And I mean, obviously, because, you know, **** has sort of diversified into all these things. And now OnlyFans has lots of different levels, is what I understand. So you can sort of have the underwear shots, the full on. I don't know how full on it actually gets. Does it get full on ****?

Suzie: Oh, he gets full on, baby. Super ****.

Mel: And then you can make requests, can't you?

Suzie: Oh, yeah.

Mel: Cause that's, like, I've seen stuff, you know, in the. In the press. Like, you've seen, like, there was this hideous story of this woman who was on Onlyfans, made tons of money, and, like. And one of her biggest fans ended up being her stepfather.

Suzie: Oh, my God. I saw that, too. That was just *******.

Mel: Because he's of a certain age and didn't realize, you know, if you're using, you know, she can see you. Your profile. She's got your profile on TikTok and Instagram and all that sort of stuff, and. But I think. And he was making requests, asking her.

Suzie: To do, and she doesn't know really who he is until whatever was up there.

Mel: And then. Yes, she knew. And then she. Yeah, of course.

Suzie: And then that's all awkward Thanksgiving later on.

Mel: But there are a lot of articles, I think, fairly recently, like, generally online, about. Is it empowering or is it selling out? And the interesting thing is the selling out articles are generally written by women who were on onlyfans who've made tons of money, who they're saying they regret it.

Suzie: Okay.

Mel: Yeah. So I'm just saying that's the stance. So the stance is. So this is the question we're asking, and we're not judgy people. I pride myself in not being too judgmental.

Suzie: No, no. I accept that. I am a judgmental person, but I'm not actually gonna judge you.

Mel: No, you are judgy.

Suzie: I judge. But I'm not gonna make it my bit, like, your problem that I'm judging. Do you know what I mean? I'm not gonna be a ******* ***** about it. But everyone judges, and we don't have to be like, we not judge. Everyone ******* judges.

Mel: No, I just said I'm. You judge. Okay, I judge. **** it. I judge. But I think the question, who are we to judge? The question is, like, onlyfans, is it empowering? Is it really, like you're saying if you're a woman or you're a couple and you're going on there and you're doing whatever you're doing and you're charging, you know, you're making money and you don't meet any of these people? Well, surely that's empowering because you're using the thing that you have, that your skill, which is either the fact that you're very attractive or you're very good in bed or whatever the hell it is. I don't know. Is that not empowering versus selling out? That is, you're doing this because it's easy. And I think that's the connotation that you're selling your body because that's easier. And as you know, I work in the digital space, so I know for sure. Although I don't know anything much about OnlyFans, but you could be the most amazing adult **** star in the world and be on OnlyFans. If you're not visible, if people can't find you, if your SEO isn't done right, if you're not advertising, if you're not organically, people can't find you. It doesn't matter.

Suzie: That's literally what I was gonna say.

Mel: Yeah, I mean, it's a marketing skill. It's marketing. So it's, it's like, it's like, what do you mean they're selling out? You're suggesting that they're, you know, getting their kit off and doing whatever they're doing online and that's the easy option. I would actually say that's actually pretty hard.

Suzie: Yeah.

Mel: To do that because it takes a lot of guts to just go, **** it, I don't care what people think about me.

Suzie: And then to keep it up and.

Mel: Like, literally having a business and constant pressure, they're gonna have to do, I don't know how many videos a day, a week or whatever.

Suzie: Yeah.

Mel: And then they have to do this thing. From my understanding of the, you know, obviously, as I said, I'm not a subscriber. Maybe I will be tomorrow. There you go. Maybe I'll subscribe. Something is that you can ask for specific things on. It depends on the account. And, you know, I think there's a sort of confusion with a lot of people. Sort of like, where is the line between only finds only fans and like, cam girls, you know, where's the line? So, like, cam girls, you can ask them to do certain, I think Cam.

Suzie: Girls are very live. Like, there's a lot girl, they're all live. This is mostly.

Mel: But you can ask them to do stuff.

Suzie: Yeah, yeah.

Mel: And I think they also have levels of I do this or I don't do that. I mean, I assume. I don't know. Do they?

Suzie: Mel knows 100%. She's just saying, she does not.

Mel: They do. Like you can say right you can say, yeah, but can you actually specify? Somebody needs to tell me. If you. I can tell you.

