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Episode 48  -  Friends with Benefits
Melany Krangle & Suzie Sheckter

Suzie: Welcome to sharing my truth with Mel and Suzie. The uncensored version where we bear it all.

Mel: We do 1234. Hello, everyone. Hello and welcome back.

Suzie: After showing My Truth Pod, you're here with Melan, Suzie, and we're about to lay some ******* reality on this right here. Friends with benefits. Okay. Happening in three, two, one. Hey, babes, how are you?

Mel: Hello, darling. I am superb.

Suzie: Wow, that's a new word for us.

Mel: It's very British word, so I thought I'd add it in.

Suzie: I love it.

Mel: Got to expand the vocabulary on that.

Suzie: Absolutely. Teach the girls how to do slimmer.

Mel: Yeah.

Suzie: Speak some French. To mel. That turns me on. Well, we're here today and we're about to talk to something.

Mel: Talk to something?

Suzie: Yeah, talk to something obviously.

Mel: Close to.

Suzie: My heart, near and dear to my soul. Mel. Something I truly believe in and something I believe should be in everyday households.

Mel: Okay, go for it.

Suzie: It's called friends with benefits.

Mel: Okay. Why do I not find that hard to believe?

Suzie: I truly think that this is something that more people should be doing.

Mel: Yeah, I mean, I don't think there's anything wrong with it, but I just think generally it probably doesn't work out that well for a lot of people because the people going into it have different want different things and they don't make that clear.

Suzie: Obviously there's movies about this stuff with, like, Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunas or whatever. Right. Like, there's all these ******* movies, 2000s movies about it. But I have had so many of these kind of relationships. Shocking, I know. And I don't think I've had one that had ended poorly or like someone didn't have. We both knew what it was. We both knew what the relationship was, and that was just sex and we could just ******* hang out and it wouldn't be weird. It wouldn't be like, but I think I like him, or like, he's like, oh, I really like her. I hope she doesn't just think of me as a friend. No, I think it's like if this is something you're both connecting on and you're both attracted to each other, then.

Mel: You can just do that and you.

Suzie: Don'T have to kind of make it about something more than anything is there. And I think people have a real problem with that because people think of sex as something that they have to do if they're only in love or women. Men too, though.

Mel: Yeah, I mean, it's true. I think it isn't just women, but I think it does happen a lot because women, we just have this thing where we think we're going to meet a man or he's our friend, and then we think, actually, no, he could be more. And then you just think you can change their mind, which is stupid, but make it something it's not.

Suzie: But there's a statistic out there that men fall in love easier and faster than women do.

Mel: Yeah. We found that we had that in a previous pod and I'll have to find that again and link that.

Suzie: But that's true.

Mel: They fall in love more at first.

Suzie: Sight, but they just fall in love faster and harder, let's say.

Mel: Very good. But I think that's because of the physicality, like, they attract to a beautiful woman or a good looking woman.

Suzie: Well, they put sex with love, right? So if a man is like, yeah, I want a friends with benefits, I want to just ****, and then the girl's like, Great, I just want to ****. And then they get together, they just do that. And then he's like, well, actually, maybe I kind of like you, and she's like, Whoa, whoa, I actually just used you for sex.

Mel: Yeah. No, look, I think that's the problem. It can happen, can't it can happen to the man or the woman.

Suzie: Absolutely.

Mel: And I think we just think that we're able to shut off our feelings and emotions and whatever as human beings, but of course we don't know what's going to happen and how we're going to feel. And that's the problem.

Suzie: Yeah, you're not wrong about that, Mel. Obviously, there's always bad with the good with these kind of relationships.

Mel: I think it could be an age thing, too. Do you think you had these relationships when you were quite young?

Suzie: Definitely. Like 16 to 1920.

Mel: It's a whole different thing, isn't it?

