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Episode 63  -  The Truth: I had an affair while I was pregnant!
Melany Krangle & Suzie Sheckter

Suzie: And welcome back to sharing my truth pod. You're here with Mel and, Suzie, and we're so happy to be here with you.

Mel: And thanks for joining us.

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Mel: Yes.

Suzie: And subscribe if you feel like it. We come up with episodes every week on Wednesdays, so make sure that you tune in because they're very juicy. And we have a very juicy one today. Babes. How are you?

Mel: I'm fabulously fabulous.

Suzie: Oh, good. You look fabulous. You just got your hair done, didn't you?

Mel: I did. Ooh, it's extra blonde. Got my hair done yesterday. Yeah, it's gorgeous. Yes. Instagram is a source of serious fuckery. Instagram and TikTok. I don't know. What do we do before Instagram? What do you even remember live before Instagram?

Suzie: I do, because I didn't have Instagram at the beginning of high school. We did have Facebook, though.

Mel: Yeah, that seems so od somebody of your generation to have been on Facebook because none of you verted it.

Suzie: Yeah, I fully. I started on Facebook in 2008 when it was kind of first becoming popular.

Mel: Yeah.

Suzie: And then obviously Instagram became a thing, but Instagram wasn't like selfie, selfie selfies. Instagram was more like actually taking artistic photos. That's what it was about.

Mel: I can't even remember.

Suzie: And now it's not like that, obviously, at all. It's mostly about selfies and promoting a nap. But I remember Facebook as, know, doing these stupid ******* albums. And if you had some kind of a house party, we would put an event on Facebook, which is probably not as smart or like a live. No, we didn't have lives back then.

Mel: Oh, is that a new thing?

Suzie: That's definitely was.

Mel: Yeah.

Suzie: I mean, I love Facebook when it was good. Now it's just horrible with all these gen xers on there and baby boomers.

Mel: I don't actually look at Facebook. The thing about Facebook, which has nothing to do with what we're talking about, but it's just full of. I mean, I know Instagram, TikTok are ****, but it's like all these things that are suggested for you and like, yeah, I don't want. That's so bad.

Suzie: And it's these long videos.

Mel: Oh, yeah, it's very.

Suzie: And I'm like, why am I watching this? And then they have ads within the videos, and I'm like, who is sitting here watching this right now anyway?

Mel: Yeah, but Instagram is an od thing, too, so there are quite a lot of these accounts where they're sort of sharing stories or people writing or, I don't know, they find them somewhere or whatever they do. And this is an account called the doe. Yeah, I think it's pronounced the doe.

Suzie: I think you did great.

Mel: Do you think I did great? Yeah. Anyway, so this one caught my attention.

Suzie: Oh, good. It's a little insane.

Mel: Well, yeah. So it's a woman who had an affair while pregnant. Now, of course, I think of myself when I was pregnant, and I looked like a small country, and I'm very short and I have very big bosoms. So I just looked like a big **** and a big stomach, and I just looked. And I had two girls, so I was like a barrel. So I don't really know how I would have had an affair. And I got very big with both of them. My kids were big.

Suzie: Some men.

Mel: Some men like it.

Suzie: Pregnant women.

Mel: But that's the funny thing, actually, which has nothing to do with this, but some men like pregnant women. Not really sure what that means.

Suzie: Yeah, it's a whole weird ******* fetish thing. I don't know.

Mel: It is a thing. But some men, when their wives are pregnant, and I know, like, friends of their husbands, when they get visibly pregnant, they're, like, afraid to have sex with their wives, I think, on a psychological level. And also like, oh, my God, am I going to sort of break you or something? And I think that's quite common. And the thing that's terrible is women, obviously, when you're pregnant, you've got all these hormones. It's like, yeah, I mean, you can be and you can't. It sort of depends on the woman, depends on the state, but you can be very. Yeah. And so it's like. That's weird. Yeah. Anyway, so this woman had an affair while she was pregnant. Now, she does say here that she was married and wasn't, like, sexually satisfied in her marriage.

Suzie: Right.

Mel: And she had an affair before she got pregnant, I believe.