Suzie: I've been on it.

Mel: So if you're an. Only as a, as a star or.

Suzie: And Covid was a tough time. Okay. We all tried everything once, but I've also been on it as like a subscriber just to see, see what's going on.

Mel: Just.

Suzie: Cause I am very heavy into my sexual research and I like, really, I like to be. I like to be in the know of things. And it's very interesting what some people will advertise and one, some won't. And obviously like the men on there too.

Mel: Yeah. It's big for gay. Gay stuff for gay people, but also.

Suzie: Like, lesbians go on it for the women because people. Right. Logically, I don't know, people also just like, they want to feel a little bit used and abused. People do want that.

Mel: It's interesting.

Suzie: Especially people with money. People want to feel a certain type of way with that kind of stuff.

Mel: I think the interesting thing about Onlyfans is, is like, where is the line when you go from, like, watching adult stuff online to get your jollies to having to subscribe to something all the time? Because there is a line like, and, you know, the cam girl thing is another whole thing because that could be, you know, you have a whatever, but like, well, you know, it could be. It's something you do all the time. It could be because you are these cam girls meeting people. They do. They do. But the cam girl have the same thing. They have to market themselves, thousands of them. And then there's like all these different categories.

Suzie: Certain fans who will tell the other fans about you.

Mel: To be on Reddit, we need to.

Suzie: Be in these horrible, dark places of.

Mel: The Internet, and you've got to be good. And you got to be good.

Suzie: I'm a great ******* *****. You know what?

Mel: Hundred percent. And, you know, some day I've seen some day. But, like, you know, onlyfans, I guess, is more. I guess onlyfans is more like a subscription to kind of your own personal ****. I guess that's the idea.

Suzie: It's like Instagram for Cam girls, right? Right.

Mel: Yeah. So it's like you, sorry, you're, you're subscribing to these videos that everyone else can see, but you can also ask for some other stuff. And there are levels of what people will do and won't do because there are levels of stuff. Like, some of it really is just sort of posing and some also, like.

Suzie: Onlyfans tried to go way. Remember when the Onlyfans literally was like, hey, we're actually not gonna allow nudity on our site anymore. And that literally almost ruined their entire stock. Their site, their whatever. Because all of the, like, sex girls were like, okay, **** this. We're gonna find our own thing. We're gonna make our money elsewhere. Which is, like, so easy to do. Honestly, important. Like, you can figure it out if you have enough fans. Like, it doesn't matter. But then it's also like. And then they obviously reverse that pretty quickly. Cause they realize that they're gonna, like, onlyfans is gonna make no money. So they're.

Mel: Yeah, I mean, I think the thing about Onlyfans is it wasn't technically, according to their sort of corporate bio, sure. Meant to be adult and then turned very quickly into that.

Suzie: How could it not be? You can hide pictures. You can ask for money for pictures, for videos.

Mel: Why else are you. Then give me a ******* book. I really did, but it's. And actually they now, I believe they still have and did a female CEO and trying to make it sort of much more legit. I thought it was quite funny. But I'm. In my opinion, I think you do whatever. If you can make a living out of that and you're prepared to do that, then you go for it. My caveat would be, you just think about it. And I would say the same. If you're a **** star now, honestly, is like, if you want to go and have a career in law or you want to be a teacher, you want to be a doctor. It's probably not a brilliant idea, even if you need to pay your way through school because some ******* will find it eventually and it will just be miserable for you.

Suzie: Do you think that if you're a doctor, you will get fired for that, though?

Mel: I can see a lawyer potentially, but a doctor potentially, yeah. There's all there is difficult people. Teachers, for sure. Oh, yeah, potentially, yeah. I mean, it depends which country we're talking about, but potentially 100% teachers for sure because you're dealing with children. I mean, I think it's, in my opinion, really hypocritical because it has nothing to do with your job, but for sure, you get fired. And I don't think it's just about that. I think we have to be real. It's that people will perceive you in a certain way. They're going to ask you gross questions. You're going to get all that stuff. And that is a problem. If you're in that, in a context where you're trying to be taken professionally, seriously, professionally, all that sort of stuff. And I wish it wasn't like that, but it is. And women are judged still on a different level and a different playing field. And I, you know, as a, you know, obviously as a genux or as an older woman, I would like to tell you that things have changed. They really haven't. You know, it's just the way it is. If you look a certain way, you dress a certain way, you are. It's just the way it is. And I don't think that's going to change. And only fans, you know, if you've gone on to Onlyfans and you've done very explicit stuff and you've made tons of money, and then you decide, oh, yeah, I'd like to be a nurse or a doctor or a lawyer or something, sort of very much in the sort of straight laced world. Sure, you can try and do it, but I think you're gonna get a really hard time, and you're gonna get a lot of **** because you're gonna get a lot of **** anyway. This is just gonna an extra level. Yeah, I think the thing about, like.

