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Episode 25  - A listener sent us a story about their threesome experience
Melany Krangle & Suzie Sheckter

Speaker A: Welcome to sharing my truth with Mel and Suzie, the uncensored version where we bear it all.

Speaker B: We do 1234.

Speaker A: Hello. Bye.

Speaker B: Hello, everyone.

Speaker A: Welcome back. Welcome back to sharing my truth. It's Suzie, and I'm here with Mel, my good friend. Bestie Mel. And you're listening to Sharing My Truth pod where we talk about sexy things and more serious things sometimes. But today is a sexy day and I just want to remind everyone to review and write this podcast as you would if your had mother had wrote it, because you love us like you love your milks. And follow us on Instagram and all of our other socials at Sharing My Toothpod. Hey, babe, how are you?

Speaker B: Hello, darling.

Speaker A: Was it a large intro for you? Is that too large?

Speaker B: No, I love that intro. I thought that was quite excellent.

Speaker A: Thank you.

Speaker B: Darling, darling. I have nothing to say. Nothing but praise.

Speaker A: Nothing but praise. I love I do have a praise kink, so that's perfect.

Speaker B: Do you?

Speaker A: I do.

Speaker B: Wow.

Speaker A: Tell me I'm a good girl.

Speaker B: I just fell into that, didn't I?

Speaker A: You did, and I'm so sorry. But we have a fun little episode today because someone wrote into us.

Speaker B: They did.

Speaker A: And it's a really good one.

Speaker B: It is.

Speaker A: And I'm pretty excited to share it with our listeners because it's pretty funny.

Speaker B: It was not very funny for this person.

Speaker A: It might be. Maybe he has a good sense of humor.

Speaker B: Not so sure.

Speaker A: But anyway, it really works for Pride Month.

Speaker B: It does. It's a big question.

Speaker A: It's a big question. Are we ready for it?

Speaker B: Yeah, I'm ready.

Speaker A: Okay, so this man wrote in he has a wife and he might be gay.

Speaker B: Okay. Okay.

Speaker A: I had a threesome with my wife and another man. I agreed because she wanted to, but I got so turned on and now I wonder if I'm gay.

Speaker B: Wow.

Speaker A: Yeah.

Speaker B: Okay.

Speaker A: Our kids were away and we hired an escort. Just that bit I love. Okay, great. These are parents that I want to be friends with.

Speaker B: Yeah.

Speaker A: I can't believe I'm saying this, but he had a fabulous body. It was out of this world. So this man kind of seems gay already a little bit. Well, my wife was enjoying it so much that she came almost instantly with passion. And to my amazement, I found myself really aroused. I now only look at gay ****, and when my wife tries to touch me, I lose my erection instantly. She's not really happy with that. I would think so.

Speaker B: That's intense. Yeah, right?

Speaker A: So is he gay? Well, now only get hard from gay **** now.

Speaker B: Yeah, but you don't just suddenly become gay, do you?

Speaker A: This is why we have to experiment when we are young people, because this is what happens. You don't give yourself the choices. You don't give yourself the options. Well, yeah, things come up later in.

Speaker B: Life, I get that. But I mean, it's like if it hasn't sort of crossed on your mind, I mean, surely it would have somehow crossed his mind he doesn't need to see a naked man. Like, if he saw a man that he found attractive yeah. Surely he would somehow know that he was drawn in some way. Like, is he saying and we don't know specifically that this has only happened in this particular instance. I e. He had this recent also, he didn't specify whether he had sex with this man.

Speaker A: True.

Speaker B: We just know that his wife had sex with the man and he was very aroused by it. Yes, but lots of men lots that's the basis of ****, for goodness sake.

Speaker A: True.

Speaker B: Is men and women and men looking at penises going into vaginas. They're looking at ****. I'm sorry to break it to you. I love a ****.

Speaker A: Look at a ****.

Speaker B: That does not make them gay. So maybe he was aroused by the scene and because obviously it was this man, then he's aroused by gayle. I don't actually think that's a stretch. That doesn't make him gay. It makes him possibly not very aroused by his wife, which is, I grant you, very problematic.