Suzie: And honestly, these people that I've ****** when I was younger, like 1616 or 19, pretty much, I'm still really good friends with these people. I don't see them on a daily basis. Daily basis because I'm in Toronto and a lot of these things happened when I was in the West Coast. But, yeah, I'm still very good friends. If I saw them today, it would never be weird. And if I was single, I'd probably **** them again and it would be fine and we wouldn't have to be a relationship. And I think that it's just a mental block that people have that are.

Mel: Like, well, if you have sex, then you probably like them.

Suzie: It's like, no, I'm just using them for their *****.

Mel: Very nice. You're physically attracted to them, but you don't have a relationship with them. Exactly. They are two very different things. And I think that's the other thing. Like, a lot of men and women cannot seem to understand that you don't have to be in love with every person either that you have sex with or every person they have a relationship with. There are relationships in your life that can be very meaningful and, like, great, maybe sexually, emotionally, whatever, but you weren't in love. It's just a thing. And it was good, but you weren't in love because they're all a sort of journey. But I think friends with benefits, I'm not sure how well it works the older you get. Yes.

Suzie: And that was a great point you made right. Because women we're obviously going to just talk about women because we don't know how men think. But women, when you turn a certain age, you do have a biological clock ringing going on.

Mel: Yes, you do.

Suzie: So you want to maybe get married. These thoughts are coming into your head a lot more than from when you're 16 to 20.

Mel: Yeah. It gets a little kind of I don't want to say desperate. Well, I've just said it, but it does. I think actually, if you really want a baby, it is actually a feeling like it sort of pounds inside of you. It's really hard to not want to do. It weird. It's really intense. And I haven't had it in the same way because I had the children. But I know friends of mine who didn't want kids, and all of a sudden their clock was like literally it surprises you. You just don't realize. But one thing I would like to say about friends with benefits is I do think another time when it can work for women is if you are a MILF ****.

Suzie: Yeah.

Mel: And you've got and your life is sorted, your finances, you don't need a man, really, for any of that stuff, and you just want to have sex. And I think that's completely it could work really well. Absolutely. Maybe you want to just maybe do some stuff together, like go for dinner or you're going to one of those kind of parties where you need a plus one, and if somebody's your friend, I think that's really great. And then you have sex, but you're not really in a relationship. But I think that's an interesting one is that the young men can then often become quite attached, and I've seen that to the older woman, and they're like, no, I don't want a relationship.

Suzie: I don't want you.

Mel: No, thanks. I just want to have a bit of I know, mel, but I'm trying to think in the murky my murky past. It's not murky in the murky distant past is what I mean. Friends with benefits. I can't actually think of where really I had relationships where that was successful. I had a few casual relationships, like where it was just sex. It wasn't anything you weren't friends with them? No, but it wasn't bad and end badly.

Suzie: Yeah. Which it was like one night stands.

Mel: Yeah. I mean, that's fine. Or maybe two nights. Two night stands more than once, but I think that's fine. They're just a ****.

Suzie: They're not your friend.

Mel: But I think that's part of being young.

Suzie: Absolutely, it is.

Mel: And it goes back to this thing, and I find I get very shocked when people talk about sex and they talk about especially if they're old like me, and they got kids and they get sort of very surprised, and you're like, what the **** were you doing when you were 16? 1718? Were you, like, living in a convent? Under a I mean, come on. Yeah. What do you think people do? What do you think young people do? Exactly. What the **** were you doing? You were ******* thank you, Mel. And it just stopped being so prudish. It's so bizarre. I find it so strange. Yeah.

Suzie: Like, we know what these kids are doing.

Mel: Yeah. And it's totally normal. Yeah. And that is what you're going to want to do. It's self discovery. You got to figure out who you are. You're going to make some mistakes. You're going to make mistakes in all parts of your life, including your sex life, and then you're going to figure out what you do want and what you don't want. Yeah.