Suzie: I mean, I understand the thing about, like, I don't understand, actually, the thing about being a nurse or a doctor. Like, ******* do your thing, be on Onlyfans. Like, who your patients are really gonna ******* care. That's not the point. If you're a lawyer and you're wanting to be on Onlyfans before becoming a lawyer or something, to pay your way through law school, let's just say maybe you'd have to just, like, own your own firm and then who would care?

Mel: Who specializes isn't special.

Suzie: Exactly.

Mel: No, look, I mean, you know, there's.

Suzie: Then no one can tell you what to do.

Mel: Yeah, I mean, I just think you have to think about what you want to do. Yeah, I think you also have to think about. I think anything in the adult world does have an impact on your personal relationships, on your family, on children, on the relationships with your partner. Some people can navigate it really well, some people cannot. Some people are very accepting, some are not. I think I saw something the other day. It was an Onlyfans girl who made a lot of money on OnlyFans. It was on that thing on. It's on Facebook and Instagram. It's called Underbelly. And this guy, I'd love to tell you that I know his name, but he's like a document documentary guy, guy who makes documentaries anyway, and he talks to people who kind of live on the edge or very sort of, I guess, underbelly lives. And he talked to this woman who was like, beautiful, very presentable, very articulate. I mean, she was very kind of va voom and sexy. And she was, I'd say probably, I think she was in her early twenties and she'd made a lot of money from Onlyfans, like a lot millions. Because looking at her, you know, why would she. But she came from this tiny town in Indiana and she stayed in the tiny town. Don't ask me why. Why you would stay in the tiny town. Well, but, you know, that's your millions of dollars. Your family's there. I don't know.

Suzie: Why can't you go to Italy?

Mel: But. Exactly, but she was talking about literally going to the local Walmart was just a nightmare because everyone would say abusive stuff.

Suzie: Babe, go to Italy. No one gives a **** who you are.

Mel: I mean, go and live in New York and live in LA. I don't know what I mean. You know, you can argue personal ******* problem. Yeah, maybe her family lives, I don't know. But the point I'm making is nobody was like, okay, fine, you're not, you're online, nobody's touching you. You don't meet anyone. You're doing this. You're actually providing a service online, so you're not actually in any sort of danger. Whereas, you know, women that are on the street, like, doing this, they're in a lot of danger. You're not in danger or you're in a strict club or whatever. Nobody's touching, nobody's following you. They don't know where you live. You're, you're in a sort of glass cage, as it were. And you're charging something because you have something to offer and you're very attractive and you know how to work it and somebody, like you said, wants to pay for it. And I personally don't see the issue. I really don't. I have to be, like, hypocritical and say, if my daughters were doing it, I would not be super thrilled because I pay for their education and everything else and they don't really need to be doing that. And I would just, I know as a woman, as an older woman, what that can do to your life, to people you meet, to potential jobs you're going to do. It shouldn't, but it does affect it. It affects the way people judge you. And I'm not saying that's right.

Suzie: I'm just saying I just want to go with that. And say, you cannot live your life by doing what you think is gonna make other people happy. And I'm not saying that's like, because I don't want my. And I agree. If I were to have two teenage daughters who I just literally want the best for, I want them to be doctors and do what they wanna do. And I definitely want them, like, putting their ******* out for, like, ugly men.

Mel: Putting their ******* out.

Suzie: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Putting the ******* out for ugly. Ben, you know, it's probably not my favorite thing for them to do as a career, but if they were happy and were happy making a lot of money to do this. **** not. But I understand, obviously there's that.