Speaker A: Here's the thing. She wanted to have this threesome.

Speaker B: Yeah.

Speaker A: He maybe didn't wasn't his idea, but he definitely went along with it happily. He was like, okay, well, I want to know the rules of this threesome. Like, was it an MMF?

Speaker B: Threesome? Yes.

Speaker A: Male, male, female threesome? Or was it an MFM?

Speaker B: Yes. Well, we don't know these details, which are critical to answering the question, because.

Speaker A: I want to know if, like, did he get a finger in his butt?

Speaker B: Did he get a finger in his butt?

Speaker A: You know what I mean?

Speaker B: It sounds to me like it was just the two men doing the woman.

Speaker A: It does sound like that, yeah.

Speaker B: So MFM hard dicks, I think, are just what MFM is. Right? Yeah. MFM, male, male. They're not interacting at all. They're just interacting with the woman, which yeah. So there's no, like, **** touching, **** ball. So I think it's like it's a very erotic scene. Yeah. He's obviously seen something. I mean, it doesn't get a lot more erotic than that. So he's kind of charged by that, but doesn't make him gay. I mean, if there was no interaction, then that's a whole different thing. He found the man's body very attractive. Well, yeah. I mean, if you watch **** with men and women men actually, for the most part in most research, they want to see a **** on a screen, but they're actually not gay. They want a **** going into a ******. This is a lovely conversation.

Speaker A: It says, I love it, but they.

Speaker B: Would then not consider themselves to be gay. I'd say 99% of men watch penises. It's not their *****, though, is it?

Speaker A: No, but they're thinking it is. Of course.

Speaker B: That's the point. Yes. So this is a real live version of that. Yes, the gay **** bit. Yeah. Okay. That does throw a bit of it.

Speaker A: But here's the thing.

Speaker B: It's hanging in there.

Speaker A: It's like this escort is obviously gorgeous. He's obviously attractive, but not all men are hot male escorts. So it's like maybe he's just never been in touch with a man who's this attractive.

Speaker B: Right.

Speaker A: And obviously in gay ****, a lot.

Speaker B: Of gay men and gay **** is looking like super hot, muscular and toned and all that, and they kind of the point of it.

Speaker A: And he says he's like, he had a fabulous body. He loved the hard ****.

Speaker B: Now, there are two levels to this. Okay. Do you want to know my analysis of the situation? Okay. So as I've told you before, threesomes are problematic if you have not set the ground rules. Yes, I would like to reiterate, this is actually really not my bag threesomes, but that's another conversation for another day. But if you don't all agree, obviously the wife wanted to do this because she wanted whatever, she wanted jolly's with somebody else.

Speaker A: I mean, I think she just wanted the experience of having two men want.

Speaker B: Her, which is fair enough.

Speaker A: So good.

Speaker B: Fair enough. Okay. Speaking from experience, I'm very sure, but if he just went, like he says at the beginning in what he wrote in, is that he went along with it. So he's not averse to the idea, and he wants to keep his wife happy and he wants her to be excited and blah, blah, blah, blah. But it sounds to me, and I could be reading between the lines, that he wasn't completely bought into it. And I think that often that's often the problem with the threesome is that the person who's kind of like, okay, I'll kind of do it then. Either something happens that they didn't think about I and this is a case. So I know situations like friends of mine who it's happened, and then they've wanted to go off with the other person and they were the person who wasn't really into it. Right. Like something often happens and that's the problem then. Now he really needs to talk to his wife. I'm sorry.

Speaker A: What's difficult, right. It's like they are in such a straight relationship that they didn't probably need to think that they had to discuss what if you really like a man's ****? I doubt that they were even thinking about that. Like, this is about you, babe. I want to make you happy.

Speaker B: I'm sorry. If you're going to have another naked man in your bedroom, perhaps the conversation of, do you want to see another naked man? What do you think about that? Might have come up. I mean, for the love of God, if you're not going to communicate about this, what are you going to communicate to me? That's just bananas. Yeah. Do you like, what do you think about penises? Would you like one in the bedroom. I think that would have been a really good conversation to have had. Yeah. I mean, call me old fashioned yeah.

Speaker A: But it's just sometimes, I don't know.