Suzie: Okay.

Mel: She was open about being polyamorous during her pregnancy. With her first child, she stepped out and had a thralling sexual and emotional affair with another man.

Suzie: Okay.

Mel: They fell in love, but after two years, she decided to cut it off and recommit to her marriage. So, of course, because this is an instagram account, we don't know what happened to the marriage. She came clean to her husband, and after lots of therapy, they're having the best sex of their life. Well, all I can say is this man is very understanding.

Suzie: Okay, so everything is fine. This woman had an affair. Did you say before the pregnancy too? But then what I don't get is that they're polyamorous.

Mel: That's the thing. This polyamorous woman, can you be polyamorous, but your partner isn't? I suppose you can be. He's just not into it.

Suzie: Well, yeah, but if he doesn't know you're having sex with other people, then that's not a very ethical, non monogamous relationship, which is all what polyamory is, isn't it?

Mel: Yeah. So what drew me to this post? So the first sort of picture is I had a photo. I had an affair while pregnant. I'm so grateful. I was like, what? Yikes. And then I guess I understand this element. I believed all the myths that you have to change yourself when you have kids. But not only was I still the same person, I felt super powerful in my sexuality and strong in my body. Sorry. I felt that that had deserved an american accent. And I felt like the affair drilled a hole in the roof of my marriage and let out all the pressure.

Suzie: Okay.

Mel: Yeah. So there was **** going on, basically. I mean, this has nothing to do with being pregnant or not. You just happen to be pregnant, I think, is really what we're saying. So there's sort of different things going on here is that, of course, I guess you could have an affair while you're pregnant. I mean, I'm not sure. Yeah. I don't know. But if there's problems in the marriage and you weren't having sex, then, yes, you could have an affair while you were pregnant. Yeah. But then what happens? You go back and you like, well.

Suzie: So she came clean to her husband. Yes. And now they're having the best sex of their life. So maybe it did turn him on a little bit, the fact that she.

Mel: Went off.

Suzie: Or maybe just the honesty was like, great to get it off your chest. Now we can actually have a really great sexual relationship.

Mel: Well, maybe. It seems like she said she was feeling sexually unsatisfied in her marriage. Right. She could be a lot of things. So she went off and satisfied. That came back, felt kind of better. I mean, all I can say is you have a very understanding husband, that he was okay and that you still are married. And it's actually done positive things, because I think nine out of ten people would not be this cool about that.

Suzie: Well, especially if you're carrying their child.

Mel: Yeah, right.

Suzie: That's like a whole other level of kind of breaking that trust if they weren't open about being non monogamous.

Mel: Well, no, she says that they had, and you'll know more about this than I do, maybe that she was open about being polyamorous with her husband. Yes. The beginning of their relationship, and they sort of had enacted a don't ask, don't tell policy.

Suzie: Oh, okay, I see.

Mel: Right. So what is that? That's not open. What is that?

Suzie: It's not not open? I think it's just like, I know of some couples who actually do this where some of them travel a lot.

Mel: Okay.

Suzie: And so when they're out traveling, either for work or whatever they can do, they can do what the **** they want.

Mel: Okay.

Suzie: But they can't do that when they're home with their.

Mel: And they'd never talk about it.

Suzie: And they don't talk about it. It's something that they both know that they do, but they don't actually get into it when they get home.

Mel: Okay. I mean, whatever, it works for you. But then I think during her pregnancy, she said with her first child, which I said already, she stepped out and had this kind of love affair, it sounds like. And then she cut it off and she came clean to husband. So that sounds like they maybe were going off and she wasn't telling him. And she didn't tell him while she was having this affair. So she came clean to her husband, and after lots of therapy, they're in a good place and having good sex.

Suzie: After lots of therapy.

Mel: Okay.

Suzie: Yes.

Mel: They had this relationship where they had the don't ask, don't tell thing, but often, I think happens in those situations is it's one thing. Like, you're talking about friends who are going off and having basically sexual adventures. They're not falling in love with people. She went off and full on fell in love with somebody while pregnant with her first child. Mind blowing. And then obviously didn't tell her husband while that was happening. Broke it off and then told him. So that's a whole level of stuff, isn't it?