Mel: And there's also. There is a shelf life for it unless you can very successfully go from that. So sort of milfy granny **** there is all you can. Or what I would do if I had done this and I didn't because that's not my skill. If I had done it, I would have made tons of cash and then invested it and stepped away. And I know there are lots of ****, female **** stars because they make more money than male **** stars who did that make tons, tons of money, bought property, did stuff, and, you know, got on with their life. And I mean, ******* amazing. Good for you. Yeah, but it's still something that it's, you know, people judge you. Yeah, but there's.

Suzie: Then you have these fans who. Who will be with you and who will give you so much ******* money. Cause I know men. And they will be with you for that entire time if you get them the right attention.

Mel: I agree. So this is the question. Is it empowering or is it selling out?

Suzie: What are we selling out?

Mel: Well, I agree. I mean, but the interesting thing about the selling out thing is a lot of the people commenting on that are people who were only fans. And I think what I can say.

Suzie: About that, that's a personal vendetta against it or something. Cause they got, like, they felt that they were taken advantage of by the system, maybe, but that's something that they have to figure out on their own.

Mel: They're the people that have gone on and decided, I've made enough cash. I want to do something else. I don't know. I want to get married to a nice, conservative guy. I don't know. I want to live a nice life in a house with a white fence and, you know, in a. In a very traditional thing. And you're like, I'm sorry, but you can't go from, I mean, that's the thing, I guess I'm trying to say is, if you're an onlyfans do it. Do you do whatever, you know, if you can make money out of that and you're happy and you're comfortable and you can live with that and all the kind of consequences and all the things that come along with that, 100% do it. I wouldn't say, you know, I certainly wouldn't think any less of anybody. I'd be like, wow, you can make that much money from that. But to then say, I want to do that, and I want to then go and live a really conservative life.

Suzie: I just so kind of begged to differ, because it's like, if you are making yourself happy, you know how to make yourself happy. If Onlyfans, if you're doing it just for the money and it's actually not bringing you any joy and it's ruining your mental health, then obviously that's gonna snowball into every other part of your life. But if you're on onlyfans, you're making a **** ton of money. You're really happy with your life, even if you're not making a **** ton of money, but you're just making money. You're happy with what you're doing. You're doing what you want. It's making you enough. Or you have another job where you can do that, too, and then that'll go into other parts of your life, too, where you're like, I feel super empowered by this, and now I can do other things, and I'm gonna meet the right people who won't judge me for this particular part of my life. So it's like, it's very, like, obviously, you don't know what you're going to get with it. Just like with any job or career choice, you want to make the right decision for you and think about it for your entire future. Just like, getting. Which education do you want to get? Where do you want to go on that life?

Mel: I think that's a very refreshing point of view. I do. I mean, that's good. I mean, if you are that confident, all power to you.

Suzie: Yeah.

Mel: That confident that you're. That you can do that and feel comfortable and you're not. It's not causing any issues in your personal life or your mental health or in your potential future career prospects. Great, great. But I am telling you that other women who are probably the worst are going to judge you. Yeah. They are going to judge you. Yeah. But you can't care, and you can't care. No, if you're, that's, if this is.

Suzie: What you want to do.

Mel: But I think that's the point I'm making. If you're going to do it and you're going to be successful at something like Onlyfans or even, you know, whatever you're going to do, you cannot worry about the judgment because there will be judgment. And if you have an issue with that or you feel that it's going to impact the other things you might want to do, you might want to think whether you want to do it. That's the point I'm making. If you can't live with the consequences, like everything in life, there are consequences.

Suzie: Yes, of course.

Mel: And if you can't hack it or you think, you know, people are gonna be horrible, like my family's gonna be, think I'm disgusting or whatever, don't do it, then. Then that's what I'm saying. Yeah, but I'm saying, what I'm saying is if you start something like Onlyfans, which is the point of people saying selling out is if you're gonna start doing it, you could end up being really successful. And you have to accept that your neighbor or the guy you buy whatever from 100% is gonna be, have seen your hoo hoo.

Suzie: Hundred percent.

Mel: And you've gotta, like, if you're cool with that, good for you. But if you have a problem with that or you can't live with that, or you think it's gonna affect other things you're gonna do afterwards. Because at the end of the day.

Suzie: It'S on the Internet.

Mel: Exactly. It's there forever. It's there forever. It's always there forever. And if you, and then the other thing is there is a shuffle. I mean, there are.