Speaker B: Think about these things. It's sometimes it's just but they planned this. Yeah, you plan this, but it's not.

Speaker A: Like it's like this guy's like, oh, yeah, I'm coming in. Yeah, I don't mind a guy in the room because he's about you and we're not going to touch.

Speaker B: Right?

Speaker A: This is an FM, like a cup holding sort of kind of exactly where it's like, you're going to get ******, I'm going to watch, it's going to be great, then I'm going to **** you, or whatever the ******* terms are.

Speaker B: Yeah.

Speaker A: I don't think it was ever, I'm going to **** you, he's going to **** you and then I'm going to **** him. I don't think that was ever like because they didn't even think to have that conversation.

Speaker B: Well, they should have done.

Speaker A: How could you, though?

Speaker B: If you're like, please just go onto some websites and have a look at things, for goodness sake.

Speaker A: I just feel like if I were to have a threesome with my boyfriend, with another man, I just don't think I would do that personally. But if I was going to do that, I don't think I would ever be like because he is just very straight, my boyfriend. He's very straight. Not that he can't tell when a man is good looking, of course, but I'm not going to be like, hey, babe, do you think you can handle this or are you going to want to suck his ****? I don't know. It's not like a question of, like, are you sure you're not going to become gay if you see another ****? Because that's not really how it goes.

Speaker B: Yeah. So the question is, well, okay, all right, fair enough. But I do think so why did he have a conversation with the wife, as his wife as to why she wanted to have another man and have him watch? Because that's another thing she could have said. I want to have a hall pass, like we said on our last. She actually wanted him to be there, seeing the whole thing going down. So that's going down. That sounded very dubious. Anyway, that is another whole thing. Obviously he didn't think about but that's the point. If he's never contemplated or thought about men in that erotic way before seeing a man with no clothes on, I mean, surely he's seen a man without his top on. To me, surely that's crossed your mind at some juncture, in some other capacity, at some other time.

Speaker A: Yeah.

Speaker B: And you haven't done anything about that is also possible. And it kind of came into his mind and he never did anything about it, pushed it down. He's perhaps more straight than his sort of feelings for the same sex. So maybe he just never kind of experimented or thought about it or want to think about it, and then he's presented with this really erotic scene. Yeah.

Speaker A: Well, yeah, because it's so hard, right? Like, it's like if let's say the wife let's say the man, the husband.

Speaker B: In the situation, if they had brought.

Speaker A: A woman into the room, right, and she's like, well, I'm not a lesbian. I'm going to be fine. Maybe we're going to make out or something. I'm not going to go down on her. We're here for you, the man. We're both going to **** you, and I'm not going to eat her *****, but, like, whatever, it's fine. But then after she sees this beautiful woman naked in bed, she doesn't realize how much she likes the look of a naked woman.

Speaker B: Yeah.

Speaker A: That doesn't make her a lesbian.

Speaker B: Yeah. And I think it's the huge hypocrisy in the society that we live in is that if that was the case, everyone be fine. Yeah. I mean, maybe not. Maybe that's a bit of a generalization, but everyone move on. It would be easier than your husband saying, oh, I fancy a bit of ****. Yeah. And they said it. Exactly. The question here is if that's what he wants to do in theory. That is not a problem. If that's who he is. That's who he is. If he doesn't know where he is in that whole kind of scale of things, like McKinsey scale that we've talked about before, does it matter? It only matters if it's a problem for his wife, which I'm assuming sounds like it will be. So, I mean, you kind of got to talk to your wife about because you got to freak her out, though, I guess.

Speaker A: But she's the one who brought this other man.

Speaker B: Exactly. That's the thing. You have to be so careful with these things. It's like swinging or threesomes or whatever it is. Yeah. You don't know the Pandora's box that.

Speaker A: You are opening 100%.

Speaker B: And it is a sense of like I think you're right if you've never seen things or you've never experimented to a degree and there's a thought somewhere in the back of your mind, of course that's going to instigate it. I mean, does it instigate it if you've never thought about it? Okay.

Speaker A: Can I tell you a personal story about a threesome?

Speaker B: Go on them.