Suzie: And that's also when I met my boyfriend, it was like, we could have just been friends with benefits. He pursued it as not I didn't want a relationship at the time, and it wasn't even thinking about that. I was actually concerned. I was like, I just moved to a new city. I don't want to lock myself down. I want to go have fun. But yeah, I don't know. Sometimes things just work out and you don't expect them to. And I think that's also a big thing with friends with benefits. If you have these expectations within that relationship, and that's like any relationship, you're just going to be disappointed. It's like you're like, oh, well, maybe he's going to fall in love with me because I'm sucking his ****. It's like, no, but he just actually thinks of you as a friend, and he doesn't care about wanting an actual relationship with you. You guys are still going to go out for drinks. He's not going to pay for your drinks all of a sudden because you guys are having sex.

Mel: No.

Suzie: Do you know what I mean? But I think a lot of women are like, maybe one day he'll think of me as something else. It's like, why are you wasting your time?

Mel: Thank you. I like to stand up and hand of applause. Hand of applause. Yeah. I'm baffled. I think that's a good word. Continually baffled by the way men allow themselves to be treated by women and women allow themselves to be treated by men. You are a grown *** person. You do not need some second rate kind of love situation. You should go and find the best. And in the meantime, go and live your life. Absolutely. Don't settle for some stupid situation. And it's okay if it was just sex or it's okay. I mean, it's really not a big deal, is it?

Suzie: No, I don't think it's a big deal at all. I think sex is literally like anything else. It's like an experience. And that's literally like 100%. You went to soccer one day, you liked it, you didn't like it. You know what I mean? You do these new things all the time, whether it's good or it's bad. It's like you learn from it 100%.

Mel: And it's just not a big deal. But I just think people are not very capable of being very honest, which is actually quite sad. We're talking about friends of benefits, so we're assuming you were friends before. And the one person takes it completely at face value, like, yeah, great, I find you attractive, so I'd like to have sex with you. That's it. And the other person says, yeah, I think that's a great idea, but they really don't mean it. And I think statistically it's probably more often women, but it isn't exclusively. That's a huge generalization to say that that's the case and they want a relationship. They just don't fess up to it, own up to it and then that's when the mess happens and you're just like you've got to know that that's going to be an enormous disaster if this person is telling you, this is all I want from the outset and you want something else. I mean, come on, they're not going to suddenly fall meaningfully desperately in love with you.

Suzie: They're just not. And obviously these things happen. These things might happen.

Mel: They do, but exactly.

Suzie: Don't expect anything to be like, come about of this.

Mel: No.

Suzie: It's like people, I think, also don't realize there might have to be rules. If you're a rules person, there may have to be rules before you engage in something as like if you wanted to think it was meaningful as sex kind of thing, there should be like, oh, you don't want them to sleep with anyone else. Well, that's probably not going to happen with a friends with benefits relationship.

Mel: Right, exactly.

Suzie: They're probably having sex with a lot more people. And then if they get into a relationship when you guys are in this friends with benefits thing, obviously you guys have to stop having sex. Maybe if that's something.

Mel: I think that's a very good idea.

Suzie: But are you going to be upset about that if they stop having sex with you? I think there's like a lot of things to think about within this and that's why obviously these rules and these boundaries might be important.

Mel: Yeah. And I think the other thing is also if you are friends with benefits and it's a kind of a long ongoing thing because sometimes it goes on for many years is that it doesn't stop you from meeting other people and you don't just do that thing and then don't do anything else and don't actually go out and meet the person you really do want to be more than friends with. You got to be very careful. Right. And I think a lot of people can fall into that trap.

Suzie: Yeah, that is a good point. I mean, it's hard as women, we don't want to disappoint people, I think, a lot of the time. And so it's like, oh, this person is wanting to have sex with me all the time. He really thinks I'm cute, he likes.

Mel: The way I have sex, then it's.

Suzie: Like, I want to make him happy because I think we just innately do that. We don't think about it.

Mel: I think young women do. Yeah. I think when you start, you do that, and then you realize, I know that's not what I should be doing.

Suzie: But then if these people are being like, oh, yeah, come over all the ******* time, and you're like, well, I actually just want to meet someone else, then you have to make sure that you're being taken care of too.