Suzie: I honestly disagree with you with that. There is not a self life if you do it right, if you market it correctly.

Mel: Yeah, but there are adult entertainment stars who've done really well. Women really. Generally. Women who've done really well, sort of going through, like, being young and getting older and whatever. They're definitely less in demand the older they get.

Suzie: I just think you don't want to do it forever, obviously.

Mel: Yeah, but that's the point. And I get you obviously don't, but you have to make enough ******* money to not do it forever is the point I'm making. So if you're going to go into.

Suzie: It, that's going to marry a nice, rich, conservative lawyer after that.

Mel: Well, that's the. Well, yeah, I guess maybe who. Yeah, who. But that's the thing is you have to think, and I know when you're young, and this sounds very patronizing, when you're young, you don't think about all the consequences, all the things that.

Suzie: I agree with that.

Mel: But you do have to think. If you're gonna go on something like onlyfans and make a lot of money, you have to think, what do I want to do after? Like, maybe you're gonna do it for a couple of years, right? What are you gonna do after that? Yeah, if you. If you haven't made enough money, you're probably gonna have to do something.

Suzie: But here's the thing. It's just like any other ****** dead end job do.

Mel: You do it and worry about it later.

Suzie: You work at the ******* grocery store, you're making nothing. Where is that gonna go?

Mel: Totally get totally sorry.

Suzie: If you work at the grocery store, like, it's just like, what. What else you wanna do? If that's all you wanna do, that's great.

Mel: Yeah. Only fans.

Suzie: It's great.

Mel: Yeah.

Suzie: But it's like. It's just like any other dead end job. Kind of where there's nowhere to go but up. Unless you wanna be the grocery store manager or maybe you wanna own your own grocery store someday.

Mel: You know what I mean? I do. But. So I think I'm kind coming at this from a different angle. I'm thinking. Cause there are a lot of girls who do stuff like onlyfans to pay their way through school or to do it for a temporary period.

Suzie: Sure.

Mel: They think for a temporary period. Like, you know, when I. Onlyfans obviously didn't exist when I was younger and there were girls.

Suzie: Cause there was no Internet. Was there Internet?

Mel: No. Do you know who invented the Internet? Who's a british guy? So there you go. There's a fat for you. So, no, there was no Internet, susie. Of course there was no ******* Internet. But there were girls who, when I was at university, were girls who did. I knew a girl who did. Who was an escort to pay her way through school and another girl who worked in strip club.

Suzie: Yes, girl.

Mel: And that was. I'm not saying that was common, but of course there were people who did that. So it's the same. It's just an offline version of the online version if you get one. Because there was no onlyfans, which is the. Online.

Suzie: There's more of a paper trail.

Mel: Yes. So that's the thing. If you worked in a strip club, nobody knows.

Suzie: No.

Mel: Exactly.

Suzie: Your professor comes in one day, 100%.

Mel: Which, of course, they did, but that's not. Not the point. The point is they did it because it made tons more money. Yeah. And it got them through school and graduate school and all the rest of it. And I guess because there was no online imprint, there were less consequences. But there were consequences. We did **** with her head, for sure.

Suzie: It's gonna **** with your head. But this is also what was a.

Mel: Means to an end.

Suzie: It's just like any other job. It just ***** with you in a different way. Because people have been telling us for our entire lives, for the most part, that sex is immoral. You kind of have to find a partner. You have to stick with that partner.

Mel: You shouldn't be.

Suzie: This is your private parts. You shouldn't be showing them off, things like that. Right. And so we're always thinking that sex is kind of dirtier and we should keep it private. This is a completely opposite way of thinking that and doing that. And we find it so incorrect, a lot of us, that we don't want to accept it, that people are actually making really good money off of it.

Mel: Like, really a lot of money.

Suzie: A lot of money. And that's amazing.

Mel: Yeah.

Suzie: And it's okay if you want to do this for a year, you want to do it for five, you want to do it for six months, you want to do it for ten years. Like, just, you have to kind of figure out where you want your career to go, and this will lead into other things that you want to do, too.

Mel: I think I'm in agreement with you. I totally am.

Suzie: Disagreement, but also disagreement.

Mel: No, I don't think we disagree. I'm just taking a maternal view. If you are a young woman, and it's largely younger women, there are actually more malfia women on it. And I'm sure they make tons of money.