Speaker A: You ready?

Speaker B: I'm ready. Okay. I'm so ready. Are you ready? Okay.

Speaker A: In my beautiful, high single days, I had a few threesomes in my life, and I would just remember this one couple. We had a threesome, and it was planned.

Speaker B: Did you know them?

Speaker A: I knew the guy, the boyfriend, and he was dating the super hot girl. And she this is like when Facebook messenger was really hot. It's like we all got in, like, a little Facebook messenger group and we were chatting about it.

Speaker B: Blah, blah.

Speaker A: It's going to happen. We're all going to meet at a bar. We're going to get a little drunk and then we're all going to go home together and it's like, blah, blah, it's fine. And obviously it helped that I knew him. It wasn't like just some random people off the street and had a threesome. It was great. It was fine. I was like, whatever. I was always happy to be the one who just come into it and then get the hell out of there. Not your problem. Exactly. So after that, he kept on messaging me and wanted to hook up with me without her, and I was like, this is I'm like, Is she okay with this? Does she know that you're still messaging me? And I think he was like, yeah, it's fine. And I was like, I just don't think it's fine. I also just don't want to hook up with you. It's happened because I wanted the experience. You guys wanted the experience. I was happy to come in there, but now I don't want to do this. And yeah, it just kept on going that way. And obviously they broke up. They've broken up. It's been a very long time. But yeah, I think that happens a lot where the guy is just like, she was so hot there's not like there was, like, this thing where it's like, I was the better woman in the veteran. She was a fox. It wasn't even, like, a thing. She was amazing. But yeah, I don't know. I would have way rather hooked up with her again than him.

Speaker B: Well, there you go. I think that is that is definitely the problem. Yeah, because you cannot I mean okay, so this is my analysis. Yes. From my point of view, I have no medical training whatsoever.

Speaker A: Oh, my God. No field training either.

Speaker B: No field training. So really, this isn't very helpful, but I think that because humans, and I say this a lot, people are unique. We're all, like, so individual. We all have such individual feelings that can change on a dime or for any reason. Right. Your arousal, like, one day can be something, another day can be something else, even in a very beige context. Right. So why do you go into these situations not thinking that something else could happen? Do you understand there is no hard and fast rule for anything in anything in your life, and particularly within sex and relationships and emotions, and you can feel something, and you have absolutely no idea why you feel that it's dangerous, right? Yes.

Speaker A: So you have to be exciting.

Speaker B: Exactly. But if you're going to open the box, you got to be willing to let whatever's going to fly out of.

Speaker A: The box, but then you don't even.

Speaker B: Know to ask these questions. No, I understand that, but what I mean is, whatever is then going to happen, you have got to talk about it.

Speaker A: You got to be okay with the answer.

Speaker B: It is not happening. So exactly. You got to be okay with the answer. So if that is the case, I really do feel he's going to have to talk to his wife. I mean, I understand that may really freak her out. On the other hand, the fact that she asked her husband to watch her having sex with a male escort and him to participate could have freaked him out.

Speaker A: I love it so much.

Speaker B: Right?

Speaker A: This could just be trauma.

Speaker B: Yeah.

Speaker A: This could just be his trauma talking. It could be. It could be, I don't want to see my wife having sex with another man. I want to have sex with another man instead.

Speaker B: Yes.

Speaker A: To get payback. I don't know. Doesn't seem like it, but it's complicated. It could be anything.

Speaker B: I just think that if you are going to go into something like you say that it's exciting or new, you kind of have to be on the same page, and you both have to know that things are going to happen that you may not know will happen. And I agree with you. You're not necessarily going to ask a question because you know what the question is. But you kind of have to accept that possibly this is going to take a turn for the better, for the worse, for the different, for whatever. The outcome is probably going to be different to the income. So that's the thing. And then you kind of have to discuss this. You can't just go, oh, yeah, that happened, and just shove that under the carpet. To me, that is crazy, because if you are so open minded this is where I find this almost bizarre and amusing. Amusing is not the right word is if you're so open minded that you're willing to do that, a, you can talk about it. B, you can do it. What do you mean you can't talk about it? At the end of it, people like.