Suzie: It really is.

Mel: That's a thing, right? Having an open relationship where you have an open relationship and then you go away and you talk about is kind of one level. Obviously, if you're swingers, that's another kind of level of you do it together. Then this sort of don't ask, don't tell, which is probably what you're talking about. Friends who, when they travel, well, they're in a different place. They can have, well, whatever, sexual adventures, but not relationships. They're not falling in love. Right.

Suzie: Yeah.

Mel: They don't talk about it. This is having a full on relationship, which is a world away from having sex. I mean, that's not the same thing at all.

Suzie: It's just so funny because there's like three parts to this, right. It's like they are in this, like, don't ask, don't tell relationship. So he's kind of assuming that she's sleeping with other people, and she's kind of assuming that he's also sleeping with other people.

Mel: Right. I guess. I don't know.

Suzie: And then not talking about it, which is like, totally fine, but then here she comes. She's ******* pregnant. Hormones are everywhere. Pregnant. We're assuming with her husband's child. We're assuming. And then hormones are everywhere.

Mel: You're like, it was his husband's child.

Suzie: If you're not getting that sexual pleasure when you're horny and pregnant from your husband, do you feel like you are like, if I don't have it with someone, I'm going to get it with someone. And then if someone gives that to you, then, yeah, it's probably going to be a little bit easier to fall in love with that person emotionally.

Mel: Yeah, well, I suppose it depends if you're like, you're talking about people having one night stands essentially while they're away. Yeah. That is very different to I meet somebody, have sex. That's it. Don't see you again to I'm having a full relationship. I see you twice a week or whatever. And we have conversations and we have interests. Yeah. And we have sex and we connect emotionally and physically is a whole different level. Yeah. And that has always been my thing about this is it's the same as like, swinging or anything. Anything that you're doing is how do you stop, like, it's opening the pandora's box. How do you stop from something happening that you don't know that's going to happen, is what I mean. So I think a lot of people, yeah, of course. Lots of people go through their relationships and they get sexually frustrated or one person is or another or whatever's going on, and then they agree. And that does seem to be very modern, susie. I say that. Very modern, much more modern. That people are either in some kind of open or polyamorous or it's. It's being more talked about. Whether it's actually happening, I don't know. And the reality of, okay, when it works, it's probably great. Right? What the **** happens when you meet, like, you still love the person, the original person, but you meet somebody else, but you fall in love. I mean, you see what I'm saying.

Suzie: Yeah, I do.

Mel: Is like, it's the Pandora's box thing. Things will always happen that you didn't account for. It's always going to happen.

Suzie: I just think it's so interesting that they were able to figure out their problems with this and be able to still be in a happy relationship.

Mel: Well, according to Instagram.

Suzie: Well, according to Instagram. According to this person. But now. And she's grateful that she had an affair while pregnant. Right.

Mel: Yeah. So I understand that having had children, that women have this weird thing, and I've talked about this with you before, where we're very bad at compartmentalizing who we are. We find it very difficult. And a lot of women get lost in this as they get older, when they have children and so on, and get married, is that you can be a great mum, a great wife, a great quarrel woman, and, like, super sexy. They're not all mutually exclusive, but somehow we sort of tend to focus on the one thing and think, well, I can't do all of these things. And there's an extent of, like, yeah, there are only so many hours in the day and obviously, when you have children and you're married, you're not going to have the same time for sexy time as you did before, but it doesn't mean you can't be a sexual being. And I think when women are pregnant, people see you in a different light. Right. Your husband sees you, the whole world sees you in a different light. Yeah. The amount of people that are going to say to you, Holland's amazing and much congratulations and your life and all this kind of thing, like, no woman has ever been pregnant before in the history of the world. Right. Yes. It's like, yeah, I'm a woman who's pregnant and that's great, but I'm also. All these other things. Yeah, still working.

Suzie: You still have.

Mel: Still working.

Suzie: Possibly still working. There's, like, so much a mother to another child.