Mel: Yeah, absolutely. I mean, yeah, I totally agree with that, but I think you have to be very clear in your head and don't fall down the sort of trap of this. And I think that can happen. Like, you start out and you think, well, nothing else is happening, so maybe this could be more. And I think women can often do that. And you're like, why? My question is always why? I'm again going to use the word baffled, perpetually baffled. That sounded very British, didn't it? It did. Perpetually baffled at the **** people put up with. Yeah. Why are you putting up with it? I don't get it. Go on. And there are many fish in the.

Suzie: Sea, there truly are. I lost my virginity to a friends of manifest person.

Mel: I actually think that's quite a good idea.

Suzie: I think so, too.

Mel: I do get that too, because I think of friends where that's happened. I think of my own situation. And it was with the boyfriend, and I actually think because it was and he was older than me and he wasn't that caring about it, and I think it set me on a path because that's the way I started. Whereas if I'd been with somebody who was perhaps older, but maybe just a friend and was really kind of more of an educator, helped you, it would have been so much healthier. And I've seen that with friends who've had lost their virginity to somebody who was obviously helpful if they're more experienced, and it was like a nice situation. It was like, yeah, friends situation. I think it can set you on a completely different path.

Suzie: I think it's great. You're so young, you don't know what the **** you're doing, right? So I'm almost positive I don't know the Surfact, but I'm almost positive he was a virgin, too. So it was like, both of ours, he's a little bit older than me, but it was just like, yeah, this is great. Just kind of don't think about it too much. You know each other well enough where you know that the other person is not going to **** you over with this kind of thing and you can kind of just laugh about it after if you're friends kind of thing.

Mel: So it's like I completely agree.

Suzie: It's a positive experience.

Mel: I completely agree. And I think sort of I think about my own case is that when you're very young and you're with a boyfriend and you are trying to please them and I don't just mean sexually, I mean please them, you're trying to be, probably most of the time, something that you're not or trying to make it as if you're better or whatever more than you are. Whereas if you were with a friend, you wouldn't have to do all of that ****. You could just do what you're doing, as it were, and that the likelihood of you meeting somebody when you're whatever age you lose your virginity from sort of 14 to 18 that you're actually going to stay with that person is like, come on. Extremely unlikely.

Suzie: And also, why do you want to do that?

Mel: No, but it happens because if you meet the person, you meet the person, right?

Suzie: I don't know.

Mel: You don't believe that?

Suzie: I think maybe you meet the person. You meet the person, but you go off and have other experiences and then you come back to that person. I believe in that.

Mel: Sure. I think that would be better, to stay with one person from that age, especially in this day and age.

Suzie: Oh, my God, that sounds horrible.

Mel: I've got a funny thing here, though. So this is from Grindr.

Suzie: No, it's not.

Mel: It is. So I thought this would be an interesting segue into Grindr's definition.

Suzie: Okay, well, wait, hold on. So that's funny. So do gay people have friends with benefits?

Mel: I'm sure they do, of course.

Suzie: And then, like, lesbians have friends with benefits and then like well, you're asking me?

Mel: Why are you asking me?

Suzie: Because you're obviously a milk of the gays.

Mel: Yeah, I would actually think that lesbians and gays are much better at it because they're much more they're a better at pleasure. This is statistical fact.

Suzie: Yes.

Mel: And I think they're probably smarter at it.

Suzie: Well, it's like generalization. If we're generalizing women are more emotional and they want relationships, are lesbians just ****** then? Because they just want these relationships out of these friends with benefits?

Mel: Do you know what I mean? Yeah, I do. I've never given that any thought.

Suzie: Well, we're giving us a thought. If you guys are gay, lesbian, you want to tune into this, let us know.

Mel: I thought this was funny. So what does Grindr say? Does this is the title of the article in their blog? What does Friends with benefits mean? **** buddies. Obviously we know that. *** chums. I mean, I guess that's in the gay world.