Speaker A: To act before they can think, though.

Speaker B: Yeah.

Speaker A: This is why a lot of I'm not going to say all of these is why a lot of unplanned pregnancies happen. Right?

Speaker B: Yeah.

Speaker A: They want to have sex. No one has a condom. She's not on birth control. They're like, ****, it the easiest thing in the world. I'm not ovulating, she thinks. And then she gets pregnant and a baby pops out. But I love so easy. So easy like that.

Speaker B: They definitely didn't pop out anyway.

Speaker A: But there's just a lot of things, especially with sex, because it's all about feeling. There's nothing mental, really. Like, there's nothing logical about it.

Speaker B: That's what I'm saying. It's like you could be and I think women are really like this. It's Monday. This turns me on. It's Tuesday.

Speaker A: Absolutely.

Speaker B: No, like, okay, it's the same thing. I want to have salad every day of the week. It's like that. It's like it changes. And for no apparent reason, visually or audibly, whatever, it's just your body, whatever. It's psychological. I mean, it's different for women than for men.

Speaker A: This is like, what happens whenever anyone asks what kind of **** I watch. I'm like, literally everything. I don't know what to tell you.

Speaker B: It could be anything.

Speaker A: Depending on depending on the Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday.

Speaker B: I don't want to say normal because normal is the wrong word, but that's human.

Speaker A: Regular. Yeah.

Speaker B: Regular. Just ordinary. No, that's human. That's what humans are like. Yeah. So I would say I don't specifically have an answer to this other than you really need to talk to each other. And I'm afraid the wife has to be okay to hear some stuff she may not want to hear, which is that my husband kind of likes men. However, then if they're into this whole kind of thing exactly. Other very erotic whatever.

Speaker A: Another man in there and a woman exactly. ******* care.

Speaker B: Exactly. It's almost not really fair that she got to have the man, is it?

Speaker A: Well, now he wants the man.

Speaker B: Yeah.

Speaker A: Now they have to share, which yeah.

Speaker B: All they can do. They can MMF. They all ****. All the holes are filled.

Speaker A: Oh, that's so nice. That was beautiful. I think that's a good way of putting children's books.

Speaker B: Yeah, I think that's an excellent way of putting it. And then everyone's happy and everyone's involved. However, that is a question that I would if you've hired a sex worker escort, whatever the situation is. I guess that person has to specifically do that. And maybe this person didn't.

Speaker A: I'm sure he did. I'm sure it's covering all of the holes.

Speaker B: All of the holes. Yeah. Anyway, so you have to talk to each other. You have to talk before I think the only conversation you can have is you do not know what's going to happen, but you have to be open to the possibility that stuff will happen.

Speaker A: The after conversation.

Speaker B: Yeah. That it may be, like, wildly off what you thought it would be. Yeah. And if you're going to open this kind of erotic box, you've got to be willing yes. To listen to the fact that it's not exactly your erotic box, if you get my drift.

Speaker A: Listen to the facts.

Speaker B: Yeah, the facts. And we've got some well, my facts, really are we've talked about this before about the Kinsey scale.

Speaker A: Yeah. So have you taken this kindle scale?

Speaker B: Have I taken have you taken the test?

Speaker A: You haven't?

Speaker B: No. Maybe I should.

Speaker A: You absolutely should, because you could be more bi than you think.

Speaker B: Could be raging bisexual.

Speaker A: You could be a raging lesbian.

Speaker B: I could be.

Speaker A: So you're telling me it's a possibility. If Max was like, I want to bring another man in here for you, you're going to say no to that?

Speaker B: Yes, I am. Susie. Really? No, thank you. Way. Look at her.

Speaker A: What if he's like, a gorgeous 30 year old escort with a huge ****? Well, she's short about it.

Speaker B: Very expensive.

Speaker A: She's thinking about it. Well, we're only getting the most expensive escort.

Speaker B: That's true. Well, yeah. Okay.

Speaker A: It's like your 51st birthday present. I'm going to tell him that's what you want. You're welcome.

Speaker B: Thanks, Susie.

Speaker A: Go ahead.