Mel: I mean, lots of different things. And the sex bit is absolutely your sexuality, your vuminess, like that. Yeah, I do. Is the bit that normally gets lost first because it takes some effort when you're pregnant, I think, in your head. Well, like I said to you earlier, I certainly did not look sexy in my head.

Suzie: Are you still getting waxed? Like, what is going on?

Mel: Oh, my God.

Suzie: Yes.

Mel: Oh, my God.

Suzie: Hurt even more.

Mel: No, I tell you the thing that really hurt, I was like, absolutely. I am not going in and delivering a child and having a hairy bush and all those people staring up my.

Suzie: Hulu like they ******* care.

Mel: But I ****** did. I had my nails done, my toes done, my bits done, I was all pristine.

Suzie: Oh, my God. Try to just entice the doctor, are we?

Mel: Well, I couldn't. It's like the shame of it. Like. No. When I had my first child, ended up having literally ten people in there looking up and I was like, no.

Suzie: Traumatic.

Mel: It is traumatic. Yeah.

Suzie: So what hurts the most?

Mel: Oh, having your teeth done. What? Yeah. So cleaning your teeth, like going to the hygienist when you're pregnant because your hormones are raging. Absolutely. For me, and it's not uncommon. Absolute agony. That is crazy because your gums are really sensitive. And some women more than others, right. And it was like, oh, my God, I actually get up and walk away. I hate the dentist at the best of times. Yeah. But it was horrendous. Wow. And I go to the, like, lots of people go every six months or every four months, whatever. Horrendous. Couldn't just like, I can't do it. So really, it's hormonal though, right? Yeah.

Suzie: So pregnant women who are having affairs and having a lot of sex while they're pregnant, which, like, good for them, but they're probably not doing beauty.

Mel: Sm. Well, I mean, they probably do make outfits for pregnant women. Oh, my.

Suzie: No.

Mel: Well, some women, when you're really pregnant, right at the end and the baby's just not coming and you're overdue, that's one of the things they say.

Suzie: So uncomfortable.

Mel: Have a bit of a boning. Exactly.

Suzie: Bit of a bone.

Mel: In England, they say that have a know. Spicy food brings it on. Don't know why I'm doing that. None of these things help me. But that's so beside the point. But, yeah, I mean, I think your hormones are raging. You're just raging. You're in this weird space generically. And some women really look amazing when they're pregnant. And they really flourish.

Suzie: They glow.

Mel: They glow.

Suzie: Literally glow.

Mel: That was not me. That was not me. I had every possible thing.

Suzie: Yeah, but, Mel, I know you, and I know you're very hard on yourself.

Mel: No, I really wasn't glowing. I'll show you. I looked like a small country, like a house. I was huge and I had, like, skin issues and I had everything related to hormones in a bad way. I had them. Wow. And I felt sick most of the time. I had morning sickness with each child for about six months. No. Yeah. So you felt like you're on a ship.

Suzie: It was horrible rocking back and forth. And you are a boat, so you're just kind of.

Mel: Exactly. I could have just been on the sea. Oh, my God. The Titanic whale. I was definitely a whale.

Suzie: A baby orca.

Mel: A baby. Baby orca. Yeah, that sounds better. But no, I wasn't. No. Yeah, I wasn't going. But I also. Jesus, I must have weighed like 500 pounds.

Suzie: No, you.

Mel: But I do understand. This is like feeling sexy. It's important to feel like you're going into another part of your life. And motherhood isn't what you traditionally associate with being sexy, is it? Definitely not even what we were talking about last time.

Suzie: Even though you have sex to be.

Mel: To have a baby. We were talking before another episode about traditional wives. They're sort of getting dressed up and looking good, but when you're pregnant, you don't really associate that with that. And so it's a bit of you that can be lost and nobody wants to talk about it. And like I said, some men are weird about sex during women when they're pregnant. Yeah. And some women it's not. So there are some women who feel very hormonal and horny and everything, but there are lots of women like me who actually feel sick for a lot of the time. Like, you feel like vomiting all the time and then you're really not feeling up for it.

Suzie: Well, so if you feel good, you look good when you're pregnant, and then you have that kind of attention that maybe even you're not used to because maybe you're looking even better than you're pregnant.