Suzie: Sure.

Mel: Very relevant. Yes. Okay, you're going to have to help me here.

Suzie: FWBs of benefits.

Mel: Oh, yeah.

Suzie: Real gen X moment. I'm obsessed with that.

Mel: These stupid ******* short. I have to sit there like an old lady.

Suzie: ******* funny.

Mel: And then you might as well have just spelt out the proper ****** learn the ins and outs of friends with benefits relationships, aka pals getting together for some no commitment. Hanky panky.

Suzie: I love that grindr had to do an entire article about this.

Mel: Yeah, I mean, it's really quite hilarious. And what are the six types of OOH? Yes. So friends with benefits when you're actually friends I didn't know this. There were subcategories.

Suzie: Oh, I had no idea either.

Mel: So you're actually and there's a whole description here. I don't think we have time for that. **** buddies. Now that's interesting. The **** buddy. The term friends is used very loosely. This is someone who'd call exclusively for hookups or crucial sex. So as far as I'm concerned, that's not a friends of benefits. No, that's a **** buddy. Different to a friends of benefits.

Suzie: Yeah, it's just like, you're chum, so you're **** chum.

Mel: Yeah, I think a **** buddy you quite likely will do this thing and then not see them again. They're not friends. I think that's different, isn't it?

Suzie: Your **** buddy is someone who it's a booty call. Yeah, that's a booty call.

Mel: But then you may do it for a bit and then you don't know them after that.

Suzie: Who cares? Bye.

Mel: I don't know why I'm looking at you. The stepping stone to a relationship. How many of us have hooked up with someone, then become buddies afterwards? Oh, so you, like, done that? Have you had sex and then become friends?

Suzie: I'm sure I have.

Mel: I mean friendly. I wouldn't say friends. I'd say friendly, maybe.

Suzie: No, I've had definitely this is a.

Mel: Long time ago, so I don't mind.

Suzie: You, but I feel like it's kind of easier to be friends with someone after you have sex with them if there's no expectations because you're like, well, we got that over with.

Mel: That's true.

Suzie: And now you can be friends.

Mel: Yeah, that's true. Exactly. I don't think that's weird at all. So the natural order. Number four, the natural order. What does that mean? Over to first come ********, then comes a romantic relationship. That's what they're trying to say there.

Suzie: First come ********, then comes the romantic.

Mel: This was their category. Four the natural order. Yes. So you have sex and then you have a relationship. Yeah, of course that does happen. Of course it happens. Yeah.

Suzie: Pretty much what happened with myself and my boyfriend.

Mel: A lot of people well, the thing that's funny today, I find, with gen x's is that they actually like your gen? No, not Gen X's. Sorry. Gen z. Yeah. Is that they have to say to each other, would you like to be my boyfriend or girlfriend?

Suzie: EW, that is so cringe to me.

Mel: Yeah, that's what they do still. But what do you actually they don't do that. Yes, they do. They say, would you like they actually.

Suzie: Ask each well, no, because I remember doing that in, like, middle school.

Mel: No, they ask each other well, they're gen Z. They're the old 25. So they say they actually say it. I can't think of a single time when I said it out loud. Shut the **** you just be it. You are it.

Suzie: Yeah.

Mel: No, they say it.

Suzie: They do say well, no, you know what millennials do for that? We go, what are we? They ask that question. It's not, do you want to be my boy? It's what are we? What is this? What is this we're doing? We're ******* are we right?

Mel: Are we in a relationship?

Suzie: What are you, my boyfriend? What's going on? And then it becomes awkward. And that's how millennials do it. We avoid. We avoid. We avoid. And then we ask the question, that's uncomfortable. What did Gen X do? They don't do anything. They just accept that you're now someone's girlfriend.

Mel: I just think we just were it. We just did it. Obviously, that's what's happening. Don't have to write a ******* essay about it. Number five is the exit strategy. Has anyone who has ever had sex with an ex will attest? This is also how some relationships are phased out. It's the circle of life. Just because things haven't worked out romantically for you, that doesn't mean you can't satisfy your other needs via a FWB. Right.