Speaker B: Yes. So, as we know, the Kinsey scale was created by the famous sex researcher Alfred Kinsey. Now, it was called the Heterosexual Homosexual Rating Scale, and it was initially for men.

Speaker A: Why would women be involved?

Speaker B: Sexual behavior in the human male in 1948, and it was recognized to have its limitations. I think some of the limitations were the fact that Kinsey, quite like men, is raging homosexuals. Yeah, I think that was part he was married, but a raging homosexual. But it was groundbreaking at the time. And it is the idea that there is a scientific scale to suggest that human sexuality and sexual attraction are a continuum and not limited solely to heterosexual or homosexual orientations. It's this idea that we think society has created, this idea that you are a woman, therefore you are interested in men and you're in this box and you're female and so on, and you are a man and you're in this box. Or you're gay and you're in this box. And that none of these boxes in any way ever cross.

Speaker A: More like a Venn diagram.

Speaker B: Yeah. Which is completely mad. I mean, you'd think that there isn't some kind of gradation of people who want different things or who are a little bit of that and a little bit of this and a little bit of the other, a little bit of.

Speaker A: Dictum, a little bit of ******.

Speaker B: Yeah. But all different variations. Like, you identify as bisexual, but your identifying as bisexual is going to be different to the next person, next woman, 100%. So you may feel, yes, I'm bisexual, but I actually prefer my what do they call it? Nesting partner to be a male.

Speaker A: I didn't even know they called that. My nesting partner.

Speaker B: Wow, it sounds good. I got them somewhere, but I think that's pretty good. Like your main person that you live and nest with, right? Yes. Have your thing swarms. I think it's actually polyamorous couples that call in that, but anyway, onto other things. Whereas you may be bisexual, where you want your main partner to be a woman and you kind of have a man who's not the person you live with.

Speaker A: I can never date a woman. Oh, my God. We're exhausting.

Speaker B: I did say that to my husband the other day to Max. I was saying, can you imagine, like, women, we're so drama. Like, I have two daughters, so there's lots of women in my house and the drama. So I think if a woman dates a woman, that must be a lot just exhausting. That's what I think. Exhausting. No basis for this thought.

Speaker A: I just like them for sex. I understand the sex object thing.

Speaker B: You are a sex object to me. Yeah. But rather than actually having a relationship, it must be, on the one hand, much more intense because women are much better at communicating and so but on the other hand, much more filled with.

Speaker A: Drama because they just want to ******* talk about everything.

Speaker B: Right?

Speaker A: Like, please stop talking to me.

Speaker B: Accurate analysis, 100%. Situation 100%. But that's the point I'm making. So you're bisexual, but somebody else who could say, as I'm also a bisexual woman, but I feel it on a totally different level. Absolutely. And then you could have a man who's bisexual and he feels that I'm totally different. This is the point of the Kinsey Scale.

Speaker A: I took the Kinsey scale and you need to take it.

Speaker B: So what did your Kinsey scale say?

Speaker A: I am smack dab in the middle.

Speaker B: Are you really?

Speaker A: I am, apparently, but right, whatever that means.

Speaker B: Smack dab in the middle.

Speaker A: I think it's just like you enjoy I don't know, I took it a while ago. But it's like you enjoy men and women the same range.

Speaker B: Okay.

Speaker A: Women turn me on just as much as men turn me on.

Speaker B: Okay. Things like that. Not on an emotional level.

Speaker A: Yeah, but I think that's just a personal not to do with the Kinsey scale kind of thing.

Speaker B: Yeah.

Speaker A: I think Kinsey is just sex, right. Because I feel like, yeah, I want to be with men who will because they're big and strong and will take care of me and make me feel like a little Bibbit.

Speaker B: Right. But like right, yeah.

Speaker A: I don't know, girls just don't give me that same kind of romantic feeling or something.

Speaker B: Yeah, I see what you mean. So Kinsey found that 37% of men he interviewed had a same sex experience sometime between adolescence and old age, a rate that jumped to 50% for unmarried men by the age of 35. That does seem like quite a lot. 37% of the men he interviewed, I think that's where that's a lot of men. That's a big percentage. But I think there was some I could be wrong and please don't quote me, but I think there was some after he did this research, there was some what's the word? Doubt as to whether those figures were really accurate. But I think the overall thing and there's now the Kinsey Institute and all of that, which I believe is in Indiana, I think the Kinsey Institute are they just bisexuals?