Mel: Yeah, quite possibly.

Suzie: Now you have guys who are giving you attention and you're like, oh, ****. And then maybe your guy isn't giving you attention because he's afraid to hurt the baby when you're having sex. Yeah, it's just like a whole bundle.

Mel: Of things that come down to, like, then you get an affair. Yeah.

Suzie: I want to know how common having an affair is while pregnant. Well, that sounds crazy to me.

Mel: It sounds just like, to me, how.

Suzie: Do you feel like going off and doing that? Do you know what I mean? Just because you feel, in my mind, obviously, I've never been pregnant before, but you feel like **** because you're literally carrying another person around.

Mel: And towards the end and hits hurt.

Suzie: And your back hurts and you're like.

Mel: Pee all the time.

Suzie: You have to pee all the time.

Mel: And you have to sleep towards the end.

Suzie: It's not the sexiest thing.

Mel: It's not at all. And towards the end. So I'm assuming. Yeah, I know. Nothing about this. That they're having the affair in the sort of middley bit. The middley bit of a bump. But you can still navigate situations because towards, like seven, eight months. I mean, I was so big, even driving was a problem. Oh, I couldn't see my toes. No, that was the one thing I had my baby. Oh, there's my toes. There they are. Hello. But no, also at the end, I was sleeping with all these pillows on my side. Because you're so big and heavy, like the stomach.

Suzie: Yeah.

Mel: You can't sleep in a normal way. You've got to be supported. And then this thing is. Thing, this mutant, this little weird *** alien pushing on your. That you need to pee. And some people get really bad. I didn't. But really bad. Gastric reflux. It's lovely. It's charming. Beautiful. It's. Exactly. And so all those things are not traditionally associated with sexy french lingerie, are they?

Suzie: Yeah, definitely not.

Mel: I just think it's not a period of your life when you're kind of elsewhere. Or maybe that's the thing. We think it. And that's the other thing about women. And this goes to anything we've ever talked about, whatever you're into sexually or we talked about trad wives or all the things we've ever talked about is everything is different for every person but every woman, like, everything you experience, whether it's your periods, your first boyfriend, your first sexual experience, periods, your period, your first pregnancy, everything, every woman, we assume it's kind of like formulaic, and we all go through the same thing and the same. We don't. None of it. None of it is the same. Like, I have friends.

Suzie: Everyone's different. Every woman is different.

Mel: So different friends who had their babies and literally just plopped out. Plopped out.

Suzie: Wouldn't that be nice?

Mel: I mean, they literally. One of my friends was in the car to the hospital and literally almost made it out the lift, the elevator, and the baby just came out.

Suzie: No.

Mel: And there was me ******* struggling away.

Suzie: Oh, my.

Mel: Pushing away. And eventually had to be sliced open and pulled out.

Suzie: Perfect.

Mel: Fantastic.

Suzie: But now you're tight as a little.

Mel: Yes.

Suzie: Gorilla grip. Kuchi.

Mel: Very good. Yeah, that's very good. I do have that advantage. The one problem I have is the little muffin top never goes away because you have that you'll sort of cut open and it's sort of never quite the same. I should have had liposuction at the same time, which I. Oh, yeah.

Suzie: Can you do that while you're getting C sected? Is that what you're saying?

Mel: C sected.

Suzie: C sected. I don't know.

Mel: Is that what it's called? I have no idea. Well, I have heard rumors of women.

Suzie: They do not do liposection. That is traumatic during it, but like.

Mel: Sort of close after it. I don't know how they would. Crazy. And I would like to say I have no idea and I'm not a doctor, but you do are a bit suspicious when you see somewhere when they come out and they've just had their baby and you're like, so interesting because when you have a baby, however much weight you've put on, you think you have the baby and your stomach will go back because the big things out. Go back. Of course it ****** doesn't.

Suzie: Of course it goes back.

Mel: You still look quite pregnant for quite a while. And that is just horrible. Horrible. But anyway, so going back to. I'm not the right person while pregnant. Yes. Because I didn't feel very sexy at all. I felt awful. Like I was physically feeling sick and I just felt actually quite hideous. I looked hideous. Sorry.