Suzie: So this is like after a relationship, you get into other friends with benefits.

Mel: Yeah. I mean, that happens a lot to people who get divorced as they get divorced, and then they sort of might have sex again. And then it doesn't happen very often, certainly, but it does happen. Right. But I generally think that isn't definitely not a good thing. It's somebody still I've definitely done that.

Suzie: Before where it's like.

Mel: And then it.

Suzie: Just keeps going, like, why are you still having sex with this person?

Mel: It's not good. It's negative.

Suzie: It's just not yeah, the sex is not that good. You can get the hell out of there. You can find someone new.

Mel: Well, what's the point? So this final one in this article is the backup plan. You know how it goes. You're in a club, you've had a few cocktails. Padam. Padam. Sorry. That's grindr. It's playing in the background. What the ****'*? Padam padam.

Suzie: Oh, mel the ****'* padam.

Mel: It's okay.

Suzie: We'll look it up after this. Yeah, it's a song.

Mel: Okay. Is it something I should know?

Suzie: We'll look it up when we have Manhattan's upstairs.

Mel: Okay, sounds good. Alas, neither of you has managed to reel in of any fresh fish, but it's okay because you've got a safety net. It might not sound like the sexiest of propositions, but as long as everyone gets laid at the end of the night, it's certainly better than a slap in the face with a wet kipper. An English person wrote this for sure.

Suzie: I'm obsessed with this.

Mel: Is grindr English.

Suzie: I don't know, Mel. You should know that.

Mel: I shouldn't. I'm actually you should know. I mean, it may surprise you to know that I have not spent much time on Grindr other than this.

Suzie: That is surprising me. Wait, so what was the last one?

Mel: The last ****** hell. After all, that the backup plan.

Suzie: Oh, so you're just calling someone.

Mel: But isn't that just a boot?

Suzie: A booty call, too? So ****. But it's all the same ******* ****.

Mel: It is. It's just whether you are friends to start with or you end up or are able to remain friends afterwards, I mean, basically is essentially it, isn't it?

Suzie: I think just don't take it too seriously.

Mel: Oh my God. No, exactly. But I think you as a person are very capable. I mean, I don't know, this must just be in your DNA or something. You can separate all these things like your emotions, that sex is a thing that you do in part of a bodily function. If you like to make it sound which is sexy, which it is. It's a bodily function. Most people need it in varying different forms. That's it. It doesn't have to be emotional. But obviously when it is emotional yeah. It probably is much better. But it doesn't always have to be. But most people are not capable of doing what you can do.

Suzie: I believe in the separation of church and state.

Mel: The separation of very good, Susie.

Suzie: Thank you. Yeah, you know, the separation of my ***** in my head.

Mel: Very good.

Suzie: Why do they have to combine?

Mel: Because I think for most women, they're separate entities. They connect.

Suzie: The ***** doesn't lie, Mel.

Mel: We know this.

Suzie: And if the ***** wants what the ***** wants, then that's what she wants, you know what I mean? And the head doesn't have to agree.

Mel: No. Although sometimes it really should.

Suzie: She's the church and my head is the state.

Mel: Wow.

Suzie: And these two don't have to always align. They don't have to combine. They just have to live in harmony and peace.

Mel: Wow.

Suzie: I think I just solved for peace.

Mel: I think you really have. This would be very helpful, especially at the moment, but okay. I'm not really sure what else I have after that.

Suzie: You know, it doesn't connect with you at all. Yours has to be together, the head.

Mel: And no, I completely agree with you.

Suzie: And the ***** has to be it.

Mel: Depends on the person.

Suzie: I know.

Mel: I mean, of course it doesn't have to align. I think that it would be helpful sometimes if you are with a complete ******* that your head was in the game, and that often isn't the case. Yeah. And you think, wow, what is going on? It goes back to my earlier statement. Some people what is going on that you put up with this grown *** man? A grown *** woman? Why? I don't get it. Unless he or she is extremely rich and buying you Chanel morning.