Speaker A: Just roaming around like, what's going on?

Speaker B: I'm going to Google it right now. No, it's like a research institute for bisexuals.

Speaker A: No, you ******* *****.

Speaker B: She's got her mind just the Kinsey Institute at Indiana University has been trusted source for scientific knowledge and research and critical issues in sexuality, gender and reproduction. So it's bisexuals.

Speaker A: Anyway.

Speaker B: The point is that everyone is different and the scale is to prove that you could be a little bit a little bit more. A little bit more? A little bit more than a bit more or a. Bit more than a bit more.

Speaker A: Wow.

Speaker B: Right? So you could be any of those things and you, me and the next person are all going to be different even though we identify ourselves as whatever it is, but even within that identification it's going to be different. I'm talking about sexuality here. Got it. Does that make sense? Do you have any idea what I'm talking about? No. I love it.

Speaker A: I love when your just eyes get big when you start going on something and it's like my favorite thing about you. I love it.

Speaker B: Nobody can see my eyes because we haven't filmed this.

Speaker A: She's got gorgeous little blue babies by the way.

Speaker B: I love it. Anyway, back to our Paul writer inner listener. I do feel for him, I really do because I think it's a slightly scary well, I think slightly is probably underestimating it. I think it's quite a scary situation for men because this is something he's feeling on a different level that he had no idea that he was going to feel and that is somewhat terrifying. And then if he goes into that feeling and does whatever does more about it and his wife is not into it, it's going to blow his whole life up. Yeah. And I know we've talked before about we actually had a listener who wrote in about it was a female kind of the other side of things. I'm not underestimating that. This is huge and this is kind of terrifying but I really do think you need to talk about it and you need to talk to your wife and maybe you can find a way of her allowing you to experiment with whatever it is that you're interested in, with her present, with her consent and so on. And then maybe from that you can figure out what it is you want to do. Because I do think that you've been very open minded to kind of do what your wife wanted and to organize that. There's a lot of organization. God **** house and hiring escorts and all that's not nothing, is it?

Speaker A: Oh my God.

Speaker B: That's not like making a nice meal on a Friday night. That's like a lot of organization. And you've gone through the thoughts and maybe obviously you didn't realize where this was going to go. But I think you can talk to your wife. I mean I would obviously perhaps not have that conversation all in one go.

Speaker A: Well, I mean maybe you just invite the escort back in and see what happens and be like, hey, maybe we just bring him back in for around two and then you talk about it with the escort there and then yeah, you got to pay for it. You're already paying though, right? So you might as well just get a little go and then if it doesn't actually do anything for you, if he didn't actually have sex with them the first time and then maybe he gets a little closer the second time, doesn't actually want it, then he knows he's not exactly gay.

Speaker B: But what if he does?

Speaker A: Well, then, there you go.

Speaker B: You have a conversation, and what if his wife is, like, freaked out by it?

Speaker A: I think you got to try before you buy.

Speaker B: Try before you buy. Wow.

Speaker A: We already had the little taste, and now we want the whole we don't know how much menu.

Speaker B: We're assuming not much taste. If he's just talking about the way his body looks.

Speaker A: Well, he just had a little well.

Speaker B: I think he just had a sort of live **** show. Really? Yeah. I think it's pretty normal to be excited by that.

Speaker A: I kind of want to know if he wants to be ****** by this guy or if he wants to **** this guy, because I think those are two very different things. If you're a straight male, if that's what you think you are, a straight male and you all of a sudden want to be ****** by a guy, I think that says something. But if you're, like, thinking that this you know what I mean? If you want to **** this guy, penetration is a lot different than getting penetrated.

Speaker B: Well, I do have something to say about that.

Speaker A: Oh, please.

Speaker B: Yeah. I think it's not the actual act of penetration, actually, because, as we know, you can buy all these ****** that you can put up your *** hole, everything. And your prostate and all prostate massages and all that sort of stuff. It's actually the person who's sticking the thing up your *** hole.