Suzie: I'm like knocking there almost around my period, or even sometimes I feel like **** and I look like ****. I don't look like myself and I don't feel like myself. Maybe that's just also an internal thing where you're like seeing yourself in a kind of a weird way and it only lasts like a week or something, or like a week and a half. But then imagine you're like that for nine months.

Mel: Oh, I don't need to imagine.

Suzie: No, but exactly.

Mel: It's like burned into my memory.

Suzie: You can't live a normal little nothing feel like **** and you look like ****. And that's how I would feel.

Mel: Yeah. And I was so uncoordinated, like driving the car, like once when I was pregnant with my second child and she was even bigger and I had a big suv driving this big suv, and I was in this really tight car park, like in Europe, they're very tight. And I was going down and I couldn't maneuver because I was so big. And I went down into this car park and I couldn't do it properly, just my spatial awareness, and I couldn't move and I just scratched the whole side of the car. And I was so close. I got so emotional. Yeah. I was just like, **** it, I'm just going to get out of know, very expensive car and just walk. Just. I didn't know what to do because I couldn't maneuver and eventually got myself together and got to a bit and sort of turned around. Like, this has actually happened when I was living in Switzerland. The car parks there, if anybody's ever lived in Switzerland, are insane. Do you not have a big car in Europe? And you can't. It's very hard to maneuver. But I had an additional. I just couldn't get it together. Wow. Because I was physically big and I couldn't even move. And then you just get so emotional. Just burst into tears. And I was so close to just going, **** it, I was on a ramp. I actually wanted to just get out and I almost did and just leave it there. And I didn't because I got my **** together. But I'm just saying, you are in such a sort of volatile, vulnerable in many levels. Even if you're, know, even if you're glowing. I remember actually, during the famous Meghan Markle, who was, when she was pregnant, I don't remember which child know. She was interviewed about something. And obviously it was during that horrible period before they left the royal family. And an interviewer asked, know how you feeling and you're pregnant. And she, you know, thank you for asking, but I'm like any woman, I'm vulnerable. And she looked amazing. So you think, like, she looked great and she had all great clothes and lots of people around her and whatever, but you feel vulnerable because you're not in your normal kind of state, obviously. Yeah. So I think that you could physically and mentally, you're just going through so many things. So if there is a problem with your relationship, I can understand how that could happen. Like, any time in your life you can meet somebody. I mean, people always think it's weird. Like, this is going to sound strange, but in funerals, people get together a lot. Right. But, like, people have affairs and have one night stands because your emotions, something huge has happened in your life and your emotions are all over the place. So the weirdest thing is, actually, the first thing people go to is to have sex because it's a release kind of thing.

Suzie: 100%.

Mel: And a lot of people are confused by that. It doesn't confuse me at all because you're so heightened, like, all this ****'* going on that that's going to happen.

Suzie: We also need same kind of like, hit of like, endorphins.

Mel: Something happened. Yeah, something. Yeah, for sure.

Suzie: You're just like, your body's so confused.

Mel: But I think it's like any sort of major thing in your life. I think if you're not happy in your kind of where you're starting from, very easy to have an affair whether you're pregnant, whether, like I said, something awful has happened or in your life a tragedy or whatever. I think often as humans, that's the thing we go to is sex because it makes feel good. Well, at least for a period of time.

Suzie: Well, you know what's funny? It's like, this is a little off topic, but it's like the same thing when you're watching a scary movie. People get horny because their body doesn't know what the ****'* going on.

Mel: Interesting. And I hate scary movies.

Suzie: Yeah, horror movies. I used to really like scary movies.

Mel: Hated them.

Suzie: I don't really watch them now because I just find them really stupid. But yeah, when you're watching a scary movie, you can actually get horny. And it's not weird at all. It's literally just because your body doesn't know what to do and it kind of needs a distraction and it's like.

Mel: A fight or flight reaction.

Suzie: Exactly. It's like really weird.

Mel: Yeah.

Suzie: So if you get horny, you're doing scary movies. You're not a freak, you're not a limit, you're not a freak.