Suzie: That's what Mel would do morning, noon.

Mel: And night, then you might put up with me. But really, I don't think I mean, it'd have to be a lot of Chanel.

Suzie: That's amazing. That's how Mel would put. Up with it is if the only reason is Chanel. That is so funny to me.

Mel: Oh, my yeah, no, but people put up with so much. I have so many stories of that that I can't I don't even know where to begin. I know, and it's not people of my age exclusively. I'd like to caveat that it's people in general, what they put up with in relationships or whatever they're doing. And you're I just don't even know why they're doing it. I just don't get it. Anyway. Got nothing to do with friends with benefits, but sometimes people start with friends with benefits, they sort of literally fall into a relationship. Yeah. And I think that can often happen because one person really wants it, and the other person just can't be asked to disagree. So they sort of fall into it, and then it's just excuse my language a ******* catastrophe.

Suzie: It really is.

Mel: And I don't get it. What's the point?

Suzie: I think you have to put some emotions aside. You have to be like, Why am I feeling so emotional about this? Right? Like, you have to kind of think about why you're feeling these things. And I don't think people do that enough. I don't think people think, Why am I feeling this way? Why am I feeling angry about this? Why I'm feeling anxious about this? Why am I feeling sad about this? It's like, why am I not put and then in those reasons, it's usually because you don't feel like you're getting enough out of something. Like, you feel like you're being taken advantage of sometimes. So it's like, let's just go back. If you're not feeling like this is worth it, your mental health and your moving orgasms moved on.

Mel: Yeah. I mean, there are plenty of ways to do that, as we know. And if you're an adult, if you're over the age of 18 or 19, you surely can differentiate the feeling of attraction towards somebody and attraction plus emotion, surely.

Suzie: No, not men.

Mel: No, that's true.

Suzie: Their brain doesn't develop until they're, like.

Mel: 25, does it not?

Suzie: No. Is that not insane to think about? Let's just give them a break, ladies. Don't expect anything out of these people.

Mel: Yeah, I think women can be a little bit tough on.

Suzie: Yeah, of course.

Mel: They just it's not fair what we're expecting. It's just like, let's just on the other hand, you can make it very clear that's what I did make it very clear.

Suzie: Make it very clear. We're *******, we're getting married, we're having babies, and you are going to buy me Chanel. And she got all those things.

Mel: It worked for mean not to know. Belabor the point, but it did work for me.

Suzie: Well, I feel like that does kind of give our listeners a little insight into how to make this work. Friends with benefits. Be clear about what you want.

Mel: That's it. That's clear about what you want. And if at any point, it does not become clear. Then move on to the next friend.

Suzie: Yeah, exactly. Mel, you got it. Mel's got it.

Mel: So you guys have to now yeah, get it, Frankie. Everybody else will get it anyway.

Suzie: Oh, God. Well, we love you guys so much. Thanks for tuning in. And, yeah, don't forget to rate and review this pod like this little podcast. Get the downloads on going. Visit Sharingmytruthpod on Instagram.

Mel: Yes, very good.

Suzie: Thank you.

Mel: That's excellent.

Suzie: Okay, guys, we'll see you next week. We love you. Sharing. My Truth Pod is so excited to partner with, where the A in Vibrator is the number eight. This is an extremely exclusive code where no other podcast has it. If you go to right now, use the code Ms 15. That's ms 15 at You can now get 15% off anything in store that's any sex toys for you, your partner, your neighbor, your mom. We don't judge, we don't care.

Mel: Get it?

Suzie: Now go to the link in our bio, put in the code and get jiggy with it.

Mel: Thanks so much for listening. Please rate and review this podcast and follow us on Social at sharingmytruthpod and leave us a voicemail on our to share your stories and experiences with us. We'll see you next time.

Suzie: Bye bye. Three, two, one. Yeah.

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