Speaker A: True.

Speaker B: So if your wife is putting said thing up your *** hole true. Totally. You're into the feeling of your prostate and the fact that you're like women. Do you get my I do.

Speaker A: No, I love it.

Speaker B: If you want a man to do that, you want the body of a man, the sexual feeling of the way a man feels, all that stuff, to do the thing in the ********. Exactly. Got it. Yes. You might have.

Speaker A: A problem.

Speaker B: Yeah, I think that's what it is. It's not about going in the bumhole because that's just about massaging your prostate. That's right. Thing. It's who's on the other end of the thing going into the bumhole. How's that for a while?

Speaker A: I love a good male insight. That was yes, it is.

Speaker B: If you like the thing, the person the thing. If you like the person who's doing it, you are attracted to the male form, to the way a man looks, the way a man smells, et cetera, et cetera.

Speaker A: You want to be sucking his balls. You're a little gay.

Speaker B: Well, I think. Yeah. You're a little bisexual. There's more going on, let's put it that way. Or this could very well be a situation where he has seen something that's very erotic. It's kind of an experiment he kind of maybe wants to try. It a little bit more and then that's it. It's just an experience. It's not his lifestyle. Yeah, if it becomes his lifestyle, that's a whole different conversation. Yeah, because, I mean, well, you can.

Speaker A: Watch all the **** you want out there. It doesn't mean you want any of it. It's all a fantasy. We've talked about that until past episode. But, yeah, it's just something you maybe want to experiment with out of fry and experience. But, yeah, maybe you don't want a.

Speaker B: **** in the *** with a man.

Speaker A: At the other end with another man.

Speaker B: Because it could be a plastic ****. You're right. They can be very realistic nowadays.

Speaker A: But if you didn't want a ****, you didn't have to have a ****.

Speaker B: That's true.

Speaker A: But if you want a ****, you want a ****.

Speaker B: And there's nothing wrong with that emoji shaped ***** nowadays.

Speaker A: All I've ever wanted is an egg blanche in my *****. Really appreciate that. Are we done here?

Speaker B: Yeah, I think we are.

Speaker A: Oh, God.

Speaker B: Thank God.

Speaker A: We'd like to say I do feel.

Speaker B: For you, though, but please talk to your wife.

Speaker A: I think his man's going to figure it out. I think he's confused, but in the way of, like, it's exciting, what he's going through. Also, he's found something else that is exciting and attractive and understand so.

Speaker B: This is my last my last point on this is that you are grown ups. You went into this situation that is very not beige. Right. Is very adventurous. So be grown ups. It's gone a little bit of a different way. Maybe your wife doesn't know. Have a conversation. I think you can handle it because you've gone into something. You're already in the adventure. It's just taken a different road, different whatever. I think you need to talk about it and maybe carry on in your adventure and have some fun. Yes.

Speaker A: Now, there are worse things in that.

Speaker B: That is my final word on it. And maybe all I have to say.

Speaker A: Why don't you just buy yourself a *****? Go to

Speaker B: Absolutely.

Speaker A: Vibr eight t o Use the code ms 15. You could buy a *****.

Speaker B: Absolutely. That is the best idea you've had all day. 50% off is go and try it with a toy. Then there's no man attached or woman attached.

Speaker A: You don't have to give it a cheating yes.

Speaker B: And then, see, it could just be the feeling. Could be anything. That's a very good idea.

Speaker A: And gift me one too. Okay. I'm in need of a new one.

Speaker B: Oh, really?

Speaker A: Yeah, always.

Speaker B: Okay. Anyway, so that's all we have to say on this, but thank you very much. Thank you much, so for sharing and we will speak to you all very soon.

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Speaker B: You might. And we will reply.

Speaker A: We will reply. And you can also be anonymous. You can say you want to be.

Speaker B: Anonymous and that's cool too.

Speaker A: And we love you guys.

Speaker B: See you next time.

Speaker A: See you next time. Bye.

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Speaker A: Bye bye.

Speaker B: Yeah.

Speaker A: Give it up.

Speaker B: Give it up. Give it.

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