Mel: It's quite normal.

Suzie: Unless you are a freak and you're doing that stuff.

Mel: But yeah, there's always that. I saw this because you sent me. Because we were always sending stuff backwards. We're always sending articles and things we find interesting. And I was looking at this instagram page and I was know. Getting pregnant during having an affair while pregnant with another man's child. Yeah. Fascinating.

Suzie: It really is. I don't know what it is, but to think of another man's ***** where your baby is, that kind of ***** me up a little bit about it.

Mel: Yes.

Suzie: Unless it's a very.

Mel: Wow, that's very traditional of you.

Suzie: I know, but there's something in my brain that just doesn't want to connect that well.

Mel: It's a bit like, I think in another episode I told you about this girl I used to know at university who was with this guy had an affair with a married man.

Suzie: Yeah.

Mel: And we're not in touch anymore, so it's fine. But his wife had children and he got his wife pregnant and this woman pregnant that I knew at the same time. And you're like, what is wrong with you?

Suzie: So much. So many things.

Mel: And then there's got to be some kind of weird ******* power thing with his seed going on there, I think. Yeah, but I mean, it's not tricky, mate. Use a condom.

Suzie: Well, so here's also maybe the weird thing about this, right? So she had the affair while she was pregnant. But I have heard of lots of guys having affairs while their wives are pregnant.

Mel: My friends. Very common. Very common.

Suzie: Obviously, it's like.

Mel: It's because they're not getting enough sex.

Suzie: Not ******* pregnant, and he's not going to have sex, so he's going to have the affair. But it's like we're obviously so interested by this woman who is having this ******* affair while pregnant, even though guys do that all the time.

Mel: Yeah. Well, I mean, I think why men go off and have affairs is, well, a, probably there is something wrong to start with, but b, men don't want to admit that they don't find their wives attractive while they're pregnant, which is a kind of very misogynistic thing. I mean, I think that's actually very common and very worrying. Really? Yeah. I mean, like, you married the person.

Suzie: You're the one who wanted the baby.

Mel: Really? But it's very common. Yeah, very common. But, yeah. Well, I mean, all power to her. If it's all worked out, then it's.

Suzie: Apparently all worked out.

Mel: She's grateful.

Suzie: She had the affair. She had the affair. They went to therapy, and they're all happy ever after.

Mel: Yeah. I mean, I'm not sure I believe that. So that we need a follow up. It's so funny, though. I think also, if you resort to having affairs, which is very common, when you're very vulnerable, what's going to happen? I mean, you got children now. You're going to be vulnerable.

Suzie: You got children.

Mel: Something's going to happen. It's not, like, easy. And you're like, God, is that going to happen again? I don't know. Probably.

Suzie: Well, we wish them all the best.

Mel: We do. And we know nothing other than go and follow this account, which, again, we have nothing to do with. But it's kind of interesting. The dough. The dough, if that's how you pronounce it, personal and anonymous stories shared here to build empathy.

Suzie: That's so ******* great. We'd love these ******* kind of things. But if you guys have a certain story that you guys want to tell, maybe this is your friend or this has happened to you, maybe your guys cheated on you while you're pregnant. I ******* hope not. But let us know Or you can dm us pod Instagram.

Mel: Yeah. And even if you want to vent.

Suzie: Please, or you want to ask us questions more about Mel's pregnancy.

Mel: Everyone'S lucky they didn't see me I'm going to find these photos.

Suzie: I'm going to post them.

Mel: Yeah. And I've hidden them. I've burnt them all. Didn't have iPhones then.

Suzie: Oh, thank God.

Mel: Hey, God. Storage. I would have taken up with the size of me.

Suzie: Oh, my God, Mel, I'm sure you were beautiful and glowing.

Mel: No, I wasn't.

Suzie: No. All right, guys. Well, we love you so much.

Mel: Until next time. 1234. Thanks so much for listening. Please rate and review this podcast and follow us on social at @sharingmytruthpod and leave us a voicemail on our, to share your stories and experiences with us. We'll see you next time.

Suzie: Bye bye.

Mel: Three, two, one. Yeah.

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