Suzie: Hell yes. Because got the tata.

Mel: They got the. But if you're older, you don't actually have to think about this so much. But if you're younger and you're doing it as a means to an end or you want to do other things or whatever it is, you just have to be. You can't see all the things that are coming down the road at you. No, but maybe just be aware, is what I'm saying, that this is. This does have an impact, like you're saying, like anything. But if you get your clothes, your kit off, as we say, and, you know, you do stuff and what it could be anybody asking you, number one, like, I was telling you about this, talking about girl and septic, right? It could be anybody asking you. Anybody has seen your bits and bobs. Yeah. If you don't care, good. If you do care, then it's a bit of a problem. Yes. Like, you have to understand, this is the ******* Internet job. Anybody will see it for all of eternity. Absolutely. And I think that's what I'm saying is just be aware and don't think just I'm gonna make all this stack of cash now. Because you also may not. Because you, like I said, you have to market yourself. You have to be really good. There's lots of people doing. You have to push yourself like a Facebook ad, like YouTube, like anything. You've got to push yourself to the top and you've got to make people see you instead of all the other people doing it who might be equally as gorgeous. They're just not as good at marketing as.

Suzie: Well. Exactly.

Mel: But the point I'm making is if you're good at it, great. But you just have to be aware that there are. There's an impact. There is. This is not like working in Walmart. You make a lot more than working Walmart. But you know what I mean? Like, you know, it's. It may, you may, you know, I mean, if you're religious or if you're looking for a partner, it'll impact that. I mean, you could, you could argue, well, you know, if he's not cool with it, I don't want to be with that kind. So fine. Absolutely fine. But you just have to be aware of that. And if you want to do, like, let's say you're doing it for a short period because you're studying and you don't have any money or whatever it is, right? We all have to do what we have to do to pay the rent. At the end of the day, the rent doesn't pay itself.

Suzie: No, it does not.

Mel: And so if you. You do this thinking, yeah, ****, I've got to get from a to b, which is generally what happens in life, you're just like, I need a job. I've got to, I've got to get food and I've got to pay the rent. Yeah, you still have to think there are lots of ways of doing that. Onlyfans is not the only way. And if you do onlyfans, I am not criticizing. I'm just saying you have to think there are consequences.

Suzie: I agree. Yeah, I agree. Obviously there's consequences, ladies, if you're not thinking, we're mentally, gentlemen, there are lots.

Mel: Of them, lots of couples who do.

Suzie: If you are not thinking about the consequences. Like, I've seen these couples who are, like, police officers who are couples who do it. Who do it and they get fired. And then they're like, okay, yeah.

Mel: What police officer?

Suzie: I swear to God, I saw that on, like, TMZ or something like that.

Mel: They're police officers.

Suzie: Like, teachers that are doing it, that are obviously, you're gonna get fired. Like, I'm sorry. Fine, I'm sorry. But, like, you will work with children. You work in the public sector. You're gonna get fired, you ******* lonely fans. Like, it's. Don't be surprised, but, like, let's obviously think of the consequences, but don't be afraid of people's judgments that this is what you actually want to do.

Mel: I think you've said that very well. That's really what I think.

Suzie: Me and you, baby, we're on the same page.

Mel: We are.

Suzie: Laid out that money. Okay, well, what if. About you guys? Have you guys subscribed to an OnlyFans channel or have you been an onlyFans? What do they call them, models?

Mel: Star.

Suzie: Stars? Are you only star?

Mel: Are they a star? I want to know. An onlyfans still. Yeah.

Suzie: Seriously. Well, you guys can talk to us if you guys have any. Had any onlyfans, good or bad experience at sharingmytruthpod on the Instas or go to you can send us an email or leave us a little voicemail.

Mel: We want to know.

Suzie: Oh, my God, do we ever.

Mel: And I think we're gonna have to do a follow up. We will, because there's onlyfans addiction, and I want to address that.

Suzie: Yeah.

Mel: Anyway, next time.

Suzie: Next time.

Mel: Thanks so much for listening. Please rate and review this podcast and follow us on social at sharingmytruthpod . And leave us a voicemail on our website,, to share your stories and experiences with us. We'll see you next time. Bye bye.

Suzie: Three, two, one. Yeah.

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